This is an index to "Prisoners of war in France from 1804-1814, being the adventures of John Tregerthen Short and Thomas Williams, of St. Ives, Cornwall" edited by Sir Edward Hain [Short 1914]. Despite its title, this contains the text of his diary for a much more extended period viz. 1804-72 with only a short gap between 1814-17.

More about St. Ives

Part 2 1840-72

Covering events, elections, wrecks and rescues at St Ives, Cornwall. This index corresponds to pages 254 to 351 of the book.

Indexed by Vessel

Indexed by Marianne PHILSON, Auckland, New Zealand, Nov 1995 and reproduced on these pages by kind permission.

Vessel        Name                 Comments                         Date

A Bremen scho                      Cargo exploded,some injured/died 05May1853
A FrenchSmack                      Smugglers 151 tubs spirits (note 02Nov1840
A schooner                         A man died aboard in Roadstead   09Oct1865
A smack       WILLIAMS James Capt. Detained on suspected smuggling  01Jun1851
A vessel                           Capt. mad or drunk, ran ashore   11Jun1865
Admiralty yac                      To inspect Bay as a refuge       17Jun1858
Affiance                           Of Goole, foundered, 14 saved    17Mar1847
Agnes         RICHARDS John (maste Crew rescued by 'Thomas'         27Apr1845
Albert        RICHARDS John master Lost in Carnarvon Bay, crew save 11Jan1858
Alexander                          Of Dublin, total wreck crew safe 23Apr1860
Alexanders    CARE Henry Captain   Sailed from Llanelly, not heard  10Feb1858
Ambassador                         Of Newcastle, damaged 3 men lost 21Mar1841
Ann                                Of St Ives,lost Lundy 1 saved    10Feb1848
Ann                                Of Plymouth, towed in masts lost 10Jan1857
Ann                                Plymouth,sailed, perishing grain 23Jan1857
Ann                                Lost nr Bude, crew except 1 safe 27Dec1845
Antigua Plant                      Sailed for Swansea               24Aug1857
AntiguaPlante STEVENS Thomas E     Fell into hold and was killed    03Jul1846
AntiguaPlante HODGE                343 hogsheads for Venice         16Dec1840
Apollo        BRYANT Capt          News of her wreck                22Nov1865
Aurora                             Of Plymouth wrecked, crew saved  29Nov1849
Auspicious    SPRY master          Of Hayle,rescued crew/Bremen sch 05May1853
Auspicious    SPRAY master         Of Hayle, ashore near St Agnes   11Aug1852
Auspicious    LOVERING Capt.       Lost nr. Clovelly, crew drowned  22Oct1842
Azores Packet                      Stranded on the Ridge, crew safe 12Jun1863
Azores Packet                      Brought to pier, bought for L45  17Jun1863
Banshee       COODE John Mr  C.E.  Steamer, with Royal Commissioner 25Sep1858
Banshee       HOPE Admiral         Steamer, with Royal Commissioner 25Sep1858
Banshee       WASHINGTON R.N. Capt Steamer, with Royal Commissioner 25Sep1858
Banshee       SMITH F R Admiral MP Steamer, with Royal Commissioner 25Sep1858
Banshee       VEITCH R E Captain   Steamer, with Royal Commissioner 25Sep1858
Banshee       LINDSEY W S   M.P.   Steamer, with Royal Commissioner 25Sep1858
Banshee       SULLIVAN R.N.  Capt  Steamer, with Royal Commissioner 25Sep1858
Banshee                            Left for Padstow with passengers 27Sep1858
Benjamin                           Of Bristol topsail carried away  11Nov1863
Bessie                             Crew landed Penzance,sank 29 Nov 10Dec1870
Bessie        GYLES Richard        Ashore Western Spits, crew safe  11Jan1866
Bideford                           Collided with 'Eden' and sank    12Aug1845
Bistoly                            Of Sully, copper ore for Bury    05Feb1840
Blanch                             Wrecked Portreath, Crew saved    17Jun1866
Blanch                             Sold at Portreath for L53        19Jun1866
Blanche       SHORT Richard master Sent letter to Shipping Gazette  01Mar1859
Blanche                            Sailed                           02Feb1851
Blanche                            Loading pilchards for Genoa      04Dec1848
Blanche                            For Portreath, arrived in gale   08Jan1851
Blanche                            Sailed                           09Oct1865
Blanche                            From Cardiff for Corunna         09Sep1853
Blanche                            From Rouen in ballast            13Aug1846
Blanche                            Sailed from Hayle                14Feb1846
Blanche                            Sailed for Cardiff               14Feb1857
Blanche                            For Bono in Mediterranean        14Jul1845
Blanche                            Ashore at Porthminster           14Mar1860
Blanche                            Sailed for Saffi                 23Nov1854
Blanche                            Sailed for Neath                 24Aug1857
Blanche                            Sailed for Neath                 24Oct1860
Blanche                            Sailed for Kingrod               27Nov1844
Blanche                            Arrived from Nantes              28Sep1847
Blanche       SHORT Richard  mast  Sailed                           30Aug1844
Blanche                            Sailed for Llanelly              30Nov1865
Blanche                            Of St Ives for Genoa             31Dec1848
Bohemian Girl                      Sailed for Mediterranean         06Jan1862
Bohemian Girl                      Sailed                           06Jun1863
Bohemian Girl                      Floated off                      12DEc1864
Bohemian Girl HAIN Edward master   Lost Carlingford, Ireland        23Dec1853
Bohemian Girl                      Sailed                           27Nov1860
Bosphorus                          Of Newcastle, to Jamaica         24Oct1842
Brilliant                          Whit Mon.excursion to the Lizard 01Jun1846
Brilliant                          Left for Jersey & Guernsey       17Jun1843
Brilliant     STEVENS Capt.        1st voyage Hayle to Scilly Isles 22Jun1842
Brilliant                          Arrived home before 'Cornwall'   22Jun1843
Brilliant                          Steamer from London              28Mar1842
Bristol       QUICK William Capt   Wrecked, Capt,son, man drowned   19Mar1869
Britannia                          Lost going into Padstow          02Apr1841
Britannia     LEDDRA Thomas master Supposed foundered with crew     19Oct1857
Britannia     BERRIMAN Thomas crew Supposed foundered with crew     19Oct1857
Britannia     STEVENS Thomas       Supposed foundered with crew     19Oct1857
