TapMac Pro keyboard with Windows XP

I am having a few problems using this. I am getting used to it in Mac mode but in VMware Fusion running Windows (or Ubuntu) it is a bit of a pain. There is only mapping for genuine PC layouts. This is what I get:—

Mac Win(US) Win(UK)
± ~ ¬
§ ` `
@ @
£ # £
| | ~
\ \ #
~ | |
` \ \

This means I either have to touch type and think PC when using Windows ignoring the key caps (if I use the UK layout) or lose the £ and ¬ signs (if using the US layout). Neither is very satisfactory. In UK format I can get € (Ctrl-Alt 4) and ¦ (Ctrl-Alt §) but neither in the US layout.

Update: The best answer I can come up with at the moment is to set the guest to use the US international keyboard. This has the basic keys in the same place as the US keyboard but offers additional ones using Ctrl-Alt. This would fix the problems with @, “, \ and | but still leaves ~, ` and # wrong just as with the standard US layout. € becomes Ctrl-Alt 5 and £ is Ctrl-Alt 4. I am not sure if I prefer that or not.

The right solution would seem to be for VMware to map the keyboard through to the guest in some way.

Update: 30 May 2008. It seems the right solution is rather different as the helpful people on the VMware forum pointed out. For Windows, what you need to do is install the Boot Camp drivers. These are intended for Mac systems that dual boot into Windows and contain all the dedicated drivers for the Apple hardware. Quite a bit of it is not relevant for a VMware guest but other parts, such as the Keyboard drivers are. They are to be found on the Mac OS X install disk which is in a magic format so that, when mounted on a Windows system, it looks like a Windows software install disk. Allow it to autorun (or force it if necessary) and the package will install. Then, after a reboot, new devices will appear in the Keyboard menu which solves the problem. Now the characters that appear on the screen are the same ones as printed on the keys. I wonder how you do the same thing in Ubuntu?

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