TapWot no Printer!

There are some systems that you put in that have no direct access to a printer; our new church projection system is an example. But some software reports need one to be used effectively. If the software has thought of this in advance then they will have provided a file output option so you can take it away for printing elsewhere but if not then you are a bit stuck.
EasyWorship is an example. It provides options to print the schedule either in detail for those that need a paper copy, or summary as a crib sheet for the leaders. It also provides song usage statistics and database reports the same way; but if you have no printer you can do little more than read the screen.
There are two solutions to this dilemma; There is some free software called CutePDF which allows you to “print” from any application to a PDF file. This preserves all the layout and style as if it went to a high function printer. The second is built into Windows XP; the “Generic / Text Only” printer. This is very easy to set up and produces a plain text file from a text print. Not pretty but very useful if you want to manipulate it further.

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