Identity Cards in the UK—Why it is a BAD THING

These points are not in any sort of order but are intended to be things to think about. They are my impressions of what has been said and, hence, may be in-accurate. I welcome any reasoned correspondence on the subject, whether you agree or disagree.


A lot of the material here has been paraphrased from the following online sources:

  1. [Off Site]Identity Cards Bill
  2. [Off Site]Explanatory Notes
  3. [Off Site]Race Equality Impact Assessment
  4. [Off Site]UK Identity Cards—The Case Against (Trevor Mendham)
  5. [Off Site]Privacy International FAQ on UK ID Card Proposal
  6. [Off Site]Everything you never wanted to know about the UK ID Card (John Lettice)
  7. [Off Site]The National Council for Civil Liberties

Further Resources