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8 January 1876 by Banns
        James John Yendall 23 railway laborer of Lelant Town
                (father: John Yendall, railway laborer)
        Matilda Hammill 27 of Lelant Town (father: William Hammill, miner)
        Witnesses: John Cock, Grace Martin

30 January 1876 by Banns
        Charles Martin widower 24 railway laborer of Lelant Town
                (father: Charles Martin, railway laborer)
        Grace Williams 28 of Lelant Town (father: James Williams, gardener)
        Witnesses: John Cock, Matilda Hammill

31 January 1876 by Banns
        James Eva 19 railway laborer of Lower Lelant (father: Richard Eva, farmer)
        Elizabeth Bennetts 17 of Lower Lelant (father: James Bennetts, blacksmith)
        Witnesses: John Cock, John Leacher

21 February 1876 by Banns
        John Hawke 40 laborer of Upper Lelant (father: Henry Hawke, laborer)
        Fanny Gendale {Gendall} widow 46 of Upper Lelant (father: John Moyle, shoemaker)
        Witnesses: John Cock, Marianne Leacher

22 April 1876 by Banns
        Richard Crebo 19 laborer of Longstone Hill (father: Robert Crebo, mason)
        Anne Jane Chellew 19 of Longstone Hill (father: Thomas Chellew, miner)
        Witnesses: John Cock, Marianne Leacher

5 June 1876 by Banns
        Samuel James Pender 24 Lightsman or mariner of Seven Stones Lightship sojourner
                in S. Uny Lelant, Seven Stones Lightship
                (father: Samuel Pender, lamplighter of Seven Stones Lightship)
        Mary Kemp 24 of Coombe (father: Joseph Kemp, farmer)
        Witnesses: Elizabeth Pender, Benjamin Hosking

15 July 1876 by Banns
        John Richards 26 miner of Capel Street, St Ives (father: Martin Richards, miner)
        Matilda Vingo Hollow 23 of Boskerris (father: Matthew Hollow, farmer)
        Witnesses: Matthew Hollow, Catherine Pearce Hollow, Jane Pearce

19 August 1876 by Banns
        John Whear 21 iron moulder of Lower Lelant Town (father: John Whear, gas fitter)
        Ann Elizabeth Luke 17 of Lower Lelant Town (father: George Luke, tin smelter)
        Witnesses: Richard Bennetts, Amelia Whear

30 September 1876 by License
        William Henry Cowling 27 carpenter of Camborne (father: Henry Cowling, miner)
        Margaret Cavill Johns 27 of Lelant Town (father: Francis Johns, farmer)
        Witnesses: James Pascoe, William Briston

21 October 1876 by Banns
        Richard John Pearce Fill miner of Quay Lane (father:John Fill, miner)
        Martha Frances Hawes of Upper Lelant Town (father: John Hawes, miner)
        Witnesses: John Cock, Elizabeth Jane Lanyon

9 December 1876 by Banns
        Richard Warren Caddy 19 miner of Wheal Reeths (father: James Caddy, miner)
        Catherine Ann Wallis 17 of Wheal Reeths (father: John Wallis, miner)
        Witnesses: John Cock, Marianne Leacher


17 March 1877 by License
        Thomas Hawes 21 excavator of S. Uny Lelant (father: Samuel Hawes, shipwright)
        Wilmot Eddy 19 of S. Uny Lelant (father: Samuel Eddy, farmer)
        Witnesses: John Cock, Nathaniel Eddy

17 {7} July 1877 by Banns
        Richard Hollow 39 miner of Trink (Lelant) (father: John Hollow, farmer)
        Mary Ann Clark 20 of Nance (Lelant) (father: John Clarke, miner)
        Witnesses: Andrew B Clarke, Ellen Jane Blight

10 November 1877 by Banns
        Isaac Penberthy Champion 25 of Nany Wheal Lelant (father: Isaac Champion, miner)
        Mary Jane Griffin 24 of Trenoweth Lelant (father: Matthew Griffin, farmer)
        Witnesses: John Cock, John Leacher

20 November 1877 by Banns
        William Henry Roach 29 stonecutter of Lelant (father: Robert Roach, stonecutter)
        Wilmot Edwards Martin 31 of St Ives (father: Christopher Martin)
        Witnesses: James Roach, Kate Martin

5 December 1877 by License
        Richard Tonking 23 electrician of Christ Church, East Greenwich
                (father: Richard Tonking, deceased)
        Mary Johns 23 of S. Uny Lelant (father: John Johns, carpenter)
        Witnesses: John Johns, John Cock 


12 February 1878 by Banns
        Joseph Glasson 24 miner of Lelant Downs (father: John Glasson, farmer)
        Amelia Jane Curnow 24 of Brunuior (father: Sampson Curnow, miner)
        Witnesses: Thomas Curnow, Harriet Glasson

9 March 1878 by Banns
        William Francis Nicholas 25 laborer of Quay Lane
                (father: Matthew Nicholas, blacksmith)
        Elizabeth Woodward 21 of Towanns Lodge
                (father: Robert Woodward, retired coast guardsman)
        Witnesses: John Cock, John Leacher

28 March 1878 by Banns
        William Hosking 28 miner of S. Uny Lelant (father: Richard Hosking, miner)
        Jane Martin 33 of S. Uny Lelant (father: Philip Martin, farm baliff)
        Witnesses: Robert Woodward, Eliza Goldsworthy

4 July 1878 by License
        Barnabus Thomas Richards 48 miner of S. Uny Lelant
                (father: John Richards, blacksmith)
        Jane Letcher 45 of S. Uny Lelant (father: Richard Letcher, laborer)
        Witnesses: Thomas Hall, Ephraim Royers

3 August 1878 by Banns
        William Richards Cargeeg 25 miner of Carbis Water (father: John Cargeeg, miner)
        Emma Hollow 19 of Carbis Water (father: John Hollow, miner)
        Witnesses: John Cargeeg, Annie Hollow

17 August 1878 by License
        Richard Henry Watson Foss 25 wine merchant of Newton Abbott, Wolborough
                (father: John Foss, wine merchant)
        Hermoine Anthony 26 of S. Uny Lelant (father: Arundel Anthony, mineral sampler)
        Witnesses: Maria Foss, Arundel Anthony, N H Anthony, S Anthony

7 September 1878 by License
        Thomas Johns 31 commercial traveler of S. Uny Lelant (father: Francis Johns, farmer)
        Elizabeth Thorne 20 of Penzance (father: William George Thorne)
        Witnesses: Martha Johns, Maria Hollow, James Pearce

