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Jan 1st the infant child Myrtle Isabel Thomas was buried at 4-30pm in the grave No 45. C section 1st Row. Funeral late. Mr Taylor officiated. An awful afternoon of wind and rain.

Jan 7th 10-45am William John Williams called on me when fixing a gate to arrange for a grave for his infant child Hugh Williams age 3 weeks. Funeral for this afternoon at 3pm. Told him to go at once to the Vicar as he was in a hurry to get back to Penzance to rejoin his ship which sailed about 1 o’clock this afternoon. Grave No 46. C section. 1st Row. 3-15pm. The body of this infant was brought to the Churchyard by 2 little girls who acted as the bearers, a most pitiable state of things and as there was no clergyman present the child was buried . I do not believe that the father ever went to the Vicar, as my son coming from Penzance on his bicycle met the father at about 12-05pm. at the top of Tregerrest Hill running towards Town, presumably to catch his ship before she sailed at 1 o’clock. The father told me the child was unbaptised, but that makes no difference in the matter of church service of some sort over it—as to where the fault like I do not as yet know. Chandlers girl and the babys sister were bearers.

Jan 8th 3-55pm Richard Oats came to arrange for a grave for his child—Evangeline Oats age 3½ months. the funeral for Friday, say at 4-45pm at the Churchyard. He will see the Vicar.

Jan 10th 4-50pm. The child of Richard Oats was buried as arranged. A very quiet funeral Mr Taylor officiated. Grave 47 1st Row Childrens section.

Jan 24th Margaret Bennetts age 82 was buried in Grave No 11. Section A. Southside. 4th Row. Joes Mother in law. Bier. Mr Taylor officiated.

February 2nd Mr Downing buried age 82.

Feb 3rd. Hoskings called to arrange for a grave for his child Harold age 8 months. February 4th child was buried Mr Taylor officiated. Was confined to bed from Jan 15th to Feb 27th so cannot swear to what has happened up the Hill. Sent £2.12.0 to Bank by Mr Taylor—£3 to go from Church yet.

March 10th. 11am Mr Nicholas Barnes called to arrange for a grave for his daughter Christiana Barnes age 6 Months. Funeral for Weds. 4-45pm at Church, sent him on to the Vicar. 5pm. The above child was buried in C Section 1st Row as desired.

April 5th 9am Mr Stick of Labour in Vain came to arrange for a grave for his mother in law Mrs Jane Pascoe age 82. Funeral as far as is known for Tues. next at 5pm. She was buried on top of the Coffin of her husband, the little Embryo being moved to the bottom of the grave at the old mans feet.

April 18th. Mr Joseph Rowe undertaker called at 8-00 to arrange for a grave for Nicholas Thomas, Miner age 34—time of day not yet settled, but expect Tuesday, Grave No.12 near Nicholas(Goldsworthy)

April 23rd 5-30 Funeral reached the Churchyard very late, a great crowd who behaved fairly well. Mr Taylor officiated. may 7th George Reynolds Called to arrange for a grave for William Reynolds age 15—his brother who was killed by the traction engine on Trig Hill. funeral for Tuesday 10th. at 4-30pm at the Church.

June 10th Noon. W Nicholas called to arrange for a grave for his Wife Mary Ann Nicholas age 35. Funeral for Friday 5 o’clock at the Church, would wish her buried as near John Nicholas buried in 1898 as possible. 5pm William Reynolds was buried as arranged in No 13 grave. A Section 4th row. A large and fairly orderly funeral. Serjeant and 2 police there. Strange Parson—Litchfield. Pendeen.

June 13th—M.A, Nicholas was buried in No 14 grave 4th row. Mr T. officiated. July 3rd 8pm Mr Rowe, undertaker called to arrange for a grave for Mary Jane Jelbert age 51 arranged to bury her on the body of her husband in No 5 grave 4th Row. Grave to be ready for Saturday 5th—5pm. at the church. Bier, to be cleaned up boxes oiled etc.