Britannia     WILLIAMS John        Supposed foundered with crew     19Oct1857
Brothers      WELCH Robert master  Abandoned sinking, crew rescued  24mar1857
Camilla       HAIN Edward Captain  Of St Ives,ashore lost, Cardiff  24Oct1851
Charles                            Of Mevagissey, aground but safe  12Oct1850
Chimaera      SHORT Charles        Sailed for Naples with pilchards 21Oct1857
Chimaera                           Sailed for Mediterranean         31Dec1858
Chimera       SHORT                For Malta                        12Aug1855
Chimera                            Arrived bound for Havre          24Apr1856
Chimera                            For Malta                        29Jun1856
City of Melbo                      Wreckage picked up               13May1862
Clara         MORTON Capt.         From Cherburg,no colours hoisted 04May1851
Clara                              For Portreath, arrived in gale   08Jan1851
Cnts/Fortesqu                      Landed on cask of brandy         18Jun1850
Concord       PAYNTER Richard      Awarded Lloyds medal for rescue  29Dec1854
Concord       BARTLETT Captain     Drowned, others saved            29Dec1854
Concord                            Divers took off sails,gear,watch 29Jan1855
Const+Margare                      Beaten onto pier in ESE gale     27Apr1859
CornishDiamon                      Sailed                           14Jan1841
Cornwall                           Steamer, towed in a dismasted    03Aug1844
Cornwall                           Search for French boat,not found 12Jan1851
Cornwall                           Left for Jersey & Guernsey       17Jun1843
Cornwall      POWLETT Lord William Elected and left for Bristol     21Jul1846
Cornwall                           Arrived home after 'Brilliant'   22Jun1843
Dasher        NINNES John          Boy lost in total wreck          25Mar1850
Dasher        JENNINGS Henry  mast Total loss Bideford Bar          25Mar1850
Desdemona     FARNHAM Captain      Of New Orleans, ashore 45 minute 11Mar1856
Devon                              Steamer, passengers from Dublin  17Nov1846
Dorothy                            Of Sunderland,run ashore crew OK 23Dec1845
Drake                              For Portreath, arrived in gale   08Jan1851
Eagle         COUCH Daniel         Got ashore from wreck            07Oct1854
Eagle         STONEMAN Samuel      Drowned when she went ashore     07Oct1854
Eagle         BROAD John           Got ashore from wreck            07Oct1854
Eagle                              Wreckage picked up               21Feb1848
Eagle's Wing                       Of Dartmouth for Naples          31Dec1848
Eclipse                            Collision with 'Queen of the Sea 10Nov1863
Eden                               Collided with 'Bideford'         12Aug1845
Edwin                              Rundown by Jennet, crew saved    16Apr1858
Edwin                              Found floating & towed in        21Apr1858
Eldred        CHELLEW              For Ichaboa for guano            16Aug1844
Eliza         FREEMAN Henry        Seaman fell from mast & killed   06Jul1861
Eliza         CLARK Capt. Silvanus Foundered west of Lundy          11Jul1841
Eliza Bain                         1st voyage to Mediterranean      06Dec1864
Elizabeth     GUDGE Gyles  master  Wrecked nr. Nash Pt. Crew saved  24Nov1846
Emily                              Of Bristol, towed in dismasted   22Nov1840
Emma                               Driven ashore nr Pt Pednolver    12Jun1863
Emma                               Brought to Pier with assistance  13Jun1863
Emma                               Ashore NNE gale, crew saved      27Jan1865
Envico                             Spanish brig sailed, Havre de Gr 23Feb1844
Erin          ANTHONY James  mast  Drifted, saved 'John & Elizabet' 22Dec1844
Erl/Clancarty                      Sailed for Liverpool from Rouen  18Jul1850
Ernest                             On Stones, 4th vessel in 6 weeks 22Mar1856
Euphemia      DERRIS William  mast Of Kirkwell, drowned, much damag 27Feb1844
Expresss                           Towed the derelict to Hayle      28Aug1855
Faithful                           Sean, to Perran                  08May1844
Faithful                           At Carn Crowse, catch disputed   30Nov1842
Fame          SPRY master          Wrecked 7 drowned, 2 saved       07Mar1848
Fame                               Of London, in a very strong gale 29Mar1850
Fanny Lambert                      Steamer foundered nr St Ives     06Feb1867
Fearnought    JAMES master         For Genoa with pilchards         20Oct1857
Foxhole                            For Portreath, arrived in gale   08Jan1851
Francis Yates                      Sailed                           11Jan1858
Francis Yates PAYNTER  master      Sailed for Naples                22Jan1851
Francis Yates SINOCK James master  Lost Archangel/Bristol all lost  23Oct1860
Freeman       VEAL Capt.           For Portreath, 1st voyage 1843   17Feb1843
Freeman       VEAL William jn Capt Of St Ives lost at sea all lost  18Mar1863
French brig                        Wrecked, Hayle Bar, 2 drowned    28Oct1865
French vessel                      Lost on Stones, man floated in   13Oct1856
Friendship    HITCHENS master      Of Plymouth, towed in, mast gone 29Sep1856
Gannet                             Steamer wreckedr Morvah Cliff    05Jun1871
Geneva                             Of Liverpool, supposed wrecked   29Oct1870
Gipsy         JACOBS Nicholas      Wreck,crewman drowned,other safe 18Feb1868
Glynn         HAIN Captain owner   Arrived from Liverpool for Med.  02Nov1858
Glynn         HAIN Edward master   Sailed for Mediterranean         06Dec1858
Glynn                              Sailed for Mediterranean         08Dec1864
Gower                              For Portreath, arrived in gale   08Jan1851
Grace         SAMPSON Henry (maste Dismasted,towed by 'Joan & Mary' 18Nov1841
Grace Darling                      Schooner, lost near Llanelly     21Dec1853
Harmony                            Schooner, lost near Llanelly     21Dec1853
Hayle         SAMPSON W Captain    Arrived, bound for Limerick      14May1849
Henrietta                          Of St Ives, capsized,all drowned 13Jan1865
Henry Harvey                       Stranded Hayle Bar               10Sep1866
Hero                               Of Falmouth, ashore fog, Brisson 18Aug1857
Hope                               Sailed with 391 hogsheads        07Dec1858
Hope                               Sailed for Leghorn               13Aug1847
Hope          RUNDLE George mast.  Of Salcombe, foundered,crew safe 28Apr1852
Integrity     HUSBAND Capt.John Sn Portreath, lost all hands Boscas 07Aug1844
