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AIRES Mary 15-Feb-1756 Wife of Richard
AIRES Richard 6-Oct-1756
ANBONE? Beaton 30-Jun-1761 THOMAS?
ANGOVE William 23-Apr-1793 Son of William
ANGOVE Robert 29-May-1799 Son of William


BADCOCK Cordelia 26-Oct-1791 Wife of [not given]
BARNECOAT Hannah 5-Sep-1769 Daughter of George
BARNECOAT Eliz. 28-Jul-1773 Widow of St.Buryan
BARNICOAT Penelope 15-Mar-1744 Daughter of James
BARNICOAT John 20-Feb-1766
BARNICOAT Francis 18-Jan-1780
BARNICOAT James 14-May-1783
BARNICOAT Honour 13-Sep-1798 Daughter of Christopher
BARNICOAT George 24-Sep-1807
BARNICOAT James 20-Feb-1809
BARNICOAT Margaret 6-Feb-1811 Widow
BARNICOAT William 5-Jul-1812
BARNICOTE Priscilla 20-Jan-1754
BEELE Pascoe 26-Mar-1747
BENNATS Frances 19-Apr-1747 Wife of Stephen
BENNATS Stephen 21-Apr-1747 Son of Stephen
BENNATS Jane 1723 Daughter of Robert
BENNATS Stephen 20-Oct-1780
BENNATS Robert 29-Sep-1787
BENNATS John 2-Dec-1787 Son of Robert
BENNATTS Robert 7-Dec-1735
BENNATTS Jane 14-Nov-1751 Widow of Robert
BENNATTS Sarah 16-Mar-1766 Wife of Robert
BENNATTS Elizabeth 14-Jan-1784 Widow
BENNATTS Elizabeth 15-Mar-1784 Wife of Richard
BENNATTS James 1792
BENNATTS Mary 9-Aug-1796
BENNATTS Richard 27-Mar-1799
BENNATTS Peter 5-Apr-1799 Son of Richard
BERRYMAN Nanny 12-Feb-1718
BETTE Mordecai 27-Feb-1810
BEVAN Margaret 7-May-1791 Daughter of Revd. James
BEVAN Philip 24-Nov-1804
BEVAN Susanna 16-Aug-1806
BEVAN Rev.James 20-Oct-1812
BLEWATT Frances 6-Mar-1713/14 Base daughter of Jane
BLEWET Elizabeth 10-Aug-1702 Wife of Thomas
BLEWET Abraham 19-Jul-1706 Son of John Snr
BLEWET Sarah 11-May-1777 Wife of [not given]
BLEWET Thomas 1-Feb-1787
BLEWETT Cha. 25-Apr-1720
BLEWETT Mary 12-Oct-1736 Widow
BLEWETT John 16-Aug-1759 Aged 92
BLEWETT John 20-Feb-1760 Son of John
BLEWETT Mary 26-Feb-1762 Age 93
BLEWETT Hannah 3-Apr-1776
BLEWETT Margery 8-Feb-1807 Wife of Thomas
BLEWETT Thomas 1-Jul-1812 Widower
BORLASE Violetta 28-May-1742 Base daughter of Jane
BORLASE Anne 3-May-1783
BORNICOAT Christopher 5-Apr-1729
BOSISTOW Mrs Mary 17-Jul-1751
BOSNOLOE Joan 17-Sep-1703
BOSUSTOW Richard 22-Jan-1716/17 Son of Richard
BOSUSTOW Richards 22-Feb-1706/07 Gent.
BOSUSTOW Jane 1722 Widow
BOTTERAL Eliz. 18-Mar-1719 Widow
BOTTRAL James 17-Mar-1713/14
BOTTRALL William 10-Sep-1778 Son of John
BOTTRELL Richard 11-Feb-1783 Age 80
BOTTRELL William 18-Jun-1783 Son of John
BOTTRELL Rebecca Ellis Trud 3-Apr-1801 Daughter of Henry
BOTTRELL Richard 24-Aug-1802 Son of John
BOTTRELL John 1808
BROAD Mary 1-Jan-1804 Wife of Thomas
BROWNFIELD Mary 23-May-1730
BURROUGHS Margery 11-Jul-1742 of Sennen
BUSUSTOW Martyne 23-Mar-1725


