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10 Jan 1880 by Banns
        Richard Friggens 24 Carter of Badgers Cross (Father: Richard Friggens, Miner)
        Mary Ann French 24 of Trevarrack (Father: John French, Warehouse Man)
        Witnesses: Grace [?], Richard Wilkins
24 Jan 1880 by Banns
        William Pascoe 22 Farm Labourer of Gulval Cross (Father: John Pascoe, Miller)
        Mary Jane Farley 20 of Rossmorran (Father: John Farley, Farm Labourer)
        Witnesses: James Farley, Thomas Oliver
3 Apr 1880 by Banns
        William Henry Mann 26 Miner of Zennor (Father: William Mann, Farmer)
        Mary Jane Trembath 22 of Bodrifty, Gulval (Father: Michael Trembath, Dead)
        Witnesses: William Trembath, William Mann
24 May 1880 by Banns
        John Leggo 31 Builder of Madron (Father: Thomas Leggo, Builder)
        Elizabeth Ann Nicholls 31 of Trythall Vean (Father: John Nicholls, Farmer)
        Witnesses: John Nicholls, Catherine Hoskin
12 Jun 1880 by Banns
        Joseph Willey 23 Blacksmith of Noon Garris (Father: Joseph Willey, Labourer)
        Eliza Ann Jelbert 22 of New Mill (Father: James Jelbert, Miner)
        Witnesses: James Jelbert, William Carne Corin
17 Jul 1880 by Licence
        Henry Brush 21 Husbandman of Tredinnack (Father: Henry Brush, Farmer)
        Mary Martin 21 of Chysoyster (Father: Christopher Martin, Farmer)
        Witnesses: Henry Brush Snr, Edwin Foy
2 Oct 1880 by Banns
        Francis Kendall Francis 23 Basket Maker of Trevarrack (Father: Philip Francis, Sailmaker)
        Annie Bonnetto 19 of Trevarrack (Father: William Bonetto, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: Ernest Williams, Mary Jane Williams
4 Dec 1880 by Banns
        James Jelbert 21 Wheelwright of Ridgo, Gulval (Father: James Jelbert, Wheelwright)
        Annie Ivey 20 of Gulval Church Town [mark] (Father: Henry Ivey, Farmer)
        Witnesses: Alfred Nicholls, Elizabeth [?]
25 Dec 1880 by Banns
        Richard Rowe 20 Labourer of Trevarrack (Father: John Rowe, Smelter)
        Margaret Ann Friggens 22 of Badgers Cross [mark] (Father: Richard Friggens, Miner)
        Witnesses: John Rowe, John Lawrey


26 Mar 1881 by Banns
        Joseph Henry Barnes 31 Farmer of Punjoe, Gulval (Father: Joseph Barnes, Farmer)
        Hannah Matthews Barnes 31 of Long Rock (Father: Richard Barnes, Farmer)
        Witnesses: Elizabeth Barnes, Richard Barnes
2 Apr 1881 by Licence
        George Thomas full age widower Shoemaker of Isles Of Scilly (Father: Samuel Thomas, Pilot)
        Catherine Wearne full age widow of Trevaylor (Father: Thomas Trezize, Miner)
        Witnesses: Charles Richards, Samuel Rodda Roberts
25 Apr 1881 by Banns
        George Thomas Cock 27 Accountant of St. Marys, Penzance (Father: Thomas Cock, Auctioneer)
        Susannah Roberts 29 of Vellanhogan[?] (Father: Robert Roberts, Carpenter)
        Witnesses: James Joseph Oliver Pearce, Grace Frances Hicks
28 May 1881 by Banns
        Richard Jelbert 20 Miller of Ridgo, Gulval (Father: James Jelbert, Wheelwright)
        Elizabeth Woolcock 19 of Trevarrack [mark] (Father: William Thomas Woolcock, Shoemaker)
        Witnesses: George Blight Jelbert, Samuel Rodda Roberts
17 Oct 1881 by Banns
        James Henwood Roberts full age Landholder of Trevarrack (Father: John James Roberts, Farmer)
        Lucy Jane Cunnack full age of St. Marys, Penzance (Father: Edwin George John Cunnack, Shopkeeper)
        Witnesses: Edwin George John Cunnack, Henry Laity
1 Nov 1881 by Banns
        William George Olds 23 Ostler of Wherrytown, Madron (Father: John Olds, Miller)
        Ann Blight Jelbert 27 of Ridgo, Gulval (Father: James Jelbert, Wheelwright)
        Witnesses: George Blight Jelbert, Samuel Rodda Roberts
25 Dec 1881 by Banns
        William John Millett 19 Railway Porter of Trevarrack (Illegitimate child of Ellen Millett[?])
        Cecilia Ann Davey Hill 18 of Trevarrack (Father: Nathaniel Hill, Chandler)
        Witnesses: Nathanall Hill, Alma Hill