Isabella      NOALL  master        Falmouth for Wales,sank all lost 31Mar1866
Island Queen  BOLITHO              Sailed for Cardiff               17Jan1861
James Stevens                      Of St Ives, part wreck on shore  05Feb1840
James Wearne                       Sailed for Mediterranean         19Sep1844
James Wearne                       Lost Mounts Bay with all crew    xxDec1848
Jane                               LeHavre,lost,2 drowned,some safe 14Sep1871
Jane          PAYNTER Edward mast. Foundered off Worms Head         25Feb1850
Jasper                             Sailed for Hamburg               15Aug1849
Jennet                             Of Teignmouth, ran down Edwin    16Apr1858
Joan & Mary                        Towed the dismasted 'Grace'      18Nov1841
Joe           SEMMENS Sam R  mast  Collision with French, crew safe 18Jan1846
Johanna                            Of Hayle for Genoa               31Dec1848
John                               Of Nth Wales on shore the Ridge  07Mar1848
John & Elizab                      Of Newquay, saved 'Erin'         22Dec1844
John Bennetts                      Said to be sinking, crew saved   18Oct1857
John Wesley   BRYANT Captain       Feared foundered                 25Oct1859
Johnson                            Of Exeter, damaged in NNW gale   02Nov1859
Jonadab                            Sailed for Swansea               06Oct1855
Jonadab                            Launched in fine style           28Sep1855
Joseph        BOASE Edward   mate  Left Portreath, lost all hands   07Aug1844
Joseph        WILLIAMS Capt. John  Left Portreath, lost all hands   07Aug1844
juno                               Came ashore in Wheal Dream, lost 27Apr1859
Kate          BARNETT              For Venice with 360 hogsheads    01Nov1842
Kate          FRY Humphrey  master Lost on coast of Ireland         21Dec1847
Kate                               Boarded abandoned 'Mary Ann'     25Oct1846
Kate                               Of St Ives, ashore, crew saved   30Oct1855
La Reine Hort NAPOLEON Prince      Son of Jerome to board           07Jul1857
La Reine Hort FOX Alfred Esq.      With Prince Napoleon to board    07Jul1857
Lady Anne     PAGE John   master   Of Yarmouth, sinking, saved(note 20Jan1845
Lander                             Capsized on Hayle Bar, crew safe 16Dec1858
Liberty       ANDREWS Capt         Reached port, 5 others foundered 25Oct1859
Liberty                            Leaking, crew & boat saved       27Jul1852
Little Queen                       To port in tremendous N W Gale   04Feb1840
Lizzie                             Wrecked,crew safe, from Honduras 19Mar1869
Lizzie Morton                      Sailed for Mediterranean         23Nov1858
London                             270 emigrants lost,Bay of Biscay 11Jan1866
London                             Of Plymouth,wrecked,some drowned 11Nov1863
Louisa                             Schooner lost Porthwidden        14Mar1867
Louisa        BLACKMORE John Capt  Of Bideford, ashore Porthmeor    31Dec1849
Maid of Erin  HARRY William master OfTruroReported loss of Valliant 26Feb1849
Marcellas                          For Leghorn                      21Oct1857
Margaret      SANDERS              From Plymouth with copper ore    18Feb1843
Margaret Hain                      Of St Ives,largest cargo shipped 31Dec1871
Maria                              Sailed for Mediterranean         06Dec1858
Maria                              Lost Swansea Bay, crew saved     10Jan1849
Maria                              Of Padstow, abandoned & towed in 19Jan1855
Maria Louisa                       Sailed                           14Jan1841
Marquis                            Of Limerick, ground Western Spit 10Dec1846
Marquis/Aberc                      Ashore, 3 drowned, 26 saved      08Dec1847
Marshall                           For Portreath, arrived in gale   08Jan1851
Martha Jane                        Sailed                           14Jan1841
Martha Jane                        Of Plymouth ashore Pendover,safe 25Oct1859
Mary                               Of Hayle, sailed, not heard of   08Feb1847
Mary          PAYNTER Nat. master  Lost on Aberavon Bar             16Mar1842
Mary          CARE George  master  Driven ashore,Bury Bay crew safe 24Nov1846
Mary Ann      ELLIOT John          Of Poole, stranded, crew saved   07Apr1840
Mary Welch    WELCH master         Supposed foundered with crew     19Oct1857
Mary Welsh                         Ashore at Ancona                 11Feb1850
Matchless                          Rescued crew of Lander           16Dec1858
Mischief      STEVENS Capt         With other vessels at Plymouth   22Nov1865
Morton                             Sailed with 640 hogsheads        14Dec1858
Morton                             Stranded Portreath, total wreck  22Nov1857
Mount's Bay                        Sailed & put back, lost anchors  03Mar1858
Mystery       HAIN Captain owner   Arrived from Liverpool for Med.  02Nov1858
Mystery       SHORT T Thomas       Sailed with pilchards            05Dec1857
Mystery       SHORT Thomas T mast  Sailed for Civita Veccia         05Oct1859
Mystery       THOMAS T B Capt      Collision with 'Williams'        07Feb1863
Mystery                            Sailed for Dublin                12Mar1859
Mystery       HAIN Edward Capt own Total wreck at Porthwidden Cove  20Apr1860
Mystery       WALLIS Samuel master Total wreck at Porthwidden Cove  20Apr1860
Mystery       SHORT T T master     Sailed for Malta                 20Nov1858
Mystery       HAIN Edward master   Sailed for Naples                22Jan1851
Mystery       HAIN Edward master   Sailed for Mediterranean         30Nov1851
Naas                               Casks of palm oil washed ashore  10Jul1857
Naas                               Ashore in Pendeen Cove           23Jun1857
Nautilus                           HM brig, towed in a derelict     18Aug1855
Navarino      PAYNTER Capt. Thomas Fr. Wales lost crew and his wife 07Aug1844
NewCommercial                      Of Whitby wrecked,Capt/wifeSaved 12Jan1851
NewCommercial                      Black man saved from wreck       12Jan1851
NewCommercial                      Captains wife died after rescue  12Jan1851
Nile                               Some cargo washed ashore         12Dec1854
Nile                               Lost with all souls, on Stones   30Nov1854
Nonpareil                          Sunk, collision, crew saved      08Dec1870
Ono           THORRINGTON James ma Drowned in Falmouth, buried      01Mar1858
Ono           WILLIAMS Th Brooking 82 emgrants for Quebec           14May1849