7 December 1878 by Banns
        Edward Edwards 27 farmer of Carn Tiscoe (father: Edward Edwards, miner)
        Emily Eddy 27 of Boskerris (father: Andrew Eddy, miner)
        Witnesses: Christopher Bramwell, Edward [illegible]


2 March 1879 by Banns
        Edwin Jones 23 carpenter of S. Uny Lelant (father: James Jones, toll taker)
        Sophia Gregory 21 of Lower Town (father: William Gregory, miner)
        Witnesses: John Bellman, Amey Gregory

16 April 1879 by banns
        Thomas Troon 28 miner of St Ives (father: William Troon, bus conductor)
        Anna Penberthy Christopher 20 of Church Lane, Lelant
                (father: Thomas Christopher, master mariner)
        Witnesses: John Pearce, E Christopher

31 May 1879 by Banns
        Joseph Glasson 24 farmer of Trink Farm (father: William Glasson, farmer)
        Eliza Jane Maddern 23 of Lower Lelant (father: Charles Maddern, garden laborer) 
        Witnesses: William Boundy, Charles Barnes

9 August 1878 by License
        Francis Uren Trevorrow 35 farmer of Westaway, Halsetown
                (father: Thomas Trevorrow, miner)
        Emily Roach 19 of St Ives (father: Robert Roach, stonecutter)
        Witnesses; Wm Boundy, John Leacher

11 October 1879 by Banns
        John Francis Pearce 26 miner of Ninnis Bridge (father: John Pearce, miner)
        Emma Thomas Pearce 22 of Brunion (father: John Pearce, miner)
        Witnesses: Alice Pearce, James Gilbert


14 March 1880 by Banns
        James Burdett 22 laborer of Upper Lelant (father: James Burdett, farmer)
        Mary Stephens Edmonds 20 of Tyrnynun Row (father: [none given])
        Witnesses: John Hosking, William Boundy

27 May 1880 by Banns
        William Roberts Berryman 24 miner of Chy-an-gwail (father: Richard Berryman, miner)
        Mary Jane Martin 23 of Longstone (father: James Martin, miner)
        Witnesses: John Leacher , William Boundy

21 June 1880 by License
        Josiah Polglase 35 merchant of Central City, state of Colorado, USA
                (father: Thomas Polglase, miner)
        Martha Johns 27 of Lelant Town (father: Francis Johns, farmer) 
        Witnesses: Francis Johns, James Pascoe

1 August 1880 by Banns
        James Henry Morris 25 waggoner of Lelant Town (father: Jeremiah Morris, farmer)
        Martha Francis {Frances} Hawes 25 of Lelant Town (father: Francis Hawes, cordwainer)
        Witnesses: William Bounty, Carrie Lambing

4 November 1880 by License
        John Nicholls Davies 33 farmer of Mawgan in Meneage (father: James Davies, farmer)
        Isabella Hollow 28 of S. Uny Lelant (father: John Hollow, gentleman)
        Witnesses: John Hollow, Philip Richards

8 November 1880 by Banns
        John Weeks 33 mason of Newlyn West (father: Hugh Weeks, mason)
        Josephine Hosking 27 of Lelant (father: Thomas Hosking, miner)
        Witnesses: William Boundy, Jacob Hosking

5 December 1880 by Banns
        Peter Huband Berriman 20 miner of Halsetown (father: William Berriman, farmer)
        Amelia Ann Trevorrow 18 of S. Uny Lelant (father: Joh Polmeir Trevorrow, shipwright)
        Witnesses: John Polmeir Trevorrow, Mary Jane Trevorrow


30 January 1881 by Banns
        Samuel Major 26 butcher of St Ives (father: Samuel Major, farmer)
        Sarah Ann Perry 19 of Rejurden, S. Uny Lelant (father: William Perry, miner)
        Witnesses: William Perry, William Perry, Jun., Mary Major

26 February 1881 by Banns
        Richard Bray 21 miner of Bal-a-noon (father: Samuel Bray, miner)
        Catherine Quick 18 of Bal-a-noon (father: William Quick, miner)
        Witnesses: William Boundy, Matthew Nicholas

22 May 1881 by Banns
        John Mitchell 23 mason of Wheal Kitty (father: James Mitchell, farm laborer)
        Emily Curnow 20 of Wheal Kitty (father: John Curnow, miner)
        Witnesses: William Boundy, John Leacher

30 July 1881 by Banns
        Edward Cooke 35 carpenter of S. Mary, Penzance (father: William Cooke, carpenter)
        Elizabeth Mary Morley 29 of S. Uny Lelant
                (father: William James Morley, general merchant)
        Witnesses: Grace Morley, Jane Briton, William James Morley

13 August 1881 by Banns
        Matthew Curnow 21 miner of Brunnion (father: Sampson Curnow, miner)
        Ann James 22 of Wheal Kitty (father: Henry James, miner)
        Witnesses: William Boundy, Matthew Nicholas

19 October 1881 by Banns
        James Roach 24 farmer of Lelant Downs (father: Paul Roach, farmer)
        Wilmot Glasson 28 of Chy-an-gwail (father: William Glasson, farmer)
        Witnesses: John Allne, William Boundy

26 November 1881 by Banns
        Richard Henry Pellow 19 miner of Lower Lelant (father: [none given])
        Elizabeth Curnow 22 of Lower Lelant (father: Peter Curnow, miner)
        Witnesses: William Boundy, Matthew Nicholas

12 December 1881 by Banns
        John Pomery 27 mariner sojourner in S. Uny Lelant (father: John Pomery, farm laborer)
        Elizabeth Jane Whatly of Church Lane (father: Edwin Whatly, ferryman)
        Witnesses: William Boundy, Matthew Nicholas


2 January 1882 by Banns
        James Uren widower 76 carpenter of Lower Lelant (father: Vincent Uren, tin dresser)
        Jane Carter 39 of Tre-cro-ben (father: John Carter, miner)
        Witnesses: James Henry Williams, James Henry Roach

25 April 1882 by Banns
        Martin Curnow Banfield 26 cattle driver of Lower Lelant
                (father: Henry Banfield, tin dresser)
        Charlotte Henwood 26 school mistress of Lower Lelant (father: John Henwood, miner)
        Witnesses: John Hosking, Sarah Jane Banfield

6 May 1882 by Banns
        John Henry Thomas 30 of Chy-ponds, Towednack (father: John Thomas, miner)
        Eliza Dunstan 23 of Lelant Town (father: Samuel Dunstan, retired mariner)
        Witnesses: Alice Jane Thomas, Samuel Mitchell, Samuel Dunstan

