Adams John, 11 The Terrace

Andrew Robert Morton, 10 The Terrace

Bamfield Robert Hichens, The Terrace

Bennet Rev. John T. [Wesleyan], 17 he Terrace

Berriman Mrs. 7 The Terrace

Best William Harris, High street

Boscense Benjamin, Barnoon terrace

Care Jacob, Barnoon terrace

Chellew William, Trenwith

Christopher John, 14 The Terrace

Colbeck Rev. Alfred [Methodist New Connexion], Chapel street

Daniel Joshua, 1 The Terrace

Faull Mrs. Tregenna terrace

Fuidge Rev. William C. [Countess of Huntingdon’s Connexion], Barnoon

Graham John, Dove villa

Hain Edward, 16 The Terrace

Hain Edward, jun. 30 The Terrace

Hain John, Barnoon

Hainbly William, Barnoon terrace

Harry Anthony Roskruge, 23 The Terrace

Harry Thomas Rowe, Barnoon terrace

Hocking Misses, Tregenna terrace

Jones Rev. John Balmer M.A. Vicarage

Kernick John May, 18 The Terrace

Leslie Stephen1, Talland house

Lewis Miss, 5 Draycot terrace

Matthew Miss, Pyne villa

Morton Robert, 4 The Terrace

Osborn Rev. John [Wesleyan], 13 The Terrace

Paynter William, sen. 9 The Terrace

Paynter William John, 22 The Terrace

Pemberthy Mrs. Barnoon terrace

Pooley Edward, 3 The Terrace

Quick John, Barnoon terrace

Rattenbury Rev. William [Bible Christian], Barnoon terrace

Read James, St. Ives bank

Roberts John, Tregenna terrace

Roe Rev. Henry [Primitive Methodist], Tregenna terrace

Rosewall George Bennett, 27 The Teraace

Rosewall Sampson C. Belle Ayr terrace

Russell Rev. Wm. [curate], Parsonage

Short John Tregerthen, Fore street

Staff Geo. Thos. Albert, 31 The Terrace

Stephens Mrs. Shoot street

Stevens Daniel Freeman, South terrace

Stevens Mrs. 4 Draycot terrace

Thomas Miss, 1 Barnoon terrace

Tremearne Mrs. 1 Draycot terrace

Tresidder Wm. Tolmie, 8 The Terrace

Trevaskis Henry, Barnoon terrace

Treweeke George, The Stennack

Trewhella William, The Terrace

Wallis John, 26 The Terrace

Wearne Mrs. Barnoon terrace

Williams George, Salubrious villa

Williams Jas. Berriman, 7 Draycot ter

Williams John, 2 The Terrace

Yonge Miss, The Terrace

Younge Peter, Tregenna terrace

Young Tonkin, South terrace


Andrew John, boot & shoe maker, Gabriel street

Andrew Richard, tailor, Market place

Andrews John, trinity pilot, Back road

Anglin Benjamin, fish merchant, Fore street

Anthony Elizabeth (Miss), shopkeeper, Wharf

Anthony Fanny (Miss), shopkeeper, Wharf

Anthony John Bray, registrar of births amp; deaths for St. Ives sub-district, Shoot street

Anthony Margaret (Miss), lodging house, 25 Terrace

Anthony Maurice Dyer, watch maker & seine owner, Tregenna place

Anthony Morgan, stamp distributor & postmaster, Post office, Tregenna place

Ashton Edward, photographer, Tregenna hill

Ashton Nicholas Taylor, chemist & druggist, Market place

Bamfield Robert Hichens, soliciter & commissioner for affadavits in Stannaries, The Terrace

Baragwanath Elizabeth Harris (Mrs.), greengrocer, Chapel st

Baragwanath Matthew, farmer, Ayr

Barber William, Union inn, Fore street

Batten, Carne & Carne bankers (Philip Marrack, manager), open tuesdays & saturdays, 11 to 3, thursdays, 11 to 1, Tregenna place; draw on Robarts, Lubbock & Co. London

Bawden Charles, grocer, Chapel street

Bazely & Co. seine owners (Nathaniel Paynter, agent)

Beard Ann (Mrs.), shopkeeper, Chapel street

Behenna Elizabeth (Mrs.), shopkeeper, St. Andrew street

Bennett James, head constable, collector of market tolls & water rates & inspector under the Contagious Diseases (Animals’) Act & the Explosives Act, Shoot street

Bennett John, farmer, Ayr

Berriman John, farmer, Little Tregenna

Berriman Lydia (Mrs.), shopkeper, Back road

Berriman Philip, farmer, Ayr

Berriman William, lodging house, The Terrace

Best & Son, ironmongers & saddlers & seine owners, High st

Boase John Charles, draper, Fore street

Bolitho & Co. seine owners (Joshua Daniels, agent)