14 Jan 1882 by Banns
        John Farley 26 Wheelwright of Rosmorrow (Father: John Farley, Labourer)
        Caroline Williams 30 of Rosmorrow (Father: John Williams, Market Gardener)
        Witnesses: Martin Williams, Margaret Williams
23 Jan 1882 by Banns
        Thomas Pellew Staples 22 Platelayer of Trevarrack (Father: John Staples, Labourer)
        Alma Hill 19 of Trevarrack (Father: Nathanael Hill, Chandler)
        Witnesses: Nathanael Hill, Cecilia Ann Davy Millett
4 Feb 1882 by Banns
        Moses Blewett 26 Salesman of Church Town (Father: John Blewett, Labourer)
        Elizabeth Tregoning 24 of Church Town (Father: Richard Tregoning, Farmer)
        Witnesses: William Henry Blewett, Henry Langworthy
4 Mar 1882 by Banns
        Martin Williams 35 widower Smelter of Gulval (Father: John Williams, Farmer)
        Margaret Williams 38 of Gulval (Father: John Williams, Farmer)
        Witnesses: William Williams, Martha Williams
21 Mar 1882 by Banns
        William Henry Bunney full age Policeman of Bodmin (Father: John Benney, Labourer)
        Amelia May full age of Chenhall (Father: William May, Miller)
        Witnesses: Evelyn Jose, Benjamin Gribble
27 Mar 1882 by Licence
        John Francis Williams full age Farmer of Bosulval (Father: Joseph Williams, Farmer)
        Honor Sophia Warren full age of Try (Father: John Warren, Farmer)
        Witnesses: John Warren, Samuel Rodda Roberts
1 Apr 1882 by Banns
        William John Friggens 21 Labourer of Badgers Cross (Father: Richard Friggens, Miner)
        Simona Jose 20 of Trezelah (Father: Thomas Jose, Dairyman)
        Witnesses: James Thomas Jose, William Jose
15 Apr 1882 by Banns
        Samuel Rodda Roberts 25 Shopkeeper of Church Town, Gulval (Father: Daniel Roberts, Coachman)
        Mary Randall 25 of North St, Penzance (Father: Frederick Randall, Butcher)
        Witnesses: Charles R. Randall, Elizabeth Randall
10 Jun 1882 by Banns
        John Newry Boulden 25 Railway Porter of Chyandour (Father: Thomas Boulden, Carpenter)
        Mary Elizabeth Edwards 21 of Chyandour (Father: John Edwards, Railway Porter)
        Witnesses: George Edwards, Samuel Rodda Roberts
26 Oct 1882 by Banns
        James Bettens 26 Farmer of St. Columb Major (Father: William Bettens, Miner)
        Mary Ann James 26 of Boscreage (Father: Richard James, Dairyman)
        Witnesses: William John James, Elizabeth Jane James
11 Nov 1882 by Banns
        William Carne Corin 24 Wheelwright of Church Town (Father: William Carne Corin, Wheelwright)
        Mary Ann Millett 23 of Kenegie (Father: Richard Millett, Labourer)
        Witnesses: Richard Henry Millett, Margaret Jane Winnifred Millett
19 Nov 1882 by Licence
        James Henry Trembath 30 Farmer of Bodrifty, Gulval (Father: Michael Trembath, Farmer)
        Mary Ann Gilbert 25 of Lower Ninnis, Madron (Father: Jeremiah Gilbert, Farmer)
        Witnesses: John Nicholls Rowe, Samuel Rodda Roberts
16 Dec 1882 by Banns
        Charles Perry 23 Labourer of Church Town, Gulval [mark] (Father: William Perry, Blacksmith)
        Louisa Tregoning 21 of Church Town, Gulval (Father: John Tregoning, Farmer)
        Witnesses: Stephen Ellis, Emily Tregoning


9 Jan 1883 by Banns
        John Care 33 Farmer of Towednack (Father: John Care, Farmer)
        Mary Mitchell 28 of Gear, Gulval (Father: James Mitchell, Farmer)
        Witnesses: Stephen Mitchell, W[?] Jane Care
10 Apr 1883 by Banns
        John Burley 28 Carrier of Kea (Father: John Burley, Gardener)
        Mary Jane Pengelly 25 of Gulval (Father: Richard Pengelly, Farmer)
        Witnesses: William Henry Pengelly, Ellen Martins
22 Apr 1883 by Banns
        Henry James Rich 33 Blacksmith of Gulval (Father: Henry Rich, Tailor)
        Rebecca Mutton 34 widow of Gulval (Father: Jonathan Remick, Ship Joiner)
        Witnesses: William John Rich, Samuel Rodda Roberts
16 Jun 1883 by Banns
        William Henry Pengelly 24 Farmer of Granken (Father: Richard Pengelly, Farmer)
        Ellen Martins 24 of Cranken (Illegitimate dau of Grace Martins)
        Witnesses: Richard Pengelly, Samuel Rodda Roberts
10 Oct 1883 by Licence
        John Michell 27 Farmer of Gulval (Father: James Michell, Farmer)
        Wilmot Jane Care 29 of Halsetown (Father: Thomas Care, Farmer)
        Witnesses: Thomas Care, Annie Care
23 Oct 1883 by Banns
        Henry Trudgeon 25 Blacksmith of Chyandour (Father: John Trudgeon, Blacksmith)
        Philipa Uren 23 of Chyandour (Father: William Uren, Tanner)
        Witnesses: William Uren, Ellen Uren
10 Nov 1883 by Banns
        William Jose 25 Labourer of Ferris [mark] (Father: Thomas Jose, Milkman)
        Elizabeth Jane Leah 23 of Rosemorran [mark] (Father: Andrew Leah, Labourer)
        Witnesses: Andrew Leah, Annie Leah
3 Dec 1883 by Banns
        John Jeffrery 35 Farmer of Boscrowan (Father: William Jeffrey, Farmer)
        Ellen Penberthy 28 of Bocrowan (Father: Richard Penberthy, Mine Agent)
        Witnesses: [?] Penberthy, Lewis Penberthy
26 Dec 1883 by Banns
        William James Julian 26 Coachman of Trevarrack (Father: Joseph Julian, Carrier)
        Jane Jelbert 19 of Trevarrack (Father: James Jelbert, Wheelwright)
        Witnesses: George Blight Jelbert, Ann Olds


