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Politicians of the world seem to have trouble understanding the concept of mercy.

  • Mercy is unconditional. It does not require any response from the recipient, either in action or restraint. The recipient doesn’t even have to be grateful or understand why.
  • Mercy is independent of whatever the recipient may have been accused or convicted of.
  • Mercy is not dependent on actual guilt or innocence, just that the recipient should be receiving a sentence that can be reprieved.
  • Mercy supersedes all other considerations and is a gift in the sole power of the giver. It can be given or withheld, it is not a right.
  • Mercy is a mark of civilisation. It shows that we are above revenge and retribution.

Scottish law provides for mercy in the power of the secretary of state on behalf of the government. Kenny MacAskill exercised his authority and explained in great detail that this was what he was doing.

Read Zechariah 7:9 and Matthew 5:7.

End of story.

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