CARA Dorothi 6-Nov-1710 Widow
CARAH Elizabeth 20-Sep-1738
CARAH Audrey 21-Sep-1743
CARAH Maud 29-Sep-1743
CARAH Mary 26-Mar-1747 Wife of James
CARAH Jane 15-Dec-1749 Widow
CARAH James-Jan-1773
CARNE William 21-Sep-1708 Son of Pentecost
CARNE Anne 9-Aug-1796 Wife of Charles Loder (sic)
CAROW Pentycost 16-May-1712 CARNE?
CARTER Ezekiel-Oct-1710
CARTER Tobias 2-Apr-1766
CARTER Rebecca 10-Apr-1766 Wife
CHERGWIN Thomas 10-Nov-1799
COCK Jane 2-Sep-1810 Wife of John
COCK Jane Roberts 14-Jun-1811 Daughter of John
CONNACK Jane 27-Jun-1778 Widow
CONNACK Robert 3-May-1781 Son of Robert
CONNOCK Robert Francis 23-Mar-1790 Son of Robert
CROCKER Elizabeth Bottrell 2-Apr-1802 Daughter of James
CUNNACK Robert 27-Jul-1772 Son of Robert


DANIEL Joan 5-Jan-1743/44
DANIEL James 25-Jan-1743/44
DAVY William 5-Apr-1795 Son of Henry
DAW Rich'd 28-Mar-1741
DAW Wm. 7-May-1746
DAW Honour 12-Oct-1768
DEASON Charles 17-Apr-1732
DEASON Jno. 26-Oct-1754 Son of Jno.
DEASON John 13-May-1781
DEASON Elizabeth 18-Dec-1782 Widow
DENNIS John 15-Jul-1742
DENNIS Thomasine 10-Mar-1770 Daughter of Alecr and Catherine
DENNIS Alexander 12-Jul-1773 Son of Alexander of Madron
DENNIS Catherine 20-Jul-1782 Daughter of Alexander
DENNIS Thomasine 18-Dec-1782 Widow
DENNIS Richard 31-Jan-1783 Son of Alexander
DENNIS Alexander 1792 Son of Alexander
DENNIS Catherine 15-Dec-1807 Wife of Alexander
DENNIS Elizabeth 28-Jan-1808
DENNIS Thomasine 2-Sep-1809


ELDRETH Dorothy 16-Feb-1785 Widow
ELLIS Thomas Snr 29-May-1803
ELLIS William 10-May-1809 Son of Thomas
ELLIS Sarah 18-Oct-1809 Widow age 86


GENDAL Pascoe 4-Mar-1719
GENDALL Ezekiel 1-Aug-1706
GILES Margaret 15-May-1745 Poor woman of Crediton
GLASSON Eleanor 28-Oct-1694
GONDALL Thomas 11-Dec-1702
GREEBLE John 21-Feb-1788 At expense of Parish
GREEBLE Jane 24-May-1807
GRIBBLE Eliz. 25-Jul-1771 John of Sennen [relationship not stated]