Bowden Thomas, smith, Chapel street

Bruce William, shopkeeper, Fore street

Bryant Robert, boat builder & shipwright, Island

Bryant Sarah (Mrs.), shopkeeper, Island road

Bryant Thomas, master mariner, North terrace

Buckingham George, herring curer, fish & fruit commission agent, Curing houses, near Custom house; Stores, Fore st

Burrell William, carpenter, Bowling Green

Burrell William, jun. carpenter, Digay

Carbines Robert Richard, grocer, Chapel street

Carbines William, market gardener, The Stennack

Care John, seine owner

Care William Henry, master mariner, 19 The Terrace

Cemetery (Thomas Rosewall, clerk to burial board), Barnoon

Chellew James, master mariner, 3 Draycot terrace

Chellew Mary (Miss), draper & milliner, Gabriel street

Clark Henry, umbrella maker, St. Andrew street

Comley Joseph James, draper & outfitter, Fore street

Comley Lander Elvin, outfitter & draper & wholesale manufaturer of oil skins, Fore street

Congdon Nicholas, shipwright & boat builder, Beach

Cooch Anthony, trinity pilot, Fore street

Cooper John, wheelwright, Chapel street

Cooper William John, grocer, Fore street

Cornwall Fishing Co. seine owner (Chas. Jenkyn, agent)

Cothey Edward, trinity pilot, Back road

Couch Mary (Mrs.), shopkeeper, Fish street

Cowling George, grocer, Fore street

Craze James Penberthy, boot & shoe maker, Tregenna place

Craze Thomas, jun. farmer, Corva

Craze William, farmer & market gardener, Nanjivey

Cruse Elizabeth (Miss), lodging house, Tregenna terrace

Curnow Charles, grocer, Fore street

Curnow Matthew, shoe maker, Wharf

Daniel Grace Cundy (Mrs.), private school, Tregenna hill

Daniel Jane, (Mrs.), cabinet maker, Skidden hill

Daniel John, beer retailer, Skidden hill

Daniel John, master mariner, Tregenna terrace

Daniel John, shopkeeper, Carn grouse

Daniel Joshua, shipowner, Fore street

Daniel Matthew, watch maker, Tregenna place

Daniel Patty Quick (Miss), shopkeeper, Chapel street

Date John, market gardener & tin dresser, The Stennack

Davies Alice (Mrs.), butcher, Market place

Davies Alice (Mrs.), lodging house, 12 The Terrace

Docton & Son, tailors & woolen drapers, High street

Dupen Ellen (Miss), private school, Tregenna hill

Ebenezer Fishing Co. seine owners (Henry Faull, agent)

Eddy Paul, shopkeeper, Gabriel street

Edwards Robert Mitchell, farmer, Trevalgen

Elford Jane Smith (Mrs.), baker, Tregenna hill

England Isaac, manufacturer of all kinds of fishing nets, cottons, twines & fishing lines always on sale, The Beach

Evans Thomas, eating house, Fore street

Faull Henry, general & furnishing ironmonger & plumber, brazier, bell hanger, zinc & tin plate worker & hot water engineer, Fore street

Francis Jane (Mrs.), grocer, High street

Gas Works (William Henry Parsons, manager), Digay

Glasson Jakeh, Cornish Arms, Trelyon

Gleaner Fishing Co. seine owners (Francis Jennings, agent)

Goodman Thomas & Edward, grocers, High street

Graham John, custom house officer, Fore street

Gregory William, carrier, Barnoon

Grenfell John, lodging house, Tregenna hill

Grenfell Thomas, lodging house, 17 Tregenna terrace

Hain Edward & Son, steamship owners, Terrace

Hain Edward, seine owner, Terrace

Hain Richard, master mariner, Tregenna terrace

Hambley Thomas, boat builder & shipwright, Island

Hamlyn George, confectioner, Market place

Harris Jane Harper (Mrs.), draper, High street

Harris John Anthony, grocer & rate collector, Fore street

Harris Robert, farmer, Pembeagle

Harry Anthony Roskruge, auctioneer & commission agent, Fore street

Harry Thomas Rowe, master mariner, Barnoon terrace

Harry William, boot & shoe maker, Chapel street

Hart John, ship & anchor smith, Beach

Hawke Philip Kingcome Watty, organist at St. Andrew’s

Heddon Francis, hair dresser, Fore street

Herbert William & Co. shipping & family grocers, fish & general merchants, cork, paints, brushes & all kinds of fishing nets, Quay

