ST. JUST-IN-PENWITH is a township and parish, market and church town, 7 miles north-west from Penzance, in the western division, Penwith Hundred, Penzance Union, Penwith deanery, Cornwall archdeaconry, and Exeter bishopric. The church of St. Just is a fine stone building; it has nave, 3 aisles, chancel, porch, transept, monuments, font, clock, and square embattled tower. The living is a vicarage, worth £500 yearly, with residence and 10 acres of glebe land, in the gift of the Lord Chancellor. The Rev. George Hadow M.A., is the incumbent. There are chapels for Wesleyans, Bible Christians and Teetotal Methodists. There is a National school for boys and girls. The Market is held on Saturday. The population, in 1851, was 8,759. The soil is killas; the subsoil is granite and felspar. Lord Viscount Falmouth, and Samuel Borlase, Esq., are the chief landowners. The chief crops are wheat and barley. Dr. Borlase was born here. There are the following mines in this parish at work—Boblowall and Nanpean, Boscean, Ballis Widden, Boswedden, Boscaswell Downs, Carnyorth, Levant, North Levant, Pendeen Consols, Spearn Moor, Spearn Consols, Wheal Bal, Wheal Carne, Wheal Hearl, Wheal Owles, and Wheal Poule. The population in 1851, was 5,559, and the area 7,391 acres

Pendeen is a chapelry, with a population of 3,200.


Aitken Rev. Robert, M.A. Pendeen

Angwin Mrs. Margaret

Chenhalls Mr. Alfred, Market street

Chenhalls Mrs. William

Daniels Rev. Hy. [Wesleyan] Fore st

Hadow Rev. George, M.A. Vicarage

Harvey Andrew, esq. Chapel street

Hicks Capt. Thomas, Chapel street

Permewan John, esq. Fore street

Savery Rev. Geo. [Wesleyan], Market st

Searle Richard B. esq. Chapel street

Trahair Mr. Richard, Fore street

Widow Mr. Thomas


Angwin Andrew, farmer, Carngorth

Angwin Wm. farmer & mine agnt. Bosorne

Angwin William, shopkeeper, Bojewyan

Bennetts James, mine agent, Trewellard

Bennetts John, farmer, Carrallack

Bennetts John, mine agent, Trewellard

Bennetts John, jun. farmer, Carallack

Bennetts Thomas, farmer, Boseaven

Bolitho James, ‘New House,’ Truthall

Bolitho Walter, farmer, Carngorth

Boyne Richard, farmer & mine agent, Henidjack

Boynes John, farmer & mine agent, Bollowall

Boynes John, smith, Truthall

Boynes John, jun. mine agent, Truthall

Boynes Nicholas, farmer, Boswedden

Boynes Nicholas, jun. farmer, Hendra

Boynes Richard, miller, Bostrase

Burton Thomas Bury, Wellington hotel & posting house, Market place

Casley George, farmer, Boscean

Casely George, farmer, Breavean

Casley James, miller, Bosavern

Casley James, farmer, Carrarrack

Casley Thomas, farmer, Kelynack

Casley William, farmer, Truthwell

Chenhalls John, farmer, Bosvarrus

Cheynalls Geo. H. farmer, Bollowall

Daniel Nichls. watch & clock mkr. Fore st

Dillen James, tailor, Chapel street

Eddy James, shoemaker, Chapel stree[t]

Eddy Wm. farmer & mine agent, Clartha

Eddy Wm. ‘King’s Arms,’ Market pl

Ellis Charles, shopkeeper, Carngorth

Gartrell Richard, farmer, Keigwin

Gartrell William, farmer, Keigwin

Goldsworthy Ralph, farmer & mine agent, Bocean

Grenfell John, mine agent, Trewellard

Grenfell Pascoe, farmer, Carrallack

Hall Thos. linendraper & grocer, Fore st

Harvey Andrew, surgeon, Chaple street

Harvey James Stephen, land agent, & mine purser

Harvey James Stephen, jun. mine agent & miller, Kenidjack

Harvey Philip, mine agent, Bottallack

Hatham Henry, farmer, Boscregan

Hicks Jane (Mrs.), shopkeeper

Hill John, Academy

Hill William, ‘Star,’ Fore street

Hocking Nicholas, mine agent, Trewellard

Hocking Richard, farmer, Dowran

Hocking William, miller, Nanjulian

Hollow John, farmer, Boscaswell

Holman Nicholas & Son, ironfounders

Holman Nicholas, farmer, Tregeseal

Holman Wm. ironfounder, Bojewyan

Hoskin Uter, carpenter, Trewellard

Hosking John, farmer, Dowran

James Joseph R. farmer, Bottallack

James Stephen, agent to Lord Falmouth

James Stephen, jun. miller, Bottallack

James Thomas, grocer

Johns Thomas, farmer, Portheras

Lawry Bryan, farmer, Truthwell

Leathan John Tonkin, farmr. Bollowall

Leathan William, academy, Green lane

Leggoe John, farmer & smith, Boscaswell

Leggoe John, shopkeeper, Trewellard

Martin Edward, framer, Bojewyan

Martin Edward, jun. farmer, Bojewyan

Mason Thomas, farmer, Brea

Murrish James, shopkeeper, [M]arket pl

Nawkervis ohn, mine age[nt,] Bottallck

Newton John, farmer, N[page lost]

