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This transcript is provided by Gwen Attridge with thanks. Editorial annotations are contained in [square brackets].

This is a transcript done by one person and will, inevitably contain errors. Researchers are always advised to consult the original registers.

There are some assorted early dates between 1780 and 1781 in this register


Germanus Donithorne 30-Mar-1700
Margaretta Morrish 9-Apr-1700
Mattheus Donithorne 26-Apr-1700
Maria Couch 11-Sep-1700
Mrs. Honoria Grosse de Ludgvan 13-Oct-1700
Elizabetha filia [daughter] de Edmundi Trevailer 23-Oct-1700
Honoria Perro 12-Dec-1700
Johes Webb 12-Dec-1700
Gracia Quash 29-Dec-1700
Georgius Richards de Penzance, apud nos 11-Jan-1700
Johannes Vibert 13-Jan-1700
Johannes Jesper 7-Feb-1700
Catherina Vibert 10-Feb-1700
Sara Reed 7-Mar-1700
Joanna Bury 14-Mar-1700


Joanna Nichols 5-Apr-1701
Maria Roberts 20-Apr-1701
Thomas Bond 4-May-1701
Elizabetha Norton de Penzance 18-May-1701
Georgius Veal de Penzance, apud nos 7-Jul-1701
Maria Banfield 26-Jul-1701
Audria Gomer 4-Aug-1701
Johannes Genver 15-Oct-1701
Margaritta Randal 3-Jan-1701
Elizabetha Trevailer 14-Feb-1701
Thomas Quick 6-Mar-1701

        Johes Penhellick, Vicarius


Pasches Hoil 7-Apr-1702
Martinus Luke 16-May-1702
Carolus Roberts de Maddern 21-May-1702
Jana Trithal 20-Sep-1702
Sampson Trithal 8-Nov-1702
Carolus Friggens 23-Nov-1702
Alexander Nichols 7-Jan-1702
Alicia Carn 9-Jan-1702
Johannes Richards 16-Jan-1702
Honoria Harvy 11-Mar-1702


Margeria Ladnor 5-Apr-1703
Justianus James 12-Apr-1703
Germanus Murrish 18-Apr-1703
Richardus Cowling 10-May-1703
Hannah Cowls 12-May-1703
Gregorius Honichurch 4-Jul-1703
Franciscus Quick 13-Oct-1703
Blanch Hick 14-Nov-1703
Hugo Nichols 28-Dec-1703
Joanna filia [daughter] de Georgii Harvy 19-Jan-1703
Elizabetha Pawly 16-Feb-1703
Johannes Vibert 18-Feb-1703
Gulielmus Thomas 21-Feb-1703
Margareta Nichols 7-Mar-1703
Amia Nichols 14-Mar-1703
Elizabetha James 22-Mar-1703


Cyprianus Perrow 28-Mar-1704
Johannes Potter 6-Jun-1704
Henricus Roberts 1-Jul-1704
Silas Paul 8-Jul-1704 [Silas written over Thomas erased]
Johannes Nichols 29-Sep-1704
Gregorius Honichurch 1-Oct-1704


Stephanus Bennat 27-Mar-1705
Johannes Dale 8-May-1705
Johannes Carah 6-Jun-1705
Alicia Bamfield 6-Jul-1705
Elizabetha Wern 13-Aug-1705
Elizabetha Trevailer 14-Aug-1705
Martinus Edmunds 11-Oct-1705
Anna Rich 12-Oct-1705
Maria Wats 30-Nov-1705
Johannes Thomas 8-Dec-1705
Thomasina Lanyon 9-Mar-1705
Florentia Donithorn 13-Mar-1705
Maria Carah 20-Mar-1705


Elizabetha Tonken 15-May-1706
Georgius Couch 15-Jun-1706
Anna Cock 19-Jul-1706
Florentia Thomas 28-Jul-1706
Richardus Bamfield 25-Oct-1706
Willmot Harry 6-Nov-1706
Rebecca Edmunds 10-Dec-1706
Johannes Brey de Maddern 14-Dec-1706
Margeria Donithorn 6-Jan-1706
Jacobus Quick 21-Jan-1706
Anna uxor [wife] de Tristram Rawling de Penzance 8-Feb-1706
Anna Roberts 20-Feb-1706
Tristram Rawling de Penzance 1-Mar-1706


Johannes Dale 26-Mar-1707
Gracia Donithorn 2-May-1707
Juliana uxor Mri Grosse Generosi nec non Praetoris de Penzance,
	sepulta fuit apud nos 14-May-1707
Elizabetha Richards 24-Oct-1707
Richardus Veal, Gen[erosus i.e. Gent.] 23-Jan-1707
Elizabetha Foss 14-Mar-1707