Ono                                Arrived                          15Aug1849
Ono           PENBERTHY Francis    Of crew injured by fall fr.aloft 15Aug1862
Ono                                Of St Ives in collision          15Feb1853
Onward                             Schooner, ashore Hayle Bar       02Jan1866
Palas                              Sailed for Mediterranean         31Dec1858
Panope                             A barque was launched            02Apr1852
Panope        BERRIMAN William     Son, of Neath, overboard         26Jan1850
Panope        SEMMENS Samuel mast. Some seamen lost overboard       26Jan1850
Paragon       THOMPSON             Of Sheilds,ashore,crew safe,     01Aug1868
Paragon       SHORT Charles master Sailed for Galatz with iron      03Sep1850
Paragon                            Sailed for Cork                  05Mar1851
Pearl         WHITE master         Of Hayle, ashore Portreath       11Aug1852
Pearl                              Of Bristol, gigs sunk, men saved 18Feb1843
Pearl                              Of Hayle, wrecked St Agnes, safe 25Oct1859
Penguin       BRYANT Henry  master Lost Trevose Head, crew saved    12Oct1870
Polly         CLARK                Missing in WNW gale              03Aug1844
Polly         DAVIS                Missing in WNW gale              03Aug1844
Polly         BARBER               Missing in WNW gale              03Aug1844
Polly         RICHARDS             Missing in WNW gale              03Aug1844
Polly                              Captains son drowned 24th Nov'52 16Dec1852
Polly                              Ashore, all drowned except one   25Nov1852
Prince Regent HUSBAND Capt.John Jn Lost all hands, woman & 2 kids   07Aug1844
PrincessRoyal                      Of Milford, wrecked , crew saved 27Dec1853
Promethus     BERRIMAN master      Of St Ives, ashore, crew saved   11Aug1852
Promethus                          Wreck got off & towed in         16Aug1852
Promethus     NINNIS N  master     Wales for St Ives, sank all lost 31Mar1866
Providential                       Of Dartmouth for Naples          31Dec1848
PrussianEagle                      Tug for Rhine, built HARVEY'S    22-Sep-47
Queen                              One crew found on eastern shore  17Dec1850
Queen                              Of London, crew lost, Gwithian   21Nov1850
Queen                              60 men left for Aust. via Liverp 27Feb1854
Queen                              Lost Clovelly,passengers allsafe 31Mar1866
Queen of Sea                       Collision with 'Eclipse'         10Nov1863
Queen Victori WILSON Charles mast  Wrecked, drowned with some crew  27Oct1852
Quicksilver                        Of Truro, saved a boat crew      07Aug1844
Racer                              Of Jersey for Leghorn            31Dec1848
Rambler       BENNETT John  master Of Swansea,washed over & drowned 01Feb1845
Revenna                            Of Scilly, safely over Hayle Bar 10Dec1846
Reward        ANTHONY George (mast Hit Shoaler Stone, crew saved    23Jul1845
Richard                            Landed 2 casks brandy            18Jun1850
Robert        OWENS Robert (master Of Beaumoris, stuck, crew landed 27Feb1840
Royal Charter                      Wreck Anglesea,2 of St Ives lost 25Oct1859
Ruby                               In collision, Yorkshire crew sav 30Apr1858
Sally                              A smack wrecked Porthwidden      03May1862
Sarah         GYLES George master  St Ives,lost Hartland,crew saved 28Mar1857
Sarah                              Lost nr. Ilfacombe, crew saved   30Dec1845
Sea Breeze    HARRY Thomas Capt    From Cardiff,anchor in Roadstead 26Jun1869
Seek                               Landed 13 casks brandy           17Jun1850
Severn        TAYLOR John          Of Appledore Escaped the wreck   25Oct1859
Severn                             On Hayle Bar, 10 drowned, 1 safe 25Oct1859
Sir Robt Peel RICHARDS Capt & son  Bodies found along with others   25Oct1859
Sir Robt Peel RICHARDS John Capt   Ashore Portreath, crew drowned   25Oct1859
Sisters                            Of Bristol wrecked, Black Cliffs 16Sep1840
St Elwyn                           Man lost overboard nr Falmouth   31Dec1868
St George     WILLIAMS James mast. Released, suspected of smuggling 02Jul1851
St George                          Steamer,Newcastle,boiler burst!! 06Feb1858
St George                          Engineer buried in new cemetery  10Feb1858
St George                          Being towed to London            11Feb1858
Sultana Selin                      Lost at Padstow, all 7 crew lost 25Oct1859
Superior                           Grounded & lost fore-topmast     12Jun1863
Superior                           Of St Ives, foundered, crew safe 17Aug1871
Swift                              Of Exeter ashore Ridge, all save 29Dec1854
Swift                              Divers took off 20 tons of iron  29Jan1855
Swift                              Of Exeter, dismast, strong gale  29Mar1850
Swift                              Wreck raised after 8 months      31Aug1855
Sylph                              Of St Ives damaged               02Nov1859
Sylph                              Sailed for Wales                 03Feb1866
Sylph         WILLIAMS Capt        Wrecked St Agnes, all drowned    19Mar1869
Thistle                            Of Hayle, wrecked Morte Bay,safe 25Oct1859
Thomas                             Of Ipswich, dismasted, crew left 05Feb1840
Thomas        HOLLOW David  master Of St Ives, ashore crew saved    10Dec1846
Thomas        WILLIAMS Richard     Of St Ives, saved the crew       21Mar1855
Thomas                             Captain saved has wooden leg     21Mar1855
Thomas                             Of Limerick, ashore, total wreck 21Mar1855
Thomas                             Rescued crew of 'Agnes'          27Apr1845
Topsy                              Sailed for Mediterranean         06Dec1858
Trinity boat                       Surveying the Stones for a light 05Sep1856
Trinity yacht                      Supplied the lightship           13Sep1858
Triton                             Of Ilfracombe, lost, crew saved  08Apr1841
Two Brothers                       Of Brixham, ashore, all saved    17Jun1886
Union                              Sailed for Wales                 03Feb1866
Ush           WILLIAMS             Chartist prisoner (long note)    12Feb1840
Ush           FROST John           Chartist prisoner (long note)    12Feb1840
Ush           JONES                Chartist prisoner (long note)    12Feb1840
Valliant      COGAR William master Of St Ives, presumed all lost    26Feb1849
