The Bolton Estate

(of which His Grace Harry George Fourth and last Duke of Cleveland was tenant in-tail)
Second Portion
For sale by auction
9 June 1904


This is a large format booklet published by the auctioneer, Joseph Strower of London. It contains 3 maps, two at a scale of 6" to the mile and one at a scale of 88 feet to the inch, each coloured to show the bounds of each lot. All the property concerned is in the parishes of Ludgvan, St. Ives, Towednack and Zennor and totals about 2,711 acres. Also included are the advowson of Ludgvan and the manors of Ludgvan Leaze and Porthia [Prior?].

The vendors were Capt. Francis William FORESTER, The Hon. Mrs. Sybella Augustus HERBERT, Miss. Edith Dorothy MILLBANK and Mrs. Elizabeth MEYRICK.


[YES] I am happy to provide full details of any lot to researchers (some parts are scanned and online below). All lots were sales of the freehold. By lot number…

  1. 538 acres. The manor of Ludgvan Leaze and advowson of Ludgvan. This lies between Ludgvan Churchtown, Crowlas and the coast just inside the eastern parish boundary. In total it forms a blunt diamond cornered by map references 515330, 520322, 513310, 504313 & 502323. It includes Ludgvan Leaze Farm (ref. 510326) and the Bolton Mine Account House (tenant Wm. LAWREY, 92 acres), Varfal (ref. 506323) & Bog Farms (ref. 511318, inc. 17 cottages possibly now Newtown, tenant Andrew LAWREY, 260 acres), a Brick Yard and Works (west of Newtown ref. 505316, tenant Acme Brick and Tile Co., 8 acres), Bowgyheere Farm (ref. 514324, tenant Robert & Henry TILLY, 154 acres), Ludgvan Rectory (ref. 505330, occupied by the incumbent, Rev. A. T. BOSCAWEN aged 41) and another unnamed house (ref. 506318, life tenant Jane WILLIAMS widow aged 75, 1 acre), “The Giant’s Grave” (ref. 507322, tenant James TREMBATH), pasture land (ref. 511331, tenant James HOSKING & sons, opposite cottage occupied by E. JOHNS), accommodation land (ref. 509330, part of Old Inn, tenant Mrs. Elizabeth C. TROON) and foreshore (13 acres) image2 120K, image3 60K, image4 100K (Other parts not yet scanned), map1 90K, map2 220K, map3 130K
  2. 53 acres. Old Inn Farm, Ludgvan (ref. 511334). Tenant Mrs. Elizabeth C. TROON. Also includes a cottage let to James PEMBERTHY Sen. and another let to John BENNETT.
  3. The Star Inn, Ludgvan. Lots 3 to 18 all lie west of Crowlas in the area known as Lower Quarter and the Carvossa estate ref. 513332. Tenant Mr. J. T. BANFIELD. Also included is a shop and house let to William MORRIS, Grocer. map 125K
  4. 4 acres accommodation land, Ludgvan straddling the Red River NW Lot 3.. Tenant Mr. J. RICHARDS.
  5. 1 acre, Ludgvan. Leased to Wm. RASEIGH now vested in John JOHNS during the lives of Michael RASEIGH aged 57 and Sarah RASEIGH aged 70. A small garden let to James JENKIN and another garden occupied by Mr. N. RICHARDS. image (lots 5-6) 300K map (lots 5-6) 165K
  6. 8 cottages, Ludgvan. The Old Poor Houses. Leased to William WARREN, vested in Charles ROACH for the lives of William WARREN aged 55 and Mary WARREN aged 50. This lot was purchased for £75 (and also the previous one) by Steven Davey THOMAS of Crowlas, Ludgvan.
  7. 2 acres market garden, Ludgvan. Tenant Mrs. Elizabeth C. TROON.
  8. 3 cottages, Ludgvan. One let to Ann SNELL, one to Miss. Sarah Jane PASCOE and one to Mrs. Honor HOSKING. A potato store let to Margaret Ann RICHARDS. map (lots 8-11) 210K
  9. A house and shop, Ludgvan. Let to Margaret Ann RICHARDS.
  10. A cottage, Ludgvan. Let to Mr. J. TREMBATH.
  11. A public house, Ludgvan. The Old Inn let to Mrs. Elizabeth C. TROON.
  12. 7 cottages, Ludgvan. Let to (one each) James PEMBERTHY Jun., Mrs. Margaret WILLIAMS, Samuel PEARCE, J. SAUNDRY, Wm. EDWARDS, Mrs. M. J. SNELL and Mrs. Mary WARMINGTON. Samuel PEARCE pays the tithes.
  13. A cottage and blacksmith’s shop, Ludgvan. Let to Ernest CURNOW.
  14. A cottage, blacksmith’s shop etc., Ludgvan 1 acre. Let to Richard EDWARDS.
  15. Pasture land, Ludgvan 1 acre. Let to Mrs. Elizabeth C. TROON.
  16. 1 acre, Ludgvan. Let to Wm. LAWREY.
  17. 8 tenements, Ludgvan 4 acres. Stamping Mill Cottages and the stamping mill. Leased for the life of William TAYLOR aged 65. Other property leased for the life of Mary MITCHELL formerly RICHARDS aged 51.