11 Feb 1884 by Licence
        Ralph Daniel 36 widower Mine Agent of Illogan (Father: Matthew Daniel, Mine Agent)
        Elizabeth Ann Leggo Jeffery 29 of Trescrowan (Father: William Jeffery, Farmer)
        Witnesses: William Jeffery, Elizabeth Ellen Jeffery
15 Mar 1884 by Banns
        William John Pheobe 25 Labourer of Garris [mark] (Father: Richard Pheobe, Labourer)
        Mary Thomas Ellis 26 of Cranken (Father: William Ellis, Labourer)
        Witnesses: William Ellis, Edwin Major
21 Jun 1884 by Banns
        Thomas Blewett Mitchell 23 Miner of Charlestown (Father: William Mitchell, Miner)
        Sarah Ann James 23 of Gulval (Father: Henry James James, Inspector C C C)
        Witnesses: Henry James James, Paddy James
9 Aug 1884 by Banns
        William Yendle 24 Stone Cutter of St. Johns, Penzance (Father: Francis Yendle, Miner)
        Ellen Polglase 26 of Gulval (Father: William Polglase, Miner)
        Witnesses: Elizabeth Jane Williams, Edwin Major
21 Sep 1884 by Banns
        Richard Thomas Ellery 27 Letter Carrier of St. Marys, Penzance (Father: William Henry Ellery, Sailor)
        Annie Allen 27 of Gulval (Father: James Allen, Engine Man)
        Witnesses: James Allen, Sarah Allen
18 Oct 1884 by Banns
        William Tregoning 21 Salesman of Church Town (Father: James Tregoning, Farmer)
        Rhoda Pascoe 18 of Gulval Cross (Father: John Pascoe, Miller)
        Witnesses: James Tregoning, John Pascoe
23 Oct 1884 by Banns
        Edward Barrett 37 widower Commission Agent of Ottery St. Mary, Devon (Father: Edward Barrett, Lace Manufacturer)
        Charlotte James 31 of Gulval (Father: Henry James James, Inspector C C C)
        Witnesses: Henry James James, Paddy James
9 Nov 1884 by Banns
        William John Penberthy 20 Labourer of Garris [mark] (Father: William Penberthy, Miner)
        Annie Louisa Jose 19 of Garris (Father: Thomas Jose, Miner)
        Witnesses: James Thomas Jose, Richard Andrew Rogers
27 Nov 1884 by Licence
        William John Tippett 25 Stonemaston of Trythall (Father: Joseph William Tippett, Stonemason)
        Agnes Stone 22 of Trythall (Father: John Stone, Farmer)
        Witnesses: James Henry Warren, Jane Warren
24 Dec 1884 by Banns
        William John Gilbert 25 Labourer of Garris [mark] (Father: William Gilbert, Miner)
        Annie Maria Penberthy 26 of Garris (Father: Isaac Penberthy, Miner)
        Witnesses: Stephen Penberthy, Emily Penberthy
27 Dec 1884 by Banns
        James Rowe 24 Farmer of Try (Father: James Rowe, Farmer)
        Elizabeth Jane Berriman 26 of Try [mark] (Father: James Berriman, Market Gardener)
        Witnesses: Thomas Morris, Edwin Major


16 Feb 1885 by Licence
        Thomas Bolitho 25 Miner of Tredinnick (Father: Thomas Bolitho, Miner)
        Lucy Kendall Anning 27 of Trevaylor (Father: James Anning, Engineer)
        Witnesses: James Bolitho, Catherine Henwood Ould
9 May 1885 by Banns
        Pascoe Wallish 36 Farmer of St. Buryan (Father: George Wallish, Farmer)
        Alice Harvey Clarke 34 of Bosoljack (Father: Joseph Clarke, Farmer)
        Witnesses: Samuel Clarke, Mary Ellen Wallish
15 Jun 1885 by Licence
        William Hodge Thomas 26 Gardener of Tolver [mark] (Father: John Thomas, Labourer)
        Elizabeth Badge 23 of St. Johns, Penzance [mark] (Father: Benjamin Badge, Miner)
        Witnesses: John Thomas, Edwin Major
21 Jun 1885 by Banns
        Henry Thomas 67 widower Gentleman of St. Johns, Penzance (Father: William Thomas, Millwright)
        Mary Ann Stevens 55 of Chyandour (Father: William Stevens, Labourer)
        Witnesses: Thomas Boswarthick, Emily Stevens
16 Sep 1885 by Banns
        John Kistler 30 Post Office Clerk of Stockton On Tees (Father: Matthias Kistler, Jeweller)
        Mary Rowe Foale 23 of Chyandour (Father: Joshua Foale, Coachman)
        Witnesses: Joshua Foale, Elizabeth Jane Allen
23 Sep 1885 by Banns
        William Henry Pearce 30 Farmer of Lelant (Father: John Pearce, Farmer)
        Lydia Rowe 29 of Trevarrack (Father: William Rowe, Farmer)
        Witnesses: William Rowe, Frances Rowe
15 Oct 1885 by Banns
        Jerbane William Rogers 26 Cooper of T[?] St. James (Father: William Rogers, Cooper)
        Emily Frances Shambrook 28 of Gulval Vicarage (Father: Henry Shambrook, Coachman)
        Witnesses: Libye Wingfield, [?] Wingfield


1 Mar 1886 by Banns
        Robert Dugdale 21 Butcher of St. Johns, Penzance (Father: Robert Dugdale, Butcher)
        Mary Jane Tregoning 20 of Gulval (Father: Richard Tregoning, Farmer)
        Witnesses: Moses Blewett, Elizabeth Blewett
27 Mar 1886 by Banns
        Henry Pollard 20 Horse Trainer of Garris (Father: John Pollard, Labourer)
        Mary Ann Nicholls 17 of Garris (Father: Hugh Nicholls, Miner)
        Witnesses: Peter Nicholls, Eliza Ann Pollard
27 Mar 1886 by Banns
        Charles William Warren 24 Groom of Trengwainton, Madron (Father: Charles Warren, Labourer)
        Alice Williams Stone 27 of Cranton, Gulval (Father: John Stone, Farmer)
        Witnesses: John Stone, Mary Stone
20 Jun 1886 by Banns
        Charles Ladner 22 Farmer of Rose Hill, Madron (Father: Charles Ladner, Farmer)
        Elizabeth Tregoning 21 of Church Town, Gulval (Father: James Tregoning, Market Gardener)
        Witnesses: James Tregoning, Edwin Major
27 Oct 1886 by Banns
        Edward Berriman Noy 28 Farmer of Boskednan (Father: Thomas Noy, Farmer)
        Annie Semmens 24 of Kendra, Madron (Father: Simon Semmens, Farmer)
        Witnesses: Simon Semmens, Edwin Major
4 Dec 1886 by Banns
        William Henry Blewett 25 Salesman of Church Town, Gulval (Father: John Blewett, Labourer)
        Ann James Tregoning 23 of Trevarrack (Father: Edward Tregoning, Gardener)
        Witnesses: Thomas Tregoning, Elizabeth Blewett