28 May 1882 by Banns
        Thomas Johns 22 coachman of Penzance (father: Richard Johns, farmer)
        Ellen Burt 22 of Lelant Town (father: Charles Burt, postmaster)
        Witnesses: Charles Burt, William Boundy

2 July 1882 by Banns
        John Gilbert Barber 26 fisherman of St Ives (father: William Barber, fisherman)
        Margaret Harry 19 of Quay Lane (father: William Harry, farmer)
        Witnesses: William Boundy, Harriet Slawson Barber

8 July 1882 by Banns
        Edward Maddern 33 farm laborer of Polpeon (father: Thomas Maddern, farm laborer)
        Edith Glasson 35 of Gun-wyn (father: [none given])
        Witnesses: William Boundy, Jane Nicholas

2 October 1882 by Banns
        William John Edwards 26 railway porter of Lelant Downs
                (father: Thomas Edwards, miner)
        Mary Uren 28 of Lelant Downs (father: William Uren, farmer)
        Witnesses: William Boundy, John Uren

2 December 1882 by Banns
        William Henry Rashleigh 23 miner of Carbis Water (father: John Drew Rashleigh, miner)
        Elizabeth Uren Hocking 19 of Carbis Water (father: William Hocking, miner)
        Witnesses: William Boundy, John Trewhella

2 December 1882 by Banns
        John Trewhella 26 farmer of Brunnion (father: Matthew Trewhella, farmer)
        Katie Trembath Curnow 20 of Brunnion (father: Sampson Curnow, miner)
        Witnesses: Thom. Curnow, Phillip M Curnow


29 January 1883 by Banns
        Frederick William Edwards 20 miner of Trevorrah Downs (father: [none given])
        Mary Sarda {Sarah} Rashleigh 18 of Trevorrah Downs (father: John Rashleigh, miner)
        Witnesses: Matthew Nicholas, William Boundy

4 March 1883 by License
        James Warmington 21 blacksmith of Polpeor (father: John Warmington, miner)
        Mary Sarah Roberts 18 of Polpeor (father: John Roberts, engine driver)
        Witnesses: Matthew Nicholas, William Boundy

20 March 1883 by Banns
        William Glasson Pool 43 agricultural laborer of Trink (father: John Pool, laborer)
        Mary Christopher 39 of Carbis Bay (father: Christopher Christopher)
        Witnesses: Mary Ann Christopher, William Flinn

24 April 1883 by Banns
        Willian Flinn 30 railway guard of Hayle (father: William Flinn, railway examniner)
        Margaret Ann Christopher 33 of Carbis Bay (father: Christopher Christopher)
        Witnesses: William Flinn, Mary Ann Flinn

11 May 1883 by License
        Emanuel Gilbert 22 iron moulder of S. Uny Lelant
                (father: Joseph Gilbert, coalyard manager)
        Ellen Johns 23 of S. Uny Lelant (father: John CAvell Johns, miner)
        Witnesses: William Boundy, Jane Nicholas

16 May 1883 by Banns
        Richard Blight 25 miner of Bal-a-noon (father: John Blight, farmer)
        Annie Marion Uren 26 of Tre-cro-ben (father: [none given])
        Witnesses: William Boundy, Jane Nicholas

5 August 1883 by Banns
        Richard Leacher 23 mason of S. Uny Lelant (father: John Leacher, mason)
        Sophia Burt 20 of S. Uny Lelant (father: Charles Burt, postmaster)
        Witnesses: Charles Burt, Charley Morley

19 August 1883 by Banns
        Richard Dudley 25 of Ludgvan (father: Francis Dudley, miner)
        Sophia Eddy 20 of Church Town, Cluny Lelant (father: Thomas Eddy, miner)
        Witnesses: Francis Dudley, Thomas Eddy

30 September 1883 by Banns
        George Chalwen {Chalmers} 26 civil engineer of Old Brevtha, Middlesex
                (father: John Chalwen {Chalmers}, captain)
        Augusta Mary Tyacke 22 of The vicarage of S. Uny Lelant
                (father: Ricahrd Frederick Tyacke, holy curator)
        Witnesses: E.J. Tyacke, A. Henwood, A. Pender Tyacke, J. Husband

6 October 1883 by License
        Thomas James Francis 27 master mariner of St Ives (father: William Francis, grocer)
        Mary Trevorrow 28 of S. Uny Lelant (father: Josiah Trevorrow, farmer)
        Witnesses: Josiah Trevorrow, William Francis

27 October 1883 by License
        William Hicks 24 of Tre-cro-non (father: Thomas Hicks, farmer)
        Elizabeth Roach 20 of of Lelant Downs (father: Paul Roach, shopkeeper)
        Witnesses: William Boundy, Paul Roach


10 January 1884 by License
        Francis William Pool widower 37 merchant of South Wimbledown, Surrey
                (father: Francis Harvey Pool, master mariner)
        Nannie Hawes Anthony 32 of The Abbey, S. Uny Lelant
                (father: Arundel Anthony, mineral sampler)
        Witnesses: A.A. Anthony, [illegible] Anthony

19 January 1884 by Banns
        Jeremiah Pearce 21 miner of Lelant Downs (father: John Pearce, miner)
        Annie Phillips 20 of Lelant Downs (father: George Phillips, miner)
        John Leacher, William Boundy

20 February 1884 by license
        John Penberthy 39 gentleman of S. Uny Lelant (father: James Penberthy, mine manager)
        Alice Pearce 38 of S. Uny Lelant (father:James Pearce, farmer)
        Witnesses: James Penberthy, William Penberthy, Lavinia Curnow, Lydia Graer

15 March 1884 by Banns
        George Payne 25 farmer of Boskerris, S. Uny Lelant (father: William Payne, farmer)
        Mary Hosking Curnow 24 of Carbis Water (father: William Curnow, tin dresser)
        Witnesses: Charles Payne, William Boundy

3 July 1884 by License
        Joseph Blackie 30 master mariner, S.S Trekieve of St Ives
                (father: Robert Blackie, army pensioner)
        Ester Wilmot Glasson 22 of S. Uny Lelant (father: Jakieh Glasson, tin dresser) 
        Winesses: John Christopher, Annie Penberthy

31 July 1884 by banns
        Charles Maddern 30 farm laborer of NInnis Bridge
                (father: Thomas Maddern, farm laborer)
        Elizabeth Ann James 21 of Ninnis Bridge (father: James James, miner)
        Witnesses: William Boundy, William Glasson

1 August 1884 by Banns
        (note on enty: for the parish of Towednack—the church being under repair)
        William George James 31 steel factory worker of Penderheath, Towednack
                (father: Thomas James, miner)
        Elizabeth James Thomas 27 of Bolenna, Towednack (father: William Thomas, miner)

