This is an index to "Prisoners of war in France from 1804-1814, being the adventures of John Tregerthen Short and Thomas Williams, of St. Ives, Cornwall" edited by Sir Edward Hain [Short 1914]. Despite its title, this contains the text of his diary for a much more extended period viz. 1804-72 with only a short gap between 1814-17.

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Part 3 1804-14

During the time he was a prisoner of the French from 1804-1814 to when he returned to St Ives, Cornwall to take up his civilian life again. This part of the book is from a diary kept by John during his time in prison and on the road, still a prisoner, as the Russians, Prussians and Austrians advanced on France from the east. The journey on foot from the prison at Givet to Bordeaux, was 1,276 miles and took 110 days. It is a fascinating insight into the terrible conditions the men endured. This index corresponds to pages 25 to 73 of the book, but also includes some items from the diary of Thomas Williams on pages 74 to 151.

Indexed by People

Indexed by Marianne PHILSON, Auckland, New Zealand, Dec 1995 and reproduced on these pages by kind permission.

Vessel        Name                   Remarks                            Date

              ALGER J G              Author'Napoleons Brit Vist/Captors xxxxxxxxx
Hussar HMS    ANDREWS Joseph seaman  Of Penryn, died in France          xxxxx1804
              BELL John              Of Hull, in hospital with JTS      11Mar1814
              BLIGHT Henry           With JTS in Mousehole              09May1814
              BLIGHT Henry           4 Escape attempts, then in chains  1804-1814
Recovery      BLIGHT Henry           A crew member,friend of T WILLIAMS 1804-1814
              BOATFIELD James        Of Appledore, 4 years solitary     29Jun1812
Ceres         BOWDEN Thomas Capt     Met JTS at Mousehole, hospitality  09May1814
La Minerve    BRADSHAW               Clerk to captain, big rascal       14Apr1804
              BRADSHAW Mr W T        Took money meant for prisoners     xxJan1804
La Minerve    BRADSHAW Mr W T        Acting clerk, caring for prisoners xxJan1804
              BRENTON Captain        Released to England                29Dec1806
              BRENTON Captain        Became Vice-Admiral & baronet      xxxxc1810
La Minerve    BRENTON Jahleel Capt   HMS, grounded blockade, Cherbourg  xxJul1803
La Minerve    BRENTON Jahleel Capt   Surrendered,11 men killed,16 wound xxJul1803
Recovery      BURGOYNE William seam  Of St Ives, died in France         xxxxx1811
              BURNS John             Died in solitary                   1812-1814
              BURNS John             Of Waterford, 4 years solitary     29Jun1812
              BURNS Robert           4 Escape attempts, then in chains  1804-1814
              CARTER George Capt     Givet to Verdun, Officers prison   16Apr1804
Margaret      CARTER George Capt     Of Exeter, captured by La Dolph    29Mar1804
              CARTER son             Of Capt George CARTER, imprisoned  29Mar1804
Friendship    COGAR Thomas  A.B.     Died in prison at Givet, France    02Jan1804
Friendship    COGAR Thomas seaman    Of St Ives, died in France         xxxxx1811
Nelson        CORNELIUS Richard carp Of Falmouth, died in France        xxxxx1805
Recovery      DAVIS Thomas  boy      Of St Just, died in France         xxxxx1804
              DUNN Richard           Died in solitary                   1812-1814
Recovery      DUNN Richard           Of St Ives, 4 years solitary       29Jun1812
Friendship    DUNNE George    mate   In crew when captured, prisoner    02Jan1804
              DUNNON Sargeant        Irish,informer on JASPER/GRIFFITHS 09Nov1811
              ELLIS Captain          Clerk for Lloyds at Riom           16Mar1814
              EMSWORTH James         5 months free, returned to Givet   17Dec1805
Sir W Douglas EWIN Thomas            Told of shaft dug, the traitor!    18May1805
Alfred        GALE midshipman        With Haywood at his murder,injured 1806-1811
              GEORGE III King        Glorious 4th June, his birthday    04Jun1804
              GORDON Rev.            Commissary of prisoners,gave money 16Apr1814
              GRIFFITHS              Escaped                            16Jun1812
              HAIN Edward Sir        Wrote introduction to the book     xxxxx1914
              HAYWOOD Mr             Murdered                           xxxxxxxxx
Alfred        HAYWOOD Wm. mast/mate  Of Lichfield, murdered at Givet    1806-1811