Elizabetha Genver 31-Mar-1708
Jane James 4-Apr-1708
Johannes Vibert 10-May-1708
Johannes Couch 4-Jul-1708
Gulielmus Couch 6-Jul-1708
Henricus Reed 10-Jul-1708
Richardus Fox 23-Jul-1708
Johannes Lanyon 27-Jul-1708
Johannes Honichurch 2-Aug-1708
Dorothea Newman de Penzance, Generosa [Gentlewoman] 4-Sep-1708
Joanna Ladnar 7-Sep-1708
Johannes Nichols 6-Oct-1708
Margeria uxor [wife] de Georgii Veale de Penzance 16-Oct-1708
Sampson Paul 25-Dec-1708
Nicholaus Fox 3-Jan-1708
Gulielmus Veale, Generosus [Gent.] 8-Feb-1708
Catherina Cara 18-Mar-1708
Elizabetha Simons 20-Mar-1708


Alicia Donithorn 15-Apr-1709
Petrus Martin 20-Apr-1709
Maria Bennets 28-Apr-1709
Johannes Trevailer 22-Jun-1709
Elionora Williams 25-Jun-1709
Anna Rich 6-Sep-1709
Martinus Williams 30-Sep-1709
Gulielmus Thomas 11-Nov-1709
Johannes Fox 1-Dec-1709
Franciscus Richard 21-Dec-1709
Elizabetha Veale 27-Dec-1709
Margareta Eedy 29-Dec-1709
Nicholaus Donithorne 31-Jan-1709


Henricus Bone 1-Jul-1710
Henricus Pearce 15-Aug-1710
Hannibal Bennets 22-Aug-1710
Honora Harvy 17-Sep-1710
Honora Harvy 28-Oct-1710
Richardus Deer de Maddern 12-Dec-1710
Richardus Nichols 18-Jan-1710
Jaquet John de Maddern 1-Feb-1710
Johannes Richards 21-Mar-1710


Mattheus Row 22-Apr-1711
Florentia Dale 18-Jun-1711
Maria Jane 26-Jul-1711
Zacharias Potter 27-Jul-1711
Margery Perrow 14-Aug-1711
Maria Moyl 9-Oct-1711
Henricus Bone 13-Nov-1711
Franciscus Sage 15-Nov-1711
Johannes Bray de Maddern 7-Dec-1711
Thomas Paul 12-Dec-1711
Johannes Nechols 6-Jan-1711
Elizabetha Friggins 20-Jan-1711
Christiana Bennets 26-Jan-1711
Thomas Nichols 6-Feb-1711
Elizabetha Coswin 16-Feb-1711


Elizabetha Dale 12-Aug-1712
Jone Phillips 24-Aug-1712
Nicholaus Carah 30-Sep-1712
Jone Donithorn 19-Oct-1712
Honora Harvy 7-Nov-1712
Johannes Gawman 16-Nov-1712
Margareta Phillips 2-Jan-1712
Carolus Foss 3-Jan-1712
Maria Couch 15-Jan-1712
Wilielmus James 25-Jan-1712
Henricus Reed 8-Mar-1712
Jane Dale 23-Mar-1712

        Johannes Penhellick, Vicarius

Here starts the second volume of the Register


William Donithorn 28-Mar-1713
Jone Bone 1-Apr-1713
Peter Foss 1-Apr-1713
Cornelius Harvy 12-Jun-1713
Elizabeth Cowles 17-Jun-1713
Margery Cara 26-Aug-1713
Ann Bennets 4-Sep-1713
Henry Phillips 6-Sep-1713
Amy Rundall 4-Dec-1713
Isaac Richards 15-Dec-1713
Jone Harvy 22-Feb-1713


Andrew Nichols 19-Sep-1714
Jacob Neuton 24-Sep-1714
Mrs. Christian Grosse 28-Sep-1714
Martin James 17-Oct-1714
Jane Curnow 22-Nov-1714
Sarah Phillips 5-Dec-1714
Margaret Tonkin of Penzance 6-Dec-1714
William Veal 17-Dec-1714
John Potter 22-Dec-1714
Mary Potter 26-Dec-1714


Elizabeth Canarthen 12-May-1715
Mrs. Joan Crestene[?] 17-Apr-1715
Frances Phillips 16-May-1715
James Trevailor 11-Jul-1715
John son of Mr. John Stephens of St. Ives 31-Dec-1715
Grace Reed 2-Jan-1715
Richard Donithorn 12-Jan-1715

