ST. JUST-IN-PENWITH is a township, parish and market town, near the coast at Cape Cornwall, 7 miles west from Penzance, in the Western division of the county, hundred of Penwith, Penzance union and county court district, rural deanery of Penwith, archdeaconry of Cornwall and diocese of Truro. The town consists of several streets diverging from a triangular space in the centre. The church of St. Just is a fine building of granite and free stone, in the Later Perpendicular style, consisting of chancel, nave, aisles, battlemented south porch, vestry and an embattled tower, with pinnacles, containing a clock and 3 bells: in a recess in the north wall of the chancel is a curious old incised slab bearing on one side the inscription “Selvs ic iaet,” and on the upper side an incised cruciform pastoral staff: there is also an ancient cross built into the wall of the north aisle: the large chandeliers were given by John Edwards, of Truthwall, in 1746: the communion plate consists of gifts by various donors from 1666 to 1747: there are memorials to the families of Millett, Chenhalls and others: the church was restored in 1865 under the direction of J. P. St. Aubuyn esq. at a cost of £2,000: there are sittings for 500 persons: a new burial ground formed from land purchased of Major Pascoe R.A. was opened April 12th, 1829. The register of baptisms dates from the year 1630; marriages and burials, 1599. The living is a vicarage, vicarial tithe rent-charge £484, gross yearly value £516, with residence and 12 acres of glebe, in the gift of the Lord Chancellor and held since 1882 by the Rev. John Andrews Reeve M.A. of christ’s College, Cambridge. In the vicarage grounds are two ancient granite crosses and a mên-an-tol, or holed stone: on the isthmus which unites the bold headland called “Cape Cornwall” with the adjoining hill, are the remains of an ancient chapel, known as “St. Helen’s Oratory:” there are the ruins of another on Carn Brea. Here are chapels for Wesleyans, Bible Christians and United Methodist Free Church. The Market House, which is spacious and convenient, was built in 1840 by James Trembath esq. of Sennen. The market is held on Saturday. The Literary Institution in Chapel street, established in 1842, has a library, museum and news room; science and art classes are held in connection with it and lectures are also delivered weekly throughout the winter months. Messrs. Cornish, Richard Boyns (Boswedden), R. Boyns (Bank), S. H. James and others, are lords of the manor. Viscount Falmouth, Lord Robartes, trustees of John Usticke Scobell esq. John Borlase esq. and Mrs. Richard Hichens are chief landowners. The soil is granite; the subsoil is rab. Cape Cornwall is in this parish, one mile north-west of the town. The chief crops are barley, oats, potatoes and pasture. The area is 7,421 acres, of which 30 are water; rateable value, £15,789; the population in 1871 was 9,011 and in 1881 was 6,358.

Parish Clerk, William Merrifield.

Post & Money Order & Telegraph Office & Savings Bank—John Warren, postmaster, Bank square. Letters through Penzance, arrive at 10.10 a.m. & 5.30 p.m.; dispatched at 7.30 a.m. & 2 p.m

Public Establishments:—

County Police Station, Nancherrow, William Williams, sergeant

Institution, Chapel sreet, John Holman, hon. sec

Public Officers:—

Clerk to the Highway Board, Thomas Williams, New Downs

Medical Officer St. Just District, Penzance Union, Andrew Harvey, Market street

Registrar of Births & Deaths for St. Just, Sancreed & Morvah, Alfred Chenhalls, Fore street

Registrar of Marriages for St. Just sub-district, John Chenhalls, Market street

Surveyor of Highways, William Merrifield

Places of Worship, with times of services:—

St. Just Church, Rev. John Andrew Reeve M.A., vicar; 11 a.m. & 6.30 p.m.; & 8.30 a.m. daily

Bible Christian, Rev. S. Pollard & E. Hortop, ministers; 10.30 a.m. & 6 p.m

United Methodist Free Church, ministers various; 10.30 a.m. & 6 p.m.; daily 7.30 p.m

Wesleyan, Rev. George Baugh & Rev. Thomas Bryant, ministers; 10.30 a.m. & 6 p.m.; tues 7 p.m

A School Board of 7 members was formed in 1875; Alfred Chenhalls, clerk to the board; Stephen Harvey James, chairman


Board (boys’ & girls’),Thomas Polkinghorne, master; Miss Annie Blight, mistress; Miss Mary Gasson, infants’ mistress

