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5 Jan 1813 by Licence
        Henry Harris
        Martha Berriman Friggens
        Witnesses: John Friggens, Thomas Bolitho
20 Feb 1813 by Banns
        Richard Jenkin
        Elizabeth Eddy [mark]
        Witnesses: William Friggens, Younger, Margery Friggens
28 Feb 1813 by Banns
        Nicolas Cock
        Catherine Trythall / Frythall [mark]
        Witnesses: William Friggens, Younger, Thomas Bond
13 Mar 1813 by Banns
        Henry Newton of Zennor
        Elizabeth Phillips [mark]
        Witnesses: Edward Rogers, William Newton
26 Mar 1813 by Banns
        Nicholas Paul.Wid
        Catherine Roberts
        Witnesses: John Roberts, John Friggins
17 Apr 1813 by Banns
        William Williams
        Elizabeth Lorey [mark]
        Witnesses: Jane Roberts, John Roberts
13 Jul 1813 by Banns
        William James [mark]
        Anne Row [mark]
        Witnesses: John Corin, Thomas Bond
18 Sep 1813 by Banns
        Phillip Callaway
        Anne Uren [mark]
        Witnesses: James Uren, John Callaway
25 Sep 1813 by Banns
        William Barnicoat
        Hannah Williams
        Witnesses: Nicholas Barnicoat, Thomas Bond
22 Nov 1813 by Banns
        John James
        Jane Stevens
        Witnesses: William Eddy, Thomas Bond


8 Jan 1814 by Banns
        William Eddy [mark]
        Jane Barns [mark]
        Witnesses: William Prows, John Carbis
29 Jan 1814 by Banns
        William Jenkin of Madron
        Margaret Phillips [mark]
        Witnesses: Thomas Jenkin, John Philips
26 Apr 1814 by Banns
        William Smith widower
        Elizabeth Sharma
        Witnesses: John James, J. Creighton
21 May 1814 by Banns
        Thomas Ellis
        Grace Cock [mark]
        Witnesses: Elizabeth Hale, Thomas Bond
25 Jun 1814 by Banns
        Job Morish of Madron [mark]
        Mary Moyles [mark]
        Witnesses: John Pellew, Thomas Bond
17 Jul 1814 by Banns
        Richard Richards
        Jane Edwards [mark]
        Witnesses: [?] Grose, Annie Grose
17 Aug 1814 by Banns
        Frances Caroli?
        Ann Pellew [mark]
        Witnesses: John Pellew, John Pellew Jnr.
19 Nov 1814 by Banns
        John Thomas
        Elizabeth Tredrea
        Witnesses: Joseph Tredrea, John Thomas, Jane Richardson, Thomas Bond
3 Dec 1814 by Banns
        John Bennatts a minor
        Elizabeth Stevens [mark]
        Witnesses: William Bennatts, William Stevens
31 Dec 1814 by Banns
        William Trembath widower
        Grace Thomas
        Witnesses: Thomas Bond, John Tonkin


2 Jan 1815 by Banns
        Thomas Sincock Morrish
        Elizabeth Trigs Penderlerish [mark]
        Witnesses: Richard Jenkin, Thomas Bond
14 Jan 1815 by Banns
        John Pearce
        Charity Perry [mark]
        Witnesses: Martin Hosking, Thomas Bond
14 Jan 1815 by Banns
        William Friggens
        Grace Uren [mark]
        Witnesses: John [?], Thomas Bond
11 Feb 1815 by Banns
        William Fell Seaman
        Phillippa Record [mark]
        Witnesses: William Trenoweth, Mary James
3 Apr 1815 by Banns
        William Prine
        Ann Tonkin [mark]
        Witnesses: Malucki Trewhella, Thomas Bond
15 Apr 1815 by Banns
        Marmaduke Trebilcock widower
        Cordelia Rowe [mark]
        Witnesses: Alexander Rowe, John Lowry
2 Sep 1815 by Banns
        Richard Bennatts a minor
        Susannah Corin
        Witnesses: Ann Bennats, Thomas Bond
19 Sep 1815 by Banns
        William Arundel Harris
        Mary Lucinda Webber of Madern
        Witnesses: William Webber, Hanah Bond
27 Sep 1815 by Banns
        Thomas Rowe of Madron
        Mary Nicholas [mark]
        Witnesses: Richard Nicholas, Christine Nichless, Thomas Bond


23 Apr 1816 by Licence
        Martin Edwards of St. Just
        Anne White [mark]
        Witnesses: Ann Glasson, Sarah Glasson
5 Jun 1816 by Banns
        John Martin Jennings of Ludgvan
        Mary Mathews [mark]
        Witnesses: Joseph Donithorn, Thomas Bond
26 Dec 1816 by Banns
        Benjamin Hosking
        Jemima Collins [mark]
        Witnesses: Benjamin Hosken, Thomas Bond


13 Jun 1817 by Banns
        Francis James of St. Hilary
        Elizabeth Roberts
        Witnesses: James Roberts, Jane Roberts
12 Jul 1817 by Banns
        John Jewell Privtae 6th Reg Ft
        Eleanor Trewneck
        Witnesses: William Major, Thomas Bond
12 Jul 1817 by Banns
        William Polgrean of Paul
        Mary Jelbert [mark]
        Witnesses: John Green, Ann Brooks, Alice Williams
2 Aug 1817 by Banns
        Moses Callaway
        Ann Uren [mark]
        Witnesses: Philip Callaway, Thomas Bond
6 Sep 1817 by Banns
        John Carbis
        Ann Pawley [mark]
        Witnesses: Elizabeth Carne, Grace Davey, Alice Vingoe, Sarah Bridgman, Mary M[?], Edward Pauley
8 Sep 1817 by Banns
        Thomas Hugh widower of Madron
        Loveday Nicholls [mark]
        Witnesses: Thomas Bond, Elizabeth Rowing[?]
4 Oct 1817 by Banns
        William Allen [mark]
        Jane Friggens a minor [mark]
        Witnesses: Oliver Allen, Thomas Bond
17 Nov 1817 by Banns
        Charles Madron [mark]
        Mary Hollow [mark]
        Witnesses: Thomas Bond, Charles Rodda
18 Nov 1817 by Banns
        Richard Berryman widower of Towednack [mark]
        Elizabeth Curnow widow [mark]
        Witnesses: Thomas Bond, Daniel Jewell
20 Dec 1817 by Banns
        James Quick [mark]
        Ann Curnow [mark]
        Witnesses: Charles Richards, James Tonkin
20 Dec 1817 by Banns
        William Lorey
        Amelia Rodda
        Witnesses: John Lawry, Thomas Bond


3 Jan 1818 by Banns
        Robert Ellis [mark]
        Mary Kessel [mark]
        Witnesses: Richard Ellis, Thomas Bond
18 Oct 1818 by Banns
        William Murly [mark]
        Ann Friggens [mark]
        Witnesses: Job Friggens, Thomas Bond
29 Oct 1818 by Licence
        Philip Vincent of Camborne
        Elizabeth Eddy Stevens
        Witnesses: [?] Knapp, Johanna Stevens, Mary Vincent