Velocity                           Of Waterford, wrecked, crew safe 27Oct1852
Venus         BAWDEN Captain       Of Penzance, ashore,Cardiff,safe 24Oct1851
Vetos         PERKIN Peter         Mishap, driven ashore nr church  21Mar1855
Victoria                           Sailed to Nth America            04Aug1845
Victoria      DANIEL    master     From Quebec,timber,Bridgewater   05Aug1842
Victoria      MORSHEAD Captain     Arrived from Quebec              05Aug1851
Victoria      DANIEL Capt. Tom     For Quebec, with 300 emigrants   07Apr1842
Victoria                           For Quebec, fourteen emigrants   07Aug1849
Victoria      DANIEL Capt. Tom     From Quebec in 40 days           09Dec1840
Victoria                           Sailed with emigrants for Quebec 12Aug1848
Victoria                           From Quebec in 30 days, timber   13Aug1840
Victoria                           From Quebec in 27 days           21Dec1846
Victoria      DANIEL               From Quebec                      27Jul1841
Victoria      DANIEL      master   From Quebec in 34 days           29Jul1844
Vigilant                           French, of Ostend, dismasted     05Feb1840
Water Nymph                        Of Ipswich, towing 'Vigilant'    05Feb1840
WelcomeReturn                      Of Falmouth,collisn,mate missing 18Dec1848
Wheatsheaf                         A dandy of London, all safe      19Oct1858
Wilberforce                        From Spain to London & Newcastle 28Dec1855
William                            Of Whitby, wrecked some saved    05Feb1840
Williams                           Collision with 'Mystery', sank   07Feb1863
Yorkshire     REID  master         In collision with Ruby           30Apr1858
Yorkshire                          On Bar at Hayle, argument, lost  30Apr1858
              COGER William Mr     Died aged 85                     Jan1861
              PAYNTER Margaret Mrs Died aged 80                     Jan1861
              CLARK Elizabeth Mrs  Died aged 85                     Jan1861
              CHELLEW Mrs          Died aged 70                     Jan1861
              SANDERS Mary Mrs     Died aged 89                     Jan1861
              LANDER Joseph Mr     Died aged 78                     Jan1861
                                   Strong SW gale, thick rain       01Jan1851
                                   Wolf Rock Light lighted 1st time 01Jan1870
              LEY Edwin Esq.       268 votes, lost by 4.     (note) 01Jul1841
              PRAED WilliamTyring+ 272 Votes, majority of 4  (note) 01Jul1841
              COCKS boatman        Knocked down chasing smugglers   01Jun1851
              THOMAS Matthew Mr    Interred age 82, 1st new ground  01Mar1857
              WHEELER Mr           Teetotal Minister, bur. M Thomas 01Mar1857
                                   Light on Godrevy first shown     01Mar1859
              MATTHEWS Thomas Mr   Interred age eighty-nine         01May1848
              LAFFIN Capt. R.E.    Addressed electors               01May1852
              ROSEWALL Mr James    Not elected to council,112 (note 01Nov1841
              BUZZA Mr J S         Not elected to council,113 (note 01Nov1841
              ALLEN Mr Charles     Elected to Council, 261 votes    01Nov1841
              BERRIMAN Mr James    Not elected to council,125 (note 01Nov1841
              WEARNE Mr James      Elected to Council, 284 votes    01Nov1841
              WILLY Mr Henry       Elected to Council, 257 votes    01Nov1841
              TRESIDDER Mr W E W   Not elected to council,123 (note 01Nov1841
              RICHARDS Mr Charles  Elected to Council, 247 votes    01Nov1841
              TREMEARNE Joh Newman Chosen Mayor for the year        01Nov1852
              BERRIMAN P B         Elected to council               01Nov1866
              JENKYN C             Elected to council               01Nov1866
              HAIN Edward          Elected to council               01Nov1866
              COGAR Thomas         Elected to council               01Nov1866
              STEVENS John         Father of David who was drowned  01Oct1856
              STEVENS David        Sone of John, found drowned      01Oct1856
                                   Laying of new gas pipes begun    01Sep1862
              BORTHWICK Peter Esq. Lost election, 166 votes         02Aug1847
              POWLETT Lord William Elected, 322 votes               02Aug1847
              VIVIAN Edward Mr     Gave dinner for voters           02Aug1865
              ADAMS Jo Dunkin Rev. Interred, Minister of Towednack  02Feb1852
              CLEYO Mr Rev.        Strong teetotal debate, NW gale  02Feb1859
                                   Gas Company meeting for tenders  02Jul1863
              GEEN Capt. Edward    Interred today, aged 92          02Mar1841
              MORTON Mary Mrs      Buried aged 77                   02Mar1860
                                   Meeting,plan for Prince of Wales 02Mar1863
              CRAZE Abraham        Had a 4 year old nearly burnt    02May1840
                                   Dead 75 ft whale towed in        02May1843
                                   Man, Jersey smack died cholera   02Sep1849
              Native Indian        From Hudsons Bay preached sermon 03Apr1843
              OSBORN Marmaduke Rev Preached Welesley Mission sermon 03Apr1859
                                   Meeting, decide lighthouse site  03Feb1857
              BURNS Mr             Addressed the electors           03Jul1852
                                   General failure potato crop      03Mar1847
              QUICK Joan Mrs       Burried 92, wid. oldest woman    03Mar1857
              QUICK Thomas         Late husband of Joan             03Mar1857
              TAYLOR Mr Cury       Infant daughter died of burns    03Nov1840
                                   St John's Church,Hellesvere,open 03Nov1858
                                   Revising Barrister visited (note 03Oct1840
                                   Comet brighter than that of 1811 03Oct1858
              BAZELY William Mr    Died today, deeply lamented      04Apr1864
              HOCKING Samuel Esq.  Read Admiralty breakwater report 04Dec1847
                                   Found-stone,Wesleyan school laid 04Feb1845
              THOMAS Hannibal Capt Interred today                   04Jan1872
              ROSEWALL Thomas      Died after blast, leaving 6 kids 04Jul1843
                                   Miners stole flour etc at Pool   04Jun1847
                                   Illegal voters sought at Bodmin  05Aug1841
              SMITH Joshua         Drowned when bathing, Porthmeor  05Aug1859