HALL Catherine 24-Jun-1793 Pauper
HART Elizabeth 6-Apr-1750
HARVEY Sampson 9-Dec-1705 Base son of Margaret
HARVEY Thomas 15-Aug-1706 Son of Henry
HARVEY Margaret 15-Jun-1713 Widow
HARVEY Margaret 7-May-1733
HARVEY lucrisha 25-Apr-1735
HARVEY Eleanor 2-Apr-1746 Widow
HARVEY Moses 25-Nov-1747 Son of Moses
HARVEY Sarah 1-Feb-1782
HARVEY Henry 21-Oct-1791
HARVY Henry-Apr-1737
HEARL Rebekah 7-Apr-1745
HEARLE Charles 21-May-1735
HERLE Jane 1704/05 Widow
HITCHENS Edward 6-Jun-1747
HITCHENS Emmanuel 17-Mar-1792 Pauper
HODGE Anne 17-Jul-1702 Daughter of Arthur
HODGE Martyn 16-Apr-1703
HODGE Arthur 10-Jun-1706
HODGE Ann 10-Jan-1711/12 Widow
HODGE Eliz. 8-Feb-1718 Widow
HODGE Mary 13-Jun-1726
HODGE Margaret 5-Mar-1694/95
HODGE Alice 23-Jan-1744/45 Widow
HODGE Joane 3-Sep-1751
HODGE Richard 10-Jan-1752
HODGE William 8-Sep-1778
HODGE Henry 14-Sep-1778 Son of Richard
HODGE Anne 13-Mar-1780 Wife of William
HODGE Richard Snr 18-Apr-1784
HODGE Anne 13-Jun-1785 Widow
HODGE Elizabeth 1-Sep-1785 Daughter of Richard
HODGE John 15-Jul-1789 Son of William
HODGE Anne 11-Aug-1789 Daughter of William
HODGE Richard 25-Aug-1790 Son of William
HODGE Jane 1792 Wife of William
HODGE William 29-Nov-1796
HODGE Richard 17-Jul-1797
HODGE Anne 28-Mar-1800
HODGE Anne 8-Jul-1806 Wife of Richard
HODGE William 1-Jan-1807
HODGE Mary 1808
HOLLOW Jane 23-Jan-1801
HOSKYN Jephshah 27-Jan-1779
HOSKYN Grace 3-Jan-1780
HUMPHREY Anne 19-Dec-1782 Daughter of Johnathan
HUMPHREYS Anne 30-Sep-1803 Widow
HUNT Elizabeth 7-Dec-1706 Wife of Thomas Flunt?
HUNT Thomas 4-Jun-1711


JACKA Katherin 8-Jun-1715 Wife of Joseph
JACKA Margery 17-Jul-1812 Wife of Abraham Jnr
JAMES William 15-Feb-1806
JARVAS Margaret 2-May-1711 Widow
JEFFEREY Agnes 8-Jun-1744 Daughter of James
JEFFERIES Elizabeth 11-Aug-1741 Daughter of James
JEFFERY Charles 29-Mar-1716
JEFFERY Marlyne 11-Mar-1723
JEFFERY John 31-Jul-1740
JEFFERY John 15-Feb-1738/39 Son of James
JEFFERY Philadelphia 3-Sep-1777
JEFFRE Agnes 22-Apr-1712
JEFFREY Joseph 31-May-1751 Base son of Elizabeth
JEFFREY Milson 2-Mar-1765 Wife of Jn.
JEFFREY Elizabeth 2-Mar-1788 Wife of James
JEFFREY Agtnes 24-Apr-1789 Daughter of John
JEFFREY Milson 15-May-1789 Daughter of John
JEFFREY James 1792
JEFFREY Milson 14-Jun-1796 Daughter of John
JEFFREY John 6-Mar-1801
JEFFRIE William 30-Oct-1710
JEFFRY William 2-Sep-1704 Son of John Snr
JEFFRY Joan 4-Feb-1704/05 Wife of William
JEFFRY Florance 20-Mar-1758 Widow of Jno.
JELBARD Elizabeth Hicks 16-Jul-1783
JELBERT John 1-Oct-1799 Son of John
JELBERT John 12-Jul-1800 Son of John
JELBERT Thomas 12-Jul-1800 Son of John
JELBERT William 31-Oct-1806 Son of John
JELBERT James 13-Oct-1810 Son of John
JENKIN Mary 20-Aug-1726 Alias POIJL?
JENKINS Phyllis 30-Dec-1742
JOFFERY Chesian 2-Jun-1720 Wife of Martyn
JOFFRE John 5-Apr-1712
JOFFRE Mary 20-Mar-1711/12 Daughter of John
JOFFROS [JEFFRES] Elizabeth 7-Mar-1712/13 Daughter of John
JOHN Cordelia 14-Sep-1711 Daughter of Richard
JOHN Thomasine 24-Aug-1701 Daughter of Thomas
JOHN Marton 31-Jan-1710/11
JOHN Thomas 11-Oct-1713
JOHN Richard 14-Nov-1733
JOHN Thos. 27-Dec-1699
JOHN Mary 13-Apr-1760 Wife of Jn.
JOHN James 22-Nov-1765
JOHN Thomas 27-Dec-1699 Son of Rd.
JOHNS Philippa 11-Oct-1702
JOHNS Elizabeth 13-Apr-1703 Wife of Thomas
JOHNS Thomas 9-Apr-1716
JOHNS Barber 7-May-1736
JOHNS John 13-Feb-1736
JOHNS Ezekiel 18-Mar-1738 Son of James and Elizabeth
JOHNS John 1-Dec-1747
JOHNS Mary 9-Nov-1749 Wife of John
JOHNS Margery 1-Mar-1754
JOHNS Jane 27-Apr-1785 Wife of John
JOHNS Elizabeth 24-Dec-1799 Wife of John
JOSE Eliza. 2-Feb-1718 Wife of Edward
JOSE Henry 25-Aug-1736 Son of Edward
JOSE Welmet 8-May-1758
JOSE Joseph 27-Jul-1788
JOSE Mary 1792
JOSS John 24-Aug-1712 Son of Edward


