This is an index to "Prisoners of war in France from 1804-1814, being the adventures of John Tregerthen Short and Thomas Williams, of St. Ives, Cornwall" edited by Sir Edward Hain [Short 1914]. Despite its title, this contains the text of his diary for a much more extended period viz. 1804-72 with only a short gap between 1814-17.

More about St. Ives

Part 1 1817-39

Covering events, elections, wrecks and rescues at St Ives, Cornwall. This index corresponds to pages 152 to 254 of the book.

Indexed by Vessel

Indexed by Marianne PHILSON, Auckland, New Zealand, 21 Oct 1995 and reproduced on these pages by kind permission.

Vessel          Name                  Comments                         Date

A Brazilian                           169 Emigrants & merchants landed 22Apr1831
A Brazilian                           Sailed to Brest,Spanish refugees 03May1831
A Dutch galliot                       Arrived from Surinam, cotton etc 02Jan1834
Active          WILLIAMS              Sloop of Fowey,ashore,crew saved 22Oct1822
Active          MATTHEWS John         Sailed                           22Feb1825
Active          MATTHEWS John         From St Michael's for Bristol    21Apr1826
Active          MATTHEWS master       Sailed for St Michael's          27Oct1829
Active          MATTHEWS              Sailed for St Michael's          18Nov1830
Active          MATTHEWS              Arrived fr. St Michael's,12 days 10Jan1831
Active                                Came into port                   31Dec1832
Active                                French sloop arrived with salt   03Jul1834
Active          JENNINGS              Sailed for St Michaels           21Oct1834
Active                                Of Penzance, wrecked Land's End  08Dec1835
Adelaide                              Of Yarmouth, sailed with 430 h/h 27Oct1832
Adele                                 French ketch, lost man overboard 22Dec1821
Agenora         BEST                  Sailed with 650 hogsheads        13Dec1828
Agenora                               Of Neath, seen floating on water 20Sep1829
Agnes                                 Sailed for Croisic for salt      18Jul1833
Albert                                Sailed fro Med. with pilchards   17Dec1836
Alexander                             French cutter, wine & fruit      11Jan1821
Alfred          MAINE William         Of Bideford, ashore, crew saved  31Oct1823
Allen           CARE Henry master     Foundered Shag Rocks, crew saved 27Aug1837
Ambroke                               Sailed with 340 hogsheads        25Nov1823
Amelia          STEVENS William mast. Foundered with wife & crew       28Jul1837
Amity                                 Of London from Quebec, timber    07Dec1826
Amity                                 Sailed for Med. with fish        11Feb1834
Anaxibia                              Sailed with 630 hogsheads        15Nov1837
Ann             WILLIAMS Richard Capt Sold coal at 56s. per 3 tons     30Jan1822
Ann                                   Of London, from Jamaica, rum     21Nov1822
Ann             WILLIAMS Richard      Of Gweek, foundered at sea       02Nov1823
Ann                                   Of Liverpool,sailed,750 hogshead 27Nov1823
Ann             MOLLARD               Arrived                          22Oct1834
Ann Williams    QUICK B               From Plymouth                    26Sep1824
Ann Williams    QUICK                 Sailed with 321 hogsheads        14Jan1825
Ann Williams    QUICK B               from Croisic, France, salt fish  07Oct1826
Ann Williams                          From Lisbon                      08Apr1827
Ann Williams    QUICK                 To France for salt               20Jul1829
Ann Williams                          Sailed with 330 hogsheads        12Nov1832
Anna            HAIN                  Of London, from Newport, coal    06Sep1826
Archemedes                            Brig, sailed with 374 hogsheads  02Dec1830
Argus                                 Boy robbed Capt. of 60 pounds    09Mar1819
Armenia                               HM Steampacket, mails from Corfu 28Nov1830
Ayr                                   From Swansea with coal           10Aug1823
Ayr                                   From Wales                       11Mar1826
Ayr             DANIEL Thomas         Master, in port fr. Whitsand Bay 19Apr1829
Bacchus                               From Ireland                     04Aug1826
Bellona                               Of Cardigan, ashore,crew drowned 28Jun1829
Betsy           ROSEWALL Capt.        Sailed for Med. with piltchards  10Dec1822
Betsy                                 Of Plymouth, ashore,Capt drowned 31Oct1823
Betsy           COUCH William Capt.   Acquired her after refloating    31Oct1823
Betsy           STEVENS Henry         From Newquay survived the gale   10Nov1823
Betsy           JENNINGS Richard      Pilot boat from Ireland, lost    17Mar1826
Betsy           TANNER                Sailed for St Michael's          28Oct1826
Betsy           COUCH                 Sailed with 397 hogsheads        08Nov1830
Betsy           TANNER                Sailed for St Michael's          18Nov1830
Betsy           COUCH                 Sailed with 400 hogsheads        05nov1831
Betsy           TANNER                Run down by 'Jane & Sarah'       18Feb1832
Bicton          THOMAS                Sailed                           06May1836
Bideford        MOLLARD               For St Michael's                 12Nov1825
Bideford                              Arrived                          21Jul1826
Bideford        MOLLARD master        Sailed for St Michael's          26Oct1829
Birmingham      ROTHERAUGH Capt.      Wales-France, sank Rundle-Stone  30Apr1821
Bliss                                 Of New Orleans,tobacco,leaking   31Jan1820
Brandwine       BABBOROUGH John mast. For London with iron             17Jul1836
Bristol Packet                        General goods for Dartmouth      09Jan1833
Britannia                             Sailed with 641 hogsheads        15Jan1829
Britannia                             Arrived with coal                18Feb1833
Briton          MOLLARD Capt.         Sailed for Med. with piltchards  20Dec1822
Briton          LANG                  Sailed with 504 hogsheads        25Nov1831
Brittania       LEDDRA                Arrived from Wales               10Oct1834
Brittania                             From Croisic with salt           19Jul1835
Brothers        MOLLARD               Sailed for Legorn, 468 hogsheads 14Dec1828
Brothers        MOLLARD               Arrived fr. London to Messina    22Aug1831
Brothers        WELCH                 Sailed with 376 hogsheads        17Jan1835
Brothers        WELCH                 Sailed                           06May1836
Caesar                                Pilot boat rescued ketch         26Apr1822
Caesar                                From Wick                        07Sep1826
Calenack        PASCOE James          Sailed with 640 hogsheads        02Dec1828
Calpe                                 Of London, sailed 230 hogsheads  09Han1824
Camilla                               Sailed with 577 hogsheads        26Oct1827
Camilla         DOUGLASS              Sailed with 540 hogsheads        11Jan1829
Camilla         HAIN Edward master    1st voyage                       19Jan1832
Camilla         HAIN                  Sailed with 540 hogsheads, Med.  01Dec1832
Caroline                              Sailed for Quebec                13Jul1832
Caroline        DANIEL Tom Capt.      arrived from Quebec with timber  20Aug1833
Caroline        DANIEL                From Quebec with timber          21Aug1834
Caroline        DANIEL                From Quebec with timber          20Jul1835
Caroline        DANIEL master         From Quebec with timber          16Jul1837
Caroline                              Sailed for America               17Jul1838
Castor                                Schooner towed in after collisio 09Sep1834
Catherine       TOMS                  Sailed for Portreath             08Oct1834
Ceasar                                Towed in French General Foix     28Feb1838
Ceres           BAWDEN Capt.          Driven ashore.                   18Jan1825
Champion        KEMPTHORNE James      Of Wales,Gale WNW, lost mainsail 22Oct1820
CharleRashleigh SAMPSON Alexander Cap Lost in gale in Mount's Bay      19Jul1839
Charlotte       HARDEN                From Padstow, sinking in port    29Dec1819
Chyandour       HAIN                  Sailed                           06May1836
Chymandour      HAIN                  Sailed for Plymouth              10Apr1833
Clipper                               Pilot boad, landed goods salvage 01Feb1826
