ST. IVES is a parish on the north coast of Cornwall, bounded by the Irish sea, on the south by Lelant, and on the west by Towednack; it is in the western division of Penwith Hundred, Penzance Union, Cornwall archdeaconry, and Exeter bishopric. Formerly it was called Pendennis or Pendunes—the Head or Fortress—and was first incorporated by Charles I., which charter was confirmed by James II. The corporation now consists of a mayor, four aldermen and twelve councillors. Through the instrumentality of Sir Francis Basset the first charter was obtained, and he being a burgess, presented a silver cup to the corporation, bearing the following inscription:—

“If any discord should arise
Within the Borough of St. Ives,
’Tis my desire this Cup of Love
As instrument of Peace may prove.”
The church, which is a chapel of ease to Lelant, is a handsome and large stone building, with square embattld tower and 2 bells and clock; in the interior are nave, four aisles, chancel, transept, font, and many ancient mural monuments, an old register, and an organ; The Rev. Uriah Tonkin, M.A., of Lelant, is the vicar, and the Rev. Franklin Tonkin, M.A., is the curate. The living is a perpetual curacy, value £120 per annum, with residence, in the gift of the Vicar of Lelant.

Previous to 1822 St. Ives returned two members to Parliament; but now, in conjunction with Lelant and Towednack, it only returns one, Capt. Robert Michael Laffan. The population of this parliamentary borough is 9,872.

The principal trade here is the pilchard fishary; but for the last three years it has been very unsuccessful, to the great injury of the town. A new pier has lately been erected, with a lighthouse at the extremity; the harbour is commondious and safe. Ship-building is carried on to some extent; there is also an extensive brewery. The nearest railway station is St. Erth, on the West Cornwall line, 3 miles distant. The town is very irregularly built, and the streets are very narrow. There is an institution and public news room, and chapels for Wesleyans, Lady Huntingdon’s Connexion, &c.; also a National and Wesleyan school. To the south east of the parish the soil is composed of compact slaty felspar rock, traversed by metalliferous veins. The population, in 1851, was 6,525; the acreage is 1,876. A fair is held on the 20th of November. Trelvyan Consols, Trenwith, and St. Ives Consols are mines now working in this parish.

Halsetown is a chapelry, with a population of 1,836 in 1851.


Alexander Mr. John B. [Wesleyan] 10 Terrace

Bamfield Robert Hichens, esq. Terrace

Baseley Mr. William, Terrace

Chellow Mr. William, Tremoith

Hain Capt. Edward, Tregenna terrace

Hart Rev, Ebeneza Stead, M.A. Klilvey house

Haworth Rev. Robert [Wesleyan], 19 terrace

Hichen William, jun. esq. Terrace

Hichens Richard, esq. Terrace

Love Mr. Thomas, 6 Terrace

Martin Mr. Moses, 14 Terrace

Morton Capt. George, Terrace

Pyne Nathaniel, esq. Terrace

Richards Mr. James, Shoot street

Roach Capt. Jacob, Terrace

Roberts Mr. Owen, 4 Terrace

Rosewall James, Teraace

Rosewall Thomas, esq. Tallant house

Scott Mrs.Elizabeth, Terrace

Short Capt. Charles, Shoot street

Smedley Rev. John [Wesleyan], Tregenna terrace

Spink Rev. Marshall, B.A. 20 Terrace

Stephens Henry Lewis, esq. Tregenna castle

Stevens Capt. Andrew, 7 Terrace

Tonkin Rev. Franklin, M.A. Vicarage

Tremearne Capt. Anthony, Tregenna ter

Tremearne Mr. Charles, 17 Terrace

Tresidder Mr. Francis, 8 Terrace

Young Mr. Tonking, 13 Terrace

Young Walter, esq. Terrace


Andrew Richard, tailor, Market place

Anthony John Bray, clock & watch maker, Tregenna place

Anthony Nathaniel, master mariner, Tregenna terrace

Bamfield Robert Hichens, soliciter, 3 Terrace

Baragwanath William, mine agent, Ayr

Baragwanath William, jun. farmer, Ayr

Baynard Rebecca (Miss), ladies’ school, St. Andrew street

Bazely William, linendraper, Fore street

Behenna Joshua, beer retailer, Fore street

Bennett Frederick, master mariner, Tregenna place

Bennetts Robert, farmer, Ayr

Berriman John, farmer, Ayr

Berriman Matthew, farmer, Ayr

Berriman Philip, farmer, Ayr

Berryman William, carpenter, Tregenna place

Best & Son, ironmongers, saddlers & agents to the Scottish Equitable fire & life assurance company, Fore street