12 Feb 1887 by Banns
        William Banfield 30 Mason of Carfury (Father: Edward Banfield, Miner)
        Elizabeth Hosken 27 of Bodrifty (Father: Edward Hosken, Blacksmith)
        Witnesses: Edward Hosken, Edwin Major
5 Mar 1887 by Banns
        Stephen James Rodda 31 Builder of Trythogga (Father: William Rodda, Builder)
        Elizabeth Stone 20 of Cranken (Father: John Stone, Farmer)
        Witnesses: John Stone, William Edwards Rodda
9 Oct 1887 by Banns
        John Colenso 37 Mason of St. Mary'S, Isle Of Scilly (Father: James Denistone Colenso, Carpenter)
        Mary Jane Pearce 32 of Gulval Cross (Father: Thomas Peaerce, Miller)
        Witnesses: William Everett Jenkin, Minnie Bawden
15 Nov 1887 by Banns
        Walter Jelbert 24 Blacksmith of Ridgoe (Father: William Henry Jelbert, Blacksmith)
        Jane French 23 of Trevarrack (Father: John French, Warehouseman)
        Witnesses: John French, Grace French
12 Dec 1887 by Banns
        Joseph Harris 26 Coppersmith of Falmouth (Father: John Harris, Harbouer Policeman)
        Annie Maddern Gribble 26 of Trevarrack (Father: John Gribble, Labourer)
        Witnesses: Benjamin Gribble, Elizabeth Jane Thomas


10 Apr 1888 by Banns
        Richard Lawrey 30 Market Gardener of Tolver, Gulval (Father: Charles Lawrey, Market Gardener)
        Martha Williams 29 of Church Town, Gulval (Father: George Williams, Deceased, Miner)
        Witnesses: Thomas Lawrey, Edwin Major
5 May 1888 by Banns
        John James Rowe 24 Labourer of Chyandour (Father: James Rowe, Tin Smelter)
        Angelina Curtis 28 of Chyandour, Gulval (Father: Frank Curtis, Miner)
        Witnesses: Francis Curtis, Mary Ellis Rowe
23 Sep 1888 by Banns
        James Rowe 23 Miller of Trevarrack (Illegitimate son of Mary Rowe)
        Mary Jane Ellis 23 of St. Johns, Penzance (Father: William Henry Ellis, Miner)
        Witnesses: Andrew Eddy, James Henry Ellis
7 Nov 1888 by Banns
        Samuel Mitchell Nankervis 40 Miner of St. Johns, Penzance (Father: Thomas Nankervis, Miner)
        Julia Ann Hosking 25 of Chyandour [mark] (Father: William Henry Hosking, Mason)
        Witnesses: William Henry Hosking, Edwin Major


1 Jan 1889 by Banns
        John Henry Matthews 34 Farmer of Paul (Father: John Badcock Matthews, Farmer)
        Annie Care 30 of Trye (Father: Thomas Care, Farmer)
        Witnesses: John Michell, Edwin Major
1 Jan 1889 by Banns
        James Charles Smith 28 Messenger Bank Of England of St. Michaels, Pimlico (Father: James Smith, Deceased, Blacksmith)
        Elizabeth Sarah Matthews 28 of Chyandour (Father: Thomas Matthews, Smelter)
        Witnesses: Thomas Matthews, William Henry Matthews
3 Apr 1889 by Licence
        Frederick William Eva 29 Government Insp. U S of Gulval (Father: James Richard Eva, Painter)
        Ada Elizabeth Cunnack 28 of Penzance (Father: Edwin George John Cunnack, Ironmonger)
        Witnesses: Edwin George John Cunnack, Henry Laity
6 Apr 1889 by Banns
        Daniel Mitchell Thomas 30 Miner of Zennor (Father: Matthew Thomas, Miner)
        Kate Newton 22 of Gulval (Father: John Newton, Miner)
        Witnesses: James Henry Thomas, Thomas John Newton
18 May 1889 by Licence
        Thomas Henry Old 28 Mariner of St. Merryn, Padstow (Father: Joseph Hawken Old, Farmer)
        Annie Maria Gregor 24 of Pendrea (Father: Walter Gregor, Farm Bailiff)
        Witnesses: Walter Gregor, George Edward Tregarthen


11 Feb 1890 by Banns
        Edward Inkermann Green 34 Coastguard Man of St. Peters, Newlyn (Father: Ambrose Green, Pilot)
        Sarah Ann Henderson 40 Servant of Ponsandane (Father: George Henderson, Carpenter)
        Witnesses: Edgar Ernest Green, Elizabeth Kate Henderson
25 Feb 1890 by Banns
        William Grenfell 22 Quarryman of Madron (Father: John Grenfell, Miner)
        Lavinia Willey 22 of Cranken (Father: Joseph Willey, Labourer)
        Witnesses: Joseph Willey, Margaret Kessell
14 Apr 1890 by Banns
        William John White 27 Clark of Chyandour (Father: Nicholas White, Blacksmith)
        Sarah Jane Treweeke 24 of St. Pauls, Penzance (Father: Samuel Treweeke, Tailor)
        Witnesses: Samuel Treweeke, Elizabeth Ann White
28 Jun 1890 by Banns
        Frederick James Higman 28 Gardener of Kenegie (Father: James Higman, Labourer)
        Louisa Friggens 21 of Kenegie (Father: Andrew Friggens, Miner)
        Witnesses: John Penberthy, Stephens Penberthy
9 Oct 1890 by Banns
        Edward James Love 25 Gardener of St. Georges, Truro (Father: Richard Love, Gardener)
        Minnie Jane Noble 22 of Gulval (Father: Samuel Noble, Farmer)
        Witnesses: Samuel Noble, Elizabeth Noble