        John Penhellick, Vicar

William Donithorne 25-Jan-1715
Jacob Phillips 26-Jan-1715
Richard John of Maddern 30-Jan-1715
Mary Cara 7-Feb-1715
Mary Betty of Penzance 14-Feb-1715
William Carah 3-Mar-1715
Elizabeth Friggens 23-Mar-1715


Elizabeth Roberts 6-Apr-1716
William Noules 1-Jun-1716
Henry Bond 31-Jul-1716
Henry Neuton 19-Sep-1716
Elizabeth Nickles 27-Sep-1716
John Gilbert 12-Oct-1716
Constance John 2-Nov-1716
John Pauly 28-Nov-1716
Izabell Donithorn 15-Dec-1716
Prudence Simon 24-Jan-1716
Elizabeth ye relict [widow] of Mr. Wm. Veale 21-Feb-1716


Mary Downing 13-May-1717
Anne Rodda 15-May-1717
Mary Saundry 19-Aug-1717
Thomas Bennets 5-Nov-1717
John Carn 18-Feb-1717


John Richards 23-Jun-1718
Gregory Nichols 14-Jul-1718
Mrs. Mary Pellow of Penzance 4-Oct-1718
John Rich 19-Feb-1718

        John Penhellick, Vicar


Paskes Richards 4-Apr-1719
Elizabeth Nichols 12-Apr-1719
George Bennets 14-Apr-1719
John Cock 17-Apr-1719
Susanna Roberts 18-Apr-1719
Joan Vibert 6-Jul-1719
Thomasin Harry 16-Jul-1719
Anne Trevailer 31-Jul-1719
Nicholas Paul 1-Sep-1719
Tamsin Hoskin 15-Dec-1719
John Saundry 17-Dec-1719
Anne ye wife of Mr. George Veale 9-Jan-1719
Catherine Stonman 26-Jan-1719
Mary Pearce 2-Feb-1719
Ursula Williams 13-Feb-1719
Francis Warren 6-Mar-1719
William Thomas 11-Mar-1719
Margery Neuton 15-Mar-1719
Elizabeth Benallack 23-Mar-1719


Elizabeth Donithorn 12-Apr-1720
Mary Gilbert 28-Apr-1720
Mary Thomas 6-May-1720
Margaret Nechols 6-Jun-1720
Richard Donithorne 19-Jun-1720
John Coren 9-Aug-1720
Margaret Weaver 18-Aug-1720
George Harvey 7-Dec-1720

        John Penhellick, Vicar

Mary Saundry 9-Dec-1720
Susanna Trevailer 24-Dec-1720
Alice Bond 24-Jan-1720
Thomas Williams 17-Feb-1720
Nicholas Paul 19-Feb-1720
Mary Roberts 9-Mar-1720


Catherine Trithal 25-Mar-1721
Margery Picket 20-Apr-1721
Alice Donithorne 22-May-1721
Benjamin Baily 26-May-1721
Anne Richards 28-May-1721
Benjamin Trevailer 12-Jun-1721
Jonathan Bremble 19-Aug-1721
John Harry 7-Dec-1721
Elizabeth Moil 15-Dec-1721
Margery Paul 27-Dec-1721
Edward Spridles 29-Dec-1721
Richard Harvey 30-Dec-1721
Joan Paul 1-Jan-1721
Elizabeth Trevailer 2-Feb-1721
Henry Roberts 9-Feb-1721
Elizabeth Harvy 27-Feb-1721


Thomas Cock 14-Apr-1722
Temperance Couch 5-May-1722
Mrs. Elizabeth Penrose of Penzance 13-May-1722
Elizabeth Thomas 18-May-1722

        John Penhellick, Vicar

Richard Tresise 1-Jun-1722
Christopher Harris Esq. 13-Oct-1722
Martin Martin 29-Jan-1722
Ginifer Foss 26-Feb-1722


Joan Nechols 14-Jul-1723
William Baily 24-Aug-1723
Elizabeth Richards 10-Sep-1723
Ellenor Paul January Sep-1723
Humphry Fox 16-Oct-1723
John Woolcock 19-Oct-1723
Richard Fox 25-Oct-1723
Hannah Roberts 3-Nov-1723
Mrs. Margaret Richards 13-Nov-1723
Mary Osborn 24-Nov-1723
Elizabeth Werren 1-Dec-1723
Margaret Richards 12-Dec-1723
Richard Tarnere 28-Dec-1723
Florence Wearne 31-Dec-1723
John Harvey 1-Jan-1723
Margery Newton 2-Jan-1723
Ginifer Mills 25-Jan-1723
John Potter 26-Feb-1723
John Roberts 10-Mar-1723
Anne Rablan 15-Mar-1723
Martha Prideaux 16-Mar-1723
Margery George 23-Mar-1723


