This list has been compiled from various sources including [Polsue, 1892], Index of Clergy, a card index by Mrs. J. S. Rolfe, extracted from LDS film 1472028/4 by Michelle Kahler and posted to CORNISH-L August 1999 and [Burt, 2003].

Richard de Bello Prato or Beauprè,
[Burt thinks that there may have been two of this name, one in 1297 and one in 1303] who died January 3, 1333-4 [Rolfe: 1323/4], when
Henry Marsley
was instituted vicar, Ecclesiæ Sci. Justi in Penwith in Cornubiâ, April 20, 1334, on the presentation of Sir Richard de Campo Arnulphi, Knt. [Champernowne], by reason of the, minority of John, son and heir of Sir Ralph De Bello Pratto, Knt., deceased.
Walter [Rolfe: William] Bottreaux
D.C.L. was collated by John de Grandisson, bishop of Exeter, to the parish church, que tanto tempore vacavit, Nov. 12, 1340. He was a non-resident vicar, a scholar at Oxford.
Richard of S. Austle or Reginald de Austold,
instituted May 27, 1349. Patron, Sir John Beauprè, Knt.

In bishop Grandisson’s Register is the deed of appropriation of this parish church to the Provost and Chapter of S. Thomas the martyr at Glasney. Sir John Beauprè, and his wife Margaret had offered to convey all their interest in the living to this ecclesiastical community. The above named bishop accepted the offer and confirmed the grant at Exeter, April 15, 1355, and Sir John Beauprè, affixed his seal to the instrument in manerio meo de Lanesely, May 1, 1355; but it was not to take effect until the cession or death of the actual incumbent, Richard of S. Austle.

Sir John Carbons,
admitted October 8, 1365, on the presentation, for the first time, by the Provost and Chapter of Glasney.
Sir William [Clerk?],
Possible the same man as below, recorded in 1383
Sir John Clerk,
1366? He exchanged for S. Euny juxta Lanante, with
Thomas de Lamanvâ
Sep. 25, 1393 [Rolfe: 1398]. Patrons, Provost and Chapter of Glasney.
Henry Byry or Drury,
recorded in 1410 in a subsidy roll [Rolfe: 1425/6]
Nicholas Harry,
1425. on whose death
Sir John Cunegy
was admitted June 19, 1427. Patrons, Provost and Chapter of Glasney.
Sir Ralph Bronwone,
instituted 28 Feb 1448
Sir Richard Bahon,
instituted 10 Feb 1452, on whose death
John Raffe
was admitted October 27, 1479. Patrons, Provost and Chapter of Glasney.
Sir John Luky,
on whose death

[Rolfe omits the previous two and has.

Richard Bagaoue
Benedict Tregoos
was admitted May 15, 1492. Patrons, Provost and Chapter of Glasney.
William Trelect, or Trelike,
1530 and certainly by 1536. on whose death
Thomas Vivyan,
Junior, was admitted Feb. 15, 1547. Patrons, Pro hâc unciâ vice, Thomas Vivyan, Clerk, and John Vivyan, Jun., by virtue of a grant of the next presentation formerly made by the Provost and Chapter of Glasney.
Bennet or Benedict Lathon,
a native of St. Just, admitted by James Tuberville, bishop of Exeter, May 18, 1557, on the cession of the last incumbent. Patrons, Philip and Mary. On the death of this vicar,
Sir William Drake
the Father was instituted April 4, 1582 Patron, Queen Elizabeth.
William Drake
the Son. 12 Feb 1612. Patron James I. On whose death March 30, 1636,
Amos Mason
was instituted 6 Jan 1637, Patron Charles I. On his death, June 2, 1678,
James Millett
was admitted July 18, 1678. Patron, Charles II.

In the parish register, under the date 1732, it is stated that this vicar was buried April 20, aged 85, in the 54th year of his incumbency, and was succeeded by William second son of John Borlase, Esq., of Pendeen, rector of Ludgvan. Mr. Millett wrote all the entries in the register, in a good clear hand, to the close, of 1731, within a few months of his death, and showed but little marks of age.

William Borlase
was admitted May 22, 1732; Patron, George II. On the death of this vicar,
[Rolfe has Vingoer
1763 but it doesn't seem to fit]
George Pender Scobell
succeeded Nov. 2, 1772. Patron George III. On whose death,
Thomas Nankivel
was instituted July 29, 1814. Patron George III
Nicholas John Buller
was admitted Nov. 14, 1825, on the presentation of George IV.
Nicholas Tressider
Possibly a curate 1830.
Joseph Leopold Longmire
George Cornelius Gorham
was admitted February 6, 1846. Patron the Lord Chancellor.