              NOALL Samuel         Of Hellesvere,rode over & killed 05Dec1844
                                   Tremendous E S E gale            05Feb1841
              TREMEARNE Mr Paul    Died                             05May1840
              WILLIAMS Thomas Mr   Parish clerk died aged 75,cousin 05May1862
                                   WEARNE shot sean at Porthminster 05Oct1840
              PERKINS son          Drowned near quay                05Sep1857
              PRAED and ors.       Indited to Bodmin, illegal votes 06Aug1841
              HODGE John sen Capt  Died at prayer in Chapel age 61  06Feb1860
                                   Old gasometer condemned,no light 06Jun1853
                                   Volunteer Corps meets Trevethoe  07Aug1860
              NICHOLLS Andrew      Drowned,widow,4 kids.Others safe 07Dec1870
                                   New harbour proposed at meeting  07Jan1853
              ROBERTSON Mr         Started canvassing for WELLESLEY 07Jul1847
                                   Many swifts, arrived, captured   07May1850
              MALKIN Rev. Mr       Wesleyan chairman, money L392    08Apr1840
              MORTON Capt. George  His newly bought brig arrived    08Apr1846
              STEVENS Capt Vivian  Case settled in Bodmin           08Aug1846
                                   Gasworks being repaired          08Aug1848
              SHORT John Tregerthe 51 yrs ago he left Givet prison  08Jan 186
              BATTEN Fishing Co    AGM held at Crown and Anchor     08Mar1842
              RICHARDS Mr James    Former coachman, L100 water(note 08May1844
                                   Water brought to town, subscript 08May1844
              PRAED Mr             L100 for water      (note)       08May1844
              STEPHENS Mr          Of Tregenna, L100 for water(note 08May1844
                                   Schooner wrecked, 3 saved,1 lost 09Apr1848
              HOLLOW D Captain     Lost vessel Penzance, 1 drowned  09Feb1855
              YOUNGE Walter Mr     Gentleman respected,buried today 09Feb1869
              STEVENS Vivian Capt  Nominated Mr BARNES              09Jul1852
              TREMEARNE J N Mr     Seconded Mr LAFFIN               09Jul1852
              DOCTON Mr            Seconded Mr BARNES fine speach   09Jul1852
              HOCKING Mr           Nominated Mr LAFFIN              09Jul1852
              BAZELEY William Mr   Nominated Mr PAULL               09Jul1852
              PRAED Mr             Canvassed the town               09Jun1841
              LEY Mr               Canvassed the town               09Jun1841
              VIVIAN Edward Esq.   Addressed electors at Wharf      09Jun1865
              KERNICK Mr Richard   Chosen as Mayor for year         09Nov1841
              KEMPTHORNE W W       Chosen as Councillor             09Nov1853
              YOUNGE Walter        Elected Alderman                 09Nov1853
              YOUNG Tonkin         Chosen as Councillor             09Nov1853
              STEVENS John         Chosen as Councillor             09Nov1853
              HITCHENS Richard     Elected Alderman                 09Nov1853
              TREMEARNE J Newman   Elected Mayor for 2nd time       09Nov1853
              JALCOCK William C    Chosen as Councillor             09Nov1853
              TREMEARNE John Mr    Elected Mayor                    09Nov1858
              HITCHENS Snaith Mr   Re-elected Mayor                 09Nov1868
                                   A comet 1st appeared, splendid   09Sep1858
              WEARNE Mr Edwin      Died                             10Aug1840
              Victoria Queen       Married today                    10Feb1840
              BATTEN Fishing Co    Annual div. L6 a share           10Feb1845
                                   AGM CON Fish Co,50/- a share,div 10Feb1865
                                   Penny postage started in UK      10Jan1840
              LAFFIN Mr            Won the election 38 majority     10Jul1852
                                   Borough Volunteer Corps founded  10Jul1860
              HARRY Miss           Drowned, Band of Hope Gala day   10Jul1866
              LUKE Miss            Drowned, Band of Hope Gala day   10Jul1866
              Prince of Wales      Married to Princess Alexandra    10Mar1863
              PAULL Henry Esq.     Gave L20 for wedding dinner      10Mar1863
              STEVENS H L          Of Tregenna gave L10 for dinner  10Mar1863
              Princess Alexandra   Married Prince of Wales, holiday 10Mar1863
              LAFFIN Capt. R.E.    Supports Free Trade,no Bread Tax 10May1852
              WILLIAMS James       Shot sean at Carn Crowse,damaged 10Nov1841
                                   Gas lights relit on paying dues  11Aug1856
              YOUNG William Rev.   From Penzance, preached Wesleyan 11Dec1850
                                   Prevantative men left to join RN 11Feb1854
              CURNOW Honor         Or Redruth, serv. Mr HARRIS(note 11Jul1844
                                   L400,000 granted for Harbour     11Mar1859
              VIVIAN Squire        Father of Mr Hussy VIVIAN        11May1852
              VIVIAN Hussy Mr      Of Cardiff a candidate in elect. 11May1852
              BAZELEY Mr William   Bought Market tolls for L149     11Nov1841
                                   Huge gale, much damage to houses 11Nov1863
              HITCHENS Snaith Mr   Mayor, died last night, 10pm     11Nov1868
              COUCH William Capt   Died aged 80                     11Oct1859
                                   Best potato crop for years       12Aug1863
                                   Pipes for Terrace lamps laid     12Dec1849
                                   120 Sp. Constables sworn  (note) 12Feb1841
              MORGAN Miss          Married Mr William BAZELEY,StIve 12Jan1842
              BAZELEY Mr William   Married eldest MORGAN daut.(note 12Jan1842
              MORGAN Capt. William Father of the bride of BAZELEY   12Jan1842
              MILLETT Mr           Canvassing for Lord Will POWLETT 12Jul1847
              PAULL Henry Mr       MP, over VIVIAN, people angry    12Jul1865
              VIVIAN Edward        Sadly defeated in election       12Jul1865
                                   Town Clock struck by lightning   12Jun1842
              Ruth Fishing Co      Sold to BATTEN & Co.             12Mar1846
                                   Estimated 200 at sea for census  12Mar1861
                                   Census of St Ives, 6935 people   12Mar1861
