Official Establishments, Local Institutions &c.

Post, M.O. & T.O. [Money Order & Telegraph Office], S.B. [Savings Bank] & Government Annuity & Insurance Office, 114 Market Jew street

Hours of Attendance.—Sale of stamps registration of letters & general inquiries, week days, 7 a.m. to 10 p.m.; sundays, 4 to 10 a.m. & 5 to 6 p.m. Postal orders, telegraph money orders (issue & payment), parcel & post work generally & savings bank deposits only, week days, 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. Money orders, savings bank withdrawals, licences, government insurance & annuities, week days, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.; saturdays to 8 p.m. For the dispatch & delivery of telegrams, open always

Mail Dispatches.

Night Mail—London & all parts, 3.50 p.m.; extra stamp, 4-15 p.m

Third Up-Cornish—London & all parts east of Scorrier, 5.45 p.m.; extra stamp, 5.55 p.m

Day Mail—Bristol, Exeter, London & all parts, except places between Truro & Plymouth, 7.30 p.m.; extra stamp, 7.50 a.m

North Mail—North of England, Ireland, Scotland & Wales; Southampton, South-west of England, Bristol, Exeter, Newton Abbot & places west of Truro, 10.15 a.m.; extra stamp, 10.30 a.m

First Up-Cornish—Devonport, Plymouth & all parts, 9.20 a.m.; extra stamp, 9.40 a.m.

Second Up-Cornish—Devonport, Plymouth & Truro, 1.20 p.m.; extra stamp, 1.35 p.m

Penzance & St. Just R.S.O. (Night Mail) leaving Penzance railway station at 8 a.m.; post office 8.5 a.m. arriving at Heamoor R.S.O. at 8.15 a.m.; Newbridge R.S.O. at 8.35 a.m. & at St. Just R.S.O. at 9.7 a.m

Rural Posts—Dispatches, Letters & Parcels, with mode of conveyance.

Railway Sub-Offices—Buryas Bridge, S. Buryan, Treen, Sennen, Newbridge, St. Just, & Heamoor 7.50 a.m.; conveyed by mail carts

Gulval, 8.30 a.m. & 4.15 p.m.; conveyed by mounted postman

Mousehole & Paul, 8.30 a.m. & 3.55 p.m.; conveyed by postman

Nancealverne, 8.30 a.m.; conveyed by postman

Heamoor, Madron & Trengwainton district, 4.15 p.m.; conveyed by postman

Newbridge R.S.O. & St. Just R.S.O. 3.50 p.m.; conveyed by omnibus

Railway Sub-Offices—Buryas Bridge, S. Buryan, Treen & Sennen 4.15 p.m.; conveyed by omnibus

Long Rock R.S.O. & Ludgvan, 7.20 & 10.15 a.m. & 5.45 p.m.; conveyed by railway

Parcel Mails—Latest time of posting.

Truro, West & South-west of England, 9.10 a.m. for 9.55 a.m. train; London, Bristol & all places beyond, 10.15 a.m. for 10.45 a.m. train; Plymouth, Truro (relief for 4.30 p.m. dispatch) 1.10 p.m. for 1.50 p.m. train; Birmingham, London, Bristol & all parts, 3.30 p.m. for 4.30 p.m. train; Plymouth, Marazion & all places east of Truro, 5.30 p.m. for 6.10 p.m. train; Truro & all places west of, 7.15 p.m. for 8.5 p.m. train

Deliveries of Letters, Parcels &c.

Hour of Arrival MAILS. Deliveries are
Commenced at Finished at
8.10 a.m. Down Night 8.45 a.m. 10.5 a.m.
3. 0 p.m. North 3.30 p.m. 5.0 p.m.
6.35 p.m. First London Day 7.10 p.m. 8.30 p.m.
8.55 p.m. Second London Day 9.30 p.m. to callers only

Town & Suburban Collections.