Richard Tresise 3-Apr-1724
Margaret Pawley 13-Apr-1724
Philip Ricket 15-Apr-1724
Ralph Rouse 21-Apr-1724
Richard Pawley 26-Apr-1724
Eliz. Canarten 4-Jun-1724
Eliz. Paul 29-Jun-1724

        Thos. Pascoe, curate

Richard Fox 25-Jul-1724
Alice Woolcock 13-Aug-1724
Elizabeth Foss 15-Aug-1724
Christian Richards 29-Oct-1724
Elizabeth Lanyon 9-Dec-1724
John Carah 19-Dec-1724
Grace Thomas 9-Feb-1724
Henry Philips 27-Feb-1724
John Wearn 9-Mar-1724
Mary Donithorne 11-Mar-1724
Richard Donithorne 16-Mar-1724
James Hoyl 20-Mar-1724


Margery Richards 7-Apr-1725
Cyprian Friggins 19-May-1725
Elizabeth Kneebone 22-Jul-1725
Margaret Gomer 31-Jul-1725
Margaret Nicholls 11-Aug-1725
Jane John of Penzance 27-Nov-1725
Elizabeth Bone 9-Jan-1725
Henry Thomas 11-Feb-1725
Susanna Tregean of Penzance 26-Feb-1725


Richard Couch 26-Apr-1726
Thomas Rich 25-Jul-1726
Peter Foss 30-Jul-1726
Julian Matthews of Penzance 1-Aug-1726
John Benhallick 25-Sep-1726
Roge Donithorn 20-Feb-1726
Edward Donithorn 13-Mar-1726


Mary Fox 25-Apr-1727
Mr. Francis Newman 8-Jun-1727
Sarah Baily 18-Jun-1727
John James 19-Jun-1727

        John Penhellick, Vicar

Elizabeth Poul 4-Jul-1727
Margaret Nuton 13-Jul-1727
Nicholas Thomas 16-Jul-1727
John Goram 20-Jul-1727
Jane Roberts 10-Aug-1727
Ursuly Cock 14-Aug-1727
Mary Carnepesseck 15-Aug-1727
Jane Roberts 13-Dec-1727
Mr. Martin Vibert 14-Jan-1727
Pascow Symons 12-Feb-1727
Ben. Pasco 17-Mar-1727


Isaac Spridles 11-Apr-1728
Jane Gilbert 24-Apr-1728
John Couch 24-Jul-1728
Alied[?] Willcock 16-Oct-1728
Charles Pawley 20-Dec-1728
Jane Roberts 20-Dec-1728
Margery Murrish 7-Jan-1728
Margaret Trevorra 15-Jan-1728
John Bennats 7-Mar-1728
William Roberts 18-Mar-1728
Elizabeth Picket 24-Mar-1728


Phillippa Bond 7-Apr-1729
Em. Edmunds 14-Apr-1729
Mary Pawly 15-Apr-1729
Charles Richards 22-Apr-1729
Mary Pawly 27-Apr-1729
Edward Saundry 12-May-1729
Thomas Friggens 15-Jul-1729
Ann Fox 22-Jul-1729
Katherine Richards 1-Sep-1729

        John Penhellick, Vicar

Henry Pentire 9-Oct-1729
Jane Foss 11-Oct-1729
Margery Newton 16-Oct-1729
Roger Nicholls 2-Nov-1729
Jone Baily 21-Nov-1729
Mary Edmonds 19-Dec-1729
Andrew Nicholls 30-Dec-1729
Joan Gilbert 16-Feb-1729
Mary Plemrose of Penzance 8-Mar-1729
Marten Rodda 8-Mar-1729


Elizabeth Veale 1-May-1730
Benjamin Pascoe 11-May-1730
Edward Betty of Penzance 20-Jun-1730
Benjamin Roberts 6-Jul-1730
Sarah Cottle 19-Jul-1730
Mary Pawley 27-Jul-1730
William Cottle 1-Aug-1730
Elizabeth Paul 1-Aug-1730
Henery Thomas 2-Aug-1730
Richard Trevailer 13-Aug-1730
Catherine Trevailer 28-Aug-1730
Grigory Donithorn 3-Sep-1730
James Goram 13-Sep-1730
John Oliver 22-Oct-1730
Susanna Broadly 23-Nov-1730
Richard Eva 4-Dec-1730
Anna dau. of John Roberts 22-Dec-1730
Joseph son of William Coren 20-Jan-1730
Mary dau. of Roger Martin 20-Jan-1730
Phillis Harvey, widow 27-Jan-1730
Mr. John Penhellick 20-Feb-1730

