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Jan 20th 10-am Frank Stone jnr came to order a grave for his sisters Mrs Hosking) child Grace Ellen Hosking aged 7 months. Arranged as the mother wished to bury the child in no 20 Section D northside with its brother Theophilus if it could be managed, on examining the grave I found that the child could be put there and leave 2ft 3in of soil on the top of the coffin. Funeral for Wednesday next at 3-45pm

Jan 22nd 3-45 Funeral took place Mr Courtice officiated.

Feb 7th 4-45pm James Stone called and requested that a grave might be prepared for his wife Eliza Stone aged 33. Grave No 4 3rd Row A Section. southside.Funeral Monday 10th about 5o’clock.

Feb 8th. owing to the state of the body it was urged that if it was not possible to bury tonight that arrangements might be made to bury this body tomorrow Sunday afternoon. After Seeing the vicar undertaker and Mr Courtice it was arranged that the funeral should be 3-50 tomorrow at the Church. Body to be taken into the Tower by the Tower door but no further.

Feb 9th funeral reached the Church as arranged, the Coffin was taken into the Tower and then placed upon the usual stools, the mourners went through the Tower. The usual gad-abouts thro’ the south door, and as usual they were a very noisy mob, showing not the least respect for the service or the Church, more intent on exhibiting their flashy finery than any interest for the poor dead woman, the crowd in the Churchyard was larger but tolerably quiet, the element for hilarity and joke was there but the presence of the Police rather a damper. Funeral was well to time.


February 25th 11.15 Mr Branwell came to order a grave for his child Bertha Branwell aged 10 months Funeral at 4-30pm tomorrow. [Burial registers burned. Monumental Inscriptions has died 3rd Feb 1896].

Feb 26th 8-15pm Messrs Richards and Oats called to order a grave for Amelia Eddy aged 61yrs. Wanted the funeral for Sunday and if that not possible then for Monday March 2nd 5-o’clock. Arranged that the grave should be a double one, 9ft deep so that the husband could be buried in the future with his wife.

March 2nd 5-15pm Amelia Eddy buried in No 40 A Sect. Row A. Mr Courtice officiating.

March 7th 2-15pm the brothers Trevorrow called to arrange for a grave for their sister Elizabeth Ann Angwin aged 34. Funeral for Wednesday next about 5 o’clock, arranged to bury her at the foot of her mothers grave.

March 11th 5-20pm Elizabeth Ann Angwin was buried in No & A Section 3rd Row Fee 12/6 (7/6 special 5/–)

April 6th Mr Branwell called at 1-45pm to arrange for a grave for his brother in law John Warren aged 71. Arranged for No 5 A Section 3rd Row. Funeral Thursday 5 o’clock.

April 9th John Warren was buried in the grave as above. funeral reached the Yard at 5-40pm, not so very late. Mr Courtice officiated.

May 5th. The stillborn child of Alice Bennett, the wife of Mr (H) S Bennetts of Bostraze was buried at 5-30 this morning in the usual place for such in the NE corner of Higher Churchyard. Fee paid to Joe 2/6.

June 14th 4-pm Mr Daniel Thomas came to bespeak a grave for Susan Anne Thomas Aged 31 The funeral will be a Salvation Army one, and take place at 5pm Tuesday next. Grave 6 3rd Row Section A.

June 16th 5-30pm funeral reached the Churchyard—4 speakers—The Captain, and sister, then two outsiders. The two latter might have been dispensed with their ‘haspirations were hagonising’ 6-10pm Mr Matthews came to me in the Churchyard to arrange for a grave for his child James George Matthews aged 8 months. Funeral for Friday 19th at 4 pm. Grave No 24 Sect. C southside.

June 19th 6-00 the above child was buried, the funeral half and hour late. Mr Courtice officiated.

July 6th Mr Thomas James Trevivian called on me at 12-40pm to arrange for a grave for his wife Elizabeth Trevivian, aged 24. funeral for Thursday next 9th. Grave No 8. Section A. 3rd Row.

July 9th 5-10pm funeral reached the Churchyard—some mistake as to time, funeral was to reach Church at 4-30 which it did punchialey, but Mr Hooper told Mr Courtice funeral at 4-45 hence the error. The Bier was used for first time.

November 9th. Mr Dale called at 9-15am to order a grave for his wife Frances Dale aged 38. Funeral for 4pm. tomorrow subject to settlement as to the time with the Vicar.. Sent Dale to the Vicar and Joe to dig a grave.

Nov 10th Frances Dale was buried at 5-15 in No 9 Grave 3rd Row southside.

December 15th Francis Stone came at 10-30am. to bespeak a grave for his father Francis Stone aged 90 years. To be buried in No 10 grave 3rd row Southside.

Dec 17th 11am Received a note from the Vicar saying that old Mrs Thomas at the Cot was dead and would I call and see the daughters about a grave for the old lady, which I did, and arranged to meet them in the Churchyard at 2pm. Did so, when they selected their grave in the North East corner of B Section, next to the North Wall no 46. 11th Row Grave purchased. Jane Thomas aged 82 years died December 16th.

December 17th 5pm The funeral of Francis Stone reached the Churchyard one hour late, and quite dark, everybody who came with it wet thr’ luckily it cleared up just as they entered the gates. No 10 3rd Row A section.

Dec 21st Mrs Jane Thomas was buried in the grave as arranged. Funeral half an hour late, bitter weather , SE gales and rain. Mr Hooper officiated. Bier used.

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