TapAkismet weakness

I took a bit of a break over Christmas and didn’t do much with the blog at all, in particular I took my eye off the spam queue maintained by the Akismet plugin. The baddies must have skipped all the parties because I find this morning that there are 2174 items in there waiting for my attention. Now I know that if I leave them for 15 days then they will be deleted automatically but I like to be sure there are no false positives. Unfortunately the page only displays the last 150 and there is only one button “Delete all” so there is no way to review them. I am sure I have seen someone else comment about this and perhaps a solution but I can’t find it now.

[added later – the latest version (1.2.1) improves things a bit. At least I can see the rest of them now, but it still needs a facility to delete them a page at a time. Anyway, I got bored so just killed the lot!]

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