27 Jan 1819 by Banns
        William Langley of Sth Shields Durham
        Ann Cock [mark]
        Witnesses: Thomas Bond, William Major
20 Jul 1819 by Banns
        Daniel Roberts [mark]
        Ann Perry [mark]
        Witnesses: John Perry, Thomas Bond
24 Jul 1819 by Banns
        David Curnow [mark]
        Mary Jelbert [mark]
        Witnesses: Thomas Bond, William Pellew
1 Aug 1819 by Banns
        Robert Oliver of Madron
        Elizabeth Fox
        Witnesses: Philip Taylor, Thomas Bond
1 Aug 1819 by Banns
        John Stevens [mark]
        Jennifer Martins
        Witnesses: William Major, John Thomas
30 Oct 1819 by Banns
        James Oats of St. Buryan
        Sarah Trigs [mark]
        Witnesses: Humphry Friggens, Thomas Bond
30 Nov 1819 by Banns
        William Nicholas [mark]
        Honnor Jelbart of Madron [mark]
        Witnesses: R. Bolitho, Charles Friggens
7 Nov 1819 by Banns
        Christopher Thomas [mark]
        Jane Reed [mark]
        Witnesses: William Major, Thomas Bond


29 Jan 1820 by Banns
        Richard Jelbard
        Alice Williams
        Witnesses: James Jelbart, John Williams, Martin Williams
28 Mar 1820 by Banns
        John Williams
        Mary Giles [mark]
        Witnesses: Martin Williams, James Gilbert
29 Jan 1820 by Banns
        Richard Jelbard
        Alice Williams
        Witnesses: John Williams, Martin Williams
8 Apr 1820 by Banns
        Humphrey Friggens
        Margaret May [mark]
        Witnesses: Thomas Bond, John Thomas
30 Jul 1820 by Banns
        Joseph Fox of St. Hilary [mark]
        Kezia Edwards [mark]
        Witnesses: Ann Oliver, Francis Edwards
2 Aug 1820 by Banns
        John Jelberd
        Mary Richards widow of Madron
        Witnesses: Ann Gilbert, [?] Friggens, Charles Friggens
5 Aug 1820 by Banns
        William Pollard [mark]
        Patience Man [mark]
        Witnesses: Thomas Bond, Benjamin Carbis
12 Aug 1820 by Banns
        John Lawry
        Jenifer Hollow [mark]
        Witnesses: Michael Hosking, Hannah Trebilcock
26 Aug 1820 by Banns
        Thomas Jenkin of Camborn
        Kettura Bond
        Witnesses: Mary [?], James Mitchinson, [?] James, Jane Born
30 Sep 1820 by Banns
        John Lawry
        Mary Rodda
        Witnesses: William Williams, William Lawrey
21 Oct 1820 by Banns
        William Roberts of Germoe
        Amelia Saundrey of Paul [mark]
        Witnesses: Henry Sandry, Thomas Bond
12 Nov 1820 by Banns
        John Edwards
        Rachel Holman
        Witnesses: George Rosewarne, Thomas Bond
4 Dec 1820 by Banns
        William Row [mark]
        Catharine James widow [mark]
        Witnesses: Richard Thomas, Bessy Roberts, [?] Dillon [?]


4 Feb 1821 by Banns
        John Bennatts
        Grace Symons [mark]
        Witnesses: R. Bennatts, John Pellew
11 Feb 1821 by Banns
        Abraham Roberts of Paul
        Mary Pawley
        Witnesses: Susan Tregonning, William James
28 Mar 1821 by Banns
        Henry Wills widower of Helston
        Rebecca Tregallis
        Witnesses: Thomas Bond, Richard White
18 Jun 1821 by Banns
        Thomas Hodder
        Mary Thomas [mark]
        Witnesses: William Major, Thomas Bond
25 Jun 1821 by Banns
        James Trigs [mark]
        Ann Casley [mark]
        Witnesses: Thomas Bond, Richard Edwards
13 Jun 1821 by Banns
        William Perry [mark]
        Zenobia Row [mark]
        Witnesses: Mary Ellis, Thomas Bond
14 Jun 1821 by Banns
        John Sims widower [mark]
        Mary Thomas [mark]
        Witnesses: James Uren, Thomas Bond
15 Jul 1821 by Banns
        John Grenfell
        Sarah Tredrea
        Witnesses: A. Tredrea, Grace Pauley
22 Jul 1821 by Banns
        John Hosking [mark]
        Eleanor Simmons of St. Ives [mark]
        Witnesses: Elizabeth Jenkyns, Thomas Uren
19 Oct 1821 by Banns
        William Hollow [mark]
        Elizabeth Bailey of Madron [mark]
        Witnesses: Thomas Bond, John Tonking
12 Nov 1821 by Banns
        William Martins [mark]
        Jenefer Lawry [mark]
        Witnesses: Michael Hosking, John Lawry
24 Nov 1821 by Banns
        William Noy of Madron
        Catherine Nicholls [mark]
        Witnesses: Elizabeth Freethy, Henry Bottrell


7 Apr 1825[sic] by Banns
        John Uren
        Elizabeth Corin of Ludgvan [mark]
        Witnesses: Moses Callaway, Thomas Bond
10 Apr 1822 by Licence
        William[?] George Baugh Maddison widower
        Elizabeth Cherlew [mark]
        Witnesses: Thomas Bond, John Tonking
12 May 1822 by Licence
        Barnard Victor of Madron
        Elizabeth Pawley
        Witnesses: Grace Pauley, Thomas Bond
22 Jun 1822 by Banns
        John Bridgeman [mark]
        Sarah Humphrys of St. Ives [mark]
        Witnesses: Thomas Man[?], Christan [?]
20 Jul 1822 by Banns
        Stephen Johns of Ludgvan [mark]
        Maria Bottrel [mark]
        Witnesses: Luke Andrews, Eliza Bottrell
18 Aug 1822 by Banns
        William Tredrea
        Grace Pawley
        Witnesses: Edward Pauley, Thomas Bond
31 Aug 1822 by Banns
        William Curnow widower [mark]
        Alice Row [mark]
        Witnesses: John Tonking, Thomas Bond