Clipper         ROACH Jacob           NW gale, lost with crew,Gwithian 01Feb1818
Comet                                 Of Yarmouth sailed with 650 h/h  02Nov1832
Commerce        TREMEARNE             Sailed for Newquay,              14Nov1832
Commerce                              Arrived with coal                18Feb1833
Commerce        TREMEARNE             From Liverpool                   12May1833
Commerce        TREMEARNE             Arrived from Crosiac             07Jul1837
Commerce        TREMEARNE             From Crosiac WITH SALT           28Jul1837
Commerce        TREMEANE              For Crosiac for salt             11Jun1838
Cora                                  Sloop of St Andrews, arrived     09Feb1822
Cornish Trader  GOODRIDGE Alan        Age 10, fell overboard & drowned 25Sep1839
Cornubia        HEATH                 For Mediterranean, 492 hogsheads 18Nov1826
Cornubia                              For Hambro' with fish oil        28Dec1828
Cornubia                              2nd six-oared gigi race, regatta 14Sep1838
Daniel                                Brig, launched                   08Apr1830
Dasher                                Lost near Padstow, crew drowned  30Mar1827
Dauntless                             four-oared gig, regatta          14Sep1838
Despatch                              Arrived                          06Jul1833
Destin                                Of Marseilles to Havre de Grace  11Jan1839
Diligence       HODGE                 For Faro                         21Aug1826
Diligence       HODGE                 For Bilbao                       03Feb1831
Diligence                             Sailed for St Michael's          06Nov1832
Diligence       GYLES John mate       Drowned                          10Jan1833
Diligence       ROWE Master           A boat capsised, 3 rescued       10Jan1833
Diligence       ROWE                  arrive from St Michael's, 13 day 26Feb1833
Diligence       ROWE                  From Seville for Liverpool       10Jan1834
Dolphin                               New pilot boat launched          21Dec1820
Dolphin                               Of Waterford, making water       09Feb1821
Dolphin                               Skiff, mackrell for Bristol      22Apr1829
Dolphin                               Lugger assisted Jane to harbour  20Jan1830
Dolphin                               Took Unity in tow                21Dec1830
Dolphin                               Rescued crew of schooner         06Mar1833
Dolphin                               St Ives pilot boat               28Feb1838
Dunkins                               Sailed with 512 hogsheads        04Dec1828
Eagle           BARNES                Of Penzance, sailded, 900 hogshe 22Dec1828
Eagle                                 Sailed with 750 hogsheads        10Dec1831
Eagle                                 Sailed for Med. with pilchards   10Feb1835
Earl Grey                             Of Yarmouth, sailed with 600 h/h 21Oct1832
Ebenezer                              four-oared gig, regatta          14Sep1838
Eclipse         EDWARD John master    1st voyage from Swansea          06Jul1830
Eclipse         JOHN Edward           Sailed with 578 hogsheads        16Nov1830
Eclipse         JOHN Edward           From Naples for Bristol, grain   10Mar1831
Eclipse                               Sailed with 585 hogsheads        08Jan1835
Economy         WILLIAMS              Sailed with 538 hogsheads        05Dec1831
Edmund                                Sailed with 474 hogsheads forMed 08Jan1835
Edward                                Abandoned at sea, crew land Cork 16Feb1838
Edward          BERRIMAN              From France with salt            02Jun1838
Edwin           MATTHEWS              Arrived on 1st voyage from Wales 06Oct1833
Edwin           MATTHEWS              Sailed for Wales                 09Oct1834
Edwin           MATTHEWS              From Oporto                      13Mar1835
Eldred                                Hundreds saw her launched        20Jan1829
Eldred                                Fr. Llanelly to Madeira          01Aug1829
Eldred                                Schooner, sailed, 510 hogsheads  11Dec1830
Eldred          MATTHEWS              Sailed with 510 hogsheads        05nov1831
Eldred                                For London                       01Dec1832
Eldred          MATTHEWS              From Cardiff for London          24Nov1832
Eleanor                               Of Penaznce landed crew of Fairy 18Dec1820
Eleanor                               Sailed fro Med. with pilchards   17Dec1836
Eleanor & Grace DIMANT Samuel         Of Plymouth, part washed ashore  02Nov1823
Eliza           NOALL Simon           For Penzance to get fish for Med 07Oct1823
Eliza                                 Sailed with 490 hogsheads        08Jan1835
Eliza & Nancy                         For Leghorn with 486 hogsheads   18Jan1838
Elizabeth       JONES Evan            Ashore Western Spit,crew saved   28Dec1817
Elizabeth                             Of Wexford, ashore               02Nov1823
Elsa                                  Of Scarbro' with 600 hogsheads   10Dec1831
Elvina                                French sloop of Marseilles, arr. 06Feb1837
Emily                                 40 days from Teneriffe, no provs 05Jan1823
Emma                                  Sailed with 300 Higsheads        28Nov1823
Emma                                  From Charleston, US, with cotton 03Mar1827
Emma                                  Sailed & returned, gales, leaky  20Jan1834
Enterprize                            From Ferol, Portuguese refugees  29Aug1828
Exchange        STEVENS               For Bilbao for grain             22Feb1831
Exchange                              Passed dismasted vessel nr.Quies 01Mar1837
Fair Ellen                            Brig, ashore St Agnes,crew saved 08Sep1826
Fair Ellen                            Sailed for London                19Jan1827
Fairy                                 Brig, Foundered                  15Dec1820
Falmouth Packet UREN                  Sailed for Lisbon                17Dec1836
Fame                                  Of Sunderland, wine & people     12Mar1821
Fame            RICHARDS Valentine    Of Padstow, total wreck, gt gale 30Oct1823
Fame            STEVENS               For Seville                      12Nov1825
Fame            STEVENS               sailed for Neath                 05Dec1827
Fame            STEVENS John          Carried away her foremast        21Jun1832
Fanny           SANDOW                From the Mount                   19Feb1833
Fanny           SANDOW Master         Lost nr. Newquay, crew drowned   03Feb1836
Favourite                             Captain died                     25Jan1820
Favourite                             Leaking, Captain sick            23Jan1820
Favourite       ASKEW                 For Mediterranian, 612 hogsheads 24Nov1826
Favourite       GYLES Thomas          For Naples with 650 hogsheads    02Jan1829
Favourite                             Of Penzance 650 hogsh to Venice  18Oct1832
Feronia                               From Wales                       11Mar1826
Fidelity        ROWE                  For St Michael's                 01Dec1832
Fidelity                              Sailed for Seville               08Sep1834
Fidelity                              Arrived                          03Feb1836
Flora                                 Of London, sailed, 603 hogsheads 17Jan1824
Fly             SAMPSON               Sailed for Seville               21Sep1826
Fly             SAMPSON               From St Michael's                03Mar1827
Fly             SAMPSON               Sailed Bristol, wheat fr, Spain  14Jan1831
Fly             SAMPSON               For St Michael's                 03Feb1831
Fly                                   Sailed for Seville               09Sep1834
Fly             SAMPSON Alexander     News of loss nr. Ramsgate, fruit 22Jan1836
Follower        WILLIAMS              2nd prize, regatta               14Sep1838
Follower        Union Co.             1st prize, regatta               14Sep1838
Forest          HOCKING Capt.         Foundered on Seven Stones        14Feb1822
Four Sisters    SCANTLEBURY           Grounded on Ridge, crew rescued  25Dec1836
Fox                                   Arrived                          12Mar1826
Francis                               Sean-Boat, regatta               14Sep1838
Friends         JAMES master          Of Penzance, ashore, crew saved  10Sep1829
Friends         STEVENS William       Abandoned, towed to Ilfracombe   10Aug1839
Furley                                Of Hayle, sailde 710 hogsheads   14Dec1823