Post, M.O.O., S.B. & Annuity & Insurance Office, The Quay, Nicholas James Rowe, sub-postmaster, 6.55 & 9 a.m. 1, 3.30, 5.30 & 7 p.m.; sundays, 3.30 p.m

Causewayhead, John Kelynack, sub-postmaster, 7.5 & 9.10 a.m. 1.10, 3.40, 5.40 & 7.10 p.m.; sundays, 3.40 p.m

Alverton, James Pender, sub-postmaster, 7.5 & 9.10 a.m. 1.10, 3.40, 5.40 & 7.10 p.m.; sundays, 3.40 p.m

Marine parade, Mrs. Harriet Bond, sub-postmistress, 7.5 & 9.10 a.m. 1.10, 3.40, 5.40 & 7.10 p.m.; sundays, 3.40 p.m

‡Chayandour, John Tripp, sub-postmaster, 6.45 & 8.50 a.m. 12.50, 3.40, 5.20 & 6.50 p.m.; sundays, 3.40 p.m

Market Jew Street, Miss Amy Pearce, sub-postmistress, 6.50 & 8.55 a.m. 12.55, 3.45, 5.25 & 6.55 p.m.; extra stamp, 4.25 for the Up Night mail (week days only); sundays, 3.40 p.m

Marked thus ‡ is a Telegraph Office.


Mayor—Alderman William Harvey Julyan.
Recorder—Robert Alexander Kinglake B.A. 3 Harcourt buildings, Temple, London E.C.


William Francis Rowe

Henry Michell

James Caldwell

§William Harvey Julyan

§Henry Carne

§Thomas Reynolds


East Ward.

Presiding Alderman at Ward Elections, W. F. Rowe.

*Edmund Ludlow

*Howell Mabbott

*Peter Richards

†James Henry Bennetts

†James Henwood Roberts

†James Herbert Tonking

‡William James Bazeley

‡James Dustow

‡Samuel Nicholas

West Ward.

Presiding Alderman at Ward Elections, Hanry Carne.

*John Alf. Fox

*James Henry Rodda

*John Clark Uren

†Percy Teague Chirgwin

†Wm. Thomas Lark Perry

†Henry Trembath

‡William Colensoe

‡Richard Pearce Couch

‡Richard Hill

Auditors, William Warren Richards & John Trebilcock

Marked thus * retire in 1893

Marked thus † retire in 1894

Marked thus ‡ retire in 1895

Marked thus § retire in 1896

Officers of the Corporation & Urban Sanitary Authority.

Town Clerk & Clerk to the Urban Sanitary Authority & School Attendance Committee, Thomas Henry Cornish, Parade st

Assistant Town Clerk & Borough Accountant, Francis Trounson, Lannoweth road

Clerk to Committees & Assistant Accountant, Edward Crocker Scobey, 9 Regent terrace

Treasurer, Francis Trounson

Clerk of the Peace, John Penn Milton, 31 Clarence street

Coroner, George Ley Bodilly, Alverton street

Medical Officer of Health for Urban & Port Sanitary Authorities, George Bown Millett L.R.C.P.Edin. 19 Chaple st

Public Analyst, Jn. J. Beringer, 10 South ter. Camborne

Borough Surveyor, George Henry Small, Public buildings

Head Constable, Richard Nicholas, Police station

Inspector of Nuisances, Nathaniel Coulson Whear, Public buildings

Collector of Rates, Edward Doble, 37 Belgravia street

Sergeants-at-Mace, William Henry Secombe & Thos. Harry

Town Crier, Peter Trounson, 50 St. James’ street

School Attendance Officer, Thos. Kessell, 28 Market Jew st

Borough Magistrates.

Boase John Josias Arthur, Lewisham [Kent]

Bodilly Thomas Hacker, Alverton cottage, Penzance

Branwell John Richards, Penlee, Penzance

Dennis James, 10 North parade, Penzance

Julyan William Harvey, Venton Vean, Penzance

Montgomery James Barclay M.D. 5 Clarence place, Penzance

Preston Robert Hawker Peniel, Alverton house, Penzance

Ross Major John James, Trovean, Penzance

Ross Charles Campbell, Carne Madron

 Clerk, Thomas Henry Cornish, Parade street

Borough Petty Sessions are held at the Guildall every second & fourth monday in the month, at 11 a.m

County Magistrates,

Acting for the Petty Sessional Division of the Hundred of West Penwith.

Each chairman in rotation.

