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This, as best as I can determine, is the current position in the UK.

VHF Radio Mics

The licence free (deregulated) frequencies are (MHz)
173·800*, 174·000, 174·200, 174·400, 174·600, 174·800*, 175·000*.
Older equipment may be using the 5 frequency set of
173·800*, 174·100, 174·500, 174·800*, 175·000* which, apart from those that are the same (marked *), can’t be mixed with the current set. I am told that, for reliable operation, you can only use four at once. The extra frequencies are there to avoid local interference problems. The relevant regulation is MPT 1311 which limits the power to 2mw and 180KHz bandwidth.

UHF Radio Mics

The licence free (deregulated) frequencies are (MHz)
Ch13 = 863.100, Ch14 = 863.900, Ch15 = 864.500, Ch16 = 864.900
They are usually switchable to find a free channel and are limited to 10mw and 300KHz bandwidth. Many available microphones for sale and hire also have channels 1 to 12 but these should not really be used without a licence. Despite being higher power and bandwidth than the VHF units, the performance is very similar in practice, but with a stricter “line of sight” requirement. Due to variations in the actual frequencies used, transmitters and receivers from different manufacturers are often not interchangeable.

US Radio Mic Frequencies

Grey imported equipment commonly has frequencies named by U numbers (MHz)
U1 = 801.375, U2 = 801.875, U3 = 803.125, U4 = 803.750, U5 = 804.500, U6 = 805.750.
These should not be used in the UK [unless licensed].

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