Hichens Co. seine owners (Henry Trevaskis, agent)

Hill James, fish merchant, Fore street

Hocking Mary (Mrs.), dress maker, Tregenna hill

Hocking Nicholas, tailor, Tregenna hill

Hodge John, ship owner, ship chandler & broker, iron monger, brick, tile & general merchant, Beach

Hodge Louisa (Mrs.), Western hotel, Gabriel street

Hollow John & Son, fish salesman & commission agents, coal, salt, parafin, cutch, cork, net & general merchants, Digay

Hollow Husband, coal dealer, Wharf

Hollow Jane (Mrs.), grocer, Fore street

Hollow Thomas, farmer, Trevalgan

Hollow William, farmer, Trowan

Hollow William, Golden Lion, Market place

Hosking Henry, Wheat Sheaf, Chapel stret

Hosking Honor (miss), shopkeeper, Back street

Hosking William Henry, market gardener, Trenwith

Husband John, farmer, Hellesveor

Jacobs Henry Edwards, master mariner, Belle Ayr terrace

James Charles, grocer, Fore street

James Thomas, farmer, Hellesveor

James Thomas, master mariner, Draycot terrace

Jamieson Robert, fish merchant, Fore street

Jenkyn Charles, shoe maker, Tregenna place

Jenkyn George, seine owner

Jenkyn Richard, shoe maker, Chapel street

Jenkyn Thomas, chemist & dentist, Fore street

Jenkyn Thos. fish merchant & seine owner, 6 The Terrace

Jennings Francis, borough treasurer, Tregenna terrace

Jennings James, seine owner

Jennings John, boot & shoe maker, Tregenna place

Jennings Mary Ann (Mrs.), grocer, The Stennack

Jennings Richard, sail maker, Strand

Jennings William, shopkeeper, Back road

Johns Richard Rodda, master mariner, Tregenna terrace

Johns Robert, plumber & glazier, Market place

Johns Thomas Trewhella, seine owner

Julian John, miller (water), Town mills, The Stennack

Kernick & Craze, seine owners

Kernick John May, local steward to the Duchess of Cleveland & hon. clerk to the school board, 18 The Terrace

Keskeys Emmanuel, Queen’s hotel, High street

Lander & Co. seine owners, (R. Lander, agent)

Lander Jane (Miss), shopkeeper, Shoot street

Lander Charles & Son, auctioneers, fish salesmen & general merchants, cork, paints, oils & all kinds of fishing nets, Quay

Lang Grace (Mrs.), shopkeeper, Wharf

Lanham James Kempthorne, genral warehouseman, & ale & porter stores, & agent for W. A. Gilbey, wine & spirit merchants, High street