St. Levan Lord D.L. St. Michael’s mount, Marazion R.S.O

St. Aubyn Hon. John Townshend D.L. St. Michael’s mount, Marazion R.S.O

Bolitho Thomas Bedford esq. M.P., D.L. Trewiden, Penzance

Bolitho Thomas Robins esq. B.A., D.L. Penalverne, Penzance

Bolitho William esq. D.L. Ponsandane, Penzance

Bolitho William Edwd. Thos. esq. Pendrea, Gulval, Penzance

Field Thomas Willis esq. Chymorvah, Marazion R.S.O

Le Grice Charles Day Nicholls esq. Trereife, Penzance

Ross Charles Campbell esq. Carne, Madron, Penzance

Ross Major John James, Trevean, Penzance

Tonkin Rev. John B.A. Trevervin, St. Buryan, Penzance

Tremenheere Hugh Seymour esq. C.B. 43 Thurloe square, London S W

 Clerk to the Magistrates, Walt. Hy. Borlase, 31 Clarence st

Petty Sessions are held at the Guildhall the first wednesday in every month at 11 a.m

The following places are included in the petty sessional division:—Gulval, Ludgval[sic], Marazion, Madron, Morvah, Perranuthnoe, Paul, St. Buryan, St. Just, St. Michael’s Mount, St. Hilary, St. Levan, Sancreed, St. Sennen, Towednack, Zennor

Consuls & Vice-Consuls.

Denmark, Edwin Thomas Matthews, vice-consul

France, Edwin Thomas Matthews, consular agent

Germany, Edwin Thomas Matthews, vice-consul

Holland, Edmund Ludlow, consular agent

Italy, Edwin Thomas Matthews, consular agent

Liberia (Republic of), Edwin T. Matthews, consul

Portugal, Edwin Thomas Matthews, consular agent

Spain, Edwin T. Matthews, vice-consul

Sweden & Norway, Edwin T. Matthews, vice-consul

Public Establishments.

Borough Police Station, Public buildings, Alverton street, Richard Nicholas, head constable, with a force of 2 sergeants & 10 constables

County Court, His Honor Thomas Colpitts Granger, judge; George Ley Bodilly, registrar & acting as high bailiff. The county court is held at the Guildhall the 2nd tuesday in each month. The county court district comprises the following parishes, viz:—Gulval, Ludgvan, Madron, Marazion, Morvah, Paul, Penzance, Perranuthnoe, Sancreed, St. Buryan, St. Erth, St. Hilary, St. Ives, St. Just, St. Levan, St. Michael’s Mount, Scilly Islands, St. Sennen, Towednack, Uny Lelant & Zennor

 George Appleby Jenkins, Truro, official receiver. For Bankruptcy purposes the district is included in Truro

Certified Bailiffs under the “Law of Distress Amendment Act,” George Edwin Jenkin, Princes street; Thomas Cock, 58 St. James street; Edward Boase, St. Ives

Central Hall, Parade street, Henry Harvey Pezzack, sec

Coast Guard Station, The Cliff, James Conybear, chief officer

Corn Exchange, Market House buildings, James Bickle Sanders, lessee

Custom House, Quay, Frederic Wm. Bune, superintendent

Dock Office, W. D. Matthews & Sons, Quay

Harbour Office, Quay, John Morrish, harbour master; William Herbert Percy, lessee of pier dues

Infectious Diseases Hospital, Rosevean road, George Bown Millett M.R.C.S. surgeon

Inland Revenue Office, Quay, John Hourihane, officer

Mercantile Marine Office, Quay, Frederick Wm. Bune, supt

Natural History & Antiquarian Society’s Museum, Public buildings, George Fox Tregelles, hon. sec

Odd Fellows’ Hall, Parade st. Edward Crocker Scobey, sec

Penzance Institute, Public buildings, John Doidge, treasurer; Netherton Hosking Symons, librarian

Public Library, Public buildings, Rev. Prebendary Hedgeland M.A. president; Thomas Robins Bolitho, treasurer; George B. Millett M.R.C.S. librarian; William Harvey Julyan, sec.; Samuel Cook, sub-librarian

Public Buildings, Alverton street, Barnes Richards, sec

Royal Geological Society of Cornwall (established 1814), Public buildings, Howard Fox esq. F. G. S. president; William Bolitho, jun. treasurer: George B. Millett M.R.C.S. sec.; Major John James Ross, librarian; Herbert Warington Smyth B.A., LL.B., F.G.S. curator

Royal National Lifeboat Institution, Quay, Thomas Henry, Cornish, hon sec

Sailors’ Free Reading Room, Barbican lane, Benjamin Mitchell, superintendent

Stamp Office, 27 Market place, Benj. Shakerley, distributor

Town Hall & Council Chamber, Edward Lark, caretaker, Public buildings

Trinity Store House, Quay, Harry Thomas Reading, supt

West Cornwall Dispensary & Infirmary, St. Clare street; James Barclay Montgomery M.D. consulting physician; Hugh M. Montgomerie M.D. assistant physician; John Symons, surgeon; Thomas Hacker Bodily, hon treasurer; John Batten Cornish, hon sec.; Rev. Prebendary Philip Hedgeland M.A. chaplain; William Harvey Julyan, assistant sec. & dispenser; Miss Annie Eliza Whitaker, matrn