        Samuel Harness, Vicar


Mr. George Veal 27-Mar-1731
Margaret wife of John Friggens 6-Apr-1731
John Smith 8-Apr-1731
James son of Reynold Harry 12-Apr-1731
Elizabeth Donnithorn 18-Apr-1731
Andrew son of John Nicholls 9-Jun-1731
Richard Donnithorn 6-Jul-1731
James son of Phillip Rickard 6-Aug-1731
Jane wife of William Potter 10-Aug-1731
John son of John Curnoe 31-Aug-1731
Henry Williams 6-Sep-1731
Richard Williams 8-Sep-1731
Margaret James, widow 2-Oct-1731
Ann Vibert, widow 30-Oct-1731
Elizabeth wife of Edmund Trevailer 31-Oct-1731
John Donithorn 14-Nov-1731
Hester Pascoe 17-Nov-1731
Christian wife of William Cock 21-Nov-1731
Jane dau. of Stephen Couch 1-Jan-1731
John Carnepezick 23-Jan-1731
Arthur son of Arthur Rich 14-Feb-1731
Grace dau. of Phillip Rickard 25-Feb-1731


Mary wife of John Nicholls 4-Apr-1732
John Lanyon 19-Apr-1732
Thomas Potter 20-Apr-1732
Margery Boskenning 20-Apr-1732
Jane Nicholls 25-Apr-1732
Richard Harvey 1-May-1732
Joan wife of John Coren 2-May-1732
John son of Edmund Gilbert 17-Jun-1732
Edmund Paul 21-Jun-1732
Jane wife of John Barns 23-Jun-1732
John Paul 23-Aug-1732
William Foss 23-Nov-1732
Richard Nicholls 16-Dec-1732
Mrs. Elizabeth Veal 14-Jan-1732
Edmund Gilbert 20-Feb-1732

        Samuel Harness, Vicar


Ann wife of Phillip Rickard 3-Apr-1733
Edmund Trevailer 6-Jun-1733
Richard son of Richard Harvey 6-Jun-1733
Richard Nicholls 14-Jul-1733
John Bennetts 15-Aug-1733
Thomas Paull 22-Sep-1733
Bridget Symonds of Madron 26-Sep-1733
Daniel Cowlls 28-Sep-1733
Elizabeth dau. of Mary Bennetts 7-Nov-1733
Margery Thomas 13-Nov-1733
William son of Peter George 25-Nov-1733
Martin Williams 26-Dec-1733
James Bray 12-Jan-1733
John son of Edward Fox 22-Jan-1733
John son of John Roberts 3-Feb-1733
Mrs. Jane Harris 7-Feb-1733
John son of Phillip Rickard 5-Mar-1733

        Samuel Harness, Vicar


Margaret dau. of Andrew Stephens 29-Apr-1734
Joan Noal 27-Apr-1734
Thamsin Lanyon 29-May-1734
Jane Couch 3-Jul-1734
Jane dau. of William Thomas 9-Jul-1734
Ann Bone 5-Aug-1734
Margret Weaver 6-Aug-1734
Catherine Nicholls 15-Sep-1734
Jacob Dale of Penzance 17-Sep-1734
George Harry 26-Sep-1734
Ann dau. of John Curnoe 27-Sep-1734
John son of Stephen Couch 20-Oct-1734
Mary wife of Thomas Bond 23-Oct-1734
William Watts 22-Dec-1734
Izaack Newton of Penzance 7-Jan-1734
Rebecca dau. of Nicholas Fox 22-Jan-1734
John Nicholls 23-Jan-1734
Rebecca Fox 31-Jan-1734
Elizabeth Nicholls 2-Feb-1734
John Benhallack 4-Mar-1734
Richard Bond 9-Mar-1734

        Samuel Harness, Vicar


Sarah wife of Mr. Samuel Phillips 4-Apr-1735
Margret wife of Henry Mitchell 4-Apr-1735
Susan Potter 22-Apr-1735
Joan Nicholls 14-May-1735
Simon Phillips 13-Aug-1735
Martha Eva 19-Nov-1735
Henry Cowles 23-Nov-1735
Benjamin Cock 22-Dec-1735
Hannah Clerek 26-Jan-1735
Constance dau. of Henry Cowlls 12-Feb-1735

