TapMicrosoft Stealth Patches

It seems that Microsoft has been engaging in a little underhand patching. People are reporting that changes are being made even when they have automatic updates turned off. There is apparently nothing to worry about, they are perfectly good patches, but the deceit is troubling. To see if you have been hit, check the version of \windows\system32\cdm.dll (use right click – properties – version). A pre-patch version should be 7.0.6000.374. If you have been stealth patched then it will be 7.0.6000.381. There is a little discussion about it on the Microsoft Forums but nothing official yet. The only justification I can think of is that, as this is a patch to Windows Update itself, there may be no other way it can be done, but even that doesn’t excuse the silence.

Update: Microsoft have explained what is going on and it is just as I thought, but I still maintain that if they can detect and action that an update is required then they can just as easily tell you about it so you can make an informed decision.

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