12 Jan 1823 by Banns
        William Stevens
        Nanny Thomas [mark]
        Witnesses: John Bennetts, Jane Stevens
12 Mar 1823 by Banns
        William Hichens
        Grace Pellew [mark]
        Witnesses: John Pellew Jn, John Pellew
22 Mar 1822 by Banns
        Barnard Rowe widower
        Elizabeth Stevens [mark]
        Witnesses: Thomas Bond, John Tonking
12 Apr 1823 by Banns
        James Newton
        Christian Nicholls
        Witnesses: R. Nicholas, John Nicholls, Ann Richards
3 May 1823 by Banns
        William Prows
        Honour Jelbert [mark]
        Witnesses: Mary Blight, Andrew Nichols, James Jelberd, Mary Friggens
25 May 1823 by Banns
        Anthony Cock
        Elizabeth Rowe of St. Just [mark]
        Witnesses: Jane Green, Thomas Bond
3 Jul 1823 by Licence
        William Tyacke of Marazion
        Joanna Stevens
        Witnesses: Elizabeth Eddy Vincent, Philip Vincent
20 Jul 1823 by Banns
        Thomas Nicholas [mark]
        Elizabeth Wallis [mark]
        Witnesses: Richard Nicholas, Joseph Wallis, James Nicholas
27 Jul 1823 by Banns
        Thomas Warren
        Mary Nicholls [mark]
        Witnesses: Jane Rowe, Thomas Bond
29 Oct 1823 by Banns
        Hercules Martyn
        Jane Dugdale
        Witnesses: Andrew Nicholls, Rachel Dugdale
10 Nov 1823 by Banns
        John Dunn [mark]
        Grace Ellis [mark]
        Witnesses: Benjamin Dunn, Jane Stevens


10 Jan 1824 by Banns
        Jeremiah Jelbert [mark]
        Christian Jelbert [mark]
        Witnesses: Mary Blight, Richard Jelbard
31 Jan 1824 by Banns
        William Bonsan [mark]
        Elizabeth Roberts of Paul [mark]
        Witnesses: Thomas Bond, John Uren
17 Feb 1824 by Banns
        Nicholas Hall [mark]
        Ann Nickless [mark]
        Witnesses: William Arundel, Thomas Bond
18 Apr 1824 by Banns
        John Ellis
        Prudence Rowe [mark]
        Witnesses: Thomas Bond, Richard White
22 May 1824 by Banns
        Thomas White widower
        Ann Michell [mark]
        Witnesses: Elizabeth Freethy, Daniel Snell[?], John Glasson
30 May 1824 by Banns
        James Thomas Fenn of St. Andrew Devon
        Jane James
        Witnesses: Richard [?], Mary Tonkin
13 Jun 1824 by Banns
        Charles Crap
        Grace Prowse [mark]
        Witnesses: Thomas Gribble, Thomas Bond
17 Jun 1824 by Banns
        Andrew Nicholls
        Mary Prowse [mark]
        Witnesses: Joseph B[?], Thomas Bond
18 Aug 1824 by Banns
        William Stevens
        Jane Stevens widow [mark]
        Witnesses: Christopher Pollard, Thomas Bond
22 Aug 1824 by Banns
        Samuel Simons
        Maria Kessel [mark]
        Witnesses: James Simons, Richard Nicholas
19 Sep 1824 by Banns
        William Curnow
        Mary Roberts
        Witnesses: Benjaminn Roberts, Thomason Edward
29 Sep 1824 by Banns
        William Caddy [mark]
        Ann Caddy [mark]
        Witnesses: Richard [?], Mary Matthews
2 Oct 1824 by Banns
        Charles Lawry
        Mary Matthews
        Witnesses: C. Roberts, M. Godfrey[?]
9 Oct 1824 by Banns
        Richard Tregoning
        Sarah Barns [mark]
        Witnesses: Emily Paul, Joseph Burns
18 Oct 1824 by Banns
        William Uren widower [mark]
        Ann Eddy [mark]
        Witnesses: Thomas Matthews, Thomas Bond
15 Nov 1824 by Banns
        Edward Newcombe
        Grace Carbis [mark]
        Witnesses: James Penrose, Joseph Barns


8 Jan 1825 by Banns
        William Monday of Ludgvan [mark]
        Ann Jenken [mark]
        Witnesses: Thomas Bond, Richard Corin
10 Mar 1825 by Banns
        John Dunn of Sithney
        Mary Edwards
        Witnesses: Thomas Pellew, John Carbis
28 Mar 1825 by Banns
        James Penrose of Penzance
        Jenfer Benet
        Witnesses: Jane Tonkin, Mary Williams
3 Apr 1825 by Banns
        Thomas Simmons of St. Erth
        Mary Ann Gammon
        Witnesses: John Ralph, Thomas Bond
16 Apr 1825 by Banns
        John Nicholas [mark]
        Jane Williams of St. Hilary [mark]
        Witnesses: Joanna Freethy, Richard Jelbard
14 May 1825 by Banns
        John Curnow of Towednack
        Elizabeth Chapel [mark]
        Witnesses: James Bonythan, Steven Lawry
26 May 1825 by Banns
        Thomas Oliver Jose
        Elizabeth Matthews [mark]
        Witnesses: William Allen, Thomas Bond
16 Jul 1825 by Banns
        James Jelbard
        Mary Blight of Penzance
        Witnesses: Tabitha Shephard, John Penberthy
13 Aug 1825 by Banns
        William Arundel of Madron
        Frances Barnes [mark]
        Witnesses: Johanna Menear, Thomas Bond
1 Oct 1825 by Banns
        John Nicholls, Jnr
        Jane Wallis [mark]
        Witnesses: Humphry Friggens, Thomas Bond
19 Nov 1825 by Banns
        William Kessell
        Elizabeth Trythall [mark]
        Witnesses: Richard Kessell, Thomas Bond
24 Dec 1825 by Banns
        Nicholas White
        Mary Ann Lawry
        Witnesses: Mary Richards, Jane Bozens


9 Jan 1826 by Banns
        Richard Brush
        Grace Nicholls [mark]
        Witnesses: Henry Bush, Stephen Nicholls
6 Mar 1826 by Banns
        Richard Victor of Madron
        Jane Roberts
        Witnesses: James Roberts, John Victor
28 Mar 1826 by Banns
        William Freathy of Madron
        Johanna Glover Friggens
        Witnesses: Sarah Leggo Freethy, Thomas Freethy
1 Apr 1826 by Banns
        Edmund Kessell [mark]
        Mary Ann Polgreen [mark]
        Witnesses: Richard Kessell, Charles Kessell
22 Apr 1826 by Banns
        Job Hosking [mark]
        Mary Williams
        Witnesses: Job Friggens, Thomas Bond
12 Aug 1826 by Licence
        John Newton widower
        Elizabeth Corin of Madron [mark]
        Witnesses: Thomas Bond, William Major
15 Oct 1826 by Banns
        John Lardner
        Elizabeth Wearn of St. Hilary [mark]
        Witnesses: William Kajor, William White [?]
11 Nov 1826 by Banns
        Richard Nekless
        Margaret Pearce [mark]
        Witnesses: Christian Newton, Abraham Tredrea, William Mitchell
18 Dec 1826 by Banns
        James Uren [mark]
        Ann Williams [mark]
        Witnesses: William Major, Thomas Bond