8 September 1884 by License
        John Dant {Dart} Connellan 20 chemist of Peckham, Surrey (father: Thaddeus Connellan,
                supervisor H.M. Neland Revenna[Inland Revenue?])
        Susan Morley 20 of S. Uny Lelant (father: William James Morely, merchant)
        Witnesses: William James Morely, Helen Morley

28 September 1884 by Banns
        John Callaway 29 insurance agent of Carbis Water
                (father: Walter Callaway, insurance agent)
        Grace Trevorrow 19 of Carbis Water (father: John Polmeor Trevorrow, shipwright)
        Witnesses: John Polmeor Trevorrow, Henry Polmeor Trevorrow, Mary Elizabeth Berriman,
                Bessie Trevorrow


18 April 1885 by Banns
        James Henry Hooper 24 of Mount Douglas, Lelant (father: James Hooper, miner)
        Elizabeth Jane Wearne 22 of Mount Douglas, Lelant (father: William Wearne, farmer)
        Witnesses: William Wearne, Alice Wearne

1 June 1885 by Banns
        Henry Pearce 22 miner of Bowl Rock (father: Henry Pearce, miner)
        Wilmot Quick 20 of Rejarn (father: John Glasson, farmer)
        Witnesses: John Leacher, William Boundy

19 July 1885 by Banns
        Mark Berriman Richards 23 farm laborer of Trewharra, S. Uny Lelant
                (father: Thomas Richards, farm laborer)
        Wilmot Gyles Freeman 17 of St Ives (father: William Freeman, fisherman)
        Witnesses: William Freeman, Katie Freeman

8 August 1885 by Banns
        Benjamin Pellew widower 55 miner of Wheal Kitty (father: Benjamin Pellew, miner)
        Elizabeth Pearce 39 of Trevarrack (father: John Pearce, butcher)

15 August 1885 by banns
        Henry Thomas widower 37 miner of Crowlas, Ludgvan (father, Richard Thomas, miner)
        Sarah Pearce 34 of Little Brunnion (father: John Pearce, miner)
        Witnesses: W H Pearce, William Boundy

26 September 1885 by banns
        John Nicholls 20 miner of Chy-an-gwail (father: Christopher Nicholls, miner)
        Mary Jane Rouse 20 of St Ives (father: John Rouse, fisherman)
        Witnesses: John Rouse, Mary Johns

23 December 1885 by license
        Charles Morcomb {Morecombe} Freleaven {Treleaven} 28 cabinet maker of Camborne
                (father: John Freleaven {Treleaven}, cabinet maker)
        Marguerita {Marguerite} Eliza Minnie Ashton 18 Hawkis Place, Lelant
                (father:Edward Ashton, photographer)
        witnesses: Elizth Ashton, 2nd witness illiegible)

2[?] December 1885 by Banns
        Lewis Penberthy 24 solicitors clerk of Heath Cottage, S. Uny Lelant
                (father: James Penberthy, mine manager)
        Eliza Jane Thomas 23 of Chyangwheal (father: David Thomas, miner)
        Witnesses: William Boundy, W H Arthur

30 December 1885 by License
        William Penberthy 42 mine captain of Mount Pleasant, S. Uny Lelant
                (father: James Penberthy, mine manager)
        Margaret Hosking Johns of Grift Quay, S. Uny Lelant (father: John Johns, carpenter)
        Witnesses: John Johns, Blanche Rosewarne


13 February 1886 by License
        William Hollow widower 42 farmer of St Just in Penwith
                (father: William Hollow, farmer)
        Kitty Pearce Rogers 38 of S. Uny Lelant
                (father: Philip Rogers, mine captain, deceased)
        Witnesses: Sam Rogers, M M Martin

21 March 1886 by Banns
        Robert Gall 20 farm laborer of Upper Lelant (father: Henry Gall, miner)
        Jessie Hawes 20 of Upper Lelant (father: John Hawes, miner, deceased)
        Witnesses: W J Polglase, William Boundy

1 August 1886 by Banns
        George Brown 19 laborer of Lelant Town (father: Henry Alfred Brown, mariner)
        Mary Elizabeth Stevens 24 of Quay Lane (father: William Stevens, miner, deceased)
        Witnesses: Ada Stevens, James Chimm

19 August 1886 by Banns
        Walter Philip Brooks 27 artiface(plumber) of Laira Green, Plymouth (HMS [illegible])
                (father: Andrew Brooks, mason)
        Mary Grace Hollow 21 of Carbis Water (father: John Hollow, miner, deceased)
        Witnesses: Henry Marks, George Rowe

19 September 1886 by Banns
        Robert Johns 35 foreman in railway of Lelant Town
                (father: Robert Johns, carpenter, deceased)
        Jane Johns 35 of Lelant Town (father: Thomas Johns, carpenter, deceased)
        Witnesses: Robert Woodward, William Olds

3 November 1886 by License
        Matthew Uren 19 miner of Polpeor (father: William Henry Uren, laborer)
        Grace Rashleigh 20 of Newcarra Downs (father: John Rashleigh, laborer)
        Witnesses: Jos Vassdle, Samuel Tregoning

18 December 1886 by Banns
        Richard Pearce widower 52 mariner of Upper Lelant
                (father: John Pearce, mariner, deceased)
        Eliza Goldsworthy widow 39 of Quay Lane (father: Thomas Pearce, miner, deceased)
        Witnesses: William Boundy, John Leacher


28 September 1887 by License
        John Preece widower game[s?] keeper of Keeper's Lodge, Lelant Downs
                (father: John Preece, gardener, deceased)
        Annie Elizabeth Squires 28 of Trevethoe House (father: Jonathan Squires, porter)
        Witnesses: Martha Leacher, William Boundy

24 October 1887 by Banns
        Samuel Adams 23 miner of Bal-a-noon (father: William Henry Adams, miner, deceased)
        Grace Dunn 18 of Bal-a-noon (father: William Dunn, miner)
        Witnesses: William Boundy, Edward T Peters

29 October 1887 by Banns
        Thomas Phillips widower 64 miner of Beersheba Hill
                (father: William Phillips, farm laborer, farm laborer)
        Alice Cook 46 of Keeper's Lodge, Lelant Downs
                (father: Nicholas Cook, Hinch, deceased)
        Witnesses: Nicholas Williams, William Boundy

5 November 1887 by License 
        John Wilton 24 hind of Holbeton, S. Devon (father: John Wilton, farmer)
        Mary Hosking 27 of Church Lane, S. Uny Lelant (father: Richard Hosking, farmer)
        Witnesses: Richard Hosking, Katie Hosking