Furley                                From Gallipoli with oil          12Jun1824
Furley          TOMAN George          His son fell, fore-topsail yard  20Jan1826
Gannet                                Came into port                   31Dec1832
Gem             MOLLARD               Arrived from Wales               10Oct1834
Gem             MOLLARD Samuel master Foundered/collision, crew saved  21Dec1837
General Foix                          Greatest prize towed to St Ives  28Feb1838
George & Ann    JENKYNS               From Hayle, Lost near Land's End 02Nov1823
Georges         SINCOCK Thomas        Lost Llanelly, crew saved        21Jan1820
Gipsy                                 Of Plymouth, lost Hockings Cove  29Dec1832
Gipsy                                 A smack, on shore nr. St Ives    19Mar1833
Globe                                 Pilot Boat                       21Dec1820
Globe                                 Salvage of L'Esperance, 85 pound 19Feb1821
Globe                                 From Ireland                     17Jul1824
Globe                                 For Bristol from Cape of G Hope  16Dec1826
Globe                                 Skiff, mackrell for Bristol      22Apr1829
Glory           POPE                  Sailed with 650 hogsheads        16Nov1828
Godolphin       SINOCK F Capt.        Lost Youghal Bay, Ireland & crew 20Jan1826
Good Statesman  BUCKINGHAM Capt.      Of Brixham, foundered            06Mar1833
Gordon                                Lost near Land's End             02Nov1823
Goytree         NOALL                 Arrived from Wales               24Apr1833
Grace                                 Of St Ives, sailed 400 hogsheads 06Dec1823
Grace           ROWE                  Sailed for St Michael's          28Oct1826
Grace           MOLLARD               Sailed with 397 hogsheads        30Oct1830
Grace                                 From Gallipoli, oil for Gloucest 03Apr1831
Grace                                 For Plymouth                     01Dec1832
Halsetown       HODGE William master  Lost at mouth of River Ebro      02Apr1835
Harmony                               Being repaired on blocks, fell   15Oct1833
Harmony         WILLIAMS Thos (master From Chester, lost with all crew 06Jan1839
Harmony         WILLIAMS Rich (owner) 2nd ship lost in eleven months   06Jan1839
Hector          NICHOLLS              For Mediterranian, 600 hogsheads 24Nov1826
Heligan                               Sailed with 450 hogsheads        09Nov1831
Henry                                 1st cargo herrings for Bristol   08Dec1821
Henry                                 From Swansea with coal           11Aug1823
Henry                                 From Wales                       11Mar1826
Henry                                 Sailed with 571 hogsheads        05Dec1830
Herald                                Steampacket, 1st trip fr.Bristol 25Sep1831
Herald                                Schooner, fore-topmast gone, tow 11Jan1832
Herald                                Excursion to Penzance & Scillys  04Jun1832
Herald                                From Bristol                     05Apr1832
Herald          VIVIAN                Steamer, sailed for Bristol      28Sep1835
Herald          HALSE James & wife    Passengerfrom London via Bristol 09Jul1836
Herald                                Steamer, grounded Hayle Bar      24Dec1836
Herald                                Burst boilers, some crew scalded 20Jun1837
Hiram                                 Sailed with 600 hogsheads        31Oct1832
Honor                                 Sean-Boat, regatta               14Sep1838
Hope                                  French boat, lost a man over     08Jan1821
Industrie                             Arrived with timber from Norway  18Jul1833
Industry                              Of London, sailed, 580 hogsheads 18Feb1824
Industry        BROKENSHIRE           Of Plymouth, foundered, Newquay  04Oct1839
Isabella        SHANKS                Fr.Sunderland,Teneriffe to Cowes 06Dec1820
James                                 Launched after lengthening       10Jun1834
Jane                                  From Madeira with 50 refugees    05Sep1828
Jane            QUICK J               Sailed for Liverpool             17Jul1829
Jane                                  Of Cardigan assisted to harbour  20Jan1830
Jane                                  Pilots awarded L75 for saving    21Jan1830
Jane                                  Schooner of Falmouth, sunk Hayle 17Jan1831
Jane            QUICK                 For la Rochelle                  15Jul1831
Jane                                  Arrived from Messina             06Mar1832
Jane            QUICK                 Sailed for Croisie for salt      30Jul1832
Jane            QUICK                 290 hogsheads for Genoa          29Oct1832
Jane                                  Sailed for Croisic for salt      18Jul1833
Jane                                  Arrived from Croisic             31Jul1833
Jane & Sarah    HICKS                 Ran down Betsy off Boscastle     18Feb1832
Jane Russell                          From Bristol for Truro           09Jan1833
Jane Stewart                          Of Aberdeen, sailed 660 hogshead 06Dec1823
Jane Williams                         From Genoa for Liverpool         21Apr1826
Janet           DYSART                Sailed 700 hogsheads             05nov1831
Jasper          WILLIAMS Jasper       1st voy. fr. Cardiff to Med,iron 19Jun1835
Jasper          WILLIAMS              Sailed for Venice                08Dec1835
John                                  Of Exmouth,lost 22nd at Padstow  27Oct1820
John                                  Carried away fore-yard           05Jan1827
John            EDWARDS               For Wales                        01Feb1817
John            PEAK James            Taken off wreck to Belfast       02Apr1829
John            HART John             Crewman, died when ship lost     02Apr1829
John            BAWDEN Thos Jnr. Capt Lost, Capt & boy died in cold    02Apr1829
John            NOALL                 Sailed for Wales                 08Oct1834
John            NOALL                 Arrived                          22Oct1834
John            ADAIR                 Sailed with 571 hogsheads        29Nov1835
John & Joseph                         Sailed with 330 hogsheads        21Feb1824
John & Mary                           Of Sunderland, abandoned         13Dec1838
John & Mary     TREDWYN Mr            Of Padstow bought her,400 pounds 15Feb1839
John & Matilda                        Sloop, lost nr Padstow           05Jan1829
John Adams      KING                  Lost near Land's End             02Nov1823
John Daniel     RICHARDS              Sailed with 612 hogsheads        05nov1831
John Daniel                           Arrived from Cork                19Sep1832
John Harvey                           Arrived                          03Feb1836
John Wesley     BRYANT Emanuel        1st voyage from Wales            09Sep1830
John Wesley                           Sailed for Bilbao                03Feb1831
John Wesley                           Arrived with salt                23Aug1832
John Wesley                           Sailed to Isle de Re for salt    27Jul1832
John Wesley                           Sailed with copper-ore           19Feb1833
Joker           THOMAS W Capt.        Lost near Fowey                  11Apr1826
Joseph                                Arrived                          12Mar1826
Joseph          BERRIMAN              Sailed for Croisic               27Sep1828
Joseph          WALL                  Sailed for France                21Aug1829
Joseph          BERRIMAN              To France for salt               20Jul1829
Joseph          WALL                  For Bilbao                       03Feb1831
Joseph          WILLIAMS              Sailed for France for salt       18Aug1832
Joseph                                Sailed for Western Isles         07Nov1832
Joseph          WILLIAMS James mast.  Drowned, in fall nr.Mumbles Head 19Mar1837
Joseph & Mary                         For Mediterranean                09Jan1825
Juno            HODGE                 Lost Roskilly Bay, crew drowned  14Oct1828
Juno            PASCOE                Lost Roskilly Bay, crew drowned  14Oct1828
Juno            KEMPTHORNE James Capt Lost Roskilly Bay, crew drowned  14Oct1828
Juno            RICHARDS Charles      Lost Roskilly Bay, crew drowned  14Oct1828
Kite                                  Arrived with coal                18Feb1833
Kitty           SINOCK Francis        Ashore Western Spit,crew saved   11Apr1818
L'Adele                               French ketch of Caen, sailed     28Mar1822
