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These routines use “Major.Minor.Edit” version number codes pioneered (I think) by DEC in the late 1960’s. The Edit number changes with every bug fix. The Minor number changes for small section re-work or new features added. The Major number changes for gross re-work. Lower levels drop to zero when higher levels are incremented. Regression testing is done at the Minor release level.

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Each sub-module is separately versioned, the number can be found at the top of each .BAS file and in the top right hand corner of the first screen of each module..


CSVCHECK.EXE — Current version 2.3.1

Written by Peter Cox and used with permission. The version number is in the title bar.

Conversion programs

These are the C programs that do the work. The version number is at the top of each source file and also in the error log output on each run.


Current version 4.11.2


Current version 4.7.4


Current version 1.3.1

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