10 Feb 1827 by Banns
        Jacob Trythall Curnow
        Frances Roberts [mark]
        Witnesses: Benjamin Roberts, Alice Hosking
24 Feb 1827 by Banns
        Oliver Pool of St. Just
        Elizabeth Richards [mark]
        Witnesses: William Edwards, Elizabeth Dod
7 Apr 1827 by Banns
        Richard Woolcock
        Susanna Blight
        Witnesses: George Blight, William Major
14 Apr 1827 by Banns
        John Hosking of Madron [mark]
        Frances Cock [mark]
        Witnesses: John Bennatts, William Major
14 Apr 1827 by Banns
        Richard Rowe [mark]
        Eliza Williams [mark]
        Witnesses: James Rowe, William Major
2 Jun 1827 by Banns
        Job Friggins
        Johanna Eddy
        Witnesses: Richard Trudgen, Elizabeth Richards, M. Badcock
12 Jun 1827 by Banns
        Charles Matthews widower [mark]
        Mary Trathen [mark]
        Witnesses: Thomas Bond, William Major
13 Jun 1827 by Banns
        Andrew Friggens [mark]
        Ann Pengelly of Ludgvan [mark]
        Witnesses: William Major, Thomas Bond
14 Jul 1827 by Licence
        Edward Trythall
        Elizabeth Smalbridge of Madron
        Witnesses: William Major, Thomas Bond
5 Sep 1827 by Banns
        James Richards
        Sarah Jeffery of Paul
        Witnesses: Catherine Bolitho, Jane Harvey
8 Oct 1827 by Banns
        John Gelbert [mark]
        Jane Trigs [mark]
        Witnesses: William Major, Thomas Bond
10 Nov 1827 by Banns
        John Perry
        Alice Hosking
        Witnesses: John Jenking, David Evans
10 Nov 1827 by Banns
        William Edwards [mark]
        Elizabeth Evans [mark]
        Witnesses: Elizabeth Hosking, David Evans
12 Nov 1827 by Banns
        Henry Curnow of Ludgvan
        Mary Friggens
        Witnesses: Zacharias Curnow, Charles Friggens
12 Nov 1827 by Banns
        James Chapell [mark]
        Mary Woolcock [mark]
        Witnesses: Nicholas Woolcock, John Richards


10 Feb 1828 by Banns
        William Edwards
        Ann Richards [mark]
        Witnesses: James Edwards, Catherine Richards
8 Mar 1828 by Banns
        Stephen Nichollas [mark]
        Jane Cock [mark]
        Witnesses: John Cock, Richard Nicholls
21 Apr 1828 by Banns
        John Pellow widower
        Ann Rondel of Madron [mark]
        Witnesses: Elizabeth Duncan, William Major
24 May 1828 by Banns
        William Leaty Morris
        Honour Lawrey [mark]
        Witnesses: William White, Elizabeth Hosking
13 Jul 1828 by Banns
        Moses Harvey [mark]
        Mary Row [mark]
        Witnesses: William Major, John Bond
2 Aug 1828 by Banns
        John Sims
        Jane Treadea [mark]
        Witnesses: Blanch Treedree, William Major
9 Aug 1828 by Banns
        John Richards of Zennor
        Ann Woolcock [mark]
        Witnesses: Nicholas Woolcock, Thomas Bond
14 Aug 1828 by Licence
        John Sargent Bedford of Liskeard
        Catherine Johns Bolitho
        Witnesses: Mary Ley, William Bolitho
23 Aug 1828 by Banns
        James Rowe
        Mary Cock
        Witnesses: Jane Thomas, William Major
30 Aug 1828 by Banns
        Richard Millett [mark]
        Ann Trigs [mark]
        Witnesses: William Major, Thomas Bond
11 Sep 1828 by Licence
        James Montgomery M D of Penzance
        Amelia Dillon
        Witnesses: Alida Venthorne Dillon[?]Ali[?], Joanna Dillon
15 Oct 1828 by Banns
        William Lawrey
        Elizabeth Hosking
        Witnesses: Charles Lawrey, Thomas Bond
27 Oct 1828 by Banns
        Henry Pengelly widower
        Elizabeth Saundry [mark]
        Witnesses: Richard Pengelly, William Kanor
8 Nov 1828 by Banns
        John Saundry [mark]
        Mary Nickless
        Witnesses: Richard Nickless, Christiana Nickless
10 Nov 1828 by Banns
        Thomas Williams [mark]
        Ann Williams of Madron [mark]
        Witnesses: Alexander Richards, Elizabeth Lawrens[?]
28 Nov 1828 by Banns
        Thomas Roberts
        English Bosence of Madron
        Witnesses: Maria Dale, William Roberts
28 Nov 1828 by Banns
        William Woolcock
        Mary Hosking [mark]
        Witnesses: B. Gribble, W. Bonithen


24 Jan 1829 by Banns
        John Barns
        Sarah Edwards
        Witnesses: John Victor, Joseph Barnes
15 Feb 1829 by Banns
        John Rowe [mark]
        Lydia Rodda [mark]
        Witnesses: John Carbis, Thomas [?]
11 Apr 1829 by Banns
        Sampson Curnow of Ludgvan [mark]
        Jane Pengelly [mark]
        Witnesses: Richard Pengelly, John Carbis
2 May 1829 by Banns
        Matthew Daniel
        Christiana Bolitho [mark]
        Witnesses: William Cock, Elizabeth Treneer, Elizabeth Daniel
29 Jun 1829 by Banns
        William White widower
        Mary Trudgen of Penzance
        Witnesses: Thomas White, John Carbis
5 Sep 1829 by Banns
        John Harris of Breage
        Mary Williams [mark]
        Witnesses: Richard Harris, William Williams
21 Nov 1829 by Banns
        James Bolitho [mark]
        Mary Lawry [mark]
        Witnesses: William Lawry, Matthew Danill
12 Dec 1829 by Banns
        John Williams of Madron
        Ann Prowse
        Witnesses: William Prouse, [?] Eddy
26 Dec 1829 by Banns
        John Jenkin
        Ann White
        Witnesses: John White, John Carbis


2 Jan 1830 by Banns
        Richard Tonkin [mark]
        Eliza Bottral [mark]
        Witnesses: William Watkins, John Carbis
27 Mar 1830 by Banns
        William Pearce
        Christiana Nichols
        Witnesses: Richard Nickless, William Nicklis
13 Apr 1830 by Banns
        John Sampson Roberts
        Mary Ann Friggins
        Witnesses: Anna Maria Friggens, William Reskilly Friggens
24 Apr 1830 by Banns
        William Martin widower
        Sarah Trigs
        Witnesses: J[?] Martins, John Carbis
29 Apr 1830 by Banns
        John Angwine [mark]
        Eliza Nekervis [mark]
        Witnesses: Elizabeth Corin, John Carbis
19 May 1830 by Banns
        James Mann of Zennor
        Ann Nicholls
        Witnesses: John Carbis, William Major
19 May 1830 by Banns
        Joseph Penglase of Madron
        Patience Thomas
        Witnesses: John Carbis, William Major
22 May 1830 by Banns
        William Foster [mark]
        Mary Watkins George [mark]
        Witnesses: William Wedlock, Richard Carman
10 Jun 1830 by Banns
        Richard Hall
        Ann Bolitho [mark]
        Witnesses: Thomas Bolitho, John Carbis
19 Jun 1830 by Banns
        Henry Nicholls of Towednack [mark]
        Mary Nicholls [mark]
        Witnesses: John Carbis, William Major
6 Jul 1830 by Banns
        Nicholas Woolcock
        Thomasine Edwards
        Witnesses: James Woolcock, Dorothy Edwards
14 Aug 1830 by Banns
        Richard Barns
        Ann Trudgon
        Witnesses: James Woolcock, Dorothy Edwards
22 Aug 1830 by Banns
        Henry Richards
        Jane Woolcock
        Witnesses: Henry Richards, Grace Woolcock
9 Oct 1830 by Banns
        Richard Kessell
        Margaret Grenfell Jarman [mark]
        Witnesses: Alice Tonkin, Richard Yale
16 Oct 1830 by Banns
        William Angwin of Buryan
        Elizabeth Corin
        Witnesses: Elizabeth Harris Saundry, Richard Corin