25 March 1888 by Banns
        William Jack {Jacka} 29 market gardener of Higher Lariggun, Madron
                (father: William Jack, market gardener)
        Mary Hannah Bennetts 24 of Lower Laity, S. Uny Lelant
                (father: Johnson Vivian Bennetts, farmer)
        Witnesses: William Boundy, John Leacher

8 April 1888 by Banns
        James Harry Hollow 25 basket maker of St Ives
                (father: Robert Hollow, miner, deceased)
        Hannah Eddy 23 of Chy-an-gwheal (father: Thomas Eddy, miner)
        Witnesses: Thomas Eddy, Richard Dudley

24 April 1888 by license
        William Nicholas 27 farmer of St Erth (father: John Nicholas, farmer)
        Elizabeth Bryan Curnow 26 of Mount Pleasant, S. Uny Lelant
                (father: James Curnow, market gardener)
        Witnesses: William Boundy, James Curnow

15 May 1888 by Banns
        Francis Nicholas 23 miner of Carninne, Lelant (father: Joh Nicholas, miner)
        Thomasine James 27 of Penderheathe, Towednack (father: Thomas James, miner)
        Witnesses: William Boundy, Henry Hocking

19 June 1888 by Banns
        William Wearne 27 farmer of Mount Douglas, Lelant (father: William Wearne, farmer)
        Mary Ann Hawke 22 of St Ives (father: William Georg Hawke, shipwright )
        Witnesses: John J Hawke, Mary Ringcome Uren

21 June 1888 by License
        Edward Richards Penberthy 34 mine engineer of Mount Pleasant, S. Uny Lelant
                (father: James Penberthy, mine  manager, deceased)
        Sarah Jane Curnow 24 of Mount Pleasant, S. Uny Lelant
                (father: James Curnow, market gardener)
        Witnesses: William Boundy, James Curnow

20 June 1888 by License 
        James Christopher 25 master mariner of Phillack
                (father: Thomas Christopher, master mariner)
        Ellen Morley 25 of Church Lane, S. Uny Lelant (father: William James Morley)
        Witnesses: William Jane Morley, [illegible]

7 July 1888 by banns
        Frank Hawes 27 miner of Lelant Village (father: John Hawes, miner, deceased)
        Elizabeth Mary Harvey 25 of Lelant Village (father: John Harvey, miner, deceased)
        Witnesses: John Harvey, M[?] Harvey

9 August 1888 by Banns
        James {Thomas} Hodge widower 57 miner of Srescowe Moore, St Hilary
                (father: Thomas Hodge, miner, deceased)
        Mary Martin Penberthy 44 of Nance, S. Uny Lelant
                (father: John Penberthy, farmer, deceased)
        Witnesses: Frank Hawes, William Boundy

1 September 1888 by banns
        William James Pellow 21 farm laborer of St Erth (father: [none given])
        Mary Perry 21 of Lelant Downs (father: William Perry, miner)
        Witnesses: William Perry, William Boundy

6 October 1888 by License
        Walter Quick 23 farmer of Goney, S. Uny Lelant (father: John Quick, farmer)
        Angelina Osborne 20 of Towednack (father: Robert Osborne, miner)
        Witnesses: Richard Henry Osborne, Josephine Trewhella

16 October 1888 by License
        Thomas Ninnes Gudge 31 master mariner of Phillack
                (father: Thomas Ninnes Gudge, master mariner)
        Maria Taylor 29 of Lelant (father: Frederick Augustus Taylor)
        Witnesses: F Taylor, T N Gudge

19 November 1888 by License
        William Glasson widower 55 blacksmith of Chy-an-gwail
                (father: William Glasson, blacksmith, deceased)
        Jane Chellew widow 55 of Longstone Hill (father: William Vincent, miner, deceased)
        Witnesses: William Boundy, John Leacher


11 February 1889 by License
        Christopher Trewhella Uren 45 mine adventurer of S. Uny Lelant
                (father: Richard Uren, assayer, deceased)
        Wilmot Jane Care 34 of Towednack (father: John Care, farmer)
        Witnesses: Henry Landow, James Uren

5 August 1889 by Banns
        George Prangley 25 butcher of Corsley, Wilts, sojourner in S. Uny Lelant
                (father: George Prangley, butcher)
        Jane Stevens 23 of St Ives sojourner in S. Uny Lelant
                (father: Richard Stevens, assist. Overseer in St Ives)
        Witnesses: Maude Stevens, Richard Stevens

12 October 1889 by Banns
        Tobias Uren 24 miner of Chy-an-gwheal (father: Richard Uren, miner)
        Eliza Beard 24 of St Ives (father: John Beard, carpenter, deceased)
        Witnesses: Anthony Couch, William Boundy

26 October 1889 by Banns
        Joseph Rowe 26 laborer of Ludgvan (father: John Rowe, laborer, deceased)
        Lucy Jane Penwin Glasson 27 of S. Uny Lelant (father: John Glasson, miner, deceased)
        Witnesses: William Boundy, Olivia Glasson

4 Novembar 1889 by banns
        Henry Polmear Trevorrow 29 shipwright of Chyangwheal
                (father: John Polmear Trevorrow, shipwright)
        Charlotte Christopher 24 of Higher Trenoweth
                (father, James Christopher, miner, deceased)
        Witnesses: William Boundy, John Leacher

25 December 1889 by Banns
        James Banfield 33 blacksmith of Upper Lelant Town
                (father: James Banfield, licensed victullar, deceased)
        Louisa Polglase 28 of Upper Lelant Town (father: William Polglase, mine adventurer)
        Witnesses: Joseph Polglase, Rosa Polglase


January 23 1890 by Banns
        William Chapman 30 farmer of Gerrna (father: William Chapman, yeoman)
        Ellen Hosking 27 of The Abbey, S. Uny Lelant
                (father: James Hosking, yeoman, deceased)
        Witnesses:Chs. Richards, George W Smith

23 February 1890 by Banns
        William Henry Oliver 22 carpenter of Carbis Water (father: Richard Oliver, grocer)
        Lily Edmonds 19 of Upper Lelant Town (father: [none given])
        Witnesses: William Boundy, Robert Woodward

19 March 1890 by Banns
        Robert Woodward 29 farmer of Church Lane (father: Robert Woodward, retired army)
        Martha Frances Nicholas 27 of Quay Lane
                (father: Matthew Nicholas, backsmith, deceased)
        Witnesses: W Woodward, Elizabeth Nicholas

19 April 1890 by Banns
        James Hawes widower 48 laborer of Upper Lelant (father: Frances Hawes, cordswainer)
        Martha Frances Fill 33 of Upper Lelant (father: James Hawes, miner, deceased)
        Witnesses: Joseph Polglase, William Boundy