The Vicarage St. Just, Your affectionate friend G. C. Gorham
George Cornelius Gorham was Vicar of St. Just 1846–1850. This picture was marked May 18, 1850 [thanks to Andrew Burt for supplying this]

Joseph Lowther Hodgson
Possibly curate, 1847.
William Sprainger White,
admitted in 1850; he was son in law to Lord Campbell, the then Lord Chancellor.
George Hadow,
admitted in 1855, patron the Lord Chancellor. He was the son of George and Margaret Hadow of the HEICS Madras, born in Madras in 1817, the same year and the same place of birth as his wife Frances (Fanny) Theophila, daughter of John Gwatkin of Gwennap. Their fathers had very similar and distinguished Civil Service careers and all travelled home from India on the same ship. George was was at Balliol College, Oxford (Matric 1835, BA 1839, MA 1849 or 1852) and was ordained in 1840. Curate at Everley, Wilts, 1846–49; St Andrews Plymouth 1849–55; St Just 1855–66; Tiverton 1866 onwards. In Tiverton he was a member of the School Board, Governor of Blundells School, Chairman of Tiverton Infirmary Committee. He was total abstainer and involved in the Tiverton Coffee House Company. He had to resign his living owing to ill health and died in 1892. His son was John Lovell Gwatkin Hadow (1844–1927), who became vicar of Aldershot and Sutton Valence, and there was more than one daughter, including Isabella. [largely extracted from “The Reynolds Connection” by Richard Aylmer (unpub.)]

George Hadow
George Hadow was Vicar of St. Just 1855–66. [thanks to Paul Long for supplying this]

On his removal to Tiverton, the Rev.
John Ramsey McDowell,
A.M.; was instituted March 8, 1867.
Henry Stuart Fagan
1870. on whose resignation
John Andrews Reeve
M.A. 1882.

John Andrews Reeve - 24 Jul 1903
John Andrews Reeve was Vicar of St. Just 1882–1895. This picture was marked July 24, 1903 [thanks to Jon Rees for finding this]

George Brereton Hooper,
Thomas Taylor
B.D., F.S.A in 1900. A scholar of St Catherine’s College, Cambridge and an honorary Canon of Truro Cathedral 1917–38. Taylor was another erudite and noted Vicar of St. Just, whose standard works ‘Celtic Christianity’ and ‘Life of St Samson’ are still sources of reference. He also became known as ‘the poor man’s lawyer’ as a result of his freely given assistance in matters of compensation for injuries sustained in tin mining. Canon Taylor was barded ‘Gwas Ust’ ‘Servant of St. Just’ at Boscawen-ûn, St Buryan on 21st September 1928.

Thomas Taylor
Thomas Taylor was Vicar of St. Just 1900–38. [thanks to Andrew Burt for finding this]

C. R. V. Cook
Jack James
1939. Taken ill on Maundy Thursday [1956?] and passed away later that day.
Alexander Stewart Whyte Barrie
M.A. 1956. Born in Glasgow, Scotland in 1923, Rev. Barrie was a scholar of Glasgow High School and Glasgow University where he gained a masters degree in Greek and Latin. After attending Edinburgh Theological College Rev. Barrie became a Deacon on September 21st 1946 at the Cathedral Church of St. Mary, Glasgow and was ordained a priest on September 21st 1947. He was curate for St. John’s Bridgwater from October 26th 1949 to January 1955 and at St. Thomas and St. Michaels’ Winchester from January 1955 to October 1956. Rev. Barrie married his wife, Brenda who came from Bridgwater, on October 6th 1956 and some twelve days later on October 18th 1956 he was instituted Vicar of St. Just-in-Penwith and also became Vicar of Sancreed during 1962. He remained with both parishes until May 1972 when he moved to Bodmin, where he became a Canon in 1979. Canon Barrie remained at Bodmin until 1987 where he held the St. Euny stall, but retired to Falmouth in 1987 due to illness, he died on 21st June 1988.

During his time at St. Just the Barries had two children. In 1957 Alexander Stewart Whyte Barrie became the first child to be born in the Vicarage for over 100 years followed by Catriona Barrie in 1960. Canon Barrie was Chairman of the St. Just Urban District Council circa 1966—1970 during which time he lead the Council through the Torrey Canyon disaster of 1967. The stricken oil tanker, which was carrying 120,000 tons of oil, began sinking on 18th March 1967 after it hit the Seven Stones reef off the Cornish coast.

Canon Stuart Barrie
Canon Stuart Barrie was Vicar of St. Just 1956–72 [thanks to Andrew Burt for finding this and Brenda Barrie for permission to use it]

George F. Temple
David J. M. Jasper
1975. Resigned Summer 1986.
Stephen Windsor Leach