        Samuel Harness, Vicar


Richard Bennetts 27-Apr-1736
John son of Benjamin Roberts 20-May-1736
Henry son of Matthew Osborn 22-May-1736
Edward son of Richard Tresisse 31-May-1736
Catherine dau. of Richard Tresisse 20-Jun-1736
Jane Harry 25-Jul-1736
Bridget Cowlls 20-Aug-1736
William Treman 27-Aug-1736
Thomas son of William Friggens of Penzance 9-Sep-1736
Nicholas Paull 16-Sep-1736
Jane dau. of Henry Foss 25-Sep-1736
Elizabeth dau. of Edward Betty of Penzance 5-Oct-1736
Margret dau. of Edward Betty of Penzance 17-Oct-1736
John son of Robert Trythal 18-Oct-1736
William son of Izaack Newton of Penzance 22-Oct-1736
Anne dau. of William James 25-Oct-1736
Joan dau. of Henry Bone 31-Oct-1736
William son of John Eller of Penzance 6-Nov-1736
William son of Henry Thomas of Penzance 11-Nov-1736
Mary dau. of Catherine Williams 15-Nov-1736
Martha wife of Stephen Carah of Paul 19-Nov-1736
Henry son of Henry Cowlls 5-Dec-1736
Jenefer dau. of John Watts 9-Dec-1736
Jennefer dau. of William Potter 7-Jan-1736
Elizabeth dau. of Henry Cowlls 14-Jan-1736
Elizabeth dau. of Matthew Osborn 15-Jan-1736
Richard son of Richard Bond 17-Jan-1736
Grace dau. of George Donithorn 30-Jan-1736
Abraham Genver 4-Feb-1736
John son of John Thomas of Madron 10-Feb-1736
Mary dau. of George Donithorn 19-Feb-1736
George son of George Jennings 21-Feb-1736
Margret Carne 18-Mar-1736
Henry Paull 24-Mar-1736

        Samuel Harness, Vicar


Ann wife of William Bassett of Madron 19-Apr-1737
Maria dau. of Richard Donithorn 10-May-1737
Hannah Harvey 15-May-1737
Richard son of John Stephens 31-May-1737
Benjamin son of Benjamin Richards 5-Jun-1737
Humphry Penhale 3-Jul-1737
Elizabeth wife of Thomas Treman 8-Jul-1737
Jane dau. of Reynold Harry 8-Oct-1737
Robert son of John Barns 10-Oct-1737
Alexander Reed 25-Jan-1737
Dorcas Pentire 27-Jan-1737
Elizabeth wife of Henry Foss 22-Feb-1737
Margret Phillips 25-Feb-1737

        Samuel Harness, Vicar


Paskess wife of Roger Martin 10-Apr-1738
Edward Edmonds 15-Apr-1738
Elizabeth Richards 23-Apr-1738
Elizabeth dau. of Thomas Treman 9-May-1738
Stephen Roberts 20-May-1738
Oliva dau. of William Friggens 17-Jun-1738
Samuel Phillips 18-Jun-1738
John Reed of Madron 16-Aug-1738
Samuel son of John Rowe 25-Aug-1738
David Moyle 26-Aug-1738
Joan Williams 29-Aug-1738
Honor dau. of Richard Harvey of Marrazion 13-Sep-1738
Edmund Erslains[?] 24-Nov-1738
John son of John Paull of Penzance 6-Dec-1738
Hugh base child of Ann Trythall 23-Dec-1738
William Donithorn 28-Dec-1738
Emblen Bennats 30-Dec-1738
Thomas Pentire 3-Jan-1738
Richard Donithorn 9-Jan-1738
Thomas son of William Oliver of Madron 9-Jan-1738
Mrs. Margret Row 26-Jan-1738
Charles Friggens 30-Jan-1738
James son of Arthur Rich 19-Mar-1738


Jane dau. of Richard Ronales 1-May-1739
Alice Saundry, widow 18-May-1739
Samson son of Philip Ricket of Madron 30-May-1739
Anne dau. of Henry Thomas 6-Jun-1739
Isabella wife of James Trevailer 24-Jun-1739
Elizabeth wife of Silas Paul 28-Jun-1739
Francis Richards 4-Aug-1739
James son of Edmond Mills of Ludgvan 23-Aug-1739
Elizabeth Couch 23-Aug-1739 [Couch written over Reed erased]
Eleonora James, widow 22-Nov-1739
John son of Richard Veal of Market Jew [Marazion] 3-Dec-1739
Xstian dau. of Thomas Kemp 14-Dec-1739
Anne dau. of Ralph Coren 15-Jan-1739
Jacob son of Jacob Thomas 16-Feb-1739
John Newton of Penzance 20-Feb-1739
Edward son of Edward Donithorn 25-Feb-1739