2 Jan 1831 by Banns
        John Osborn [mark]
        Loveday Jarmen [mark]
        Witnesses: John Thomas, John Carbis
22 Jan 1831 by Banns
        Thomas Williams [mark]
        Jane Jarmen [mark]
        Witnesses: John Carbis, [?] White
31 Jan 1831 by Banns
        John Blackney[?] Read
        Elizabeth James
        Witnesses: Mary Allen, Elizabeth Read
19 Feb 1831 by Banns
        Enoch Warren James Uren
        Mary Martin
        Witnesses: William Martyn, Chris Foster, Grace Uren
12 Mar 1831 by Banns
        Thomas Glasson of Madron
        Jane Mitchell
        Witnesses: Daniel Michell, Hilary Michel
4 Apr 1831 by Banns
        Henry Wills [mark]
        Ann Pearce [mark]
        Witnesses: Robert Kessell, John Carbis
30 Apr 1831 by Banns
        George Matthews
        Jane Uren [mark]
        Witnesses: John Carbis, William Major
4 Jun 1831 by Banns
        Richard Rowe widower
        Jane Williams
        Witnesses: James Rowe, John Carbis
12 Jun 1831 by Banns
        William Pengelly [mark]
        Mary Pearce
        Witnesses: Eliasa Pearce, Thomas Pellew
26 Jun 1831 by Banns
        Richard Wellington of St. Hilary
        Sarah Smith
        Witnesses: Elizabeth Pellew, Joseph Smith
3 Jul 1831 by Banns
        William Roberts
        Ann Roberts
        Witnesses: Thomas Roberts, Jacob Trythall
6 Jul 1831 by Banns
        Francis Bryant Curnow of Madron
        Eliza Oliver
        Witnesses: Sarah Phillpott, Richard Oliver
24 Jul 1831 by Banns
        William Friggens [mark]
        Elizabeth Tresise Hand of Madron
        Witnesses: Mary Curnow, James Friggens
25 Jul 1831 by Banns
        William Mitchell [mark]
        Jane Badge Angwin [mark]
        Witnesses: William Major, John Carbis
30 Jul 1831 by Banns
        William Lukey Williams
        Elizabeth Bottrel [mark]
        Witnesses: Philip Edwards, Eliza Jenkin, R. Mitchell
29 Oct 1831 by Banns
        Christopher Carbis [mark]
        Jane Ninnes [mark]
        Witnesses: William Martins, John Carbis
14 Nov 1831 by Banns
        Henry Nicholls [mark]
        Elizabeth Daniel
        Witnesses: Matilda Bennetts, Mathew Daniel
22 Dec 1831 by Banns
        Richard Nicholls
        Martha Kitto [mark]
        Witnesses: John Carbis, William Major


9 Jan 1832 by Licence
        Jacob Corin
        Charlotte Corin of Madron
        Witnesses: Jacob Corin, Ann Corin
21 Jan 1832 by Banns
        John Corin
        Jennifer Thomas
        Witnesses: Jacob Corin, Margaret Saundry Corin
28 Jan 1832 by Banns
        Edward Rodda
        Margaret White [mark]
        Witnesses: Charles Richards, John White
4 Feb 1832 by Banns
        Charles Edmonds
        Rosetta Bridgman
        Witnesses: Richard Yale, John Carbis
6 Feb 1832 by Licence
        Richard Mathews of Paul
        Marianne Pearce
        Witnesses: John Pearce, Honnor Trembath
11 Feb 1832 by Banns
        William Bridgman
        Charlotte Rich [mark]
        Witnesses: Sarah Hutchens, Thomas Rich
11 Feb 1832 by Banns
        John Dunn of Crowan [mark]
        Christiana Ellis
        Witnesses: John Ellis, Thomas Ellis
18 Feb 1832 by Banns
        Oliver Gilbert of Phillack
        Mary Jeffery [mark]
        Witnesses: Elizabeth Barnicut[?] Joseph Jeffery
20 Mar 1832 by Banns
        Thomas Smith
        Grace Woolcock
        Witnesses: James Woolcock, John Carbis
26 Mar 1832 by Banns
        William Lawry
        Mary Nicholls [mark]
        Witnesses: John Carbis, Grace Brush
20 May 1832 by Banns
        John Harvey of Ludgvan
        Mary Nicholls [mark]
        Witnesses: John Harvey, John Carbis
27 May 1832 by Banns
        Arthur Rich [mark]
        Elizabeth Willis of St. Just [mark]
        Witnesses: John Carbis, William Major
25 Jun 1832 by Banns
        John Williams [mark]
        Patience Daniel
        Witnesses: Richard Pascoe, John Carbis
25 Jun 1832 by Banns
        Henry Rowe [mark]
        Elizabeth Robins [mark]
        Witnesses: Edward Ladner, John Carbis
28 J8L 1832 by Banns
        Richard Mole
        Catherine Branwell Edmonds
        Witnesses: John Edwards, Emma Edmonds, H. Edmonds
28 Jul 1832 by Banns
        Francis Nickless
        Catherine James
        Witnesses: Elizabeth Nickless, Henry Nickless, Richard Nickless
7 Oct 1832 by Banns
        John Hosking of Ludgvan
        Elizabeth Odgers [mark]
        Witnesses: Moses Callaway, John Carbis


12 Jan 1833 by Banns
        Richard Rowe [mark]
        Marjery Cargeeg [mark]
        Witnesses: William Major, John Carbis
2 Feb 1833 by Banns
        Thomas Williams widower
        Catherine Jellis
        Witnesses: John Carbis, William Major
8 Apr 1833 by Banns
        David Evans widower
        Margaret Jenkin
        Witnesses: John Victor, Richard Barns
25 May 1833 by Banns
        John Symons
        Jane Trembath [mark]
        Witnesses: William Trembath, Francis Symons
3 Aug 1833 by Banns
        James Rowe
        Elizabeth James [mark]
        Witnesses: Lewis Eddy, William Hoskin
3 Aug 1833 by Banns
        Michael Horsken widower
        Grace Ladner [mark]
        Witnesses: William Hoskin, Lewis Eddy
21 Sep 1833 by Banns
        Edward Tregloan
        Ann Rich [mark]
        Witnesses: Richard Tregloan, John Carbis
1 Dec 1833 by Banns
        Thomas Pellew
        Eliza Hill Pearce [mark]
        Witnesses: Cordelia Miller, John Pearce
14 Dec 1833 by Banns
        Robert Matthews
        Johanna Nicholls [mark]
        Witnesses: Lewis Grenfell, James Nicholls