              VIVIAN Mr            Canvassed town, a Free Trader    12May1852
              TREWHELLA Capt       Interred today aged 74           12Oct1852
                                   Artillery Volunteers sworn in    12Sep1860
              NELSON Rev. John     Preached in Wesleyan Chapel      13Apr1841
              DUNN Rev. Samuel     Preached in Wesleyan Chapel      13Apr1841
                                   3 skeletons found in garrison    13Dec1859
              QUICK T Mr           A lass stole 2s, sent to Bodmin  13Feb1852
              NOALL Peter          Washed off rocks, drowned        13Feb1854
                                   WNW gale, many housed damaged    13Jan1843
              BAWDEN Thomas  Capt  Died aged 87                     13Jan1848
                                   Slight earthquake at 10.45pm     13Jan1860
              HOCKING Mr           At celebration dinner, Bolitho's 13Jul1852
              BAZELEY Mr           At celebration dinner, Bolitho's 13Jul1852
              BOLITHO's            Has Customs House Loft           13Jul1852
              VIVIAN H H Mr        At celebration dinner, Bolitho's 13Jul1852
              VIVIAN Henry Hussy   Elected M P for Borough ofTruro  13Jul1852
              JACOCK Mr            At celebration dinner, Bolitho's 13Jul1852
              GEEN Humphry         Missing, boat supposed run down  13Jun1853
              VEAL William         Missing, boat supposed run down  13Jun1853
              WALL Joseph          Missing, boat supposed run down  13Jun1853
              BARAGWANATH John     Foot cut off,rock fall at Pier   13Jun1865
              GRIBBLE B            Much bruised, rock fall at Pier  13Jun1865
                                   Exeter Bishop consecrated burial 13May1857
              HITCHES Mr  deceased Vote at Penzance for new coronor 13May1864
                                   Tumult on beach with guns        13May1869
              HITCHENS William Mr  Died today, short illness        14Apr1864
              SHUGG's James  boy   Blew roof off house, powder keg  14Dec1844
              MORSHEAD Edward      14, miner, died, bad leg injury  14Feb1842
                                   WNW gale many damaged houses     14Jan1865
              PAULL Mr             Canvassed for election           14May1852
              WHITCHURCH E C Esq   Of Ballot Assn, London, spoke    14Nov1854
              GLEANERS             Shot the sean at the Leigh       14Oct1842
              BRYANT John H        Son of Capt Henry BRYANT drowned 15Dec1860
              BRYANT Henry Capt    Father of John H BRYANT          15Dec1860
              POWLETT Lord William Canvassed to succeed W T PRAED   15Jul1846
              GILBERT George       Of Hayle, Drowned Hayle Bar      15Jul1848
              BRYANT John          Of Hayle, Drowned Hayle Bar      15Jul1848
              PAULL Mr             Borough being canvassed for him  15Jun1865
              SHORT Jn. Tregerthen Went to Redruth                  15May1865
                                   Boy steal pilchards              15Oct1862
              FRANCIS Mr           Grocer,Fore St,fire out, damage  15Sep1869
              PAYNTER John Capt.   Died                             16Dec1868
                                   Great snow & frost for 12 days   16Mar1845
              HITCHEN Co           Small shoal pilcards,Porthminste 16Nov1841
              BOLITHO              Shot a sean at the Poll on sprat 16Nov1841
              MAGNIAC Charles Mr   Liberal, elected,great rejoycing 16Nov1868
              PAULL Henry Mr       Retired from election contest    16Nov1868
              SISLEY John          Died aged eighty two             16Oct1850
              BENNETTS William     At Ayr, daughter, 4, burnt, died 16Sep1842
              MAGNIAC Mr M.P.      Gave his voters a tea with music 17Aug1869
                                   Very heavy fall of snow          17Dec1859
              HITCHENS Richard Esq Died at noon                     17Jan1866
              VIVIAN Hussey Mr     Left for Truro                   17Jun1853
              PAULL Henry Esq      Canvassed the town               18Apr1859
                                   Swimming matches took place      18Aug1869
              YEO Betsey           Interred aged 83                 18Feb1857
              ROWE Henry           Interred aged 66                 18Feb1857
              NINNES John Lander   Interred aged 72                 18Feb1857
              CHAMPION William     Interred aged 76                 18Feb1857
              WASLEY George Mr     Hotel keeper, illuminations      18Jul1853
                                   More potato disease              18Jun1847
              DYSART Capt. David   Aged 84, died recently           18May1846
              QUICK James          Aged 96, died recently           18May1846
              HITCHENS & Co        Lost catch, illegal, men dismiss 18Nov1848
              WELLINGTON Duke of   Buried in London,general holiday 18Nov1852
              HOCKING Samuel       Mayor, died at 4am               19Apr1855
              CRAZE Abraham        Killed,burst boiler,widow,5 kids 19Aug1868
              PAULL Henry Esq.     Canvassed town for election      19Mar1857
              NAPOLEON Prince      Landed from Royal Steamer        19Oct1866
              MAJOR Samuel         Stable burnt at Ayr, 4 horses    19Sep1863
                                   Consols Mine on fire             20Apr1844
                                   Unknown potato blight strikes    20Aug1845
              CHARLES Robert Mr    From London addressed electors   20Mar1857
              COULSON Mr           From London addressed electors   20Mar1857
                                   Gas rate of L200 made            20May1842
              VETCH Capt. R N      Admiralty, surveyed St Ives Bay  20Oct1846
                                   Nine St Ives folk for Australia  21Aug1852
                                   Collection for Irish distress    21Feb1847
              YOUNG James Mr       Died aged fifty                  21Feb1848
                                   Regatta took place at 3.30pm     21Jul1840
                                   Church Clock stopped in protest  21Jun1842
              SHORT John T         Elected auditor, POW France      21Mar1850
              WILLIAMS Thomas      Elected auditor, POW France      21Mar1850
              TREMEARNE Charles    Elected assessor for borough     21Mar1850
              STEVENS Andrew       Elected assessor for borough     21Mar1850
