TapWhy Jabber?

I noticed that when I signed up for WordPress.com to get the required credentials for Akismet, one of the things you could put on your profile was a Jabber Id and it reminded me that the gospel is slowly spreading but needs a lot more impetus. This quote succinctly explains the situation which currently exists

I know a lot of friends who have Hotmail accounts. I also know a lot of friends who have GMail accounts. I personally don’t use either, I have my own email server at deepdarc.com. Do I need to have an account on Hotmail in order to email my friends who use Hotmail, or a GMail account to email my friends who use GMail? Of course not—that would be absurd. Yet, that is exactly the situation we tolerate with respect to Instant Messaging.

Read the rest of the excellent review of Jabber IM at deepdarc.

Afternote: When entering this post it wouldn’t let me put in an xmpp: protocol link—more work needed there I think. My Jabber ID is on my home page if you need to know.

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