Bevan George, surgeon, Fore street

Bolitho, Sons & Co. bankers, St. Ives bank, Tregenna place

Bowden Thomas, smith, Gabriel street

Burrell Betsy (Mrs.), shopkeeper, Fore street

Burrell James, shopkeeper, Fore street

Burrell William, carpenter, Digay meadow

Buzza James, auctioneer & appraiser, & agent to the Merchants’ & Tradesmen’s Mutual life assurance company, Tregenna place

Cade William, linen & woolen draper, & agent to the Scottish Equitable life assurance company, Fore street

Care Henry, master mariner, Tregenna place

Chellow Nancy (Mrs.), chemist & druggist, Fore street

Chellow William, farmer, Trower

Cogar Thomas, grocer, assistant overseer, & agent to the Manchester fire & East of England annuitant life assurance, & registrar of marriages, Tregenna place

Craze Thomas, farmer, Little Tregenna

Craze Thomas, jun. farmer, Corwa

Cuer John, tailor, Tregenna place

Curnow Charles, hairdresser & seedsman, Fore street

Curnow Matthew, grocer, Market place

Dale Richard, farmer, Higher Carnstabbla

Daniel John, cabinet maker, Fore street

Daniel Thomas, master mariner, 1 Terrace

Danil Matthew, farmer, Ayr

Davies Alice (Mrs.), farmer, butcher & lodging ho. 12 Terrace

Dockton William, tailor & woolen draper, & agent to the Unity fire & Temperance life companies, High street

Dunn Martin, auctioneer, appraiser & valu[er] Tregenna t[er]

Edwards Robert M. farmer, Trevalgen

Faul Henry, ironmonger, Fore street

Faul William, carpenter, Tregenna terrace

Feacher Solomon, pawnbroker, Gabriel street

Francis William, ‘Sloop,’, Wharf

Glasson John, ‘Cornish Arms’

Grenfell Elizabeth (Mrs.), shopkeeper, Fore street

Grenfell Vivian S. Temperance hotel, St. Andrew street

Grensell William, tailor, Fore street

Gyles Harry, carpenter, Gabriel street

Hamlyn George, confectioner, Market place

Harris Henry, draper & agent to the Scottish life assurance company, Fore street

Harris John Anthony, grocer, Fore street

Harris Robert, farmer, Penbeagle

Hart John, ship & anchor smith, Wharf

Harry James B. farmer, Pednevounnder

Harry William, ropemaker, Warren

Herbert William, grocer, Fore street

Hichens Richard, surgeon, Terrace

Hocking Jane (Mrs.), wine & spirit merchant, Fore st[reet]

Hodge Richard, Western hotel & posting house, Gabr[iel street]

Hollow Thomas, farmer, Trevalgen

Hollow William, farmer, Trowen

Husband John, farmer, Hellisvear

Jenkin Charles, post offcie, & cabinet maker, Tregenna [place?]

Jenkin Charles, shoemaker, Tregenna place

Jenkyn Richard, shoe maker, Fore street

Jenkyn Thomas, grocer & teadealer, & agent to the Medic[al] & General life assurance company, Fore street

Jennings John, boot & shoe maker, Fore street

Jennings William, sailmaker, Tregenna terrace

Johns Joseph, Union inn, Fore street

Johns Robert, marine store dealer, Market place

Kernick John, bookseller, stationer & printer, Fore street

Kernick Richard, mine agent, 20 Terrace

Kernick Waterhouse, printer, stationer & booksell[er, &] agent to the London fire & life assurance, Trege[nna place?]

Landner Eleanor (Miss), milliner, St. Andrew s[treet?]