15 Apr 1834 by Banns
        Henry White of Madron
        Anna Maria Friggens
        Witnesses: Kate Bolitho, William Major, John Carbis
23 Apr 1834 by Banns
        William Giles [mark]
        Elizabeth Stevens
3 May 1834 by Banns
        William White
        Selina Williams Johns [mark]
        Witnesses: Mary Tonkin, James Danndo[?]
3 May 1834 by Banns
        James Wallis
        Charlotte Ninnis [mark]
        Witnesses: William Major, Joseph Rodda
17 May 1834 by Banns
        Thomas Rich
        Mary Ann Lawry of Madron [mark]
        Witnesses: Henry Lawry, John Carbis
5 Jul 1834 by Banns
        Thomas Matthews
        Johanna Barns [mark]
        Witnesses: R. W. Tonkin, Richard Barns
5 Jul 1834 by Banns
        James Hosking of Ludgvan
        Mary Barns [mark]
        Witnesses: William Hosking, Richard Barnes
10 Aug 1834 by Banns
        William Hill Roberts
        Martha Caddy [mark]
        Witnesses: William Major, John Carbis
16 Aug 1834 by Banns
        Henry Nickless
        Grace Bosence [mark]
        Witnesses: Richard Bosence, John Carbis
23 Aug 1834 by Banns
        Richard Matthews
        Catherine Gribble
        Witnesses: Benjamin Gribble, Margaret Williams, Nicholas T. Gribble
27 Sep 1834 by Banns
        Richard Trudgen
        Grace King [mark]
        Witnesses: William Henry Trudgen, Benjamin Pearce
29 Nov 1834 by Banns
        Benjamin Davey [mark]
        Elizabeth Curnow [mark]
        Witnesses: William Major, John Carbis


1 Jan 1835 by Banns
        Peter Roberts of Madron
        Emily Paul
        Witnesses: Nicholas Paul, Peter Roberts, Ann Paul
13 Jan 1835 by Banns
        Thomas Semmens
        Elizabeth Jeffery [mark]
        Witnesses: John Pearce, William Corin
7 Feb 1835 by Banns
        Benjamin Madern [mark]
        Mary Chirgwin Jellis [mark]
        Witnesses: William Major, John Carbis
17 Feb 1835 by Banns
        William Nickless
        Mary Saundry widow
        Witnesses: Richard Nickless, Richard Nickless
28 Feb 1835 by Licence
        William Tredrea
        Avis James
        Witnesses: Emma Pellew, Elizabeth Pellew, Elizabeth Read
2 Mar 1835 by Banns
        John Vingoe of Madron
        Mary Michell
        Witnesses: Daniel Mitchell, Robert Michell
10 Mar 1835 by Banns
        George Henry Creswell
        Phoebe Ferrall
        Witnesses: Clara Catherine Hewitt, Maria Georgina Hewitt
20 Apr 1835 by Banns
        Thomas Ellis
        Mary Roberts Green [mark]
        Witnesses: W. H. Stevens, John Carbis
7 Sep 1835 by Banns
        Andrew Stevens
        Margaret Nicholas [mark]
        Witnesses: John Carbis, William Major
7 Nov 1835 by Banns
        William Nicholas
        Mary Leah Bonette / Bonelle
        Witnesses: Thomas L Bonetto, John Carbis
14 Nov 1835 by Banns
        George Briant [mark]
        Mary Denithorn [mark]
        Witnesses: [?], Henry Thomas, John Carbis
24 Dec 1835 by Banns
        William Williams [mark]
        Elizabeth Barnicoat [mark]
        Witnesses: John Williams, William Curnow
26 Dec 1835 by Banns
        James Chirgwin
        Ann Uren widow [mark]
        Witnesses: William Trudgen, John Carbis
26 Dec 1835 by Banns
        William Henry Trudgen
        Mary Matthews of St. Buryan [mark]
        Witnesses: Richard Trudgen, Nicholas Trudgen


2 Jan 1836 by Banns
        Charles Friggens
        Grace Dunn [mark]
        Witnesses: John Carbis, William Major
17 Jan 1836 by Licence
        David Eddy Stevens
        Elizabeth Banfield widow of Madron
        Witnesses: W. H. Stevens, William Major
20 Feb 1836 by Banns
        Thomas Johns of Ludgvan [mark]
        Grace Williams [mark]
        Witnesses: John Carbis, William Major
27 Feb 1836 by Banns
        John Warren [mark]
        Sarah Nicholas [mark]
        Witnesses: John Carbis, William Major
6 Mar 1826 by Banns
        Andrew Nicholls
        Charlotte Nichols [mark]
        Witnesses: Thomas Nicholls, Elizabeth Nicholls
27 Apr 1836 by Banns
        John Pengilly [mark]
        Elizabeth Hall [mark]
        Witnesses: John Carbis, William Major
30 Apr 1836 by Banns
        John Williams [mark]
        Ann Cock [mark]
        Witnesses: John Cock, [?]
28 May 1836 by Banns
        Marmaduke Trebilcock of Ludgvan
        Mary Rowe [mark]
        Witnesses: James Rowe, William Grenfell
19 Jun 1836 by Banns
        William Barns
        Margaret Wallis [mark]
        Witnesses: Thomas Wallis, William Nicholls
23 Jul 1836 by Banns
        Mark Daniel [mark]
        Zenobia Eddy [mark]
        Witnesses: Thomas Daniel, John Williams
10 Sep 1836 by Banns
        Thomas Friggens
        Catherine Pearce
        Witnesses: Benjamin Pearce, James Friggens
26 Oct 1836 by Banns
        John Weymouth of Madron
        Sarah Pearce
        Witnesses: Benjamin Pearce, Charlotte Weymouth
13 Nov 1836 by Banns
        Thomas Matthews [mark]
        Frances Tippett [mark]
        Witnesses: John Carbis, William Major


4 Mar 1837 by Banns
        Henry Trudgen of Madron [mark]
        Jane Semmens [mark]
        Witnesses: Christian Betty[?], John Carbis
11 Mar 1837 by Banns
        Thomas Kessell
        Jane Scott
        Witnesses: John Carbis, William Major
15 May 1837 by Banns
        Robert Kessell
        Johanna Richards [mark]
        Witnesses: Charles Nicholls, Israel Pellew
6 Jun 1837 by Banns
        Benjamin Pearce
        Jennifer Eddy [mark]
        Witnesses: Thomas Eddy, Thomas Friggens

A new register starts here.