  18. Four enclosures of market garden land, Ludgvan 5A. Let to the representatives of the late Mr. N. RICHARDS.
  19. An estate 166 acres. Part of Hellesveor Farm, St. Ives (ref. 503401 and northward, tenant John HUSBAND, 74 acres) and an adjoining holding (to the west, tenant Thos. ROSEWALL, 77 acres) and a smallholding (ref. 502399, tenant Geo. PENGELLY, 13 acres). map 140K
  20. Accommodation land, St. Ives 21 acres (ref. 504397). Tenant Mr. W. H. HOSKING.
  21. Mixed lot 25 acres. Accommodation land, St. Ives (ref. 502596, tenant Jno. HUSBAND, 18 acres) including a cottage occupied by Mr. JAMES, a smallholding including blacksmith’s shop occupied by Mr. G. PAINTER, enclosures of land and a chapel (ref. 513398, leased for the life of Miss Jane May KERNICK aged 71, 6 acres total). Also four undivided fifths of Hale Moor (now Bus sow Reservoir ref. 501391, 5 acres), the remaining fifth share belonging to Earl Cowley.
  22. An estate 248 acres. Trevalgan Farm, St. Ives (ref. 490401 and northward, tenant Matthew S. EDWARDS, 113 acres), a smallholding at Trevalgan (to the west, tenant William James HOLLOW, 36 acres), a smallholding at Trevalgan (to the south, tenant Thomas MARTIN, 24 acres), a smallholding at Trowan (ref. 494404 and southward, 26 acres), arable and pasture lands (tenant W. H. HOSKING leased for the life of Mrs. Dorcas CASELEY in occupation and aged 74, 1 acre), Trevalgan Cliff (30 acres) and Trevalgan Hill common lands (15 acres). Also rights, including mineral, over part of Trowan Cliff (28A) and Trowan Down (2 acres) shared with Earl Cowley and Elizabeth THOMAS. image1 35K, image2 45K, image3 22K, image4 55K, image5 40K, map 160K
  23. An estate 291 acres. Trevega (ref. 482397) & Trevega Wartha, Towednack (ref. 483399 and northward to the coast) tenanted by Matthew and Arthur Thomas HOLLOW.
  24. An estate 381 acres. Treveal Farm, Zennor (ref. 473401 and north-westward to the cliff, tenant David EDDY, 162 acres) with some garden ground let to Philip EDDY and Wicca (ref. 471395, north-westward to the cliff and south-eastward to the parish border, tenant William CARE, 218 acres)
  25. An estate 188 acres. Trendrine, Zennor (ref. 476394 and south-eastward) tenanted by John Quick EDDY. Also included is Trendrine Wesleyan Chapel let to trustees.
  26. An estate 269 acres. Towednack Church Town Farm (ref. 486382) and Beagletodn (ref. 483380 and surrounds) tenanted by Hugh DUNSTON and son including the farmhouse, formerly “The New Inn” and common lands amounting to 27 acres of the total.
  27. An estate 73 acres. Part of Amalveor Farm, Towednack (ref. 483376 and vicinity, tenant Augustus W. HOLLOW, 56 acres) and part of Lower Amalwhidden (ref. 490373, tenant Thomas ROACH, 15 acres) and a small strip of land let to R. W. G. TYRINGHAM. Also included are partial rights, including mineral (shared with R. W. G. TYRINGHAM) over Amalveor Downs and Moor (to the west) comprising 155 acres plus a potato ground in the occupation of John JAMES.
  28. An estate 430 acres. Breja, Towednack (ref. 489382 and northward, tenant John CARE, 125 acres), Higher Penderleath Farm (ref. 497375, tenant John MARTIN, 105 acres), Chytodden Farm (ref. 492382 and vicinity, tenant Christopher HOLLOW jun., 57 acres), a smallholding at Cold Harbour (ref. 482378, tenant John NOALL, 7 acres), tenement (tenant W. G. DUNSTAN, 26 acres), Lower Penderleath smallholding (ref. 495375, tenant Wm. CURNOW, 45 acres), a cottage at Penderleath (occupied by Mrs. Elizabeth WARREN, 6 acres), part of Amalveor Farm (let to Mr. A. W. HOLLOW, 2 acres), part of Lower Amalwhidden (tenant Mr. T. ROACH, 11 acres), Cold Harbour Methodist Chapel (let to trustees), Common and moor lands (9 acres) and part of Trowan Downs (31 acres) including a plot enclosed and occupied by Mrs. CASELEY. Also included are partial rights, including mineral, over Skillywadden Moor (shared with R. W. G. TYRINGHAM, 7 acres) and ditto over part of Trowan Downs (shared with Earl COWLEY, 21 acres). image1 30K, image2 40K, image3 50K, image4 50K, image5 55K, image6 60K, image6 40K
  29. The lordship of the Manor or Reputed Manor of Porthia [Prior?] otherwise St. Ives. image 40K

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