Masonic Hall, Public buildings, Alverton street;“Mount Sinai” Lodge (121), Martin Sampson, sec.; John Rogers, tyler; third wednesday in month. Royal Arch, Holy mount, Chapter No. 121, held last wednesday in January, April, July & October; Richard Pearce Couch, scribe E

Mark Masonry.—St. John the Baptist Lodge; last wednesday in February, May, August & November; James M Cornish, sec


1st Cornwall (Duke of Cornwall’s) Volunteer Artillery, Western Division, Royal Artillery, No. 7 Company; Capt p> Marrack, commandant

1st Volunteer Battalion Duke of Cornwall’s Light Infantry (A Co.); head quarters, Corn exchange, Market House buildings; Capt. Thomas Henry Cornish

Penzance Union.

Board day, alternate thursdays at 10 a.m. at the Workhouse, Madron. The guardians meet for poor law purposes at the union workhouse at Madron & for sanitary purposes in Penzance

The Union comprises the following parishes:—St. Buryan, St. Erth, Gulval, St. Hilary, St. Ives, St. Just, St. Levan, Ludgvan, Madron, Marazion, St. Michael’s Mount, Morvah, Paul, Penzance, Perranuthnoe, Sancreed, St. Sennen, Towednack, Uny Lelant & Zennor. The population of the union in 1891 was 48,045; area 64,879 acres; rateable value in 1892, £174,138

Clerk to the Guardians & Assessment Committee, Thomas Henry Cornish, Parade street, Penzance

Treasurer, Rd. Foster Bolitho, Consolidated Bank of Cornwall

Assistant Overseers, Benjamin Thomas, St. Buryan; John Nicholas, St. Erth; Thomas Noy, Gulval; Wm. Angove, St. Hilary; Richard Stevens, St. Ives; Thomas Williams, St. Just; Richard Edwards, Ludgvan; William Thomas White, Madron; George Laity, Marazion; Thomas Lugg, Paul; Barnes Richards, Penzance; Henry Williams, Perranuthnoe; John Bosence, Sancreed; Hugh Dunstan, jun. Towednack; J. C. Rosewarne, Uny Lelant

Relieving & Vaccination Officers & Collectors to the Guardians, Eastern district, Joseph Giles, Crowlas; Western district, R. W. Tregoning, Lower Poltair, Madron

Medical Officers & Public Vaccinators, No. 1 district, Adam William Thorburn Steer L.R.C.P.Lond. Penzance; No. 2 district, Richard Burford Searle L.R.C.P.Lond St. Just; No. 3 district, George Thomas Albert Staff L.R.C.P.Irel. St. Ives; No. 4 district, James Mudge, jun. L.R.C.P.Edin. Marazion; No. 5 district, John Quiller Couch, Penzance

Superintendent Registrar, Thomas Henry Cornish, Parade street, Penzance

Registrars of Births & Deaths, Marazion sub-district, Richard Cornish Laity, Marazion; Penzance sub-district, William Thos. Osborne, 1 Market place, Penzance; St. Buryan sub-district, Thomas Henry Bennetts, St. Levan; St. Ives sub-district, John Bray Anthony, St. Ives; St. Just-in-Penwith sub-district, Alfred Chenhalls, jun. St. Just; Uny Lelant sub-district, Miss Annie Sandow, Uny Lelant

Registrars of Marriages, J. B. Anthony, St. Ives; Alfred Chenhalls, jun. St. Just; Charles Henry Uren, 19 Cornwall terrace, Penzance & John Easton Tonkin, 24 Belgravia street, Penzance

Workhouse, Madron, James Andrew, master; Adam Wm. Thorburn Steer L.R.C.P.Lond. medical officer; Mrs. Jane Andrew, matron

Rural Sanitary Authority.

Meets at Commercial buildings, 8 Parade street, on every fourth thursday throughout the year at 3 p.m.

Clerk, Thomas Henry Cornish, Parade street, Penzance

Treasurer, Rd. Foster Bolitho, Consolidated Bank of Cornwall

Medical Officer of Health, James Mudge, jun. L.R.C.P.Lond. Marazion

Inspector of Nuisances, Josephus Nicholas, Hea, Madron

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