L'Alexandrine                         French, of Rouen from Cette      07Feb1826
L'Alexandrine   BOQUIE Jean Capt.     Of Rouen for Havre de Grace      12May1826
L'Argus         LETOUR Capt.          French schooner in for repairs   18Sep1827
L'Argus         DANIEL J              Shipwright to examineher,trouble 18Sep1827
L'Argus                               Sailed                           19Sep1827
L'Esperance                           Salvaged, 85 pounds-Globe crew   19Feb1821
L'Ocean                               French, from Campeachy           21Feb1826
L'Ocean                               Ashore Eastern Spits, crew saved 12Apr1826
La France                             Ashore Western Spit,crew saved   11Apr1818
La Josephine                          From St Domingo, cotton,mahogany 08Nov1838
La Vigilance                          Of Roscoe,trouble nr St Agnes    13Dec1838
Lambe                                 Of Swansea, for Med, 426 hogshea 02Jan1824
Lambe           THOMAS W              Sailed for Ancona with 418 hogsh 19Oct1828
Latona                                Ashore near Gwithian             27Jan1830
Latona                                Floated off & towed to port.     23Feb1830
Laurel                                Of London, sailed 300 hogsheads  16Dec1823
Lavinia         ROSEWALL              Sailed                           25Oct1831
Le Hereaux                            2 men left her.Guernsey/Portreat 09Dec1835
Lee             Sloop-of-war          Parted Royal Squadron, sailed by 10Sep1821
Levant Packet                         Finally launched at 4th attempt  04Jan1828
Levant Packet                         Lost on Sicily, 22 Jul           27Aug1828
Levant Packet   PERCIVAL master       Sailed for Cardiff               29Oct1829
Levant Packet                         Sailed with 483 hogsheads        29Nov1831
Levant Packet                         Sailed with 670 h/h for Naples   14Oct1833
Levant Packet                         Returned to harbour, heavy gale  15Oct1833
Levant Packet   CUNDY                 Sailed for Med with 557 hogshead 14Nov1836
Levant Packet                         Sailed with 710 hogsheads        19Jan1838
Liberty                               Arrived                          09Dec1830
Lively                                Towed in by 'Susan', masts gone. 20Jul1833
Liverpool       ROSEWALL T            Sailed with 700 hogsheads        27Dec1828
Liverpool Packe                       Sailed with 650 hogsheads        14Nov1832
Lord Canterbury                       From Bristol to Canada           23Aug1838
Lord Nelson                           Wrecked Gwithian, crew drowned   05Dec1822
Lovely Emily    SYDAL D Capt.         Supposed foundered, nr. Clovelly 30Mar1822
Lovely Emma                           Launched, 170 tons               13Nov1833
Lydia                                 Arrived                          09Dec1830
Lydia           STEVENS               For Wales                        08Feb1833
M Boucher                             From St Michael's,fruitforLondon 03Mar1827
Magic                                 Sailed with 614 hogsheads        15Nov1837
Magic           TREWAVAS              For Leghorn                      09Jan1839
Margaret                              Of Aberystwith,ashore,crew saved 31Oct1823
Margaret        MOLLARD               For Genoa & Leghorn              29Aug1838
Margaret        MOLLARD               From Liverpool to Constantinople 14Dec1839
Margham         TRICK Emanuel         From Hayle to Aberavon, sank     03Dec1820
Maria           CHELLEW George        For La Rochelle with coals       16Apr1831
Maria                                 Sailed for France                02Sep1831
Maria                                 For the Mount                    01Dec1832
Maria                                 Arrived                          06Jul1833
Maria & Betsy   ROUSE                 Arrived                          22Oct1834
Martial                               For London                       01Dec1832
Mary            BAWDEN                Ashore Bassett Bay, crew saved   11Mar1817
Mary            CUNNINGHAM Alexander  Of Glasgow, part wreck found     06Jan1822
Mary            HENRY Thomas          Sailed for St Michael's          23Sep1826
Mary                                  Sailed with 450 hogsheads        26Oct1827
Mary            HARRY Thomas          Sailed with 383 hogsheads        15Oct1828
Mary                                  To France for salt               25Aug1829
Mary            HARRY                 Sailed with 393 hogsheads        30Oct1830
Mary            HARRY Thomas          Sailed with 390 hogsheads        17Nov1831
Mary            HARRY                 From Croisie with salt           22Aug1832
Mary            HARRY Thomas          Sailed with 398 hogsheads        21Oct1832
Mary                                  Sailed for Croisic for salt      18Jul1833
Mary                                  Arrived from Croisic with salt   29Jul1833
Mary                                  Sailed for Med. with fish        11Feb1834
Mary                                  Ship's-boat, regatta             14Sep1838
Mary Ann        BROWN                 Ashore Western Spit,crew saved   11Apr1818
Mary Ann                              schooner to be lengthened        23May1827
Mary Ann        BAMFIELD              Lost 4th Jan                     05Jan1829
Mary Ann        DANIEL Matthew Capt.  Lost, Bude Bay, crew saved       26Aug1829
Mary Ann                              Arrived with coal                18Feb1833
Mary Ann                              Of Stornaway, wrecked Wrass Pt.  30Nov1833
Mary Ann                              Her men shared 5.10.00 pounds    23Jan1839
Melanthon                             Sailed with 800 hogsheads        09Nov1831
Meridian                              Of Dartmouth, sailed 790 hogshea 22Dec1823
Minerva         TREWHWLLA M Capt.     New brig, arrived with coals     29May1826
Minerva         TREWHELLA M           Sailed with part cargo ofL'Ocean 20Jun1826
Minerva         QUICK Thomas          Of Trevessa, fell from main cap  27Aug1829
Morton                                Arrived on 1st voyage from Wales 07May1833
Morton                                Arrived                          06Jul1833
Morton                                Towed in mast etc of 'Castor'    09Sep1834
Morton          MORTON                Sailed for Wales                 08Oct1834
Morton                                Sailed                           02Mar1836
Nancy                                 Brig of Aberdeen, paid 35pound   13Dec1819
Nanny                                 Sailed with 490 hogsheads        08Jan1835
Naples Packet   WELCH                 Sailed with 800 hogsheads        10Nov1828
Naples Packet   FRENCH                Sailed with 880 hogsheads, Med.  01Dec1832
Navarino        PAYNTER Thomas Capt.  From Wales, built Bideford       18Aug1828
Navarino        PAYNTER               Sailed for Terceira              02Jan1829
Navarino                              Sailed for Liverpool             04Sep1829
Navarino                              Sailed for Western Isles         07Nov1832
Nederland                             Dutch galliot for Amsterdam      21Feb1834
Neptune                               Lost Godfrey Pt. some crew lost  17Apr1838
New Jane                              Sailed for Naples, 420 hogsheads 26Jan1838
New Manly                             Sailed with 650 hogsheads        01Nov1828
New Thomas                            Of London, sailed, 740 hogsheads 13Jan1824
Nimble                                Won six-oard gig race, regatta   14Sep1838
Norwegian                             Ship's-boat, regatta             14Sep1838
Nymph                                 Sailed with 426 hogsheads        03Jan1824
Nymph                                 Of London for Genoa              06Jan1829
Nymph                                 Sailed with 600 hogsheads        25Nov1831
Nymph                                 Sailed for Med. with 660 h/h     06Nov1832
Ocean           TUCKER                Sailed with 672 hogsheads        28Dec1828
Ocean                                 Sailed                           02Mar1836
Packet                                Sailed with 700 hogsheads, Med.  01Dec1832
Palmer                                Of Yarmouth sailed 700 hogsheads 08Nov1832
Pascoe          MITCHELL              For Rouen                        02Dec1839
Peggy                                 Of Newport lost, 1 man drowned   20Feb1833
Pendarves       VIVIAN Capt.          Sailed with part cargo ofL'Ocean 14Jun1826