12 Mar 1891 by Banns
        John Mark Nicholls 30 Farmer of St. Winnow (Father: Joseph Nicholls, Gardener)
        Lavinia Williams 29 of Gulval (Father: William Williams, Deceased, Miner)
        Witnesses: Joseph Willey, George Edworth Nicholls
22 Mar 1891 by Banns
        Stonewall Jackson Solomon 20 Sailor of Gulval (Father: Jesiah Solomon, Tailor)
        Jane Jilbert 22 of Gulval (Father: John Jilbert, Stonecutter)
        Witnesses: George Jelbert, Edwin Major
2 Apr 1891 by Banns
        John Salusbury Trelawney 30 Coffee Planter of Polmennor Hse., Madron (Father: Harry Reginald Salusbury, Lt. Col. Royal Cornwall Rangers)
        Florence Williams 24 of Trevaylor (Father: John Michael Williams., Banker Copper Merchant)
        Witnesses: C. H. Rogers, M. Williams, [?]
24 May 1891 by Banns
        Richard Harvey Pengelly 21 Farmer of Cranken (Father: Richard Pengelly, Farmer)
        Mary Jane Chappell 22 of Trythall Vean (Father: Jonathan Chappell, Farmer)
        Witnesses: Frank Harris, Janie Harvey Pengelly,
20 Jul 1891 by Banns
        Alfred Henry Luke 25 Servant of Gulval Vicarage (Father: Frederick John Luke, Carpenter)
        Mary Parsons 29 of Gulval Cross [mark] (Father: Philip Parsons, Hind)
        Witnesses: John Harvey Green, Jessie Brown
14 Oct 1891 by Banns
        Samuel Thomas Andrews 26 Clerk In Post Office of St. Johns, Penzance (Father: Thomas Andrews, Market Gardener)
        Rosalinda Tredrea 24 of Trevarrack (Father: Thomas Bond Tredrea, Builder)
        Witnesses: John Hamlin Andrews, Ada Tredrea


17 Feb 1892 by Banns
        Thomas William Rose 25 Salesman of Everton, Liverpool (Father: George Rose, Fruiterer)
        Mary Tregoning 23 of Gulval (Father: James Tregoning, Farmer)
        Witnesses: James Tregoning, William Tregoning
27 Feb 1892 by Banns
        Frank Harris 27 Insurance Agent of Gulval (Father: Francis Harris, Farmer)
        Jane Harvey Pengelly 23 of Gulval (Father: Richard Pengelly, Farmer)
        Witnesses: Richard Harvey Pengelly, Mary Jane Pengelly


25 Mar 1893 by Banns
        Alfred Williams 27 Carter of Trevarrack (Father: Henry Williams, Hind)
        Mary Jane Richings 28 of Gulval Cross (Father: Thomas Richings, Labourer)
        Witnesses: Thomas Henry Williams, Walter Richings
22 Jul 1893 by Banns
        Emmanuel Andrew 25 Shoe Maker[?] of St. Marys, Penzance (Father: Emmanuel Andrew, Miner)
        Ada Bawden 24 of Trevarrack (Father: Charles Bawden, Carter)
        Witnesses: Thomas Bodinnar Andrew, Minnie Bawden
26 Dec 1893 by Banns
        George Couling 34 Game Keeper of St. Germans (Father: William Couling, Wood Sawyer)
        Annie Leah 27 of Gulval (Father: Andrew Leah, Labourer)
        Witnesses: Alice Jane Williams, A. E. Leah, Alber Edward
27 Dec 1893 by Banns
        Hedley Vicars Gendall 30 Carpenter of Madron (Father: James Gendall, Carpenter)
        Margaret Jane Noy 28 of Higher Gear (Father: James Noy, Farmer. Decd)
        Witnesses: John Berriman, Grace Noy


31 Jan 1894 by Banns
        John Pryor 28 Miner of Germoe (Father: Edward Pryor, Miner)
        Mary Hebbard 25 of Ponsandene (Father: Henry John Hebbard, Farmer)
        Witnesses: [?] Ley Bolitho, Amoritta Lititia Harris, James Jacka
3 Mar 1894 by Banns
        Richard Hosking 23 Mason of Chyandour (Father: William Henry Hosking, Mason)
        Ellen Mills 23 of Chyandour (Father: Thomas Mills, Miner)
        Witnesses: John Jelbert, Susan Mills
14 Apr 1894 by Banns
        William Friggins 24 Labourer of Church Town, Maddron (Father: William Friggens, Labourer)
        Elizabeth Richards 24 of Trevarrack (Father: William Henry Richards, Labourer)
        Witnesses: Thomas Henry Richards, Mary Jane Richards
7 Jul 1894 by Banns
        William Henry Green 26 Mason of Madron (Father: Frederick James Green, Mason)
        Elizabeth Ann Bawden 28 of Trevarrack (Father: Charles Bawden, Carter)
        Witnesses: Frances Louisa Bawden, James Bowden
30 Sep 1894 by Banns
        Edward Dennis Thomas 40 widower Mason of 4 St. Clare Tce., Penzance (Father: Edward Dennis Thomas, Sailor)
        Rosina Roberts 38 of Chyandour (Father: Samuel Roberts, Shoe Maker)
        Witnesses: Isaac Newton, Milly Chappell
24 Nov 1894 by Banns
        Charles Dale 27 Labourer of Bosnarthan, Madron (Father: William Dale, Farmer)
        Mary Mitchell Guy 32 of Boskednan (Father: Abraham Guy, Farmer)
        Witnesses: William Curnow Dale, Alice Curnow Dale