KESTLE Mary 18-Apr-1793 Daughter of Thomas


LADNER Prudence 30-Nov-1797 Daughter of Edward
LANYON Sarah 22-Nov-1708 Wife of Charles of St.Buryan
LAWRY Jane 20-Oct-1783


MADDERN Anne 10-Jul-1802 Daughter of Thomas
MARTIN George Jnr 11-Feb-1732
MARTIN George 13-Jul-1744 Son of Abraham
MARTIN Ann 26-Jan-1781 Daughter of Abraham
MARTIN William Row 28-Jan-1801
MARTINS Thomas 17-Oct-1756 Son of Abraham
MARTINS George 14-Nov-1759
MARTINS Edward 10-Dec-1759 Son of Abraham
MARTINS Elizabeth 20-Dec-1765 Aged 97
MARTINS Lucretia 18-Apr-1796 Wife of Abraham
MARTYN Catharine 13-Feb-1733/34 Widow
MATHEW Alice 2-Jun-1761 Wife of Jn.
MATHEW Margaret 31-Jul-1771 Wife of Edward
MATHEW Thomas 10-Oct-1784 Base son Prudence
MATHEW John 30-Oct-1784 Base son Prudence
MATHEW Thomas 27-Feb-1785
MATHEW Edward 10-Mar-1788
MATHEW Frances 4-Jul-1694
MATHEWS Philippa-Feb-1711/12 Son of John
MATHEWS Maddellen 24-Jul-1712 Widow
MATHEWS Thomas 23-May-1716
MATHEWS Edward 17-Apr-1723
MATHEWS Christopher 10-Jan-1699/1700
MATHEWS Ann 6-Jul-1736
MATTHEW Grace 22-Oct-1756 Daughter of Jo.
MATTHEW John 13-Jul-1761
MATTHEW Mary 30-Sep-1762 Age 88
MATTHEW Thomasine 30-Apr-1768 Wife of Js. Aged 80
MATTHEW Anne 29-Jun-1773
MATTHEW Margaret 20-Jan-1788 Widow
MATTHEW Joseph 7-Sep-1798 Son of Joseph
MATTHEW Grace 27-Apr-1799 Wife of Joseph
MATTHEW Joseph 2-Aug-1807
MATTHEWS ? 6-Jan-1710/11 ? of Thomas
MATTHEWS Ann 22-Nov-1734 Daughter of John
MATTHEWS John 6-Nov-1748
MATTHEWS Nowel 20-Sep-1749
MATTHEWS John 6-Jul-1753
MATTHEWS Nowel 8-Mar-1754
MATTHEWS Catherine 20-Jan-1755 Daughter of Edward
MATTHEWS Edward 25-Sep-1756 Son of Edward
MATTHEWS Methuselah 6-Oct-1756 Son of Jo.
MATTHEWS James 9-Nov-1776
MATTHEWS Alice 27-Dec-1788
MATTHEWS John 4-Feb-1801 Age 84
MATTHEWS Joseph 13-Apr-1806 Son of Joseph
MICHELL Mary 13-Apr-1729
MITCHAL James 16-Apr-1756
MITCHEL William 3-Feb-1743/44 Son of James
MITCHEL Margaret 20-Aug-1751 Wife of James of Sennen
MITCHEL Andrew 12-Mar-1766
MITCHELL Margaret 5-May-1767 S ?
MITCHELL Simon 3-Apr-1786
MITCHELL Joseph 8-Sep-1789
MITCHELL anne 18-Jun-1799 Widow Aged 85
MITCHELL William 6-Jun-1807
MORLEY Cordelia 2-Sep-1768
MORRIS Richard 28-Nov-1801
MURLEY David 10-Dec-1743
MURLEY John 30-Dec-1795