Pendarvis                             Sailed for Messina               21Oct1834
Perle                                 Slave ship with Negroes          09Dec1825
Perle                                 French,dismantled as slave ship  23Jan1826
Perseverance                          Of Newcastle, wrecked, boy lost  05Nov1832
Phoebe                                Sailed for Quebec                13Jul1832
Phoebe          RICHARDS              Sailed for north America         04Apr1833
Phoebe                                Arrived from North America       01Aug1836
Phoebe                                From Nth America                 03Dec1838
Phoenix                               From Cork, a heavy gale blowing  11Jan1827
Plover                                Lost near Land's End             02Nov1823
Polmanter       WILLIAMS George       From Lisbon with fruit           19Dec1819
Polmanter       WILLIAMS Capt.        Sailed for Med. with piltchards  16Dec1822
Polmanter                             Loading copper-oreWheal Trenwith 12May1826
Polmanter                             Sailed for Oporto                30Aug1827
Polmanter                             Sailed for Figuera               23Dec1830
Pomona                                Southampton,sailed 400 hogsheads 18Dec1823
Pomona          MAJOR                 Sailed with 311 hogsheads        16Nov1828
Pomona                                To France for salt               25Aug1829
Pomona          MAJOR                 Sailed with 318 hogsheads        23Nov1830
Pomona                                Her boat ashore at Porthleven    27Nov1836
Prima Donna                           Sailed for Naples                06Jan1839
Prince Edward   HOCKING Joseph Jnr.   Swansea to Youghal, foundered    22Jan1821
PrincessVictor+                       Sailed with 600 hogsheads        27Jan1838
Providence      OWEN David            Of Swansea, ashore, crew drowned 02Nov1823
Providence                            Lost near Land's End             02Nov1823
Providence      HONEY master          Sloop of Plymouth, rode out gale 12Sep1829
Providence                            Came into port                   31Dec1832
Providence      VEAL W Master         Wrecked nr. Tenby, copper ore    13Dec1833
Providence                            Of Padstow,caught,foreign spirit 04Dec1839
Rachael         REED                  Sailed from Newquay for Med.     11Jan1837
Rachel          RETCLIFF              For Mediterranean with pilchards 05Dec1838
Radford         PARNELL               Lost near Land's End             02Nov1823
Rapid           ROSEWALL              Sailed with 704 hogsheads        29Nov1830
Rapid                                 Sailed for Med. with pilchards   10Feb1835
Rebecca                               Of Brixham, loaded pilchards     17Nov1823
Rebecca                               Sailed for Mediterranean         22Nov1823
Redruth         NINNIS James          For Bilbao for grain             22Feb1831
Richard         COUCH                 Arrived from Padstow             05Jul1833
Richard Hill                          Sailed with 502 hogsheads        16Jan1838
Riga Packet                           Wreck found, nothing of crew     20Jan1820
Rival                                 Of Bristol, ashore nr Quay Head  24Dec1838
Rival                                 Driven on Porthminster beach     25Dec1838
Riviere                               Launched                         30Aug1829
Roselle                               Sailed with 325 hogsheads        23Nov1832
Rosewall                              From Oporto in ballast           29Oct1832
Rosewall        ROSEWALL              Sailed with 526 hogsheads, Med.  01Dec1832
Rosewall                              Lost on Isle of Corsica          08Feb1833
Royal Adelaide                        Steamer, towed in a galliot      05Apr1839
Royal Mail                            Sailed with 571 hogsheads        15Jan1838
Royalist                              16-gun brig came in, to Liverpoo 05Mar1830
Sally                                 Of London ashore Portreath, oil+ 03Feb1832
Sally           THOMAS John           delivered 636 pipes for Gas work 22May1835
Salome          VARWELL               For Venice with 600 hogsheads    17Jan1838
Saltem Rock     MOLLARD               From New York, mate & 1 man lost 15Jan1834
Samuel                                Of Gt Yarmouth,ashore,crew saved 31Oct1823
Sarah           HENDERSON George      Of Nth Shields, sailed for Lond. 30Sep1829
Shepherdess                           Of Bideford, arrived, load fish  19Oct1832
Shylock                               Arrived                          12Mar1826
Shylock         BARBER                From Croisic with salt           07Sep1828
Shylock         BARBER Capt.          All hope given up, sailed 31 Jan 14Feb1831
Sir Burch+ Wray                       Sailed with 450 hogsheads        17Nov1832
Sir Walter Scot                       Sailed for Med. with pilchards   19Nov1835
Sisters                               Of Ilfracombe, dismasted         24Jul1835
Sisters         BINNEY                St Ives pilot boat               28Feb1838
Sisters         BINNEY John master    Lost, Rosehilly Bay, crew saved  02Dec1838
Sophia                                From Hayle for Bantry Bay        25Aug1823
Sparrow                               HM Cutter, Swansea with 29 sail  08Mar1833
Speculation     BRYANT Henry          Lost on Lunday island, some lost 13Feb1828
Sportsman       COASTER Charles       NNE gale, salvage from her asked 29Dec1821
St Austell      GRENFELL              From Newport for Fowey with coal 10Jan1833
St Day          HARRY                 Sailed for Wales                 07Mar1838
St Ives                               Arrived                          03Feb1836
St Ives                               Lost on the Manacles, crew saved 01Sep1837
St Ives         QUICK                 From Bristol, pilchards to Med.  14Dec1839
Sterling                              Sailed with 500 hogsheads        13Feb1834
Superior                              Sailed with 375 hogsheads        01Jan1835
Superior                              From Leghorn for Liverpool       20Apr1835
Superior                              From Liverpool to Bayonne, rice  26May1835
Superior                              Sailed                           02Mar1836
Superior        WEARNE                From Crosiac                     28Jul1837
Susan           MAYNE                 Lost Dutch coast, crew saved     17Dec1821
Susan           WILLIAMS John         Sailed with 305 hogsheads        10Nov1826
Susan                                 Towed in 'Lively'                20Jul1833
Susanna         BARNES John Capt.     News of loss, ship & crew        25Nov1836
Swift                                 Of London, fruit, lost foremast  22Dec1821
Swift                                 From Ireland                     16Jul1826
Tantivy         HODGE                 Sailed for Aneona, 630 hogsheads 07Nov1826
Tantivy         HODGE master          Fr. Newport to Malta with iron   04Aug1829
Thomas          WEARNE                Sailed for Oporto with iron      18Nov1827
Thomas          WEARNE                Sailed with 568 hogsheads        30Oct1830
Thomas          WEARNE                From Med. grain for Gloucester   14Feb1831
Thomas          RICHARDS              Sailed 591 hogsheads             05nov1831
Thomas          RICHARDS              Sailed for France for salt       18Aug1832
Thomas                                Arrived from Croisic with salt   29Jul1833
Thomas          RICHARDS              Sailed with 590 hogsheads        19Oct1833
Thomas          THOMS                 From Croisic with salt           04Aug1836
Thomas Angrove                        Of Portreath, Lost Land's End    02Nov1823
Tom Bowline                           Came into port                   31Dec1832
Trefusis                              Sailed with 439 hogsheads        13Feb1834
Triton                                Came into port                   31Dec1832
True Briton     CURNOW John           Two sons aboard6 Dec:foundered   13Dec1819
True Briton     PEARCE Thomas         Sailed Swansea 6 Dec:foundered   13Dec1819
True Briton     THOMAS James          Sailed Swansea 6 Dec:foundered   13Dec1819
True Briton     COTHEY young          Foundered                        13Dec1819
True Briton                           News,Catholic Emancipation Bill  21Mar1821
Truro                                 Sloop of London, seized CoastGua 02Jul1832
Tryphena                              For Plymouth                     01Dec1832
Tuscan                                Sailed with 670 hogsheads        26Nov1831