Recovery      HEARN Robert seaman    Of Perran, died in France          xxxxx1804
              HUNN John              Of Milbrook, 4 years solitary      29Jun1812
              JASPER                 Escaped                            16Jun1812
              JENKYNS Capt           Givet to Verdun, Officers prison   16Apr1804
Lisbon Packet JENKYNS William Capt   Of Clovelly, captured by La Dolph  29Mar1804
              JESSOP Charles         Prisoner,gave SHORT a pocket book  20Jun1812
Recovery      JOHNS Henry            Privateer of St Ives,crew imprison 14Apr1804
Mary          KENDAL Edward seaman   Of Padstow, died in France         xxxxx1804
Blanch        LEVI Thomas Sir Capt.  JTS got 1/3 from him at Melun      06Feb1814
Recovery      MAJOR Ephraim seaman   Of St Ives, died in France         xxxxx1809
              MARMONT General        Inspected muster in Givet prison   01Aug1805
              MILLER George          Of St M Mount, 4 years solitary    29Jun1812
              NAPOLEON               Passed through Givet               09Nov1811
              NAPOLEON               News that he had abdicated throne  21Mar1814
              O'BRIEN Capt           Author 'My Adventures in Late War' xxxxxxxxx
              O'BRIEN Donat Capt     Published a book of adventures     xxxxx1839
Spider        O'BRIEN Donat Mr       Escaped to Trieste, joined ship    07Nov1808
Hussar HMS    O'BRIEN Donat Mr       Midshipman, later Rear-Admiral     14Apr1804
              OMAN Charles           Prof Mod. Hist,edited O'BRIEN book xxxxx1902
Recovery      OSBORN Robert seaman   Of Penryn, died in France          xxxxx1804
Hussar HMS    PELLEW Edward Sir      His despatch aboard when wrecked   14Apr1804
Hussar HMS    PENGELLY Henry seaman  Of Cornwall, died in France        xxxxx1809
              PENROSE Admiral        Told of their short rations        30Apr1814
              PEYTAVIN Monsieur      Commandant of prison at Givet      10Jan1804
Bassett       PHILLIPS Joseph  mate  Of Penzance, died in France        xxxxx1804
              PRESCOTT               Turned evidence at court-martial   29Jun1812
              RAIKES Henry Rev       Author 'Memoir Sir J BRENTON, bt'  xxxxx1846
              ROUGEMONT Herbert de   Of Lloyds, article in Chambers Jou xxxxx1854
Bassett       SAMPSON Thomas         Of Penzance, died in France        xxxxx1808
              SHORE Henry N   R.N.   Commander,'British Naval Pris/War' xxJun1914
              SHORT John Tregertehn  Ill on march, put in cart          18Feb1814
              SHORT John Tregertehn  Put in hospital, fever increasing  20Feb1814
Friendship    SHORT John Tregerthen  Apprentice, age 19                 02Jan1804
              SHORT John Tregerthen  Met up again with Givet friends    03Feb1814
              SHORT John Tregerthen  Marched from Givet to Fiume jail   07Jan1814
              SHORT John Tregerthen  Left Fiume for Rocroy              08Jan1814
              SHORT John Tregerthen  Marched 18 miles to Metieres       09Jan1814
              SHORT John Tregerthen  Ahore at Mousehole, home soil      09May1814
              SHORT John Tregerthen  Left hospital with John BELL       11Mar1814
              SHORT John Tregerthen  Arrived Rheims, jail Bishops house 12Jan1814
              SHORT John Tregerthen  Joined another group going North   13Jan1814
              SHORT John Tregerthen  Became teacher of prisoners        1804-1814
              SHORT John Tregerthen  1276 miles travelled               1804-1814
              SHORT John Tregerthen  Had successful navigation school   1817-1872
              SHORT John Tregerthen  Met cousin Thos WILLIAMS, Meubeuge 18Jan1814
              SHORT John Tregerthen  Days of capture over               27Apr1814
              SHORT John Tregerthen  Met with cousin William SINCOCK    28Jan1814
Dartmouth     SHORT John Tregerthen  Went aboard off Paulliac           29Apr1814
              SHORT John Tregerthen  Cousin of Thomas WILLIAMS          xxxxx1804
              SHORT john Tregerthen  Died                               xxxxx1873
Recovery      SIMONS William landsma Of Perrans, died in France         xxxxx1812
              SINCOCK Captain        Died 2 March 1813 at Verdun        28Jan1814
Friendship    SINCOCK James          Cousin of J T SHORT, clothes to Fr 29Mar1804
              SINCOCK Josias         Givet to Verdun, Officers prison   16Apr1804
Friendship    SINCOCK Josias mast/ow Died as POW at Verdun              02Jan1804