        John Penneck, Vicar


Margery dau. of Margery Nichols, widow 3-Apr-1740
Stephen Broadly 5-May-1740
Martin Martins of Paul 22-Jul-1740
Katherine wife of William Roberts 26-Jul-1740
Margaret dau. of Richard Ronnals 20-Aug-1740
Peter son of Henry Trevaila of Phillack 25-Aug-1740
Grace dau. of John Thomas of Madron 22-Sep-1740
James son of James Rich 1-Oct-1740
Elizabeth wife of Jacob Thomas 2-Nov-1740
Sammuel son of Sammuel Hollah 13-Nov-1740

        John Penneck, Vicar

Wilmotta Bone 20-Nov-1740
Martin Rodda 14-Dec-1740
Margaret Rodda 18-Dec-1740
Thomasin Brea of Paul 18-Dec-1740
Roger Martin 18-Jan-1740
Margery Reed 22-Mar-1740

        John Penneck, Vicar


Priscilla Foss 20-Apr-1741
Mary Bennetts 3-May-1741
Jane Foss 22-May-1741
Frank son of John Watts 25-Jun-1741
Margaret Martin 10-Jul-1741
William son of William Roach 11-Jul-1741
Richard son of Richard Paul 9-Sep-1741
Reginald Harry 20-Sep-1741
Paskis wife of John Genver 15-Oct-1741
Jane wife of Stephen Bond 22-Oct-1741
Joan Pauly 27-Oct-1741
Jane Bennetts 5-Nov-1741
John Reed 25-Nov-1741
William Basset of Madron 27-Nov-1741
Richard Donithorn 30-Dec-1741
Mary James of Penzance 20-Jan-1741
Nicholas Pearce 31-Jan-1741
Patience Trythall 15-Feb-1741
James son of James Rich 11-Mar-1741
Peter George 21-Mar-1741

        John Penneck, Vicar


Blanch Fick 28-Mar-1742
John Blake, sojourner 6-May-1742
William son of Richard Paul 23-May-1742
Anne dau. of Stephen Broadley 2-Jul-1742
Anne Thomas 6-Aug-1742
Edmond base child of Elizabeth Pauly 13-Aug-1742
William son of William Broadly 31-Aug-1742
Jennifer Harvey 17-Nov-1742
Anne dau. of Stephen Couch 18-Nov-1742
Richard son of Stephen Couch 20-Nov-1742
Humphry Kessell of Probus 29-Nov-1742
Alice dau. of Stephen Couch 30-Nov-1742
Henry son of John Davy 3-Dec-1742
Anne dau. of George Pauly 3-Dec-1742
Martha dau. of John Barnes 12-Dec-1742
Jennifer dau. of John Nicholls 26-Dec-1742
Susanna Moyle 30-Dec-1742
Alice dau. of John Eller of Penzance 6-Jan-1742
Peter Woolcock 12-Jan-1742
Edward Betty, jnr. of Penzance 25-Jan-1742
Agnis dau. of John Watts 30-Jan-1742
John son of John Stephens 3-Feb-1742
Frank son of John Basset of Madron 7-Feb-1742
Dorcas dau. of Thomas Pentire of Ludgvan 24-Feb-1742

        John Penneck, Vicar


Christiana dau. of Francis Richards 4-Apr-1743
Anne Paul 10-Apr-1743
Matthew Stephens 25-Apr-1743
Loveday Fox of Madron 11-Jun-1743
Mary dau. of Richard Bond 11-Jul-1743
Thamasin dau. of Thomas Bond 15-Aug-1743
George Bennetts 28-Sep-1743
Elizabeth Michell of Gwynear 23-Oct-1743
Phillippa Williams of St. Just 24-Oct-1743
Margery Richards, widow of Penzance 17-Nov-1743
Mary Eller of Penzance 22-Nov-1743
John Friggens 3-Dec-1743
Elizabeth Hill of Marazion 12-Dec-1743
Richard Nicholls of Chiandower 19-Dec-1743
John Coren 13-Feb-1743
Joan Broadley 14-Feb-1743
John Harvey 15-Feb-1743

        John Penneck, Vicar


Margery Donithorn 26-May-1744
Mary Woolcock 29-Jun-1744
Mary Donithorn 8-Aug-1744
Catherine dau. of Henry Roberts 10-Aug-1744
Jennifer dau. of Joel Reed 30-Aug-1744
Alice wife of Richard Stephens 10-Sep-1744
Dinah Paul 16-Sep-1744
William son of William James 20-Sep-1744
Margaret wife of John Bryant of St. Hilary 18-Oct-1744
William Bree of Marazion 13-Nov-1744
Anne Couch 22-Nov-1744
Arthur Rich 17-Jan-1744
Elizabeth Roberts 20-Jan-1744
William James 25-Jan-1744
John Harry 14-Feb-1744
William son of William Friggens 26-Feb-1744
William son of William James 4-Mar-1744
Nicholas Donithorn 13-Mar-1744