Twin Brothers   BULL Capt.            Arrived from Norway              16Mar1833
Two Brothers    BULL                  Sailed for Norway                28Apr1836
Underhill       RICHARDS Edward Capt. Carried away main top-mast       04Oct1826
Underhill       RICHARDS master       Sailed for Wales                 12Feb1830
Underhill       RICHARDS              On shore at St Micheal's Mount   19Jan1835
Union                                 Of Leith, ashore, crew saved     02Mar1824
Union                                 Sailed for St Michaels           28Sep1827
Union                                 Sailed for St Micheal's          18Feb1831
Union           TREVORROW             Sailed on 1st voyage             10Dec1832
Union                                 Arrived, lost anchor & damage    03Feb1836
Unity                                 Dismasted, nr. Godrevy           20Dec1830
Unity                                 Arrived from Croisic with salt   29Jul1833
Venus                                 Sailed with 614 hogsheads        19Jan1838
Venus           BAWDEN                For Mediterranean                06Dec1838
Victory                               Smack of Bristol ashore at Ridge 17Feb1839
Victory                               Smack of Bristol floated to port 13Apr1839
Viper                                 HM Revenue Cutter,left on cruise 06Sep1833
Water Witch                           Of London to Mediterranean       27Nov1838
Waterloo        ROWE Nathaniel        Foundered off Padstow, crew save 09Nov1821
Will o'the Wisp                       Arrived St Ives                  10Jul1838
William                               Of London, sailed 609 hogsheads  14Dec1823
William                               Of Hull, 660 hogsheads           10Nov1828
William         BROAD                 Sailed for Leghorn with pilchard 05Nov1837
William & Mary                        Of St Ives, sailed 516 hogsheads 06Dec1823
William & Mary                        Arrived from Mediterranian       14Apr1824
William the 4th                       For Virginia, many passengers    14Jul1835
York Packet                           From Liverpool, general cargo    18Jul1829
Zion                                  Sailed with 950 hogsheads        30Oct1830
                ROWE T                Cornish Melitia                  25Jun1817
                HUMPHRIES J           Cornish Melitia                  25Jun1817
                PENBERTHY J           Cornish Melitia                  25Jun1817
                JENNINGS J            Cornish Melitia                  25Jun1817
                TREWHELLA Mr C        Cornish Melitia                  25Jun1817
                LANDER                Cornish Melitia                  19Jul1817
                SISELY                Cornish Melitia                  19Jul1817
                MAJOR Henry           Cornish Melitia                  25Jun1817
                BELLMAN               Cornish Melitia                  25Jun1817
                BAZELEY John          Cornish Melitia                  19Jul1817
                JENNINGS              Cornish Melitia                  19Jul1817
                KERNICK Richard       Cornish Melitia                  19Jul1817
                ALLEN Joseph          Cornish Melitia                  19Jul1817
                                      A comet appeared                 04Jul1819
                EVELYN Lyndon         Canvassed election: A Tory.      29Feb1820
                STEPHENS Samuel       Canvassed election, of Tregenna  28Feb1820
                GRAHAM Jas. Later Sir Canvassed election: A Whig.      29Feb1820
                MEADE Colonel         Canvassed town for election      06Mar1820
                George IV             Porclaimed King in St Ives       12Feb1820
                STIRLING Sir Walter   Canvassed for election           28Feb1820
                King George III       Died 29 Jan, news at St Ives     02Feb1820
                HALSE Mr James        Town Clerk & Solicitor           22Jun1820
                GRAHAM & EVELYN       Accused bribery from Launceston  22Mar1820
                GRAHAM & EVELYN       Elected & left for London        12Mar1820
                TUCKETT Tom           Effigy burnt                     27Mar1820
                DUNN George Patrick   Of Ireland, perjury charge       22Jun1820
                TREMEARNE Capt        Caught boatload of herring       11Oct1820
                RICHARDS Capt.        Lost vessel in Bassett's Cove    18Sep1820
                WEARNE Roger          Concern shot a?atCarrick Gladden 10Oct1820
                CARNE Mr              Formed Church Missionary Society 13Nov1820
                HAWKINS Sir Chris     Limekilns lighted first time     30Jan1821
                LEY Mr Francis        Found drowned in a well          27Apr1821
                NORMANBY Lord         Canvassed town for bye-election  18May1821
                LEY Francis           Buried                           02May1821
                GRAHAM Mr             Resigned his seat in Parliament  25May1821
                COURTNEY W P          Wrote 'Parliament.Hist.Cornwall' xxXxx1821
                HAWKINS Sir Chris Bt. Elected in bye-election          26May1821
                HITCHENS Mr Robert    His vault collapsed under church 06Jun1821
                BONEPARTE Napoleon    d. St Helena 6 May, news arrives 07Jul1821
                George IV             Crowned                          19Jul1821
                FOX Mr                Bought pilchards at 4L hogshead  17Dec1821
                DUNN George Patrick   7 yrs transpt, false swearing    14Feb1822
                HAWKINS Sir C bt. M P His free school for poor,ShuteSt 11Apr1822
                TREMEARNE & Co        Fine catch of pilchards          18Oct1822
                HAIN Edward & Co      Got American timber from customs 05Dec1822
                WEARNE & Co           Fine catch of pilchards          18Oct1822
                SARGEANT Capt.        Vessel at Hayle dismantled       20May1822
                PARNELL Capt.         Of Padstow, lost near Boscastle  05Dec1822
                BOLITHO & TREMEARNE   Took 40 gurries of herring       20Oct1823
                WEARNE Mr Roger       Bought Quay dues for L915        10Oct1823
                MAJOR Steven          Found killed in Consols Mine     21Sep1823
                BAMFIELD & Co         Caught fish at Porthminster      29Oct1823
                TREMEARNE Mr Paul     Mayor for ensuing year           01Nov1823
                HALSE Mr James        Canvassed the borough            10Aug1824
                PRAED Mr              Canvassed the borough            22Aug1824
                HAWKINS Sir C bt.     Canvassed the borough            11Aug1824
                WALLIS Mr Frederick   Canvassed the borough            02Aug1824
                                      Steamboat arrival caused alarm   15Oct1824
                LEMON Sir William     Deceased                         14Dec1824
                STEVENS, young Squire Canvassed the borough            24Aug1825
                POWELL Mr             His performing troupe left St Iv 16Mar1825
                PENDARVES Mr          Chaired meeting to abolish slave 23Jan1826
                TREMEARNE Mr Paul     Mayor, died at noon              09May1826
                MACKINNON Mr W A      Canvassed the town               03Jun1826
                                      Virgins danced, Knills Monument  26Jul1826
                STIRLING Sir Walter   Arrived from London              29Jul1826
                HODGE James T         Pilot gig capsised, drowned      28Oct1826
                JOHNS Anthony Capt.   Bound from Legorn to Glasgow     24Oct1826
                SISLEY William        Pilot gig capsised, drowned      28Oct1826
                WILLIAMS John         Pilot gig capsised, drowned      28Oct1826
                HARRY Thomas Capt.    Put into Penzance to land a man  08Jan1827
                UREN Thomas           Fell from rigging,landedPenzance 08Jan1827
                WEARNE William        New vessel from Newport          06Aug1827
                ROWLANDS daughter     To marry RUNNALL against wishes  07Jun1827
                RUNNALLS young        A minor, sent off from St Ives   07Jun1827
                HOCKING & Co          Caught small shoal               21Aug1827
                                      103 yr old woman died Towednack  24May1827
                CURNOW S              His son fell 20 fathoms, killed  03Jun1827
                BARNES John           Fell off cliff and died age 77   17Jan1818
                POLE Wellesley Long   Canvassed town for election      02Jun1828