8 Feb 1896 by Banns
        Frederick Charles Jelbert 30 Gardener of Ridgo (Father: William Henry Jelbert, Blacksmith)
        Elizabeth Jane Williams 25 of Trevarrick (Father: Henry Williams, Carrier)
        Witnesses: Emily Williams, Richard Jilbert
14 Mar 1896 by Banns
        Philip Arthur Jelbert 25 Waggoner of Ridgo (Father: William Henry Jilbert, Blacksmith)
        Lily Webb 24 of Trevarrack (Father: Edwin Webb, Baker)
        Witnesses: Frederick Charles Jelbert, Elizabeth Jane Jelbert
25 Apr 1896 by Banns
        John Blatchford 43 widower Miller of Church Town, Gulval (Father: James Blatchford, Miller)
        Louisa Alberta Roberts 30 of Gulval Vicarage (Father: James Roberts, Miner)
        Witnesses: Annie Roberts, Catherine Major
15 Aug 1896 by Banns
        William Nicholas Saundrey 28 Labourer of Tehidy Barton, Illogan (Father: James Saundrey, Miner)
        Thomasine Brewer 24 of Trevarrack (Father: William Martin Brewer, Decd. Labourer)
        Witnesses: Charles James Rowe, Emma Jane Brewer
12 Sep 1896 by Banns
        Richard Barnes 27 Labourer of Burley Wenna (Father: Charles Gundry Barnes, Carter)
        Annie Kelynack 26 of Burley Wenna (Father: William Hastings Kelynack, Decd. Mariner)
        Witnesses: Edward Wood, Ellenn Williams
12 Oct 1896 by Banns
        William John Hicks 26 Hair Dresser of [?], Gulval (Father: James Henry Hicks, Miller)
        Elizabeth Jane Rowe 24 of Trevarrack (Father: James Rowe, Accountant)
        Witnesses: James Rowe, Mary Gribble
14 Oct 1896 by Banns
        Charles Gundry 30 Farmer of Perranuthnoe (Father: Thomas Gundry, Farmer)
        Helen Oliver 24 of Trenow (Father: John Oliver Decd, Farmer)
        Witnesses: John Oliver, William Thomas
31 Oct 1896 by Banns
        Thomas Henry Polgrean 48 widower Gardener of Bos[?], Madron [mark] (Father: Edward Polgrean, Deceased, Farmer)
        Henrietta Needs 36 of Ding Dong (Father: George Needs, Labourer)
        Witnesses: Edward J. Green, Sarah Ann Green
28 Dec 1896 by Licence
        Phillip Llewellyn 28 Stone Cutter of Paul (Father: Charles Llewellyn, Labourer)
        Nellie Williams 23 of Trevarrack (Father: John Williams, Mariner)
        Witnesses: Williams Williams, Mary Emma Drew


23 Feb 1897 by Banns
        Joseph Nicholas Rowe 28 Butcher of St. Pauls, Penzance (Mother: Priscilla Rowe)
        Annie Nicholls Boase 25 of Velanoweth (Mother: Harriet Boase)
        Witnesses: John Boase, Elizabeth Ann Tonkin
20 Mar 1897 by Banns
        James Bawden 22 Stoker of Trevarrack (Father: Charles Bawden, Waggoner)
        Frances Ann Caddy 21 of Marazion (Father: Edward Caddy, Deceased, Publican)
        Witnesses: Alfred Triggs, Frances Louisa Bawden
21 Apr 1897 by Banns
        Frederick Tregoning 23 Blacksmith of Gulval Cross (Father: Henry Tregoning, Blacksmith)
        Ellen Oliver 23 of Church Town, Gulval (Father: William Oliver, Market Gardener)
        Witnesses: William Oliver, Abrahm Tregoning
28 Apr 1897 by Banns
        Evan Ivey 39 Government Surveyor of Church Town, Gulval (Father: Henry Ivey, Deceased, Miller)
        Martha Oliver 30 of Trenow (Father: John Oliver. Decd, Market Gardener)
        Witnesses: Thomas Oliver, Selina Anne Rowe
30 Jun 1897 by Banns
        James Charles Green 27 Shoe Riveter of 10 Wherry Town, Madron (Father: Frederick Green, Mason)
        Emily Bridgeman 25 of Chyandour (Father: Samuel Bridgman, Carrier)
        Witnesses: Joseph Sarten, Elizabeth Treflouer
28 Jul 1897 by Banns
        Warrick Luke 22 Blacksmith of Trythogga (Father: William James Luke, Mason, Deceased)
        Catherine Emma Edwards 24 of Trythogga (Father: William Edwards, Gardener)
        Witnesses: William Edwards, Charles Luke
24 Aug 1897 by Banns
        Richard Thomas Hicks 26 Amalgamator of Cambourne (Father: William Hicks, Coachman)
        Eliza Mann 30 of Trevaylor (Father: John Mann, Deceased, Shoemaker)
        Witnesses: Catherine King, Edward Wilton Newton
6 Sep 1897 by Licence
        John Henry Richards 38 widower Miner of Madron (Father: John Richards, Deceased, Carrier)
        Bessie Noy 40 of Trythall (Father: James Noy, Deceased, Farmer)
        Witnesses: William Coombe, James Guy
8 Dec 1897 by Banns
        Walter Thomas 23 Labourer of Tremenhere, Ludgvan (Father: Martin Thomas, Gardener)
        Adelaide Trembath 20 of Ridges, Gulval (Father: Nicholas Hosking Trembath, Miner)
        Witnesses: Andrew Taylor, Annie Trembath


8 Jan 1898 by Banns
        Thomas Semmens 23 Labourer of Gulval Cross (Father: Thomas Semmens, Labourer)
        Helen Mary Allen 21 of Rosemorran (Father: William Allen, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: Thomas Semmens, William Semmens, Mary Reynolds
26 Dec 1898 by Banns
        James Stone 30 Farmer of Higher Cranken (Father: John Stone, Farmer)
        Grace Noy 35 of Trythall (Father: James Noy, Deceased, Farmer)
        Witnesses: John Noy, George Stone


7 Jan 1899 by Banns
        James Semmens 20 Labourer of The Cross, Gulval (Father: Thomas Semmens, Labourer)
        Eliza Pheby 20 of The Cross, Gulval (Father: Thomas Pheby, Deceased, Miner)
        Witnesses: James Pheby, Clara Pheby
29 Mar 1899 by Banns
        John Henwood 44 widower Warehouse Man of 38 Leskennick Tc, Penzance (Father: James Henwood, Gardener)
        Emily Tregoning 45 of Gulval Church Town (Father: John Tregoning, Farmer)
        Witnesses: W. John Tregoning, Ada Reynolds
24 May 1899 by Banns
        Edmund Thomas Pengelly 26 Carpenter of Orsby[?], Leicester (Father: William John Pengelly, Saddler)
        Mary Ellen Corin Williams 22 of Burley Grove, Gulval (Father: Alfred Williams, Engine Driver)
        Witnesses: Thomas Corin Williams, Emeline Pengelly
6 Dec 1899 by Banns
        Frederick George Stevens 27 Coachman of Constantine (Father: James Stevens, Carrier)
        Mary Williams 22 of The Cross, Gulval (Father: Henry Willliams, Carrier)
        Witnesses: C. Williams, Emily Williams


