LELANT or Uny Lelant is a township and parish, 6 miles north-east from Penzance railway station, 1 from St. Erth station on the West Cornwall railway, in the western division, Penwith Hundred, Penzance Union, Penwith deanery, Cornwall archdeaconry, Exeter bishopric, West Cornwall. The church is an old stone building; has a nave, three aisles, chapel, transept, several mural monuments, a font, and a square embattled tower containing 6 bells. The living is a vicarage, with Towednack annexed, worth £440 yearly, in the gift of the Bishop of Exeter; the Rev. Uriah Tonkin, M.A., is the incumbent. There is a school for boys and girls, also a Sunday school held at the church. A fair is held on the 15th of August, yearly, for cattle. Theer are numerous ruins in this parish. The population, in 1851, was 2,290. The soil is gravelly; the subsoil is killas and granite. William Batter[n] Praed,. Esq., is lord of the manor and chief landowner. The chief crops are wheat. Trevethoe is half a mile distant, and is the seat of William Batten Praed, Esq. The following mines are at work in this parish:—Wheal Margery, Providence and South Providence, East Wheal Margaret, Wheal Kitty, Lelant Consols, Wheal Mary, and Wheal Wreath.

Gunwyn and Trink are hamlets.

Longstone, Lock, Wasthway, Trencroom, Trevarrack, Trewartha, Trewellse, Trembethow, Polpear, Boskerras, Trink, Laity, Withen, Minner, Ninnis, Vorves, Carbis, Griggs, Brunnion, and Carntiscoe are places here.


Andrew Mr. Waldron

Hawes Mr. Sampson

Praed William Betten, esq. Trewellese

Tonkin Rev. Uriah, M.A., J.P. Vicarage


Anthony Capt. Arundel, mine agent

Anthony John, mine agent

Arthur Henry, farmer, Trencron

Arthur William, farmer, Longstone

Bamfield Thomas, farmer, Trevarrack

Bennett Robert, farmer, Boskerras

Bennetts Edmund, farmer, Trink

Boddinar William, beer retailer

Bottrall William, farmer

Brush John, farmer

Bryant Elizabeth (Mrs.), shopkeeper

Bryant William, shoemaker

Carbines Alexander, farmer, Laity

Carbines Nicholas, farmer

Carbinis Nicholas, shopkeeper & carpenter

Carbinis Thomas, grocer

Card Henry, farmer, Lock

Christopher Andrew, farmer, Gunwyn

Christopher William, farmer

Cornow John, farmer

Cooper John, farmer & gardener

Cooper Thomas, farmer & gardener

Cooper William, farmer & gardener

Dunn Richard, farmer, Trink

Eddy William, farmer, Withen

Edwards Absolom, farmer, Boskerras

Edwards Thomas, farmer, Minner

Friggens John, farmer

Glasson Joseph, farmer, Polpear

Harris John, farmer, Ninnes

Hawes Mary (Mrs.), shopkeeper

Hicks Thomas, farmer, Carn

Hocken Ann (Mrs.), ‘Praed’s Arms’

Hocking James, farmer, Gunwyn

Hocks John, farmer, Trencrom

Holland William, mine agent

Hollow James, mine broker

Hollow Richard, mine agent

Hollow William, mine agent

Hosking Andrew, farmer, Gunwyn

Hosking Martin, gardener

Hosking Mary (Mrs.), farmer

Hosking Richard, farmer, Gunwyn

James Henry, farmer, Trencrom

James Thomas, farmer & gardener

James William, farmer

Jennings Margaret (Mrs.), shopkeeper

Jennings Robert, farmer, Vorves

Johns John, carpenter

Letcher Elizabeth (Mrs.), shopkeeper

Martin William, farmer, Trewartha

Michell Sampson, farmer, Trevarrack

Nicholas John, farmer

Pearce John, shopkeeper

Pearce Richard, farmer

Penberthy Charles, farmer, Carbis

Penberthy James, farmer, Vorves

Penberthy James, farmer, Wasthway

Permewan Nicholas, farmer, Trewellse

Perry Capt. farmer & mine agent

Perry Daniel, farmer, Chyangewel

Quick John, farmer, Trink

Quick Matthew, farmer, Trink

Quick William, farmer, Trencrom

Richards Bernard, farmer

Richards Charles, farmer, Venweyn

Richards Elija, farmer, Trencrom

Sandow James, farmer, & registrar of births, deaths & marrgs. Trembethow

Sandow William, farmer, Trembethow

Soddy John, mine clerk

Soddy William John, mine agent

Sprigg Ann (Mrs.), shopkeeper

Stevens John, coal agent, Griggs

Thomas Simon, mine agent

Thomas William, farmer, Wheal Wreeth

Trevorrow John, shopkeeper

Trewhella —, farmer, Brunnion

Trewhells Martin, farmer, Brunnion

Trewhella Matthew, farmer, Brunnion

Trewhella Thomas, mine agent

Tyack Thomas, farmer, Carn

Uren Francis, farmer, Wasthway

Uren William, farmer, Carntiscoe

Wearne Edwin, shopkeeper

Williams Henry, shoemaker

 Letters through hayle. The nearest money order office is at Camborne

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