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The York meeting will decide whether to accommodate opponents to women bishops and if they could opt to remain under the ministry of male bishops instead.

BBC News

I may be missing something but I don’t see what all the fuss is about. Whatever your opinion, there is already a system in place to accommodate you. After the Women priests decision some 15 years ago dissenters had a special provision made for them. If your church wanted to stick to the old ways then, after certain procedures were completed, you could elect to come under the authority of the Bishop of Ebbsfleet rather than the Diocesan. Now, presuming that those who object to Women Bishops are a smallish superset of those, surely the same procedure can apply and, in the majority of cases, is probably already in effect. I suppose that there may be a small minority who approve of one but disapprove of the other but it would hardly be worth making a lot of fuss over.

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