25 May 1890 by Banns
        George Henry Keen 23 mason of Lelant (father: John Keen, cuttler, deceased)
        Annie Leacher 21 of Lelant (father: John Leacher, mason)
        Witnesses: John Leacher, William Boundy

22 June 1890 by Banns
        William John Polglase 23 carpenter of Lelant (father: William Polglase, miner)
        Minnie Matthews 22 of Lelant (father: Edmonds Matthews, miner, deceased)
        Witnesses: William Boundy, John Nankervis

29 July 1890 by Banns
        John Henry Curnow 24 blacksmith of Lelant Downs (father: Samuel Curnow, miner)
        Elizabeth Ann Carnell 25 of Carcutinvoe (father: Henry Carnell, farmer)
        Witnesses: Alice Curnow, [illegible]

27 September 1890 by Banns
        Edwin Coutice 25 gardiner of Bleak House, St Erth
                (father: Roger Courtice, gardiner)
        Minnie Uren 24 of Church Lane (father: [none given])
        Witnesses: Frank Courtice, Mary Courtice

17 December 1890 by Banns
        William John Taylor 28 certified school master of Lower Town
                (father: William Taylor, clerk)
        Ann Hocking James 32 of Grygs Quay (father: John Johns, carpenter, deceased)
        Witnesses: John Johns, Thomas Johns Beard, Elizabeth Mawsell Tydacke, Mary Chader


14 January 1891 by Banns
        Peter Curnow 27 farmer of Bossow, Towednack (father: Matthew Curnow, farmer)
        Betsy Dabb Hollow 27 of Carbis Water (father: John Hollow, miner, deceased)
        Witnesses: Alfred Henry Bodilly, A J Martin

31 January 1891 by License
        George Henry Smith 32 of St Erth (father: George Smith, farmer)
        Anne Hosking 31 of Lelant (father: John Hosking, farmer, deceased)
        Witnesses: Charles Richards, William John Taylor

27 September 1891 by Banns
        Thomas Gall Whatly {Whatty} 25 ferryman of Church Lane
                (father: Edwin Whatly {Whatty}, ferryman, deceased)
        Mary Sarah Burt 22 of post office, Lelant
                (father: Charles Polkifrone Burt, postmaster)
        Witnesses: Rosina Drew Whatly, Caroline Brusch Rearey

17 October 1891 by Banns
        Ricahrd Jacobs 23 mason of Redruth (father: Thomas Jacobs, farmer)
        Bessie Curnow Trevorrow 21 of Chyangwheal, S. Uny Lelant
                (father: John Polmeor Trevorrow, shipwright)
        Witnesses: John Polmeor Trevorrow, Jane Alice Trevorrow

16 November 1891 by Banns
        Andrew Curnow 33 farmer of Borea, Ludgvan (father: Andrew Curnow, farmer)
        Catherine Blanche Sandow 40 of Trembethow, Lelant
                (father: William Sandow, farmer, deceased)
        Witnesses: Henry Sandow, Katie Sandow

26 November 1891 by Banns
        John Ellis 37 miner of St Just (father: John Ellis, miner, deceased)
        Eliza Thomas 29 of Wheal Wreath, Uny Lelant (father: John Thomas, laborer)
        Witnesses: Rebecca Jane Ellis, Edward Thomas

[No entries in Marriage Register until December 1892]


1 December 1892 by Banns
        Michael Henry Donnithorne 24 mason of 73 High Street, Penzance
                (father: Alexander Donnithorne, butcher)
        Martha Pearce 23 of Quay Lane (father: John Pearce, miner, deceased)
        Witnesses: F A Donnithorne, Louisa Donnithorne

24 December 1892 by Banns
        John William {Williams} Payne 23 farmer of Carbis Bay (father: William Payne, farmer)
        Grace Thomas Curtis 25 of Ninnes Bridge (Emmanuel Curtis, miner)
        Witnesses: K M Curtis, Elizabeth Ann Curnow


18 April 1893 by Banns
        James Frederick Lemon widow 36 clergy clerk of Marazion
                (father: James Plomer Lemon, yeoman)
        Anne Elizabeth Richards 36 of Venwyn, Lelant (father: Charles Richards, yeoman)
        Witnesses: Charles Richards, Jane Mayne Richards

20 May 1893 by Banns
        Walter Hogde 23 stonemason of Lelant (father: Charles Hodge, mariner, retired)
        Susan Carter 23 of Lelant (father: Samuel Warren Carter, grocer)
        Witnesses: Samuel Warren Carter, William John Stevens

1 August 1893 by Banns
        Philip Christopher 22 miner of Lelant Downs
                (father: Nicholas Christopher, miner, deceased)
        Dorcas Pearce 21 of Beersheba, Lelant (father: [none given])
        Witnesses: William John Taylor, Mary Jane Leacher


25 March 1894 by Banns
        William Thomas Care 27 laborer of Chapel Street, St Ives (father: John Care, laborer)
        Philippa Uren 21 of Chyangwheal (father: Richard Uren, miner)
        Witnesses: Annie Uren, Tobias Uren

13 June 1894 by Banns
        Christopher Trewhella 42 farmer of Trink, S. Uny Lelant
                (father: Matthew Trewhell, farmer)
        Minnie Hocking 24 of Cripples Ease, Towednack (father: John Hocking, blacksmith)
        Witnesses: William Trewhella, Ann Trewhella

29 Novemer 1894 by Banns
        John Williams 29 gardener of Carbis Valley (father: James Williams, miner, deceased)
        Mary Annie Barber 26 of Carbis Valley, Lelant
                (father: William Barber, master mariner, deceased)
        Witnesses: John Barber, Lore Louydm Frevell


6 April 1895 by License
        Frederick Harvey widower 41 confectioer of Penpole, Hayle
                (father: John Harvey, baker, deceased)
        Mary Jane Pearce 37 of Bowl Rock, Lelant (father: Henry Pearce, deceased, miner)
        Witnesses: Margaret Nicholas, Wm Jno Taylor

14 April 1895 by Banns
        George Robert Roe 26 fireman of 19 Randolph Rd, Southale, Middlesex
                (father: George James Peter Roe, engine driver, deceased)
        Elizabeth Ann Osborne 23 of Zennor (father: William Henry Osborne, miner, deceased)

9 November 1895 by Banns
        Edward Triggs 24 laborer of Trenoweth, Lelant (father: Edward Triggs, miner)
        Nanny Glasson 28 of Trenoweth, Lelant (father: James Glasson, miner)
        Witnesses: Harry Nicholls, Wm Jno Taylor