July 5th. Mary Jane Jelbert.was buried as arranged with her husband in the same grave, the bier was used. Mr Taylor officiated.

July 15th. 5pm Mr James Ellis called to arrange for a grave for his Mother Rebecca Ellis age 81.The members of her family want her buried with her daughter Mary Susan Nicholas buried Feb 2nd 1892 in No 2 Grave. 2nd row Southside, second from the Wall. Funeral for Friday 4-30pm at the Church. The husband of Mary Susan Nicholas was buried with his second wife some years since.

July 18th 5-30pm Rebecca Ellis was buried as arranged, with her daughter Mary Susan Nicholas. Mr Taylor officiated. Sept 14th 00-30pm. Mr Joseph Rowe called to arrange for a grave for William Thomas Salmon age 60. Belonging to Truro, but domeciled here, not yet know as the mans relations have to come down from Truro to the funeral. Grave no 15. A Section. 4th Row.

Sept 16th the burial of William Thomas Salmon took place at 5-30pm No relatives of the deceased were present—the man had a history and was sent down to this Parish 12 years since by his relatives who are well-to-do. 2 brothers being Doctors of Medicine, they paid his board etc. with old Reseigh and allowed him 6d a week pocket money. Mr Rowe had the use of the Bier and six bearers to carry the body to the grave. Mr Taylor officiated.

Oct 11th 10-00am Mr Thomas Penrose Rowe called to arrange for a grave for his brother John Rowe age 45 (who came home from Kimberley blinded whilst mining at De Beers a charge prematurely exploded right into his face (and still to say that within the last few days a piece of stone which had been embedded in his face for the last 8 years worked thro’ the inside of his face and fell thro’ into his mouth, this stone the family has kept). Grave no. 16. A Section 4th row a brick grave, grave space purchased. Funeral for Wed. next. The time is not definitely settled by the family. But I shall have notice to pass on to Joe. Oct 15th. John (Penrose) Rowe was buried as arranged at 4-30pm. a brick grave just enough to contain the Coffin. Mr Taylor officiated. Fees £3.18.6 to be paid tomorrow. Grave built by Henry Marks.

Nov 10th 3-30pm George called to arrange for Joe to remove the dead body of his prematurely born child Richard George. Unbaptised. and only lived 11 hours not quite 7 months child. Arranged for child to be buried with his sister Bessie grave 30. C Section. I hold Registration Certificate.

Nov 11th A dreadful day of wind and rain, Joe went down, removed the little baby and buried it as required.

Nov. 24th. 9-am Mr Trevorrow, Tregeseal called to arrange for a grave for boy Thomas Percy Trevorrow, age 2 days. To be buried in Grave No 25. 2nd Row funeral for this afternoon at 4pm. same grave as the childs grandfather.

Nov 28th 9-50am John Gibson, undertaker called to arrange to re open his Mothers “Mrs Pikes” grave. No 44. B Section 11th row. 3rd grave from the South wall. Grave originally sunk 9ft 6 ins. to contain the three survivors of the family. Funeral for Sunday next 30th 3-15pm Same day a grave was ordered for Jane Penrose of Little Kelynack who died this morning. Grave No 17 A Section 4th Row. Funeral for Tuesday 2-30pm age 63.

Nov 30th William Merrifield Church clerk was buried as desired with his mother as above, large funeral.

Dec 2nd Jane Penrose was buried as arranged.

Separate letter loose inside above book from Pascoe and Co. North St Penzance dated 12-7-1902 to Mr Millett Sexton, St Just. Stating that they have received instructions to erect marble cross and granite kerb in St Just Cemetery on the grave of John B Trembath. Enclosed inscription for Vicars approval.

“In Loving Memory of My dear Husband John B Trembath
who died 9th Nov 1901 aged 33 yrs.
Yesterday, today, for ever
Jesus is the same
All things change, but Jesus never,
Glory to his name.”

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