22 Jan 1900 by Banns
        John Finney 39 Engineer of Chyandour (Father: Willliam Finney, Deceased, Engineer)
        Janie Matthews 34 of Chyandour (Father: Thomas Matthews, Tin Smelter)
        Witnesses: Thomas Matthews, Nellie Hooper
17 Mar 1900 by Banns
        Stephen Penberthy 30 Labourer of Kenegie (Father: Isaac Penberthy, Deceased, Miner)
        Alice Jilbert 25 of Trezelah (Father: John Jilbert, Deceased, Miner)
        Witnesses: John Thomas Penberthy, George Jilbert
17 Mar 1900 by Banns
        Richard Henry Richards 26 Coachman of Hea Moor, Madron (Father: John Richards, Farmer)
        Selina Anne Rowe 24 of Church Town, Gulval (Father: Alexander Rowe, Market Gardener)
        Witnesses: James Henry Rowe, Emily Rowe
4 Dec 1900 by Banns
        William James Dawe 23 Butcher of 38 Market Jew St., Penzance (Father: Thomas Dawe, Butcher)
        Matilda Williams 21 of Little Bosalval (Father: Henry Williams, Deceased, Miner)
        Witnesses: Joseph Henry Andrews, Emma Williams


4 Apr 1901 by Banns
        John Henry Willcocks 26 Gamekeeper of Polkinghorne (Father: Henry Willcocks, Farmer)
        Mabel Searle 20 of Cross, Gulval (Father: John Searle, Seaman)
        Witnesses: John Searle, Agnes Emma Paul
8 May 1901 by Banns
        Philip Rogers 32 Farmer of Laity Farm, Lelant (Father: Samuel Rogers, Farmer)
        Emma Noy 26 of Trythall Farm (Father: Thomas Noy, Farmer)
        Witnesses: Charles Noy, Ada Noy
10 Sep 1901 by Banns
        William Veal Bickle 29 Engineer of Devonport (Father: Thomas John Bickle, Deceased, Engineer)
        Martha Stone 25 of Cranken (Father: John Stone, Farmer)
        Witnesses: Mary Stone, S[?] Wingfield
22 Oct 1901 by Banns
        George Burgen 42 Farmer of Badgers Cross (Father: Humphrey Burgen, Labourer)
        Elizabeth Jane James 42 of Trezelah (Father: Richard James, Farmer)
        Witnesses: William John James, Gertrude James
13 Nov 1901 by Banns
        Edwin Denley 25 Master Mariner of 1 Albert St., Penzance (Father: Joseph Denley, Coal Merchant)
        Elizabeth Ann Blewett Jenkin 21 of Church Town, Gulval (Father: Matthew Jenkin, Labourer)
        Witnesses: William John Jenkin, Emily Jenkin
25 Dec 1901 by Banns
        Richard Hall 34 Farmer of Cranken (Father: Thomas Hall, Deceased, Farmer)
        Mary Philippa Phillips 23 of Long Garris (Father: John Thomas Phillips, Farmer)
        Witnesses: John Thomas Phillips, William James Hall


1 Mar 1902 by Banns
        Henry John Bastard 26 Gardener of Trevaylor (Father: John Bastard, Gardener)
        Emily Symons 26 of Trevaylor (Father: Edwin Symons, Storeman)
        Witnesses: Richard Symons, Annie Rowe
7 May 1902 by Banns
        Richard Cotton Kliskey 21 Carrier of Dock House, Penzance (Father: John Kliskey, Labourer)
        Clara Hitchens 22 of Tregarris (Father: John Hitchens, Labourer)
        Witnesses: John James Kliskey, Annie Hichens
4 Jun 1902 by Banns
        William John Trudgen 25 Labourer of Church Town, Gulval (Father: John Trudgen, Labourer)
        Kate Stone 21 of Church Town, Gulval (Father: John Henry Stone, Labourer)
        Witnesses: John Henry Stone, Mary Jane Trudgen
18 Jun 1902 by Banns
        William Herbert Kendrick 25 Dentist Assistant of Faversham (Father: Daniel Kendrick, Iron Manager)
        Bertha Blight Tredrea 23 of Gulval (Father: Thomas Bond Tredrea, Master Builder)
        Witnesses: Samuel Thomas Andrews, Arthur John Gill, Ethel Alice Tredrea
7 Aug 1902 by Banns
        Silas Richards 23 Labourer of White Cross, Ludgvan (Father: William Richards, Miner)
        Rhoda Ann Martin 21 of Higher Hellangove (Father: Richard Henry Martin, Farmer)
        Witnesses: Richard Henry Martin, Emily Richards
20 Aug 1902 by Banns
        Richard John Blewett 29 Labourer of Church Town, Gulval (Father: John Blewett, Market Gardener)
        Nellie Tregoning 29 of Trevarrack
        Witnesses: George Richard Sellick, William Blewett
18 Oct 1902 by Banns
        John Colenso 28 Wheelwright of 30 Alma Place, Penzance (Father: Edwin Colenso, Deceased, Upholsterer)
        Frances Louisa Bawden 29 of Travarrack Place (Father: Charles Bawden, Waggoner)
        Witnesses: James Bawden, Edwin James Colenso


