FreeCEN Administration Tools—dat2csv WEB mode

The -w WEB switch requires four additional files

The appearence of the web page is determined by the fourth file


The output file name is based on the piece number omiting the PRO class prefix but has a single digit year prefix to avoid name clashes between census years. A suffix is added for partial pieces. See below for the CON 1841 census.

The design of the program is to re-create, where ever possible, the original format and structure of the enumeration books. In addition to inserting basic HTML tags, the program

CON 1841 output

This is rather a special case. The Cornish project decided early that the PRO pieces were too large to send to a transcriber so they divided them up into separate parishes. These were each given a unique number over the county and were inserted into the Registration District field in the data file because this was not used in 1841. Following this pattern, dat2csv generates a web page for each parish, the name of which is included at the top rather than on each ED through the file as is the case for other years. The file name is 6 digits with the piece number and the parish number combined.

Since that was done, a common format for splitting 1841 and 1851 pieces has been devised.

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