                PRENDERGAST GuyLennox Canvassed town for election      29Feb1828
                ARBUTHNOT Sir Chas    Canvassed town for election      25Feb1818
                BLACKMORE Mr          Canvassed the town               10Jun1828
                LEE Mr                Canvassed for Mr  BLACKMORE      05Jun1828
                WINEHOUSE John        Old Jack, hung in his bedchamber 26Aug1828
                PHILLIPS Nicholas     And nephew drowned in lost boat  09Sep1828
                SQUIRES Robert        Found drowned on beach, drunk    06Mar1829
                MORTON Mrs            Robert SQUIRES raided her house  06Mar1829
                HAWKINS Sir Chris     Died age 74 a benevolent man     06Apr1829
                WELLESLEY Mr          All his friends had a L1 dinner  21Apr1829
                                      Began to measure all houses      25Aug1829
                WILLIAMS Vivian Stev. Bought The Quay for L970         10Oct1829
                PHILLIPS John & son   Ashore Portreath, saved          14Oct1829
                POLE Wellesley Long   Rt Hon,Arrived in town           09May1830
                HITCHENS Mr           Chosen Alderman of borough       24Apr1830
                BAZELEY Mr            Chosen Alderman of borough       24Apr1830
                LEE Mr Edwin          Recorder of the borough          24Apr1830
                ANTHONY James Esq.    Interred in the church           28Apr1830
                YOUNGE Mr             Chosen Alderman of borough       24Apr1830
                ANTHONY Mr James      Justice, died aged 93            21Apr1839
                TREMEARNE Mr          Chosen Alderman of borough       24Apr1830
                George IV King        News of death                    28Jun1830
                POLE Wellesley Long   Bought prop.oflate Sir C HAWKINS 28May1830
                MORRISON Mr           Canvassed the town               20Jul1830
                OATLEY James          Copperhouse Found.madeGreat Bell 23Jul1830
                William IV            Proclaimed king of Brit. Empire  05Jul1830
                HALSE Mr              Canvassed the town               25May1830
                HALSE Mr              Purchased shares in Consols Mine 13Jul1830
                HICHENS William       Church Warden, Name on Bells     23Jul1830
                HALSE James Esq.  M P Church Warden, Name on Gt Bell   23Jul1830
                TREMEARNE Thos Jun.   Church Warden, Name on Bells     23Jul1830
                MAJOR Matthew         Church Warden, Name on Bells     23Jul1830
                WELLESLEY Mr          Arrived with General DOYLE       30Jul1830
                DOYLE General         Arrived with Mr WELLESLEY        30Jul1830
                ANTHONY Thomas        Mayor                            xxXxx1721
                MORRISON Mr James     Got 181 votes, 2nd place in poll 04Aug1830
                HART Mr               Wooden house launched            16Aug1830
                WELLESLEY Mr          Won the Poll with 217 votes      04Aug1830
                MORRISON Mr James     Snr. partner, Fore St warehouse  04Aug1830
                HALSE Mr              152 votes, 3rd place             04Aug1830
                HITCHENS Richard Esq. Mayor                            26Oct1830
                SYDNEY                Lost his boat from Hayle, manure 17Dec1830
                PHILLIPS John         Lost his boat from Hayle, manure 17Dec1830
                BULWER Edward Lytton  Elected to Parliament, a Whig    30Apr1831
                HALSE James Esq.      Elected to Parliament, a Tory    30Apr1831
                                      3 men interred today,83,84,85yrs 27Feb1831
                VYVYAN Sir Richard    Candidate for Lostwithiel        11May1831
                NOALL                 Herring fishing begun nr Ireland xxXxx1816
                REDFREN George        Drawn to serve in County Melitia 05May1831
                LANDER Richard        Drawn to serve in County Melitia 05May1831
                VALETORT Lord         Candidate for Lostwithiel        11May1831
                LEMON Sir Charles     Candidate for Lostwithiel        11May1831
                ALDRIDGE s/o Parson   Age 4, dreadfully burnt and died 19May1831
                BEVAN Mr              Drawn to serve in County Melitia 05May1831
                PENBERTHY W           Drawn to serve in County Melitia 05May1831
                CURNOW R              Drawn to serve in County Melitia 05May1831
                PENDARVES W W         Candidate for Lostwithiel        11May1831
                MORRIS                Drawn to serve in County Melitia 05May1831
                MAY Samuel            Drawn to serve in County Melitia 05May1831
                                      Smugglers condemend              16May1831
                BURGESS Mr            Drawn to serve in County Melitia 05May1831
                CARDEW N              Drawn to serve in County Melitia 05May1831
                JOHN Mr               Had a stage van, Redruth/St Ives 02Aug1831
                BAMFIELD              Owned a sean fisher              06Sep1831
                Tremearne Mr T        His boat caught 600 hogsheads    28Aug1831
                MARTIN Moses Capt.    PreventiveService took smugglers 04Dec1831
                JACOBS John           Saved by LANDER                  01Mar1832
                WELCH Michael         Drowned in pilot-gig at Bar      01Mar1832
                THOMAS Isaac          Saved by LANDER                  01Mar1832
                HUMPHRIES Richard     Drowned in pilot-gig at Bar      01Mar1832
                                      General fast day, shops closed   21Mar1832
                LANDER John & son     Heard cries,rowed to Bar to help 01Mar1832
                TREMEARNE Thomas      Market House built 1490, leveled 02Apr1832
                HALSE James           Market House built 1490, leveled 02Apr1832
                HITCHENS William      Market House built 1490, leveled 02Apr1832
                BAZELEY William Jnr.  Market House built 1490, leveled 02Apr1832
                BAZELEY William       Market House built 1490, leveled 02Apr1832
                YONGE Walter Mayor    Market House built 1490, leveled 02Apr1832
                CHELLEW John          Market House built 1490, leveled 02Apr1832
                HITCHENS Rich Justice Market House built 1490, leveled 02Apr1832
                                      1st case of cholera, a death     28Aug1832
                MARTIN Moses          Coastguard, seized 'Truro'       02Jul1832
                CROKER Mr             Thrown from gig, died in ditch   08Jul1832
                                      Large steam vessel passed Head   12Oct1832
                                      Cholera raging,many prayers said 27Sep1832
                                      Fish sold 38s 6d per hogshead    26Sep1832
                                      6 dead in Penzance of cholera    30Oct1832
                                      A fair at Halsetown              11Sep1832
                BAZELEY William Esq.  Elected mayor by Aldermen        01Nov1832
                                      Thanksgiving day, cholera over   21Nov1832
                HALSE James           Candidate For St Ives,Lelant etc 11Dec1832
                PREAD Mr              Made public speach at Hotel      06Dec1832
                HALSE James           Elected in poll, 302 votes       12Dec1832
                                      New Reform Act                   xxXxx1832
                STEPHENS Henry Lewis  Candidate For St Ives,Lelant etc 11Dec1832
                PRAED Winthrop Mackw+ Candidate For St Ives,Lelant etc 11Dec1832
                HITCHENS Mrs Mary     Interred in the church           05Jun1833
                SHORT John Tregerthen Left on a tour of several places 17Jun1833
                                      Harvest commenced in this parish 12Aug1833
                                      Halsetown fair                   10Sep1833
                WEARNE Roger          Bought Quay dues for L965        10Oct1833
                HAIN Garland          Lost heavy squallWestern Carrack 24Oct1833
                POLMEOR David         Lost heavy squallWestern Carrack 24Oct1833
                HODGE Richard         Lost heavy squallWestern Carrack 24Oct1833
                BAZELEY William Jnr.  Mayor for ensuing year           01Nov1833
                POLMEOR Henry         Lost heavy squallWestern Carrack 24Oct1833
                STEPHENS Augustus     Collector of Customs, died       04Jan1834
                DANIEL Matthew        Drowned at Portreath             04Jan1834