Luke James, ship & anchor smith, Beach

Madder Ann (Mrs.), shopkeeper, Digay

Major Lavinia (Mrs.), shopkeeper, Shoot street

Major Samuel, butcher, Market place

Marrack Philip, manager of Batten, Carne & Carne’s Bank, Tregenna place

Martin Mary Jane (Miss), dress maker, Skidden hill

Martin William, farmer, Trevalgen

Maunder William, fish merchant, Quay

Michell Thomas, mine agent, North terrace

Mitchell Samuel, wheelwright, The Stennack

Morton Robert, coal merchant, Shoot street

Morton Robert, jun. master mariner, Tregenna place

Newlyn & Gulval Ice Works Co. store, Beach

Newton Samuel, shopkeeper, The Stennack

Nicholls James, shopkeeper, Chapel street

Ninnes Elizabeth (Mrs.), twine seller, Wharf

Ninnes Elizabeth (Mrs.), shopkeeper, Fore street

Ninnes Joseph Webb, general smith, The Stennack

Ninnes Joseph Webb, jun. smith & brazier, Gabriel street

Noall Thomas & Son, boat builders & shipwrights, Island

Noall Catherine (Miss), shopkeeper, Digay

Noall George, grocer, St. Andrew street

Noall Jane (Miss), milliner, Bunkers hill

Noall John, inspector of nuisances to urban sanitary authority, Dove street

Noall Lizzie (Miss), milliner, Fore street

Noall Richard, lodging house, Bowling green

Noall Sampson, lodging house, Barnoon terrace

Noall William, carpenter, Digay meadow

Noy William, grocer, Tregenna place

Olds William, butcher, Market place

Paynter Charles, town crier, Fore street

Paynter Mary (Mrs.), lodging house, 9 The Terrace

Paynter Thomas Simon, shopkeeper, Fore street

Paynter William, seine owner

Paynter William, Trinity pilot & Star inn, St. Andrew street

Paynter William, jun. shipwright, The Terrace

Pearce Ann (Mrs.), butcher, High street

Pearce Isaac, blacksmith, The Stennack

Pearce Isaac, butcher, Fore street

Pearce James, potato grower, Tregenna hill

Pearce John, butcher, Market place

Pearce John, jun. butcher, Market place

Pearce William, butcher, Market place

Pearson Mary (Mrs.), lodging house, Bowling green

Penberthy Francis Adams, grocer, ale & porter dlr. Chapel st

Permewan Richard Henry, draper, Tregenna place

Phillips Peter, greengrocer, High street

Pooley Edward, mine agent, 3 The Terrace

Praed Richard, hair dresser, Fore street

Prynne George, grocer & tea dealer, High street

Quick Alice (Mrs.), shopkeeper, Wheal Dream

Quick Ann (Mrs.), fancy repository, Tregenna place

Quick Elizabeth (Mrs.), farmer, Pembeagle

Quick Elizabeth (Mrs.), greengrocer, Market place

Quick Grace (Mrs.), temperance hotel, Tregenna place

Quick Jane (Mrs.), shopkeeper, Digay

Quick John, farmer, Pembeagle

Quick John, sail maker, Wharf

Quick Mary (Mrs.), lodging house, St. Andrew street

Quick Richard, fish merchant, Bunkers hill

Quick Richard, shipwright & lodging house, Tregenna place

Quick William, market gardener, Trevalgen

Read James, manager of St. Ives Bank, Shoot street

Reaper Co. seine owners (John Thomas, agent)

Redruth Brewery Co. brewers, White Hart brewery, Wharf

Reynolds John, Castle inn, Fore street

Rich James, shopkeeper & baker, Tregenna place

Richards Edward, grocer, Carngrouse

Richards Elizabeth (Mrs.), lodging house, 3 Tregenna ter

Richards Elizabeth (Mrs.), White Hart, Wharf

Richards Henry, painter, Dove street

Richards Jane (Miss), shopkeeper, Back road

Richards Robert, greengrocer, fruiterer & fish merchant, High street

Richards Thomas, farmer, Trowan

Richards Thomas, sail maker, Beach

Richards William, farmer, Hellesveor

Roach John, grocer, Tregenna place

Roberts William & Sons, drapers, High street

Rogers Philip, market gardener, Trenwith

Rogers Philip, shopkeeper, Tregenna place

Rosewall George, farmer, Folly

Rosewall George, jun. farmer, Folly

Rosewall Thomas, clerk to the burial board, Windy park

Rosewall William Henry, master mariner, Barnoon terrace

Rouse Mary (Mrs.), shopkeeper, Shoot street

Rowe Alice (Mrs.), George & Dragon, Market place

Rowe Alice (Mrs.), milliner, Fore street

Rowe Annie (Miss), grocer, Gabriel street

Rowe Charles Frederick, tailor & woolen draper, High st

Rowe James, assistant overseer, St. Andrew street

Rowe James, private school, Fore street

Rowe Jane (Miss), shopkeeper, Back road

St. Ives Amateur Dramatic Society (George Prynne, sec)

St. Ives Bank (Bolitho, Sons & Co.) (James Read, man.) Shoot street; open daily from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. except thurs 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.; draw on Ransom, Bouverie & Co. London

St. Ives Boating & Athletic Club (Charles F. Rowe, captain)

St. Ives Choral Society (James Wearne, sec.; Richard White, conductor

St. Ives Conservative Association (Rev. J. B. Jones M.A. sec)

St. Ives Consols Tin & Copper Mine (George Treweeke, purser; Thomas Michell, manager)

St. Ives Liberal Association (Henry S. Warren, sec)

St. Ives Reading Room (William Trewhella, sec.), Tregenna hl

St. Ives Swimming Association (A. R. Harry, sec)

St. Ives Waterworks (R. Pender Tyacke, clerk & treasurer), Shoot street

Sampson Betsey (Mrs.), ale, wine & spirit dealer, Skidden hill

Sampson Joanna (Mrs.), draper, Fore street

Sandow Charlotte (Miss), shopkeeper, Tregenna place

Sandow Martha (Miss), shopkeeper, St. Andrew street

Sandow James, farmer & shopkeeper, Stennack

Short & Dunn, seine owners

Short John Tregerthen, shipwright, seine owner, Lloyd’s agent & resident agent to the manors of St. Ives & Treloyan, Beach & Fore street

