This archive, CRO GHW/12, has recently been catalogued by Chris Bond and I will let him introduce it:—

As of Tuesday 24th February [2004] a new catalogue will be available to the public at the [Off Site] Cornwall Record Office. The catalogue is for the Manor of St Ives and Treloyhan, as administered for the Earls Cowley, by Glanville & Hamilton, land agents of Lemon Street, Truro. The Mornington collection comprises approximately 13,000 documents for which there are over 1750 catalogue entries. The catalogue number is GHW/12 and the documents range in date from the 1780s to the 1960s, though most are from the 1860s to the 1930s. There are plenty of documents pertaining to mining and the seyne fisheries, as well as leases, rentals, correspondence, and maps and plans etc. There are also many hundreds of letters and other documents relating to the artist community of St Ives, representing a total of 66 artists, including John Anthony Park, Percy Craft, Fred Milner, Thomas Millie Dow, Richard Hayley Lever, Abbott Handerson Thayer, William Holt Yates Titcomb, Louis Grier and Leonard Richmond to name but a few, and I may well have missed one or two. An example is given below. I have fully indexed the catalogue and I suspect that this catalogue should be of great value to all of us who love the town and parish of St Ives and are keen to study its history and development.


GHW/12/3/6/1/99/1 Letter from the St Ives Arts Club to Mr Glanville, 26 Nov 1898 "Sir, we the undersigned Artists now residing in St Ives, watch its growth with interest and considerable apprehension. Artists and visitors are drawn to St Ives, not by its beautiful sea alone; but by its unlikeness to other watering places. This distinction, we cannot but feel, is in danger of being lost through hastily conceived building schemes, and thoughtless removal of characteristic features. We would urge upon you as the representative of large landowners here, that there is a future before St Ives as a place of all-the-year-round resort by well to do people in search of health and change, if only those things be preserved which now attract them, and which they can get nowhere else. We would suggest that it is for these people, who turn from other watering places in search of something quite different, that provision should be made by building; and that the erection of long terraces and rows of lodging houses will not attract, but assuredly repel them; and make of St Ives a poor rival, (and that for a month or two in the year only) of Newquay, Ilfracombe and other watering places in the West of England. Our love for the place, to the growth of which we have contributed, must be our excuse for addressing the landowners in St Ives and those who represent them. We would also beg you to use your power and influence to prevent the destruction of objects of natural beauty and interest, - trees, and granite boulders - and especially those gnarled and wind twisted thorn trees which help to give this country its distinctive character, we are Sir, your obedient servants - Thos Millie Dow, F W Brooke, Lowell Dyer, Julius Olsson, H Harewood Robinson, Adrian Stokes, C G Beale Adams, Fred Milner, Mary Lovett Cameron, Edward Fuller Maitland, M D Harewood Robinson, L Kirkpatrick, J Noble Barlow, Moffat Lindue, Emma Chadwick, Francis B Chadwick, Bertha King, E E Mainwaring, Percy Mason, A K Baird Smith, M E Meade, Louis Grier, John M Bromley, Arthur Meade, S C Bosch Reitz, W H Y Titcomb, Stuart Hobkirk, J G Titcomb, W B Fortescue, Arnesby Brown, Miss Brown, J R Weguelin, G Walter Jevons, John C Douglas, S E Whitehouse, H M Maynard - We the undersigned residents desire to associate ourselves with the Artists of St Ives in the above letter - R S Read, Mayor, Edward Hain jr, Geo B Rosewall, William Trewhella, J M Nicholls, W Tolmie Tresidder, Thos Row Harry"; with covering letter from F W Brooke

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