Martin Robert, master mariner, Tregenna pl[ace]

Martin William, farmer, Trevalgen

Matthews Capt. James, master mariner, 18 [page lost]

May Samuel, ‘Castle,’ Fore street

Michell William, ‘Wheat Sheaf,’ Fore s[treet]

Mitchell William, carpenter, Fore street

Millard William, tailor & draper, Ma[rket place?]

N[ich]olas John, farmer, Trevalgan

N[icho]lls & Worth, straw bonnet m[akers] [page lost]

[Nichol]ls [page lost], coffee house, T[page lost]

[remainder of page lost]

Ninnes John, shopkeeper, Fore street

Ninnis John, grocer & ironmonger, Fore street

Noall Richard & John, farmers, Hillisvear

Noall Jacob, farmer, Hillisvear

Noall William, farmer, Hillisvear

Noel William, carpenter, Digay meadow

Paynter Elizabeth (Mrs.), shopkeeper, Fore street

Paynter Honor (Mrs.), shopkeeper, Fore street

Paynter William, master mariner, North terrace

Paynter William, shipwright, 9 Terrace

Pearce Isaac, butcher & grocer, Fore street

Pearce Richard, farmer, Trelyon

Penberthy Grace (Mrs.), grocer, Gabriel street

Pengilly George, shoemaker, Fore street

Praed Richard, hairdresser, Fore street

Quick Andrew, farmer, Borallan

Quick Edward, mason, North terrace

Quick James, farmer, Borallan

Quick John, farmer, Penbeagle

Quick John C. veterinary surgeon, & agent to the London Union fire & life assurance company, Tregenna place

Quick Samuel, shoemaker, Quay

Quick William, farmer, Polmanter

Richards Martin & Thomas, farmers, Trowen

Richards Charles, ‘White Hart,’ Wharf

Richards George, ale & porter brewer, Wharf

Richards George, beer retailer, Wharf

Richards Thomas, master mariner, North terrace

Richards William, farmer, Hellisvear

Richards William Stevens, shopkeeper, Tregenna place

Richards William S. shopkeeper, Quay

Roach Jacob, master mariner, Tregenna hill

Roberts William, painter & glazier, & agent to the Safety life assurance company, Fore street

Rosewall Arthur, farmer, Hillisvear

Rosewall George, farmer, Folly

Rosewall George, surgeon, Tellant

Rosewall George, jun. farmer, Folly

Rosewall Sampson, farmer, North terrace

Rosewall Sampson Curnow, farmer, Hillisvear

Rowe James, ‘Red Lion,’ Market place

Sampson Caroline (Mrs.), grocer, Shoot street

Sampson William, master mariner, Tregenna terrace

Sandrow Thomas, jeweller & watchmaker, Fore street

Short Francis, draper, Fore street

Short John T. manager of gas works, Digay

Shugg John, mason, 5 Terrace

Shugg Robert, grocer, Digay

Sisley John, painter & glazier, Market place

Sly george, tailor, Fore street

Stephens Charles, boot & shoe maker, Fore street

Stevens Richard, master mariner, 26 Terrace

Stevens Thomas, carpenter, Digay meadow

Stevens Capt. Vivian, master mariner, 24 Terrace

Stevens William, farmer, Trevalgen

Thomas William P. & Son, patent rope makers, Quay

Thomas Ann (Mrs.), shopkeeper, Gabriel street

Thomas Henry, shopkeeper, Digay meadow

Thomas James Henry, patent rope maker, & agent to the Emigration Commissioners, Halsetown

Thomas John, ropemaker, Digay

Thomas Martin, farmer, Hendra

Treloor Benjamin, shopkeeper, Tregenna place

Tremearne John Newman, agent to Lloyd’s, receiver of wreck & vice-consul for Sweden & Norway, Shoot street

