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Another Apple Dumpling.

The publishers of the Ninjawords application for the iPhone, which is an electronic dictionary, have been made to remove all “objectionable” words before it was accepted on the Apple App Store. That not only includes swear words than have a single meaning but also all words that have multiple meanings, one of which is lewd—like ass, pussy or screw. The developers went to great lengths to ensure that you wouldn’t come across them by accident, but it seems that was not good enough, they had to be removed.

And, even after that, it has a 17+ rating!

People who know me know that I am not in the habit of using these words, or at least I don’t think so, it rather depends on exactly what they have removed; but I do want them in a dictionary. As children we had great fun furtively looking them up, but that didn’t stop dictionaries being stocked in WHSmiths or even any odd looks from the assistants when you bought one.

An update (6 Aug) – partial explanation and signs of improvement.

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