10 December 1895 by Banns
        Albert Edward Harris 27 sailor, RN of Ninnis Bridge, Lelant
                (father: Thomas Harris, shoemaker, deceased)
        Elizabeth Ann Kevern 26 of Ninnis Bridge, Lelant (father: James Kevern, laborer)
        Witnesses: Thomas Henry Eddy, Zenobia Hosking


26 April 1896 by Banns
        William Kessell 18 railway porter of Lelant
                (father: Robert James Kessell, packer on railway)
        Mary Hannah Eddy 20 of St Erth (father: John Eddy, laborer, deceased)
        Witnesses: Lilly Kessell, [illegible] James

18 July 1896 by Banns
        John Richards 33 green grocer of Little Trevorrack, Lelant
                (father: Thomas Richards, farm laborer)
        Annie Rowe 28 of Camborne (father: William Rowe)
        Witnesses: George Rowe, Mary Anne Monpee

23 November 1896 by License
        William John Pearce 30 of Ludgvan (father: John pearce, bootmaker)
        Getrude Mary Rosewarne 30 of S. Uny Lelant
                (father: John Carpenter Rosewarne, master mariner)
        Witnesses: John Carpenter Rosewarne, Blanche Rosewarne


24 February 1897 by Banns
        George Whiting widower 44 gameskeeper of Cubit Lodge, Lelant
                (father: Thomas Whiting, laborer)
        Lydia Elizabeth Styles widow 35 of Trevethoe, Lelant
                (father: Frederick Beckerleg, bootmaker)
        Witnesses: John Richards, Maggie Richards, Diana Talringhaen

1 September 1897 by Banns
        Edwin Searle 40 engineer of Wheal Reath (father: William Searle, laborer)
        Mary Jane Willey widow 39 of Wheal Reath, Lelant
                (father: William Henry Hosking, builder)
        Witnesses: Willaim Henry Hosking, Ann Quick Hosking

9 September 1897 by License
        Charles Phillips Martin 34 miner of Longstone, S. Uny Lelant
                (father: Thomas Eddy Martin, miner, deceased)
        Annie Jane Martin 25 of Boskerris, S. Uny Lelant
                (father: William Ninnes Martin, farmer)
        Witnesses: William Ninnes Martin, Minnie Martin

27 October 1897 by Banns
        Ernest Charles Wills 21 engineer of sojourner in Lelant
                (father: Benjamin Wills, engineer)
        Gertrud Julliff Neilson 22 of S. Uny Lelant (father: Charles Neilson, mariner)
        Witnesses: E Hearn, G James


21 May 1898 by License
        Thomas Wills widower 54 carrier of Madron (father: Richard Wills, laborer, deceased)
        {Harriet Glasson} 53 of S. Uny Lelant (father: John Glasson, farmer, deceased)
        Witnesses: Annie Barnes, John Glasson

3 September 1898 by Banns
        Paul Goldworthy 27 mariner of Lelant
                (father: John Henry Goldsworthy, blacksmith, deceased)
        Nanny Pellew 24 of Lelant (father: Hennry Pellew, farm laborer)
        Witnesses: Mary Jane Goldsworthy, Wm Jno Taylor

18 October 1898 by Banns
        William George Peak 30 house decorator of Causeway Head, Penzance
                (father: John Peak, house decorator)
        Lily Alexander Gilbert 28 of Elm House, Lelant
                (father: George Gilbert, quarry proprietor)
        Witnesses: Thomas Peak, John Triggens, Grue Trueggew[?]

15 November 1898 by License
        William Glasson widower 65 grocer of Longstone, Lelant
                (father: William Glasson, blacksmith, deceased)
        Mary Jane Donald widow 62 of Perranuthnoe (father: William Ralph, farmer, deceased)
        Witnesses: Wm Jno Taylor, Peter Bray

8 December 1898 by Banns
        James Tapp 30 gardener of Vicarage, S. Uny Lelant
                (father: Hugh Tapp, shepherd, deceased)
        Selina Perry 24 of Vicarage, S. Uny Lelant (father: William Perry, tin miner)
        Witnesses: Henry George, Harry Collier

17 December 1898 by Banns
        Alfred Harris 35 fittre of St Erth (father: Richard Harris, gardener)
        Mary Hannah Curnow 24 of S. Uny Lelant (father: John Curnow, miner, deceased)
        Witnesses: Philip Harris, Susan Harris

21 December 1898 by Banns
        Charles Gordon Steer 30 solicitors clerk of St Ives
                (father: George Steer, blacksmith)
        Ethel Kingswell Hurrell 25 of S. Uny Lelant (father: Philip Kingswell Hurrell)
        Witnesses: Philip Kingswell Hurrell, Herbert Philip Hurrell


9 July 1899 by Banns
        Henry Vernon Marshall widower clerk of Lelant Town
                (father: Charles Marshall, reporter, deceased)
        Maude Mary Chapple 20 of Lelant Town (father: John Chapple, coachman, deceased)
        Witnesses: William Warren, Catherine Chapple

29 July 1899 by Banns
        Thomas Trevaskis 22 market gardener of Canonstown, Ludgvan
                (father: Joseph Trevaskis, market gardener)
        Elizabeth Dunstan Hawes 24 of Church Road, Lelant (father: John Hawes, gardener)
        Witnesses: Joseph Trevaskis, Margaret Travaskis

4 September 1899 by Banns
        Matthew Woolcock 48 cordwainer of St Ives, 12 Bowling Green Terrace
                (father: Peter Woodcock, cordwainer)
        Alice Trevorrow 27 of Chyanwheal (father: John Polmear, shipwright)
        Witnesses: E L Woolcock, Honour Woolcock, T Trevorrow

1 November 1899 by License
        Stephen Hichens 41 sailor of Newlyn Paul (father: Arthur Hichens, sailor, deceased)
        Eilizabeth Hannah Barnes 25 school teacher of Church Road
                (father: Thomas Barnes, miner)
        Witnesses: Thomas Snith Hichen, Sarah J Barnes


14 March 1900 by Banns
        Isaac Rowe 28 miner of Collorian, Ludgvan (father: Isaac Rowe, miner)
        Margaret Pearce 29 of Bowl, Lelant (father: Henry Pearce, miner, deceased)
        Witnesses: Isaac Pearce, John Pearce

28 March 1900 by License
        William John Rosewarne 29 master mariner of S, Uny Lelant
                (father: John Carpenter Rosewarne, master mariner)
        Jane Briston 36 school mistress of S. Uny Lelant
                (father: William Briston, game keeper, deceased)
        Witnesses: J H Tonkin, [illegible]

