TapFacebook Regional Networks

Facebook have announced that, over the next few weeks, they will be discontinuing the system of regional networks. These are the ones based on countries, states, cities – so, for instance, I am in a network for “Bristol.”

Ever since I joined (only a few months ago) they have been next to useless. What is the point in suggesting that such-and-such a person also lives in Bristol and perhaps I know them?

The bad news is that, when they remove them, your privacy profiles will change. All the permissions that used to say “My Networks and Friends” will be automatically changed to “Everyone” which may not be (probably won’t be) what you would like. So go into Settings ==> Privacy Settings now and change them. Educational and Work networks will remain so you can connect to and use those instead, though saying I should know everyone who ever went to Bristol University is just as daft.

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