TapHappy Sevens

7:07 on 7th July, 2007! GMT, of course, the only true time. And a Saturday too, the 7th day (depending on how you look at it).

There has been/will be one of these every year from 2001 to 2012 but this is the first one at a civilised hour and the first I have remembered.

So what will we be doing on this lovely sunny day?

CherriesWell, first the eponymous bath, but then we need to pick the cherries off the tree. We know they are ready when we can no longer see them. That means that either the birds have had them all or they are so black they are invisible. This year we remembered to get the net on so we have saved most of them, but we have to allow our friendly blackbird family a few; they’ve learnt how to get in and out. They are Morellos and are good for eating or make wonderful jam—Wikipedia calls them sour cherries but I think that the European variety is slightly different to the North American Sour, they are blacker and sweeter and ripen earlier. It is the most successful “plant” we have managed to grow in our tiny garden and have to keep it well pruned else it will get out of hand. Even then it is a struggle to get the net on, I see why they invented cherry-pickers, just that we can’t get one in.

[Update: 17.9Kg picked—now to get the pips out!]

After or during that we need to make a trip to the city dump. I have finally cleared out all the dead, obsolete and unwanted computer equipment from the spare room. All pre-RoHS of course. Anyone want a 1MB memory module before it goes? Or a bulk pack of DD floppy disks? No use for a 524MB SCSI hard drive? I spent all of last weekend erasing these with DBAN.

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