15 Jul 1837 by Banns
        Richard Matthews full age Labourer of Church Town [mark] (Father: James Matthews, Farmer)
        Grace Ellis a minor of Trevarrack [mark] (Father: Thomas Ellis, Labourer)
        Witnesses: Edward Curnow, John Carbis
22 Jul 1837 by Banns
        Henry White full age Mason of Pendrea (Father: Richard White, Labourer)
        Priscilla Hepell full age of Pendrea (Father: Edmond Kessell, Labourer)
        Witnesses: Thomas Harvey, Elizabeth White
27 Jul 1837 by Banns
        Benjamin Warren full age Miner of Bosulval (Father: William Warren, Miner)
        Sally Leggo Friggens full age of Bosulval [mark] (Father: Thomas Friggens, Farmer)
        Witnesses: John Carbis, William Major
3 Sep 1837 by Banns
        Thomas Bolitho full age Miner of Boskednan [mark] (Father: Thomas Bolitho, Miner)
        Jane Hosken full age of Boskednan [mark] (Father: William Hosken, Miner)
        Witnesses: John Carbis, William Major
13 Nov 1837 by Banns
        Mark Williams full age Miner of Church Town [mark] (Father: Mark Williams, Miner)
        Elizabeth Grace Thomas full age of Tredinnack [mark] (Father: James Thomas, Labourer)
        Witnesses: John Vingoe Neckervis, John Carbis
19 Nov 1837 by Banns
        Thomas Clymons Brown full age Letter Carrier of Trannack (Father: Abraham Brown, Inn Keeper)
        Grace Trewhela full age of Chyandour [mark] (Father: John Trewhela, Butcher)
        Witnesses: Peggy Williams, Elizabeth Smith
12 Dec 1837 by Banns
        John Fox full age Nurseryman of Trengwainton (Father: John Fox, Nurseryman)
        Elizabeth Ann Roberts a minor of Gear (Father: John Roberts, Farmer)
        Witnesses: James Roberts, John Roberts
23 Dec 1837 by Licence
        Richard Pascoe full age Miner of Carferry (Father: William Hill)
        Jane Stevens full age of Boskednan (Father: Richard Stevens, Miner)
        Witnesses: Andrew Stevens, Richard Stevens
27 Dec 1837 by Banns
        Benjamin Gribble full age Gardener of Gulval (Father: Benjamin Gribble, Mason)
        Margaret Williams full age of Gulval (Father: Nathaniel Williams, Servant)
        Witnesses: William Major, John Carbis


23 Jan 1838 by Banns
        Sampson Rodda full age Butcher of Church Town [mark] (Father: John Rodda, Butcher)
        Eliza Rowe a minor of Church Town [mark] (Father: Richard Rowe, Carpenter)
        Witnesses: D. Donnell, William Major
27 Jan 1838 by Banns
        James Williams full age Miner of Ludgvan [mark] (Father: James Williams, Miner)
        Sarah Jeffery Eddy full age of Church Town [mark] (Father: Henry Eddy, Shoemaker)
        Witnesses: William Major, John Carbis
10 Feb 1838 by Banns
        James Nicholls full age Farmer of Little Chysauster [mark] (Father: Stephen Nicholls, Farmer)
        Susanna Gribble full age of Church Town [mark] (Father: Benjamin Gribble, Gardener)
        Witnesses: Benjamin Gribble, John Nicholls
24 Feb 1838 by Banns
        John Wasley full age Labourer of St. Buryan (Father: John Wasley, Husbandman)
        Elizabeth Bennatts full age of Gear [mark] (Father: John Bennetts, Miner)
        Witnesses: John Bennetts, William Bennetts
3 Mar 1838 by Banns
        John Man full age Shoemaker of Trythall (Father: James Man, Farmer)
        Elizabeth Choon full age of Trythall [mark] (Father: Thomas Choon, Labourer)
        Witnesses: John Carbis, William Roberts
3 Mar 1838 by Banns
        Paul Quick full age Farmer of Bone, Maddron (Father: Paul Quick, Farmer)
        Elizabeth Roberts full age of Thythogga [mark] (Father: Benjamin Roberts, Farmer)
        Witnesses: Benjamin Roberts, Paul Trythall Curnow
24 Mar 1838 by Banns
        Henry King full age Shipbroker of Trevarrack (Father: John King, Laborer)
        Mary Williams full age of Trevarrack (Father: Nathaniel Williams, Farmer)
        Witnesses: Elizabeth Williams, Elizabeth [?]Th Nicholas
31 Mar 1838 by Banns
        Francis Gendal full age Farmer of Boskednan [mark] (Father: Francis Gendal, Farmer)
        Jane Cock full age of Boskednan [mark] (Father: John Cock, Miner)
        Witnesses: William Uren, John Carbis
19 Apr 1838 by Banns
        John Rich full age Laborer of Tredennick (Father: Arthur Rich, Labourer)
        Catherine Pengilly full age of Carnequiddan [mark] (Father: Henry Pengilly, Farmer)
        Witnesses: John Carbis, William Major
16 May 1838 by Banns
        Thomas Chapple full age Miner of St. Just [mark] (Father: Jonathan Chapple, Miner)
        Jane Blight Stone a minor of New Mill [mark] (Father: William Stone, Blacksmith)
        Witnesses: John Carbis, William Major
4 Jun 1838 by Banns
        Dominick Odonnell full age widower Laborer of Church Town (Father: Hugh Odonnell, Farmer)
        Jane Rowe full age of Church Town [mark] (Father: Richard Rowe, Miner)
        Witnesses: William Major, John Carbis
23 Jun 1838 by Banns
        Walter Harry full age widower Farmer of Sancreed (Father: William Harry, Farmer)
        Mary Tredrea full age of Chyandour [mark] (Father: Abraham Tredrea, Agent)
        Witnesses: Nancy Grose, William Tredrea
26 Jul 1838 by Banns
        Richard Tregloan full age Miner of Boskednan (Father: Edward Tregloan, Mine Agent)
        Mary Ann Terrill full age of Boskednan [mark] (Father: John Terrill, Miner)
        Witnesses: William Major, John Carbis
11 Aug 1838 by Banns
        Joseph Martin full age Miner of Ludgvan (Father: James Martin, Miner)
        Mary Ninnes full age of Carnequidden [mark] (Father: John Ninnes, Miner)
        Witnesses: Hercules Martin, Jane Martin
18 Aug 1838 by Banns
        John Gribble full age Laborer of Church Town [mark] (Father: Benjamin Gribble, Mason)
        Elizabeth Maddern full age of Cranken (Father: Stephen Maddern, Gardener)
        Witnesses: Stephen Madron, John Trenwith
20 Aug 1838 by Banns
        John James full age Labourer of Trevaglen (Father: John James, Labourer)
        Phillis Williams full age of Kenegie [mark] (Father: John Williams, Labourer)
        Witnesses: John Carbis, D. Donnell
20 Oct 1838 by Banns
        Ephraim Eymouth Thomas full age Laborer of Penzance (Father: William Thomas, Agent)
        Jane Richards full age of Trevagler [mark] (Father: Henry Richards, Labourer)
        Witnesses: Richard Richards, John Pearc
20 Oct 1838 by Banns
        Thomas Ninnes full age Farmer of Towednack [mark] (Father: George Ninnes, Tailor)
        Maria Nicholls a minor of Chysauster [mark] (Father: Stephen Nicholls, Farmer)
        Witnesses: John Nicholls, William Ninnes
3 Nov 1838 by Banns
        John Nicholls full age Husbandman of Carnequidden [mark] (Father: William Nicholls, Miner)
        Mary Ann Quick full age of Carnequidden [mark] (Father: James Thomas Quick, Husbandman)
        Witnesses: John Harvey, Ann Thomas
22 Dec 1838 by Banns
        Job Hosken full age widower Husbandman of Trevarris [mark] (Father: Job Hosken, Miner)
        Mary Ellis full age of Trevayler [mark] (Father: Richard Ellis, Miner)
        Witnesses: Elizabeth John Richards, John Ellis


