FreeCEN Administration Tools—FCT


FC-TOOLBOX provides an interface to the FCTOOLS diagnostic and administration routines.

It is suggested that a desktop icon be created and its properties set for “Run - Maximised” and “Close on Exit”; alternatively the programme may be started by “RUN \FCTOOLS\FCT” or double clicking on the FCT.BAT program.

All routines are resident in the \FCTOOLS\ folder, and working files are established in sub-folders \FCTOOLS\FCTWKG\ and \FCTOOLS\WKG\.

Each unit has been constructed on a minimal “prompt and reply” basis to assist those who are unfamiliar with ‘command-line’ procedures, or for those who will use FCTOOLS only occasionally.

The first time it is run (only) it will ask you for the install hard drive letter (which drive you put \fctools on) and your floppy drive letter.

Then FC-TOOLBOX Main Menu is the gateway to the program functions.

FC-TOOLBOX screen shot

Abridged instructions within each unit are mainly self-explanatory.

Units 1 & 2 can be operated reliably as preliminary functions by persons who might claim “no special skills” Persons attempting any advanced functions will need to be properly aware of census matters as relevant to FreeCEN, and confident and competent to undertake potentially complex work. FULL Technical Specifications and Instructions are accessed through Unit 8 “HOWTO”.


All units of FC-TOOLBOX explain the results achievable and it is always possible to Quit routines before a commitment has been made.

Full tutorial—This is intended to be printed.


Needs skills and competence. An understanding of the “Detailed Specifications and Instructions” is necessary to succeed with advanced applications of FC-TOOLBOX.

To avoid confusions only one “piece” should be undergoing editing at a given time, and the Working Folder “CLEAN”ed after work is completed. QCHK may be safely run at any time without interfering with editing work as it uses a separate self-clearing working folder.

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