27 June 1900 by banns
        Thomas Dunstan 29 carpenter of Lelant (father: Samuel Dunstan, retired miner)
        Jane Rogers 24 of Laity, Lelant (father: Samuel Rogers, farmer)
        Witnesses: Samuel Rogers, Mary E Pearce

27 December 1900 by banns
        Thomas Trevorrow 24 shipwright of Morris Town, St James, Keyham
                (father: John Polmear Trevorrow, shipwright)
        Cecilia Edith Prout 23 of Chyanwheal, Lelant
                (father: Edwin Prout, ship steward, deceased)
        Witnesses: John Polmear Trevorrow, Grace Callaway 


20 July 1901 by Banns
        Joseph Duncalf Thomas 31 gardener of Ninnnis Bridge, Lelant
                (father: John Duncalf Thomas, gardener)
        Matilda Pearce 20 of Ninnis Bridge, Lelant (father: [none given])
        Witnesses: John Stevens, Frances Pearce

14 September 1901 by Banns
        Richard Gill 33 engineer of Epsom (father: Richard Gill, mine agent, deceased)
        Rosa Heathcote 30 hotel manageress of Carbis Bay, Lelant
                (father: William Heathcote, engineer, deceased)
        Witnesses: William Little, Harry William Rippon, Helena Teegoning

2 November 1901 by Banns
        William John Uren Stevens 27 egg merchant of Lelant Downs
                (father: Henry Stevens, miner, deceased)
        Frances Pearce 18 of Nannis, Lelant (father: [none given])
        Witnesses: Joseph L Thomas, Matilda Thomas


30 January 1902 by Banns
        Henry Pearce Nicholas 38 waiter of St Erth (father: John Nicholas, mason, deceased)
        Annie Uren 39 of Chyangwheal, Lelant (father: Richard Uren, tin miner)
        Witnesses: Richard Henry Uren, Emma Uren

16 April 1902 by License
        Charles Hannibal Rouse Ellis 39 gentleman of Commercial Rd, Hayle
                (father: Hanibal Tyack Ellis, gentleman, deceased)
        Catherine Hosking 24 of Church Rd. (father: Richard Hosking, farmer, deceased)
        Witnesses: John Ellia, H Hosking

7 August 1902 
        Ernest Vivian Pearce 26 analyst of The Beeched, Hayle
                (father: Gilbert Bennet Pearce, tin merchant)
        Alice Horne Anthony 25 of Brickington, Lelant
                (father: Bickford Anthony, mine engineer, deceased)
        Witnesses: Ann Marian Anthony, Gilbert A Pearce, [illegible]


6 June 1903 by Banns
        William Winn 31 engine fitter of Beersheba, Lelant
                (father: Abraham Winn, stone mason, deceased)
        Jane Mitchell 29 of Bowl, Lelant (father: John Mitchell, miner, deceased)
        Witnesses: William Payne, Mary Ann Mitchell

20 December 1903 by Banns
        Albert Gregory 25 parcels porter of Lelant (father: John Gregory, garden)
        Elizabeth Mary James 23 domestic servant of Gulval (father: Charles James, laborer)
        Witnesses: Nathaniel Joh Beckerleg, Lily Pearce


15 June 1904 by Banns
        George Robins 27 butler of St Erme (father: Simon Robins, coachman)
        Helen Maud Courtice 29 of Lelant (father: Roger Richard Courtice, gardener)
        Witnesses: Lylie Robins, Bernie Courtice, William S Robins


1 July 1905 by Banns
        Timothy Uren 26 miner of Trenenon, Lelant
                (father: William Henry Uren, miner, deceased)
        Mary Edwards 21 of Ninnis Bridge, Lelant (father: Thomas Edwards, miner)
        Witnesses: Susan Edwards, Thomas B Hocking

3 July 1905 by Banns
        Thomas Stevens 41 gardener of Lelant Downs (father: Andrew Stevens, miner, deceased)
        Sarah Pearce 32 of Ninnis (father: James Pearce, miner)
        Witnesses: Maude Parfelt, Wm J Taylor

23 September 1905 by Banns
        John Gilbert 31 farm laborer of Venwyn, Lelant (father: Jeremiah Gilbert, miner)
        Elizabeth Jane Semmens 33 of Venwyn, Lelant
                (father: William Henry Semmens, farm laborer)
        Witnesses: Martha Leacher, Wm J Taylor

29 October 1905 by License
        Emanuel Curtis 34 miner of Lower Laity. Lelant
                (father: Emanuel Curtis, miner, deceased)
        Grace Lilian Thomas 20 of Trelynon, St Ives (father: Abednego Thomas, hotel keeper)
        Witnesses: Abednego Thomas, John Payne


25 April 1906 by Banns
        John Kendell Blackmore 35 school master of The Elms, Lelant
                (father: Richard Blackmore, clergy in holy order, deceased)
        Elizabeth Caroline Chads 31 of Alverton Vean, Penzance
                (father: John Hanbury Chads, captain, RN)
        Witnesses: Alice M Banfield, J T Borlaise, J H Chad, Mary M Blackmore, Alice Chads

31 July 1906 by Banns
        George Thomas Greensdale 26 boiler maker of 1 Dorking Rd, Deptford SE
                (father: George Abraham Greensdale, tank maker)
        Mary Annis Roberts 27 of Sangweath, Lelant
                (father: William Henry Roberts, market gardener)
        Witnesses: J Roberts, M Maddern

25 September 1906 by Banns
        Charles Elliot Edlmann 42 bank clerk of Penzance
                (father: Joseph Ernest Edlmann, Major 1st Dragoon Guards)
        Janet Graham Jardine 34 of 24 Beira Villas, Carbis Bay
                (father: William Graham Jardine, rancher)
        Witnesses: Violet B Edlmann, Caroline S Edlmann,Herbert Edlmann, Edith Edlmann,
                Caroline Ellis Edlmann

7 November 1906 by License
        John Tregthen Short Hawke 31 accountant of Gunwin Cottages, Lelant
                (father: William Gerge Hawke, ship builder)
        Jessie Annie Reade 32 of Gunwin Cottages, Lelant
                (father: William Reade, engine driver, deceased)
        Witnesses: R W Hawke, L Wearne

29 December 1906 by Banns
        Paul Alexander Frederick Cockburn 32 mine engineer of Bocksbarg, Transvaal
                (father: Charles Frederick Cockburn, major general, RN [RA?])
        Winifred Wilkinson 38 of Lelant (father: John Wimble Wilkinson, gentleman)
        Witnesses: J W Wilkinson, J C H Cockburn

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