Kelnack (mixed), Miss Kate Clark, mistress

Omnibusses to Penzance.—Eddy, thurs 5 times, 4 times every other day; A. Thomas 3 times daily; Williams & James Henry Williams (through Pendeen), tues, thurs & sat. all returning same day


Baugh Rev. George [Wesleyan]

Boyns Richard, Boswedden house

Boyns Richard, The Bank

Bryant Rev. Thomas [Wesleyan]

Chenhalls Alfred, Market street

Chenhalls John, Market street

Chenhalls William, Cape-Cornwall st

Clements Mrs. Market place

Harvey Andrew, Market street

Harvey William, Bank square

Hocking Mrs. Green lane

Holman John, Nancherrow

Holman Walter, Foundry house

Holman William, Chapel street

Hortop Rev. E. [Bible Christian]

James Misses, Nancherrow terrace

James Mrs. Chapel street

James Stephen Harvey, Alma villa

Lawry John, Tregeseal

Oates Miss, Market street

Pollard Rev. S. [Bible Christian]

Reeve Rev. John Andrews M.A. [vicar], Vicarage

Saundry Misses, Bosavern

Searle Richard Burford L.R.C.P.Lond

Thomas Mrs. Bank square

Trahair Thomas, Market street

Trezise Mrs. Trewellard

Tuobey[?] John Joseph, Market place

Wesley John, Lafrowda terrace

Williams James, Fore street


Angwin Benjamin, shopkeeper, Fore st

Batten, Carne & Carne, bankers (branch), draw on Robarts, Lubbock & Co. Lombard street, London e.c

Bennetts Jn. Wm. & Thos. frmrs. Bosavern

Bennetts William, farmer, Bostrase

Bolitho, Sons & Co. bankers (Richard Boyns, manager); draw on Ransom, Bouverie & Co. 1 Pall Mall east, London s.w

Bolitho James, draper & grocer, Nancherrow terrace

Bone George, farmer, Brea Vean

Botallack Mine (tin & copper) (Stephen Harvey James, purser), Alma villa

Boyns Henry, mine agent, Green lane

Boyns John, mine agent, Green lane

Boyns Nicholas, farmer, Hendra

Boyns Richard, manager to Bolitho, Sons & Co. bankers, The Bank

Boyns Richard, miller (water), Bostrase

Boyns Richard, wholesale & retail grocer & wine & spirit merchant, & agent for W. & A. Gilbey Limited, wine & spirit merchants, Market place

Boyns Richard, purser of mines, Boswedden house

Candy Charles, farmer, Bosorne

Candy Henry, farmer, Bosorne

Casley Henry, farmer, Truthwall

Casely James, farmer, Boscean

Chapel James, grocer, Cape Cornwall st

Chenhalls Alfred, jun. farmer & registrar of births & deaths for St. Just Sancreed & Morvah sub-districts & clerk to the school board, Fore street

Chenhalls George Hemmings, farmer, Bolowall

Chenhalls John, farmer & registrar of marriages for St. Just-in-Penwith sub-district, Market street

Chirgwin Ralph Williams & Co. grocers & drapers, Cape Cornwall street

County Police Station (William Williams, sergeant), Nancherrow

Daniel Nicholas Charles, tin plate worker & watch maker, Fore street

Duke of Cornwall Artillery Volunteers (9th Battery) (Capt. Richard Thomas commanding; 1st Lieut. A. H. James)

Duke of Cornwall’s Rifle Volunteers (1st J Co.) (Capt. Richard Boyns), Armoury, Cape Cornwall street

East Botallack Mine (tin & copper) (John Hollow, purser)

Eddy James, farmer, Trevegean

Eddy Benjamin, lodging house & ’bus proprietor, Chapel street

Eddy James Daniel, farmer, Kelynack

Eddy Joseph, grocer, Queen street

Gendall James, shoe maker, Chapel st

Gibson Francis, carpenter, Regent ter

Goninan Alfred, shopkeeper, Cape-Cornwall street

Grenfell Pascoe, farmer, Bosorne

Grenfell Richd. baker & grocer, Fore st

Grenfell William, farmer, Bosorne

Guy Saml. Miners’ Arms, Nancherrow ter

Hall Jane (Miss), grocer, Fore street

Harvey Andrew, surgeon & medical officer St. Just district Penzance union, Market street

Harvey William, baker, Queen street

Hattam William, farmer, Boscregan

Hill Thomas, farmer, Cape-Cornwall st

Hocking Nicholas, Wellington hotel, Market place

Hocking Richard, farmer, Dowran

Hocking William, farmer, Nanjulian

Hocking William, farmer & grocer, Kelynack

Hocking William (Mrs.), farmr. Hendra

Hollow John, farmer, Trevedra

Hollow John, purser of mines

Hollow Wm. jun. farmer, Bosavern

Holman Nicholas & Son, engineers, machinists &c. Tregeseal; & at Penzance.