1 Feb 1903 by Banns
        Edward Bonetto 20 Sailor of Treselah (Father: William Bonetto, Fisherman)
        Emma Jelbert 22 of Trezelah (Father: John Jelbert, Deceased, Miner)
        Witnesses: James Albert Rogers, Eveline Jilbert
18 Feb 1903 by Banns
        Thomas Charles Matthews 29 Farmer of Church Town, Gulval (Father: George Jollow Matthews, Farmer)
        Florence Tregoning 25 of St. Johns, Penzance (Father: James Tregoning, Farmer)
        Witnesses: James Tregoning, Ellen Carhart Tregoning
14 Mar 1903 by Banns
        Benjamin Tregoning 24 Blacksmith of 8 Chyconick Tce, Gulval (Father: Henry Tregoning, Blacksmith)
        Mary Ellen Brush 22 of Carnaguidden, Gulval (Father: Henry Brush, Farmer)
        Witnesses: Henry Brush, James Henry Rowe
17 Mar 1903 by Banns
        Harry Edwards Matthews 24 Confectioner of 4 Windsor Tce, Penzance (Father: John Edmonds Matthews, Deceased, Commercial Traveller)
        Catherine Helina Hosking 23 of Chyandour (Father: William Henry Hosking, Mason)
        Witnesses: William Henry Hichens, Elizabeth Alma Hosking
15 Apr 1903 by Banns
        Joseph Arthur Hicks 30 Farmer of Landythe, Madron (Father: Joseph Hicks, Deceased, Miner)
        Harriet Millicent Veale 28 of Kenegie (Father: Thomas Veale, Deceased, Miner)
        Witnesses: Richarfd Nicholls, Mary Elizabeth Easton
12 Sep 1903 by Banns
        John Corkell 23 Moulder of Abbey St., Penzance (Father: William Corkell, Labourer, Deceased)
        Elizabeth Jane Woolcock 22 of Church Town, Gulval (Father: William John Woolcock, Labourer, Deceased)
        Witnesses: William John Woolcock, Janie Penrose Corkell
15 Nov 1903 by Banns
        Henry Shepherd 22 Gardener of Long Rock, Gulval (Father: Thomas Shepherd, Gardener)
        Beatrice Mary Lloyd 21 of Long Rock, Gulval (Father: Thomas Lloyd, Carpenter)
        Witnesses: Edwin Major, Richard Semmens


13 Jan 1904 by Banns
        Christopher Martin Brush 22 Farmer of Chysauster (Father: Henry Brush, Farmer)
        Emily Rowe 23 of Church Town (Father: Alexander Rowe, Farmer)
        Witnesses: Charles Friggens, Margaret Rowe
2 Apr 1904 by Banns
        Samuel Olds Watkins 23 Clerk of 24 Caldwell Rd, Penzance (Father: Samuel Olds Watkings, Deceased, Mason)
        Beatrice Annie Hicks 21 of Trevarrack (Father: James Henry Hicks, Time Keeper)
        Witnesses: William John Hicks, Oliver Pearce Hicks
16 Jul 1904 by Banns
        Richard Trevenen 22 Farmer of Lower Hellangove (Father: John Trevenen, Deceased, Farmer)
        Ellen Martin 22 of Higher Hellangove (Father: Richard Henry Martin, Farmer)
        Witnesses: Richard Henry Martin, Carrie Martin
14 Sep 1904 by Banns
        William Paul 35 Florist of 3 Coulson Place, Penzance (Father: Charles Paul, Seaman)
        Mary Corin Tregoning 34 of Church Town, Gulval (Father: Alfred Tregoning, Market Gardener)
        Witnesses: Alfred Tregoning, Bernard White
14 Sep 1904 by Banns
        John Carter Hawke 30 Coast Guard of Preston, Co. Down (Father: Alexander Hawke, Deceased, Butler)
        Emma Jane Semmens 23 of Trevanack, Gulval (Father: Thomas Semmens, Labourer)
        Witnesses: Thomas Semmens, Sydney Charles Hawke
7 Sep 1904 by Banns
        Charles Noy 32 Farmer of Trythall (Father: Thomas Noy, Farmer)
        Charity Berryman 27 of Trythall (Father: John Berryman, Miner)
        Witnesses: John Berryman, Albert Noy
14 Sep 1904 by Banns
        Thomas Penglaze 31 Farmer of Bay Of Biscay, Gulval (Father: Richard Penglaze, Farmer)
        Ada Noy 23 of Trythall (Father: Thomas Noy, Farmer)
        Witnesses: Charles Noy, Lily Semmens
14 Dec 1904 by Banns
        Charles White 31 Gardener of Luthergwarne, Madron (Father: John White, Deceased, Farmer)
        Rhoda Mary Retallack 26 of The Coombe, Gulval (Father: John Retallack, Labourer)
        Witnesses: William Thomas Jenkin, Sarah Triggs


23 Jan 1905 by Banns
        George Pine 36 Soldier of Newlyn, Penzance (Father: Thomas Pine, Builder)
        Rose Keester 21 of Gladstone Tce., Gulval (Father: Anthony Keester, Bootmaker)
        Witnesses: Anthony Keester, Nicholas Charles Richards
26 Jul 1905 by Banns
        William James Hall full age Farmer of Crankan (Father: Thomas Hall, Deceased, Farmer)
        Ethel Williams full age of Bosulval (Father: John Francis Williams, Farmer)
        Witnesses: John Francis Williams, George Stone
28 Oct 1905 by Banns
        Richard Thomas Perry 23 Blacksmith of Gulval (Father: Edwin Perry, Farm Labourer)
        Emily Jenkin 22 of Gulval (Father: Matthew Jenkin, Farm Labourer)
        Witnesses: W. J. Jenkin, Carrie Perry
29 Nov 1905 by Banns
        John Vivian Thomas 29 Carpenter of Ridgeo, Gulval (Father: James Henry Thomas, Farmer)
        Elizabeth Ann Jelbert 24 of Ridgeo, Gulval (Father: James Jelbert, Carpenter)
        Witnesses: James Jelbert, Lily Rowe
17 Dec 1905 by Banns
        William Lawry 36 widower Labourer of Chyandour (Father: William Lawry, Deceased, Farmer)
        Mary Ellis Rowe 41 of Chyandour (Father: James Rowe, Market Gardener)
        Witnesses: William John Daniel, Bessie Rowe

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