NEWHAM Marlyne 22-Sep-1718
NEWHAM Elizabeth 23-Mar-1735
NEWHAM Mary 29-May-1746 Wife of Nicholas
NEWHAM Nicholas 19-Apr-1754
NEWHAM Humphry 9-Aug-1756
NICHOLAS Margarott 29-Jan-1709/10
NICHOLAS Richards 18-Mar-1709/10
NICHOLAS John 14-Oct-1728
NICHOLAS Patience 31-Jan-1764 Wife of Gregory
NICHOLAS Pastience 20-Feb-1767 Daughter? of Gregory
NICHOLAS Eliz. 7-Feb-1776 Wife of Edward
NICHOLAS Edward 7-Feb-1776 Son of Edward
NICHOLAS John 27-Dec-1780 Son of Michael
NICHOLAS Gregory 9-Jan-1786 Son of Gregory
NICHOLAS Emmanuel 12-Feb-1786 Son of Gregory
NICHOLAS Martha 1-Jan-1789
NICHOLAS Emmanuel 9-Mar-1795 Son of Gregory
NICHOLAS Henry 9-Oct-1798 Son of Michael
NICHOLAS James Banfield 22-Nov-1799
NICHOLAS Jane 29-Jul-1800 Daughter of Michael
NICHOLAS Michael 11-Mar-1805 Son of Michael
NICHOLAS William 21-Jan-1809 Son of Michael
NICHOLAS Gregory 15-Jun-1809
NICHOLLS Joseph 10-Oct-1784
NICHOLLS Mary 28-Aug-1799
NICHOLS Eliz. 20-Oct-1721 Wife of James
NICHOLS James 22-Oct-1721 Son of James
NICHOLS Ann 31-Jul-1760


OLIVER Margaret 10-Jun-1746
OSBORN Thomas 24-Jul-1747 Son of John
OSBORN Margaret 13-Feb-1748/49
OSBORNE Thomasina 12-Jul-1733 Daughter of John
OSBORNE John 17-Apr-1761
OSBORNE William 6-Feb-1767 Son of Jo.
OSBORNE ? 19-Feb-1767 Daughter of John
OSBORNE Cordelia 23-Jan-1774 Widow Aged 88
OSBORNE Henry 10-Mar-1782 Son of John
OSBORNE John 26-Aug-1783
OSBORNE William 10-Dec-1786
OSBORNE Thomasine 7-Apr-1790 Daughter of Naboth
OSBORNE Robert 21-Jun-1791 Son of Martin
OSBORNE Sarah 9-Apr-1793 Daughter of Thomas
OSBORNE Sarah Ellis 25-Dec-1793 Daughter of Thomas
OSBORNE Henry 6-Aug-1795 Son of Martin
OSBORNE Catherine 28-Nov-1796
OSBORNE Martin 12-Jul-1797 Son of Martin
OSBORNE Alice 17-Mar-1800 Daughter of John
OSBORNE Mary 15-May-1810 Widow age 88


PASCOE Will. 2-Mar-1721/22 Son of Sampson
PASCOE Stephen 29-May-1733
PASCOE Alice 23-Apr-1738 Widow of Richard
PASCOE Mary 18-May-1738 Widow of Stephen
PASCOE Sampson 16-Oct-1744
PASCOE Mary 13-Jul-1759 Wife of Jn.
PASCOW Margaret 27-Mar-1735
PASCOW John 16-Jun-1761 Son of Jn
PAUL Alice 16-Aug-1714 Widow
PAUL John 12-Jul-1748
PAUL Margaret 14-Aug-1759
PAULL Susana-Apr-1712
PAWL Jane 27-Mar-1722 Widow
PEARCE John 5-Jul-1747
PEARES Margaret 29-Jul-1736
PENROSE William 4-Feb-1741
PEREZ Margery 21-Oct-1761 Age 86
PERROW Tobias 4-Nov-1734
POLKINHORNE Margaret 17-Feb-1725/26
POTHERAS Henry 21-May-1804 Son of William
PROUSE Rebeckah 17-Dec-1709 Daughter of Benj.
PROWSE Abednegoe 29-Jan-1721/22