                                   Thanksgiving for success, Crimea 21Mar1855
              CHARLES Robert Mr    Gave up contest and left         21Mar1857
                                   Meet Town Hall to plan new pier  22Jan1840
              HAIN Edward          Died this evening                22Mar1852
                                   Victoria Co. shot sean at Leigh  22Sep1840
              THOMAS Hannibal Capt Son of Mrs Jane THOMAS           23Feb1860
              THOMAS Jane Mrs      Mother of Capt Hannibal, d. 85   23Feb1860
                                   Dissolution of Parliament        23Jun1841
              BATTEN & Co.         Annual meeting, div L3 a share   23Jun1848
              EDWARDS Hugh Esq     Died aged 85                     24Apr1861
              HAIN Mrs             Died today                       24Jan1872
              NINNES D L           To Poll in boat, rescued 11pm    24Nov1848
              RICHARDS Thomas      House afire 2nd time 8 mths, out 24Nov1866
                                   Gaslight poll invalid, do again  24Sep1859
              GESELER C F Mr       Canvassed the town & country     25Apr1859
              WILLIAMS Jasper Capt Died aged fifty                  25Jul1849
              JENNINGS James Capt  Died at sea,cholera, bur Milford 25Jul1849
              KNILL Mr             His virgins danced at Cocks Hill 25Jul1851
              KNILL John           10 virgins danced at monument    25Jul1856
              KNILL Mr             Provided dinner at Hotel (will?) 25Jul1861
              KNILL Mr             10 virgins danced, festival day  25Jul1866
                                   Writs for General Election read  25Jun1841
                                   Literary Institute opened today  25Mar1851
              WALLIS Thomas        Drowned leaving wife & 4 childre 25Oct1859
              GRENFELL Samuel      Saved                            25Oct1859
                                   Stongest Oct gale since 1823     25Oct1859
              Unknown male         18 yr old fell on ship and died  25Sep1842
                                   No good rain since 6 Aug         25Sep1865
              HOCKING Samuel       Interred in church vault         26Apr1855
                                   Prayer for war success in Russia 26Apt1954
              BERRIMAN William     Father, of St Ives, son lost     26Jan1850
              MAYS Mr Sam          Candidate, lecture at Castle Inn 26Jun1841
                                   Wesleyan Bazaar opened           26Jun1866
              VIVIAN Edward Mr     Of Toquay, a speach, Green Court 26Jun1866
              HITCHENS Mr          Home from Bodmin                 26Mar1843
              Red Balls Co         Got 1500 hogsheads               26Nov1845
                                   Teetotalers sep. Wesleyans (note 26Sep1841
                                   Regatta took place, wind light   27Aug1852
              UREN Thomas          Jumped off Carthew Pt., drowned  27Feb1850
                                   St Ives as Harbour of Refuge?    27Jul1846
              PAULL Henry Mr       Elected, last contested 1852     27Mar1857
              LAFFIN Mr            A candidate in 9 July 1852       27Mar1857
                                   Miners,Penzance,cheap flour etc. 27May1847
              WOOLCOCK Anthony     Crushed to death,runnaway waggon 27Sep1863
              PAULL                His voters, dinner at Tregenna   27Sep1866
                                   First swallows of season seen    28Apr1842
              GRENFELL Richard     Aged 86, died recently           28Feb1845
              QUICK John           Aged 87, died recently           28Feb1845
              BENNETS Elizabeth    Aged 98, Interred today          28Feb1845
                                   Rejoycing peace with Russia      28May1856
                                   General thanks for end cholera   28Sep1849
              RESUGGAN Jane Mrs    Buried aged 85                   29Feb1860
              SMITH Mary Mrs       Buried aged 63                   29Feb1860
              BERRIMAN William Mr  Buried aged 80                   29Feb1860
                                   Argument about Feast Day date    29Jan1859
                                   Iron buoy placed on outer Stones 29Jul1858
                                   Very hot weather, good crops     29Jul1863
                                   SSE gale,most vessels everin bay 29May1857
              CLARK Edward Captain Died                             29May1858
              WILLIAMS James & bro Indicted TREMEARNE at Hayle(note 29Nov1841
              TREMEARNE & Co       Indicted at Hayle, fish forfeit  29Nov1841
                                   Union Concern had shoal pilchard 29Oct1840
              HITCHENS & Co        Took many pilchards, Portminster 29Oct1848
                                   E.N.E. gale ships and fish lost  29Oct1851
              BEVAN Dr             Stable burnt, no houses touched  30Apr1852
              PAULL Henry Esq      Elected with 257 votes           30Apr1859
              LENNARD Mr           Made a mean speach at election   30Apr1859
                                   Two women died of cholera        30Aug1849
                                   Three guns placed,island battery 30Aug1860
                                   Foundation-stone laid, Pier etc. 30Aug1864
                                   A great snow fall                30Jan1855
              EDWARDS Frances Miss Died aged 87                     30Jan1865
              SMEDLEY Mr           Preached the Wesleyan Sermon     30Mar1845
              NICHOLAS Richard     Drowned,small boat overloaded    30Nov1870
              BOWER Mr             Bought Gasworks                  30Sep1863
                                   Highest tide ever seen,over Quay 31Jan1869
                                   Casks of spirits picked up       31Oct1870
                                   Census taken,  6507 inhabitants  O1Apr1851
                                   5656 St Ives in census, down 75  xxJul1841
                                   Total inhabitants of town 1850   xxxxx1749
                                   Census figure, 2714 inhabitants  xxxxx1801
                                   Census figure, 3281 inhabitants  xxxxx1811
                                   Census figure, 3526 inhabitants  xxxxx1821
                                   Census figure, 4776 inhabitants  xxxxx1831
                                   Census figure, 5656 inhabitants  xxxxx1841

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