Friendship    SINCOCK Josias mast/ow Sailed from St Ives for France     02Jan1804
Friendship    SINCOCK Josias mast/ow Uncle of J T SHORT & Thos WILLIAMS xxxxx1801
              SINCOCK Mrs            Died 6 hours before JTS got home   xxMay1814
Friendship    SINCOCK William        Apprentice, son of Captain, boy 12 02Jan1804
              SINCOCK William        Arrived home just as mother died   xxxxx1814
              SINNOCK William        Givet to Verdun, Officers prison   16Apr1804
              STELLARD Charles       Had letter from Capt BRENTON       10Jan1804
              STEVENS Henry Capt     Of St Ives, helped JTS at Riom     16Mar1814
Unnamed ship  STEVENS Henry Capt     Of St Ives captured with crew      1804-1814
              STEWART William        Died in solitary                   1812-1814
              STEWART William        Of Waterford, 4 years solitary     29Jun1812
              The Empress            Passed Givet and viewed prisoners  13Aug1813
              THOMPSON young sailor  Crossed in barge with Emperor,snuf 09Nov1811
              TINSELL Theodore       Sgt. 23 Reg Cavalry, of London     13Jan1814
              TRUERN George          Of Ludgvan, 4 years solitary       29Jun1812
              WALKES T J  M.D.       Author'Depot POWs at Normans Cross xxxxxxxxx
              WELCH  prisoner        Fell under carriage wheel,injured  09Nov1811
              WELLINGTON Lord        News entry to France,at Pyrenees   21Mar1814
Hussar HMS    WILKINSON Capt         Wrecked crew to Givet,had despatch 14Apr1804
              WILLIAMS H W  J.P. Col Son of Thomas WILLIAMS             b.Aft1814
Recovery      WILLIAMS Jos. prize ma Of Portreath, died in France       xxxxx1810
Friendship    WILLIAMS Thomas        Apprentice, age 17                 02Jan1804
              WILLIAMS Thomas        4 Escape attempts, then in chains  1804-1814
              WILLIAMS Thomas        Cousin of J T SHORT                xxxxx1804
              WILLIAMS Thomas        Died                               xxxxx1862
              WILLS Francis          Turned evidence at court-martial   29Jun1812
La Minerve    WILSON    marine       Informed on HAYWOOD & GALE         1806-1811
              WOLFE Mr               Returned to England                09Nov1811
              WOLFE R B Rev.         From verdun to Givet as chaplain   04Dec1805
              WOLFE R B Rev.         Native of Stone, Staffordshire     04Dec1805
              WOLFE Robert B Rev.    Chaplain at Givet, wife & child    xxJan1804
              WOLFE Robert B Rev.    Author 'English Prisoners -France' xxxxx1830
                                     Easter Sunday,crews marched,jailed 01Apr1804
Ld Wellington                        Drafted aboard transport with 350  01May1814
                                     Marched to Abbeville               02Apr1804
Suffolk                              Drafted aboard for journey home    03May1814
Martial                              Gun-brig of homeward convoy        04May1814
                                     1st appearance of comet            06-Sep-11
                                     Bridge across Meuse for Napoleon   09Nov1811
                                     War breaking out with Russia       09Nov1811
Hussar HMS                           Wrecked nr Brest, crew imprisoned  14Apr1804
Friendship                           Crew arrived Givet                 14Apr1804
                                     930 British prisoners,Givet Prison 14Apr1804
La Minerve                           HMS, Crew captured at Cherbourg    14Apr1804
Harwich Packt                        Crew detained at start of war      14Apr1804
                                     Spanish prisoners join in at Tours 15Feb1814
                                     Ememy advancing so marched on      22Dec1813
Spider                               Gun-brig in charge of convoy       24Mar1804
                                     Arr.Bordeaux 110 days from Givet   27Apr1814
Spider                               Captured off Beachy Head by French 28Mar1804
La Dolph                             Privateer brig took the Friendship 29Mar1804
La BellePoule                        Captain helped them                30Apr1814
                                     Prisoners marched out              xxDec1813
                                     16,280 British prisoners in France xxDec1813

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