Hosking Henry, farmer, Dowran

Hosking John, farmer, Chycarne

Institution (John Holman, hon. sec.), Chapel street

James Peter, blacksmith, Kelynack

James Stephen Henry, purser of Botallack mine, Alma villa

Johns Martin, farmer, Numphra

Johns Richard, farmer, Dowran

Lawrey Elizabeth (Mrs.), farmer, Nancherrow

Leathan Charles, farmer, Gurland

Leathan John Tonkin, farmer, Bollowall

Maddern Richard, farmer, Trevegean

Marks Richard, grocer, Fore street

Martin John, framer, Bosvargus

Mason Thomas & William, frmrs. Brea

Matthews Jane (Mrs.), shopkeeper, Chapel street

Merrifield William, surveyor of highways

Mitchell James, shoe maker, Kelynack

Mitchell Thomas, farmer, Kenidjack

Nicholas John, farmer, Trevedra

North Levant Mine (tin & copper) (R. Boyns, purser), Bank

Olds Henry, butcher, Nancherrow ter

Olds James, butcher, Carnallack

Olds Peter, butcher, Cape-Cornwall st

Olds Peter, jun. butcher, Princes terrace

Penrose Wm. beer retailer, Chapel st

Phillips John, farmer, Nanquidno

Pooley James, grocer, Fore street

Reseigh Thomas, shopkeeper, Fore st

Richards Thomas, tailor & draper, Market place

Richards William, hair dresser, Nancherrow terrace

Roberts James, grocer, Market square

Roberts Ralph Hill, carpenter, Nancherrow terrace

Roberts Wm. draper & grocer, Regent ter

Rodda John, shoe ma, Boswedden ter

Rowe James, carman, Lafrowda terrace

Rowe John, mine agent, Lafrowder ter

Rowe John, Star inn & farmer, Fore st

Rowe Joseph, ironmonger, Fore street

Rowe Samuel, shoe maker, Angel street

Rowe William Henry, farmer, Letcha

Searle Richard Burford L.R.C.P.Lond. surgeon

Shackerley Thomas, farmer, Kelynack

St. Just United Mine (tin & copper) (Richard Boyns, purser), Bank

Thomas Hy. grocer & draper, Fore st

Thomas Archelaus, omnibus proprietor, Bosorne terrace

Thomas James, mine agent, Bollowall

Thomas Jas. mine agent, Pleasant rowe

Thomas John, farmer, Trevegean

Thomas Nicholas, boot & shoe maker, Fore st

Thomas Richard, grocer & draper, Market place

Tippett Charles, wheelwright, Kelynack

Trahair William, grocer, Fore street

Trehair William James, linen draper, Market place

Tregear James, grocer & draper, Cape-Cornwall street

Tregear James, farmer, Boswarlas

Tregear John, farmer, Bosavern

tregear William, farmer, Boswarlas

Trembath Edwin, photographer, Forest [Fore st]

Trembath Richard, grocer, Bank square

Trezise Geo. Edwards, draper, Fore st

Uren James, blacksmith, Factory lane

Veal John, farmer, Bollowall

Warren Thomas, farmer, Tregeseal

Watters James, farmer, Dowran

Wearing John, chemist, Market place

Wheal Hermon Mine (tin & copper) (Richard Boyns, purser), Bank

Wheal Owles Mine (tin & copper) (Richd. Boyns, purser), Bosweddan ho

Williams Grace (Mrs.), shopkeeper, Fore street

Williams James, grocer, New downs

Williams John, grocer & seedsman, Market place

Williams Nicholas, carpenter, Chapel st

Williams Thomas, King’s Arms, Market place

Williams Thomas, clerk to highway board, New downs

Williams William, Commercial hotel, Market place

Williams William, farmer, Numphhra[sic]

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