Trevorrow Samuel, shoemaker, Fore street

Treverrow William D. farmer, Hellisvear

Tresidder William Henry W. solicitor, Shoot street

Trezise Ann (Miss), mistress of National school, St. Andrew’s street

Trewhella Eliza (Mrs.), farmer, Hellisvear

Truscott James, master of National school, St. Andrew’s st

Veal Capt William, shipowner, 16 Terrace

Veal William, master mariner, Tregenna place

Vining Elizabeth (Mrs.), grocer, Fore street

Watty Alexander, Coast guard, Digay meadow

Wearne Francis, master mariner, 22 Terrace

Williams James, shipowner, 23 Terrace

Williams John, cabinet maker, 2 Terrace

Williams Richard E. chemist & druggist, Fore street

Williams Thomas, registrar of births & deaths, Tregenna pl

Williams Thomas Brooking, shipowner, 15 Terrace

Williams Vivian Ste[v]ens, wine & spirit mer. St. Andrew st

Woolcock John, grocer, Fore street

Worden James, Hotel & posting house, Fore street

Wren Margery (Mrs.), shopkeeper, Tregenna place

Wren Thomas, farmer, Cor[v]a

Wren Thomas, farmer, Trelyon

Young Cooper, furnishing ironmonger, Fore street

Young James, shipowner, Tregenna place

Young Tonkin, chemist, druggist & grocer, Fore street

Young Walter, surgeon, the Terrace

Post Office.—Charles Jenkin, postmaster, Tregenna place. Letters arrive from London at ½ past 4 p.m.; dispatched at 8 a.m. North mail arrives at 8 p.m.; dispatched at 9 p.m. Money orders granted & paid from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Open from 9 to 10 p.m. on Sundays for delivery

Insurance Agents:—

Atlas Fire & Life, W. T. Tresidder

Briton Life, M. Anthony

[Co?]unty Fire, Hichens & Son, St. Andrew street

[East] of England Annuity Life, Thomas Cogar, tregenna pl

[page lost]dian, R. Millett

[page lost]l & Commercial Life, Thomas Cogar

[page lost] Association of Scotland, H. Harris

[Lon]don Assurance Fire & Life, W. Kernick, Tregenna pl

[Lon]don Union Fire & Life, John C. Quick, Tregenna pl

[Ma]nchester Fire, Thomas Cogar, Tregenna place

[Me]dical & General Life, Thomas Jenkyn, Fore street

[Me]rchant’s & Tradesman’s Mutual Life, James S. Buzza, Tregenna place

Mutual Assurance, Martin Dunn, jun

Provident Life, Hichens & Son

Royal Exchange, William Tall

Safety Life, William Roberts, Fore street

Scottish Equitable Fire & Life, Best & Son, Fore street; William Cade, Fore street

Scottish Life Association, Henry Harris, Fore street

Scottish Provident, John W. Jewson

Temperance Provident Life & Unity Fire, William [Doc]kton, Fore street

[Public?] Officers:—

[page lost] Coroner, Town Clerk, Clerk to Borough Magis[trates,] Clerk to Harbour Commissioners, William [page lost,] St Andrew street

[page lost] Coroner, Borough Treasuerer, & Clerk [page lost] Burial Board, William Hichens, jun. [page lost]t

Agent to Lloyd’s, Receiver of Wreck, & Vice-Consul for Sweden & Norway, J. N. Tremearne, Shoot street

Registrar of Births & Deaths, Thomas Williams, Tregenna hill

Registrar of Marriages & Assistant Overseer, Thomas Cogar, Tregenna place


Thomas Henry Love, esq. collector

James Henry Redfern, tide surveyor

Thomas John, tidewaiter

Creeks, Hayle, William Henry Holmes, P.C. officer, Portreath, Edwin Kemp Fault, P.C. officer

Coast Guard, St. Ives, Thomas Poarson, lieut. R.N. chief officer

Notaries Public, William Hichens; W. H. W. Tresidder

Perpetual Commissioner & Commissioner in Chancery, W. Hichens

Places of Worship:—

St. Andrew’s Church, St. Andrew street, Rev. Uriah Tonkin, M.A

Lady Huntingdon’s Connexion, Fore street, Rev. E.S. Hart, .A

Primitive Methodist, Fore street

Wesleyan Methodist, Street an Garrow

Teetotal Methodist, Fore street

Public Schools:—

National, St. Andrew’s street, James truscott, master; Miss Anne Trezise, mistress

Wesleyan, Gabriel street

Posting Houses:—

Worden’s hotel, Fore street

Western hotel, Richard Hodge, Gabriel street

Omnibusses to:—

Penzance—Morris, daily

Hayle—William George, twice daily, & meets the trains at Hayle

The nearest railway stations is St. Erth, 3 miles

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