FreeCEN Administration Tools—Platforms and compiling

The FC-TOOLBOX menu programs are written and run in QBASIC and we cannot help with porting these to other platforms, though don't think it would be hard if a BASIC runtime system is available.

The remainder (the programs that do the work) are written in portable C.

This system in the standard package has been compiled using the GNU C compiler under the [Off Site]MINGW environment which means that it will run under most versions of MS-DOS/Windows without additional DLL files or a special shell. The compilation commands are simplicity itself i.e.

gcc -o csv2dat theader.c csv2dat.c
gcc -o dat2csv theader.c dat2csv.c
gcc -o fixparms theader.c fixparms.c

The theader.c file provides the command prompt mechanism which allows them to be run from a double click as well as from the DOS command window.

They should be compatable with other operating environments and I would welcome contacts from owners of systems with compilers, especially MACOS and LINUX. I know the programs will run under UNIX as I have compiled a SUN Solaris version. A standard utility such as dos2unix will be required to change the line endings of the source files and the “#DEFINE UNIX” line needs to be uncommented at the start of each program to change the directory separator from “\” to “/”, otherwise no changes are required.

The program normally accepts unix style “-” switches as well as DOS style “/” switches but the latter are disabled under unix to avoid confusuion with path names.


These packages contain the executable binaries only. The remainder of the package should be obtained from the home page download option.

Digital signatures for the ZIP files (online only).

The SUN Solaris version was compiled with “forte v6.1” running under Solaris 7 and can be downloaded from here. They are versions csv2dat v4.0.1, dat2csv v4.0.2 and fixparms v1.3.1. (50K)

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