RABNAT Elizabeth 26-Jun-1786 At expense of Parish
RABNETT Benedict 12-Jul-1743
RALING Thomasine 4-Jun-1770
RANDALL Amy 11-Feb-1701/02 Age 98
RAWLING Theophilus 23-Aug-1790
RAWLING Mary Addicote 2-Nov-1796 Daughter of David
RAWLING Sarah 21-Jan-1800 Wife of William
RAWLING Willliam 14-Jan-1801 Age 84
RAWLING Elizabeth 1808
RAWLING Henry 21-Jul-1811
RAWLINGS theophilus 23-Mar-1737/38
RICHARDS Amos 1-Jul-1700 Son of Amos
RICHARDS Honour 6-Feb-1703/04 Daughter of Tobias
RICHARDS Margery 12-Jun-1706 Wife of Tobias
RICHARDS Ezekiell? 8-Dec-1706 Son of Tobias
RICHARDS Amos 25-May-1711
RICHARDS Mary 25-May-1712 Daughter of Amos
RICHARDS Henry 29-Jun-1712 Son of Amos
RICHARDS Jane 8-Jan-1716/17 Widow
RICHARDS John 24-Dec-1717
RICHARDS Joseph 22-Apr-1720
RICHARDS Elizabeth 7-Dec-1737
RICHARDS James 20-Jan-1740/41
RICHARDS Mary 19-Feb-1742/43 Wife of William of St.Just
RICHARDS Joseph 15-Jul-1763
RICHARDS Margaret 31-Jul-1763 Daughter of Jos.
RICHARDS Eliz. 19-Feb-1767
RICHARDS Honour 22-May-1776 Daughter of John
RICHARDS Bathsheba 10-Dec-1781 Widow
RICHARDS Elizabeth 13-Mar-1783 Widow
RICHARDS John 23-Apr-1784 Age 83
RICHARDS Elinor 5-Aug-1785 Widow
RICHARDS John 7-Sep-1791
RICHARDS Anne 25-Nov-1800 Widow Age 86
RICHARDS Mary 7-Apr-1807 Daughter of James
RICHARDS Mary 19-Jun-1809
ROBERTS Thomas 17-Feb-1705/06
ROBERTS Joan 8-Mar-1711/12
ROBERTS Joseph 15-Dec-1717 Son of John
ROBERTS Mary 15-Dec-1717 Daughter of John
ROBERTS Margrett 2-Mar-1718 Widow
ROBERTS Barsheba 16-Mar-1724 Wife of Joseph
ROBERTS William 6-Jul-1729
ROBERTS William 24-Jul-1731 Son of Thomasine (W)
ROBERTS Honour 2-Aug-1731 Daughter of Thomasine (W)
ROBERTS Joseph 13-Apr-1735
ROBERTS Elizabeth 25-Jan-1735/36
ROBERTS John 23-Nov-1736
ROBERTS Grace 2-Oct-1738
ROBERTS Thomas 12-Oct-1738
ROBERTS Matthias 26-Dec-1741
ROBERTS Jone 23-Jul-1743
ROBERTS Jane 16-Oct-1751 Wife of Thomas
ROBERTS Tobias 18-Oct-1769
ROBERTS Eliz. 27-Apr-1771 Base daughter of Eliz.
ROBERTS Mr. John 14-Apr-1774
ROBERTS John 28-Jul-1775 of Penzance
ROBERTS Mrs Thomas 18-Apr-1779
ROBERTS Thomasine 16-Jun-1788 Widow
ROBERTS Mrs Hosea 1-Jan-1790
ROBERTS Thomasine 29-Oct-1793 William
ROBERTS Sarah 23-Jan-1795 Wife of Joseph
ROBERTS Henry 25-Sep-1800 Son of John
ROBERTS Thomas 12-Jul-1804
ROBERTS Hosea 12-Nov-1805
ROBERTS Joseph 13-Jul-1807
ROBERTS Henry 24-Sep-1807
ROBERTS Mrs Elizabeth 1-Feb-1810
ROBERTS Tobias 21-Jun-1811
ROBERTS Anne 4-Dec-1811
ROBERTS William 18-Jun-1812 Widower
RODDA John 10-Dec-1811
ROGER Naboth 30-Jul-1769
ROGERS Katherine 21-Mar-1713/14 Wife of Newall
ROGERS Joseph 11-Sep-1719 Son of Nowal
ROGERS Jane 26-May-1729 Widow
ROGERS Noel 2-Apr-1743
ROGERS Mary 17-Dec-1757
ROGERS Robert 6-Jan-1710/11
ROGERS Elizabeth 16-Apr-1712 Widow
ROW Jane 11-Dec-1751 Widow
ROW Sibella 6-Mar-1752 Aged 104
ROW Sarah 18-Jan-1758 Daughter of Thos.
ROW Mary 21-Aug-1771 Wife of Thomas of Sennen
ROW Mary 29-Nov-1777 Daughter of William of Sennen
ROW William 10-Jul-1778 of Sennen
ROW Thomas 25-Nov-1780 Son of Thomas
ROW John 1-Dec-1780 Son of Thomas
ROW Thomas 16-Jul-1788
ROW Sarah 12-Nov-1806 Wife of Ezekiel
ROW Thomas 1808
ROWE Ezekiel 9-Dec-1702 Son of Peter
ROWE James 26-Dec-1702 Son of James
ROWE Priscilla 13-Aug-1708 Wife of Peter
ROWE Thomazin 8-Apr-1720 Wife of Peter
ROWE Peter 13-Sep-1726
ROWE Florence 8-Jan-1694/95
ROWE Jane 16-Dec-1796
ROWE Anne 17-Feb-1811
RUSSELL Mary 8-Apr-1709
RUSSELL Thomasine 11-Jun-1790