Shugg John, builder, 5 The Terrace

Simpson J. S. C. & Co. outfitters, Fore street

Sisley George, painter, Tregenna place

Smith Peter Bryant, shoe maker,Fore street

Staff George Thomas Albert L.R.Q.C.P., M.R.C.S. physician & surgeon, medical officer of health to urban sanitary authority, medical officer & public vaccinator for district of St. Ives, Admiralty surgeon & examining surgeon for Queen’s & Government service, 31 The Terrace & Tregenna place

Stamp Office (Morgan Anthony, distributor), Tregenna place

Stephens Ann (Mrs.), greengrocer, Skidden hill

Stephens Ephraim Perkins, Trinity pilot, Back road

Stephens Richard, school attendance officer

Stephens Richard Paynter, greengrocer, Fore street

Stephens Vivian, master mariner, Tregenna terrace

Stephens William German, Trinity pilot, Market street

Stevens Betsey Burrell (Mrs.), fruiterer, Fore street

Stevens Daniel, seine owner

Stevens Eliza (Mrs.), shopkeeper, Chapel street

Stevens Jane (Mrs.), shopkeeper, Chapel street

Stevens John, boot & shoe maker, Gabriel street

Stevens John, boot & shoe maker, Fore street

Stevens William, farmer, Trevalgen

Stibbs Ernest, fish merchant, Carn grouse

Symons Jane (Mrs.), greengrocer, Shoot street

Tallam Elizabeth (Mrs.) greengrocer, Shoot street

Taylor Margaret & Caroline (Misses), ladies’ private school, Skidden hill

Thomas Elizabeth Ann (Mrs.), shopkeeper, Skidden hill

Thomas Richard, shopkeeper, Tregenna place

Toy Robert, builder & contractor, Belle Ayr terrace & Redfern court

Tregenna Castle hotel (William Donald Hughes, manager)

Tremearne Charles (Mrs.), seine owner

Tresidder William Tolmie, solicitor & notary public & commissioner in all the courts, clerk to borough justices & to St. Ives harbour commissioners, Shoot street

Trevorrow Henry, boat builder & shipwright, Island

Trevorrow Matthew, butcher, Market place

Trevorrow William, cabinet maker, Tregenna pl

Trevorrow William Henry, grocer, Wharf

Trewhella Catherine (Mrs.), greengrocer, Wharf

Trewhella John Thomas, commercial traveller, Albert place

Trewhella William, seine owner

Trewren John, lodging house, The Terrace

Trewren John, jun. ale & spirit dealer, Fore street

Try Fishing Co. seine owners (George Williams, agent)

Tyacke R. Pender, solicitor, town clerk & clerk to the urban sanitary authority, Shoot street

Union Fishing Co. seine owners (Richard Quick, agent)

Uren Elizabeth (Miss), shopkeeper, Chapel street

Uren Tobias, farmer, Trelyon

Veale Daniel, fish merchant, Beach

Veale Martha, shopkeeper, The Stennack

Veale William, fish merchant, Gabriel street

Veale William Dunn, auctioneer & fish salesman, Fore street

Victoria Co. seine owners (John Thomas, agent)

Wall Ann (Mrs.), shopkeeper, Chapel street

Wall Henry Binney, shoe maker, Gabriel street

Wallis John, builder, St. Andrew street

Wasley George, Sloop inn, Wharf

Wearne James, printer & stationer, High street

Wearne William, farmer, Higher Carstable

White & Menner, grocers, Fore street

White James Uren, printer & stationer, Fore street

White Kitty Daniel (Miss), shopkeeper, Chapel street

White Nicholas, fish merchant & grocer, Fore street

Williams George, cooper & boat builder, basket maker & fish merchant, Back road

Williams Jabez Berriman, seine owner

Williams James Berriman, general merchant & seine owner, 6 Draycot terrace

Williams Jane (Mrs.),lodging house, Barnoon terrace

Williams Joshua, shopkeeper, Shoot street

Williams Susan (Mrs.), greengrocer, St. Andrew street

Williams Thomas, builder, & local agent for the manors of Dynas-ia & Porth-ia, Manor house, High street

Williams Thomas, lodging house, Barnoon terrace

Williams Thomas, trinity pilot, Norway square

Williams Vivian Stephens, shopkeeper, St. Andrew street

Williams William, boat builder & shipwright, Island

Woolcock Jane (Mrs.), greengrocer, Fore street

Woolcock Peter, boot & shoe maker, Fore street

Woolcock William, draper & hosier, Fore street

Wren John, fish merchant

Wren Joseph, fish merchant

Young James, estate agent, Draycot terrace

Young Tonkin, chemist & grocer, High street

1 Leslie Stephen (not Stephen Leslie as stated) was the father of Virgina Woolf.

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