                CARNE Joseph          Chair of Wesleyan Mission        01Mar1834
                                      Emancipation Day for all blacks  01Aug1834
                STEVENS Sir Samuel    Of Tregenna, died                28Feb1834
                WEARNE Roger          Bought Quay dues for L950        22Oct1834
                WASLEY George         Bought Market-tolls for L150     03Nov1834
                                      St Ives' regatta at 11am         16Sep1834
                                      A most beautiful lunar rainbow   08Nov1834
                HALSE James Esq.      Elected unapposed in poll        07Jan1835
                WEARNE Roger          Mayor, Treas, Gas Coy Committee  13Feb1835
                HICHENS William       Gas Company committee            13Feb1835
                                      15th Wesleyan Mission Anniversar 10Mar1835
                STEVENS James         Gas Company committee            13Feb1835
                YOUNG James           Gas Company committee            13Feb1835
                SHORT John T          Secretary, Gas Company Committee 13Feb1835
                MORRISON James        Petitioner to Gas Coy Committee  24Feb1835
                TREWHELLA William     Gas Company committee            13Feb1835
                                      Meeting to consider gas lighting 06Feb1835
                WILLIAMS George       Gas Company committee            13Feb1835
                HICHENS Richard       Gas Company committee            13Feb1835
                SHAW T                Gas Company committee            13Feb1835
                BATTEN Mr             His seans sold to Penzance       03Mar1835
                BAZELEY William Jnr.  Gas Company committee            13Feb1835
                ROBERTS Eldred Lieut. R.N. Died. Steward/Sir C HAWKINS 21Feb1835
                PRAED William         of Trevethoe,L100 for 'New Road' 13May1835
                HALSE James, Esq. M P L100 for 'New Road'              13May1835
                GILBERT Sir Davies    L50 for 'New Road'               13May1835
                STEPHENS Lewis Esq.   Of Tregenna, L100 for 'New Road' 13May1835
                PYNE Mr solicitor     Petition to Hon W L WELLESLEY    13May1835
                DANIEL John           Drowned, boat filled with sea    22Jul1835
                GRENFELL Richard      Drowned, boat filled with sea    22Jul1835
                PYNE Mr               Had house on the Terrace (note)  13May1835
                                      Gas lighting approved by people  29Sep1835
                                      Penzance regatta postponed 1 mth 22Sep1835
                THOMAS W Pye          Auditor, Municipal Reform Act    01Mar1836
                ROSEWELL Thomas Jnr.  Assessor, New Reform Act         01Mar1836
                WEARNE John G         New Councillor, died aged 35     13Mar1836
                JENKYN Francis        Assessor, New Reform Act         01Mar1836
                HOCKING Almond T      Auditor, Municipal Reform Act    01Mar1836
                                      Gaslight for 1st time, brilliant 21Dec1835
                RICHARDS Richard      Of Camborne, Super/works for gas 21Dec1835
                HITCHENS & Co         A small shoal at the Poll        09Sep1836
                                      Virgins danced, Knill's Steeple  25Jul1836
                WASLEY George         Bought Market House tolls, L151  01Nov1836
                BAMFIELD Daniel       Elected mayor                    09Nov1836
                                      17th Wesleyan Mission Anniversar 27Mar1837
                                      Influenza epidemic raging        13Feb1837
                                      Most severe spring, cattle dying 08Apr1837
                William IV   King     News of his death                21Jun1837
                Victoria Queen        Proclaimed by Town Clerk         24Jun1837
                HITCHENS William      Town Clerk, Proclaimed the Queen 24Jun1837
                                      Householders a copy new Bye-laws 11May1837
                SHORT John Tregerthen Summoned to Town Hall for Rates  01Jun1837
                BAZELEY William       Nominated James HALSE            25Jul1837
                MALKIM Rev. Mr.       Nominated Will Tryingham PRAED   25Jul1837
                HALSE James           Nominated by William BAZELEY     25Jul1837
                PRAED Will Tyringham  Nominated by Rev MALKIM          25Jul1837
                HALSE James M P       d.London 69, b.Truro (long note) 14May1838
                                      18th Wesleyan Missionary Anniver 03Apr1838
                ROSEWALL James        Nominated PRAED for election     23May1838
                PRAED William T       Won election, 1838 by 8 votes.   24May1838
                MALKIN Rev. Mr        Nominated PRAED for election     23May1838
                STEVENS James         Nominated Capt F Heale STEVENS   23May1838
                STEPHENS F Heale Capt Of Tregenna, canvassing          17May1838
                BAZELEY William       Nominated Francis Heale STEVENS  23May1838
                PRAED Will Tyringham  Of Trevethoe, canvassing         17May1838
                LEY Edwin             Candidate coming in his interest 17May1838
                KERNICK Mr Richard    Preached to St Ives teetotalers  06Jun1838
                TEARE James Mr        Of Preston preached at Wesleyan  06Jun1838
                Victoria Queen        Crowned today                    28Jun1838
                BAZELEY William Esq.  Alderman of St Ives, d. age 64   25Jun1838
                HARRY Mr              Of Penzance, preached, Wesleyan  06Jun1838
                VIVIAN Mr William     Of Tuckingmill,preached,Wesleyan 06Jun1838
                SHELL Mr              Primitave preacher, at Wesleyan  06Jun1838
                MATTHEWS Mr           Local Wesleyan preacher          06Jun1838
                WEARNE,JENKYN & Co    29 seans on pay day              06Aug1838
                WILLIAMS James & Co.  10 seans on pay day              06Aug1838
                HOCKING & Co.         16 seans on pay day              06Aug1838
                UNION & BAMFIELD      27 seans on pay day              06Aug1838
                HITCHENS,TREMEARNE Co 31 seans on pay day              06Aug1838
                HODGE Mrs             Halsetown, missionary house 04Jul1838
                BOLITHO               33 seans on pay day              06Aug1838
                BOLITHO'S             Tow-boat, regatta                14Sep1838
                PENROSE Richard       Riot,men came to Wheal Ayr mine  08Sep1838
                HITCHEN'S             Tow-boat, regatta                14Sep1838
                HALSE James Esq.      Uncle of Edwin LEY               25Oct1838
                LEY Edwin Esq.        Nominated Borough Magistrate     25Oct1838
                TREMEARNE Mr T        Boat driven from pier in NW gale 04Nov1838
                                      Heavy fall of snow and hail      31Jan1839
                                      100th year of Methodism          25Oct1839
                BENNETTS Robert       20 votes in Council election     01Nov1839
                ROSEWALL Anthony      44 votes in Council election     01Nov1839
                BRYANT Thomas         13 votes in Council election     01Nov1839
                WILLIAMS Richard      42 votes in Council election     01Nov1839
                CHELLEW John          89 votes in Council election     01Nov1839
                STEVENS Vivian        Elected to council, 98 Votes     01Nov1839
                ROSEWALL Thomas       Elected to council, 91 Votes     01Nov1839
                TREWHELLA Matthew     82 votes in Council election     01Nov1839
                HOCKING Samuel        Elected to council, 101 votes    01Nov1839
                BAMFIELD D Esq.       Elected Alderman                 01Nov1839
                TREMEARNE John Newman Elected to council, 118 votes    01Nov1839
                STEVENS Francis       16 votes in Council election     01Nov1839
                BERRIMAN James        22 votes in Council election     01Nov1839
                WALL Thomas Capt.     Died aged 75                     07Dec1839
                MALKIN Rev Mr         Preached at Weslyan Chapel       28Apr1839
                                      1000 Teetotalers in town         21May1839
                ACKLAND Mr            Of London, talk on bad corn laws 07Jun1839
                                      Heavy snow, fields fully covered 15May1839

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