SAMPSON Mary 13-Apr-1758 Widow of Pascow
SAUNDREY William-May-1753 of St.Just
SAUNDRY Anne 21-Feb-1785 Widow
SIMMONS Grace 10-Apr-1781 Daughter of Richard
SIMMONS James 23-Jun-1799 Son of Richard
SIMMONS Nicholas 3-Sep-1801 Son of James
SIMONS Jone 4-Jan-1757
SYMMONS Richards 26-Oct-1706
SYMONS Alice 15-Jan-1706/07 Widow
SYMONS Pentecost 2-Aug-1707 Son of John
SYMONS Jno 17-Apr-1720 Husband Jane
SYMONS Jane 20-Apr-1720 Wife of Jno.
SYMONS Katherine 1723
SYMONS Joan 4-Aug-1738


THOMAS Alice 31-May-1706
THOMAS James 9-Jan-1731
THOMAS Beaton 13-Aug-1742 Wife of Joseph
THOMAS Beaton 23-Jul-1743 Daughter of James
THOMAS Beaton 12-May-1747 Wife of Robert
THOMAS Robert 11-Oct-1747
THOMAS Thomas 13-Jan-1749/50 Son of Joseph
THOMAS Joan 1-Mar-1753 Wife of James
THOMAS Grace 17-Oct-1756 Daughter of Thomas
THOMAS James 26-Mar-1759 Son of James
THOMAS Jane 24-Jul-1763 Daughter of Abednego
THOMAS Joseph 26-Feb-1765 Js.
THOMAS Joseph 11-Apr-1773 Son of John and Charity
THOMAS Joseph Snr 31-Oct-1773
THOMAS Elanor 8-Apr-1775 Widow
THOMAS James 3-Jul-1775 Son of John
THOMAS Robert 11-Jul-1775 Son of Joseph
THOMAS James 26-Mar-1780 Son of John
THOMAS Honour 23-May-1780 Daughter of Joseph
THOMAS James 19-Dec-1780
THOMAS Thomas 13-Oct-1781 Son of Thomas
THOMAS James 10-Apr-1783 Age 80
THOMAS Robert 19-Mar-1784 Son of James
THOMAS Grace 25-Apr-1786 Wife of Thomas
THOMAS John 29-Jul-1789 Son of John
THOMAS John 21-Sep-1789
THOMAS Joseph Jnr 14-Mar-1790
THOMAS Thomas 2-Jun-1798
THOMAS Joseph 13-Oct-1799
THOMAS Robert 29-Nov-1805
TONKIN Phillis 19-Jul-1754 Daughter of Willm. of Sennen
TONKIN Elizabeth 24-Oct-1754 Daughter of John
TONKIN Elizabeth 27-Apr-1756 Wife of Enoch
TONKIN Catherine 17-Nov-1755 Daughter of Enoch
TONKIN Elizabeth-Dec-1755 Daughter of Enoch
TONKIN Sarah 25 ??? 1756 Wife of Willm.
TONKIN Mary 6-May-1756 Daughter of Enoch
TONKIN Dorothy 28-Mar-1775 Widow