21 Feb 1839 by Banns
        Andrew Berriman full age Farmer of Trythall (Father: Andrew Berriman, Farmer)
        Mary Martyn full age of Trythall (Father: William Martyn, Farmer)
        Witnesses: Silas Martyn, Ursula Bilkey
2 Mar 1839 by Banns
        Francis Warren full age Labourer of Perranuthnoe [mark] (Father: Thomas Warren, Labourer)
        Eliza Bennets full age of Trevayler [mark] (Father: John Bennets, Miner)
        Witnesses: John Trudgen, Edwin Donnald
11 May 1839 by Banns
        John Williams full age Husbandman of Tregarris [mark] (Father: Thomas Williams, Husbandman)
        Mary Ann Carbis full age of Tregarris [mark] (Father: Samuel Carbis, Miner)
        Witnesses: John Carbis, William Major
1 Jun 1839 by Banns
        William Roskilly Friggens 43 Farmer of Bosulvan (Father: William Friggens, Farmer)
        Grace Martin 28 of Bosulvan [mark] (Father: James Martin, Farmer)
        Witnesses: Thomas Ellis Jn, John Carbis
8 Jun 1839 by Banns
        William Uren 26 Tinner of Boskedna [mark] (Father: William Uren, Husbandman)
        Esther Cock 21 of Boskedna [mark] (Father: John Cock, Miner)
        Witnesses: John Carbis, William Major
15 Jun 1839 by Banns
        Thomas Eddy full age Farmer of Kenegie (Father: Thomas Eddy, Farmer)
        Sophia Tucker full age of Chyandour (Father: Thomas Tucker, Farmer)
        Witnesses: Thomas Tucker, Julia Ann Tucker
13 Jul 1839 by Banns
        Charles Richards full age widower Miller of Trythogga (Father: William Richards)
        Frances Roberts full age widow of Trythogga [mark] (Father: James Bolitho)
        Witnesses: William Major, John Carbis
17 Jul 1839 by Banns
        William Corin full age Farmer of Long Rock (Father: Richard Corin, Farmer)
        Grace Carlyon full age of St. Keverne (Father: Edward Carlyon, Farmer)
        Witnesses: Richard Corin, William Harvey
20 Jul 1839 by Banns
        Hugh Lawry full age Miner of Tredinnick [mark] (Father: Francis Lawry, Miner)
        Elizabeth Hosken full age of Boskednan [mark] (Father: William Hosken, Miner)
        Witnesses: William Henry Hoskin, John Carbis
25 Jul 1839 by Banns
        Anthony Tripcony full age Miller of Trythogga (Father: John Tripcony, Farmer)
        Mary White full age of Cross [mark] (Father: John Tripcony, Miner)
        Witnesses: William White, Elizabeth White
28 Jul 1839 by Banns
        Alexander Holman full age Miner of New Mill [mark] (Father: Stephen Holman, Miner)
        Elizabeth Daniel full age of Carfury [mark] (Father: Thomas Daniel, Miner)
        Witnesses: William Major, John Carbis
4 Aug 1839 by Banns
        James Allen full age Miner of Church Town (Father: William Allen, Labourer)
        Jane Rowe full age of Church Town [mark] (Father: James Rowe, Labourer)
        Witnesses: John Carbis, C Mathews
5 Aug 1839 by Banns
        James Woolcock full age Farmer of Trevayler (Father: Thomas Woolcock, Farmer)
        Mary Tonkyn full age of Penzance (Father: Nicholas Tonkyn, Husbandman)
        Witnesses: Richard Henry Menneer, Cecilia Emma Norris
10 Aug 1839 by Banns
        John Caddy full age Miner of Panjo (Father: Robert Caddy, Farmer)
        Christiana Barnes full age of Panjo [mark] (Father: Richard Barns, Farmer)
        Witnesses: Thomas Matthews, William Carne Corin
17 Aug 1839 by Licence
        Robert Phillips full age Miner of Bosaden[?] [mark] (Father: Robert Phillips, Miner)
        Susan Martin full age of Trythoja [mark] (Father: Christopher Martin, Farmer)
        Witnesses: John Carbis, William Major
19 Aug 1839 by Banns
        William Barnicoat full age Farmer of Chyandour (Father: William Barnicoat, Farmer)
        Jane Toy full age of Chyandour (Father: John Toy, Carrier)
        Witnesses: John Carbis, William Major
31 Aug 1839 by Banns
        James Friggens full age Farmer of Trezela (Father: John Friggens, Farmer)
        Grace Friggens full age of Keneggie [mark] (Father: William Friggens, Farmer)
        Witnesses: Thomas Friggens, Charles Friggens
8 Oct 1839 by Banns
        William Hale full age Cordwainer of Madron [mark] (Father: John Hale, Farmer?)
        Elizabeth Williams full age of Gulval [mark] (Father: Nathaniel Williams, Husbandman)
        Witnesses: W. Denithorne, Anne [?]
26 Oct 1839 by Banns
        William Warren 23 Laborer of Gulval [mark] (Father: Henry Warren, Laborer)
        Leonora Rodda 27 of Gulval [mark] (Father: John Rodda, Farmer)
        Witnesses: Michal Rodda, Henry Barns
10 Nov 1839 by Banns
        Joseph Barns full age Farmer of Punjo [mark] (Father: Richard Barhs, Farmer)
        Elizabeth Gundry full age of Helston [mark] (Father: Thomas Gundry, Shoemaker)
        Witnesses: William Carne Corin, John Caddy
22 Nov 1839 by Banns
        John Edwards full age Miner of Ludgvan [mark] (Father: John Edwards, Miner)
        Martha Richards full age of Gulval Cross (Father: William Richards, Husbandman)
        Witnesses: Catherin Richards, Oliver Pool
23 Dec 1839 by Banns
        William Martin full age Miner of Church Town (Father: Christopher Martin, Miner)
        Mary Ann Allen full age [mark] (Father: William Allen, Thatcher)
        Witnesses: William Carne Corin, Richard Tregoning
25 Dec 1839 by Banns
        John Barnicoat full age Husbandman of Trannock[?], Madron (Father: John Barnicoat, Cordwainer)
        Mary Williams full age of Trevaylor [mark] (Father: William Williams, Miner)
        Witnesses: John Barnicoat, Susannah Barnicoat

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