        John Penneck, Vicar


Catherine dau. of Richard Tresize 27-Mar-1745
Elizabeth dau. of Joel Reed 2-Apr-1745
Alice dau. of John Stephens 18-Apr-1745
Joan Honychurch of Ludgvan 6-May-1745
Benjamin son of Benjamin Roberts 16-May-1745
Catherine wife of William Friggens 14-Jun-1745
Henry Mitchell 11-Jul-1745
Margaret wife of Joel Reed 19-Sep-1745
Mary Cock 27-Nov-1745
John son of Nicholas Fox of Madron 6-Jan-1745
William son of Peter Donithorn 2-Feb-1745
Henry son of Richard Thomas 6-Feb-1745
William Thomas 20-Feb-1745
Isabel Knowles 21-Mar-1745

        John Penneck, Vicar


Constance Treuren 6-Apr-1746
Margaret Mills of Ludgvan 29-Apr-1746
Stephen son of Stephen Bond 28-Jun-1746
John son of Humphry Kessell 11-Jun-1746
Margaret Olive, widow 29-Jun-1746
William Edwards of Ludgvan 17-Jul-1746
James son of Hannibal Bennetts 12-Oct-1746
John Davy 26-Dec-1746
John Genver 6-Feb-1746
Mary wife of John Friggens 24-Mar-1746
John son of Nicholas Fox of Madron 24-Mar-1746

        John Penneck, Vicar


Elizabeth dau. of John Richards 31-Mar-1747
Elizabeth Williams 5-Apr-1747
Mary Betty of Penzance 20-Apr-1747
Anne dau. of Mr. William Veal 14-May-1747
Mrs. Luce Phillips 12-Jul-1747
Elizabeth wife of Edward Betty of Penzance 6-Aug-1747
Jane Martyn 9-Aug-1747
Alice dau. of John Stevens 30-Aug-1747
William Donithorn 10-Oct-1747
William son of John Oliver of Madron 2-Nov-1747
Jane dau. of Andrew Stevens 4-Nov-1747
Mrs. Grace Penhellick, widow 23-Nov-1747
Edward Betty of Penzance 27-Nov-1747
Grace dau. of John Boase of Paul 26-Dec-1747
Elizabeth dau. of John Boase of Paul 31-Dec-1747
Edward son of Richard Tresize 10-Jan-1747
Mr. Sammuel Brown of Honiton, Devon 15-Jan-1747
Elizabeth wife of Richard Tresize 5-Feb-1747
Martin son of Henry Cowles 26-Feb-1747
James son of James Connick of Penzance 29-Feb-1747
Anne Carnarton 1-Mar-1747

        John Penneck, Vicar


William son of William Broad 4-Apr-1748
Catherine dau. of William Davy 8-Apr-1748
Anne dau. of Hannibal Bennetts 1-May-1748
Henry son of William Broad 17-Jul-1748
Hugh Woolcock 11-Sep-1748
Katherine wife of James Donithorn 9-Oct-1748
Elizabeth wife of William James 13-Oct-1748
Florence Thomas 16-Oct-1748
William Broadly 17-Oct-1748
Elizabeth wife of John Boase of Paul 19-Oct-1748
Elizabeth dau. of Benjamin Lyon of Madron 27-Dec-1748
Mr. James Phillips 17-Jan-1748
Richard Paul 10-Feb-1748
John son of William Thomas 12-Mar-1748

        John Penneck, Vicar


Cyprian son of Charles Friggens 30-Mar-1749
Thamesin Nicholls 2-Apr-1749
William Friggens 3-Apr-1749
Ralph Seymour of Kaye 5-Apr-1749
Joan Webb 12-Apr-1749
Sarah Reynolds 16-Apr-1749
Michael son of Francis Richards 25-Apr-1749
Francis son of Francis Richards 27-Apr-1749
William son of Mr. William Friggens of Penzance 3-Aug-1749
Sarah wife of Valentine Reynolds 15-Sep-1749
Alice Pearce 15-Oct-1749
William son of William Friggens 6-Nov-1749
Anne dau. of John Penneck, Vicar 10-Nov-1749
Anne Eddy, base child of Anne Blight 12-Dec-1749
Alice Thomas, widow of Madron 6-Feb-1749
William Coren 10-Feb-1749
John Web 13-Feb-1749

        John Penneck, Vicar

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