TONKIN Sarah 7-May-1779
TONKIN Constance 23-Jun-1780 Daughter of Enoch
TONKIN Enoch 28-Nov-1781
TONKIN Matilda 6-May-1803
TONKIN Sally 26-Jan-1810 Daughter of Enoch
TREGEAR Prudence 20-Mar-1802
TREGURTHA John 19-Nov-1806 Son of Thomas
TREMBATH Nancy Daughter of John
TRESILIAN Anne 25-Sep-1705 Daughter of Thomas
TRESILLIAN Thomas 4-Nov-1702 Gent.
TRESSILIAN Thomas 1-Aug-1716 Son of Mr. John
TREWEEKE Jane 21-Jan-1704/05 Widow
TREWEEKE Mathias 1-Jan-1727
TREWOOF Mary 1710/1711 Wife of Mathias
TRUDGEN Henry 13-Dec-1793 Son of Henry


VINGO Richard 26-Sep-1714


WALLISH Petter 27-May-1712
WALLISH Barbara Carbance 4-Jan-1712/13 Widow
WALLISH Jane 30-Jan-1760 Age 88
WATERS Mary 20-Nov-1766 Daughter of Daniel
WATERS Richard 1792 Son of Richard
WATERS Joan 24-Jul-1797 Wife of Richard
WATERS Job 19-Feb-1802 Son of Richard
WATERS Margaret 13-Oct-1810 Wife of Daniel
WEAVER Robert 29-Aug-1706
WEAVER Margery 9-Feb-1720/21 Widow
WEAVER Pascow 5-Mar-1699/1700
WEBB Anne 5-Oct-1779
WEBB Sarah 9-Nov-1801
WETHEALE Richard 29-Dec-1811
WEYMOUTH Joseph 6-Jun-1720 Son of James
WEYMOUTH Mary 24-Dec-1742 Widow
WEYMOUTH Jone 24-Aug-1744 Wife of William of St.Buryan
WILLIAMS William 28-Sep-1702
WILLIAMS Joan 12-Jan-1708/09
WILLIAMS Adren 29-Aug-1712 Widow
WILLIAMS Mary 28-Mar-1738 Daughter of James
WILLIAMS James 8-Jun-1740
WILLIAMS Tiberia 11-May-1746 Daughter of John
WILLIAMS Alice 23-Feb-1753
WILLIAMS Peter 24-Sep-1753
WILLIAMS Mary 7-Apr-1777
WILLIAMS Dinah 20-Oct-1777 Daughter of ?
WILLIAMS Margaret 4-Dec-1778
WILLIAMS Joseph 12-Apr-1785 Son of Joseph
WILLIAMS Thomasine 9-Dec-1785 Wife of Joseph
WILLIAMS Joseph 10-Apr-1791
WILLIAMS Elizabeth 1-Jul-1799 Wife of Peter
WILLIAMS Peter 8-Oct-1800 Age 87
WILLIAMS James 31-Jul-1807
WILLIAMS Sarah 13-May-1812
WOODSTICK James 6-Jan-1736


? John 29-Nov-1710 Base daughter of Mary of Sancreed

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