Noal William, mine age[nt] [page lost]well

[remainder of page lost]

Oats Grace (Mrs.), shopkeeper, Market pl

Oats James, farmer, Nanquidno

Pearce William Henry V. Commercial hotel & posting house, Market place

Penrose William, farmer & porter merchant, Bojewyan

Permewan John, surgeon, Fore street

Phillips Matthew, farmer, Boseaven

Pool Oliver, miller, Bosvargus

Pooley James, shopkeeper, Fore street

Reseigh William, shopkeeper, Market [pl]

Richard John, farmer, Trevedra

Richards William, hairdresser

Roach Paul, mine agent, Boscaswell

Roberts Henry, farmer, Clartha

Roberts Richard, shoemaker & agent to the West of England fire & life assurance company, Market place

Rodda Matthias, grocer, Trewillard

Rowe Anne (Miss), draper & grocer

Rowe Nicholas, farmer, Trewillard

Rowe Thomas, farmer & smith, Bocean

Rowe Thoams, smith, Market place

Saundry John, farmer, Boseaven

Searle Richard B. surgeon, Chaple st

Shackerley Thomas, farmer, Kelynack

Stevens John, farmer, Boscaswell

Taylor Willias, shopkeeper, Fore street

Thomas Edmund, farmer, Dowran

Thomas Henry, grocer, Market place

Thomas Henry, miller, Pendeen

Thomas Henry Grylls, draper & grocer, Market place

Thomas John, farmer, Clartha

Trahair William, shopkeeper, Fore st

Tregear James, farmer, Boswarlas

Tregear William, farmer, Boswarlas

Trembath John, farmer, Pendeen

Trembath Richard, shopkeeper, Fore st

Trembath Wm. mine agent, Trewellard

Trenear Jane (Mrs.), shopkeeper

Trezeise Geo. E. draper & grocer, Fore [st]

Trezise Henry, [m]ine agent, Carngorth

Trezise James[, F]armer, Bollowall

Trezise John[, C]arpenter, Carngorth

Trezise O[page lost] Edward, general & [page lost]onger, Market street

[Remainder of page, if any, lost]

Trezise William, farmer, Carngorth

Trezise William, farmer, Carngorth

Uren Benjamin, carpenter, Trewallard

Veal Samuel, shoemaker, Fore street

Vingoe John, farmer, Tregiffian

Warren James, builder

Warren Jane (Mrs.), shpkpr. Trewallard

Warren John, bookseller, stationer, printer & fancy repository & postoffice, Chaple street

Warren Nicholas, smith, Bojewyan

Waters Richard, carpenter, Bojewyan

Wearne Richard, mine agent, Bojewyan

White Henry, smith, Bojewyan

White John Thomas, farmer & mine agent, Bojewyan

White Nicholas, farmer, Trewillard

White Richard, mine agent, Trewillard

White Thomas, farmer, Bojewyan

Williams Hy. frmr. & shpkpr. Boscaswell

Williams Hy. Geo. carpenter, Market pl

Williams James, hairdresser

Williams James, shopkeepr. Boscaswell

Williams John, North inn, Boscaswell

Williams John, grocer, Market place

Williams William, farmer, Boseaven

Woolcock Thos. shopkeeper, Boscaswell

Wonnacott Mrs. mistress of National school

Wonnacott William, master of National school

Wroath Catherine (Mrs.), shopkeeper, Fore street

Post Office.—John Warren, postmaster, Chapel street. Letters through Penzance, arrive at 6 p.m.; dispatched at 5 a.m. Box closes at 10 p.m. Money orders are granted & paid

Insurance Agents:—

Atlas, B. Lowry, jun

County Fire, J. Ackerman

Leeds & Yorkshire, W. Holman

Legal Commercial Life, J. J. Leatham

Liverpool & London Fire & Life, R. P. Goldsworthy

National Live Stock, J. Ackerman

Phœnix, Richard Boyns

Provident Life, J. Ackerman

Travellers’ & Marine, R. Boyns

Union Life, Henry Boyns

West of England Fire & Life, R. Roberts


St. Just Church, Rev. George Hadow, M.A.

National School, William Wonnacott, master; Mrs. Wonnacott, mistress

Institution, Chapel street, O. E. Trezise, hon. sec

Public News Room, Chapel street, W. Angwin, sec

Posting Houses:—

Wellington Hotel, Thomas B. Burton

Commercial Hotel, W. H. V. Pearce

Omnibuses to Penzance—Eddy, daily; Rowe, thursday & saturday, both returning same day

The spelling in this extract is, as far as possible, as it was written. It was not possible to point out every anomaly as there were too many.

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