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ANGOVE William 25-Jan-1828 aged 78 of St.Levan
ANGOVE John 24-Sep-1841 aged 7 of Roskestall
ANGOVE Robert 12-Jun-1844 aged 44 of Roskestle
ANGOVE Mary 17-Feb-1849 aged 73 of Workhouse
ANGOVE Mary Jane 13-May-1860 aged 1 of Roskestall
ANGOVE Elizabeth Anne 5-Dec-1866 aged 11 mths of Pemberth
ANGOVE Amy 11-Sep-1870 aged 1 of Penberth
ANGOVE Elizabeth 20-Oct-1872 aged 68 of Porthgwarra
ANGOVE William 26-Mar-1876 aged 82 of Porthgwarra
ANGOVE Jane 12-Aug-1879 aged 82 of ArdenSawah
ANGOVE Sidney 21-Jan-1880 aged 16 mths of Treryn
ANGOVE Thomas Herbert 7-May-1884 aged 6 mths of Treryn
ANGOVE Mabel 2-Dec-1892 aged 14 mths of Churchtown
ANGOVE William 29-Nov-1903 aged 75 of St.Levan Penwith Cottage
ANGOVE Jane 30-Dec-1908 aged 78 of Bottoms
ANGOVE William 25-Oct-1916 aged 83 of Little Trewey
ANGOVE Robert 3-Nov-1918 aged 87 of Escalls
ANGOVE Betsy Bennetts 14-Apr-1920 aged 91 of Escalls Cliff Sennen
ANGOVE Elizabeth 4-Jun-1920 aged 70 of Rospletha Drowned Millbay
ASH Herbert G 28-Jul-1900 aged 27 of Porthcurno


BAILEY Jane 10-Feb-1899 aged 82 of Porthcurno
BARNES Prudence 25-Oct-1830 aged 1 of Trebear
BARNES Mary Elizabeth 26-Feb-1833 Inf. of Trebear
BARNES William Rowe 16-Dec-1906 aged 16 of Churchtown
BARNICOAT Henry 16-Dec-1818 aged 70 of St.Levan
BARNICOAT Beaten 2-Feb-1819 aged 31 of St.Levan
BARNICOAT Anne 20-Mar-1829 aged 72 of Bosustow
BARNICOAT Susanna 23-Sep-1829 aged 85 of Croft Tidney
BARNICOAT Christopher 27-May-1836 aged 86 of Sancreed
BARNICOAT Rebecca 25-Apr-1858 aged 76 of Pemberth
BARNICOAT George 6-Mar-1859 aged 85 of Pemberth
BARNICOAT Thomas 22-Dec-1860 aged 84 of Treryn
BARNICOAT Christopher 28-Apr-1862 aged 80 of Skewjack
BARNICOAT Phyllis 11-Jun-1866 aged 83 of Treryn
BARNICOAT Elizabeth 23-Jul-1882 aged 95 of Skewjack
BARNICOAT John 12-Jun-1896 aged 83 of Treryn
BASSFORD Harry Sheen 24-May-1920 aged 29 of Sennen
BEIJER William 6-May-1869 of Holland Drowned
BENNATTS Robert 1-Nov-1822 aged 76 of St.Levan
BENNATTS Jane 28-Mar-1823 Inf. of St.Levan
BENNATTS Phillis 27-Apr-1823 aged 81 of St.Levan
BENNATTS James Hosea Robt. 6-Mar-1824 aged 2 of St.Buryan
BENNATTS Sarah 23-Feb-1829 aged 42 of Treen
BENNETT Ellen Jane Tudor 6-Nov-1906 aged 69 of St.Levan
BENNETTS Jane 14-Feb-1821 aged 28 of St.Levan
BENNETTS Richard 3-Apr-1827 aged 77 of St.Levan
BENNETTS Mary Ann 25-Apr-1835 aged 6 of Trebehor
BENNETTS Richard 2-May-1835 aged 2 of Trebehor
BENNETTS Phillis 7-Feb-1836 aged 19 of Bottoms
BENNETTS Margaret 17-May-1845 aged 85 of Trebehor
BENNETTS Elizabeth Jane 1847/8 aged 15 of Treryon
BENNETTS Richard 19-Sep-1850 aged 63 of Trebehor
BENNETTS John 6-Mar-1852 aged 62 of Treryon
BENNETTS Elizabeth Jane 23-Apr-1854 aged 7 of Sennen
BENNETTS Ann 31-Jan-1855 aged 82 of Bottoms
BENNETTS Robert 14-Aug-1855 aged 72 of Bottoms
BENNETTS John Henry 4-Nov-1862 aged 3 mths of Bottoms
BENNETTS Elizabeth 26-Dec-1865 aged 77 of Boscaswell
BENNETTS Margaret Ann 24-Mar-1871 aged 5 of Bottoms
BENNETTS Ada 14-Jun-1872 aged 5 mths of Bottoms
BENNETTS Peter 24-Jun-1873 aged 52 of St.Just
BENNETTS Elizabeth 14-Jul-1875 aged 36 of Bottoms
BENNETTS Peggy Penberthy 29-Dec-1880 aged 80 of St.Levan
BERRYMAN Anne 15-Mar-1829 aged 72 of Poorhouse
BERRYMAN Phyllis Charteris 11-Mar-1896 aged 18 mths of Penberth
BERRYMAN Edwin 9-Apr-1916 aged 63 of Churchtown
BEVAN Elizabeth 4-Jul-1817 aged 72 of St.Levan
BEVAN Ann 29-Aug-1820 aged 47 of St.Levan
BEVAN Elizabeth 30-Aug-1844 aged 75 of Bottoms
BEVAN James 1-Jan-1858 aged 80 of Mt.Whistle
BLEWET Thomas 24-Jul-1858 aged 81 of Sowah
BLEWETT Jane 16-Apr-1815 aged 4 of St.Levan
BLEWETT Jane 28-Mar-1816 aged 9 mths of St.Levan
BLEWITT Jane 17-Oct-1866 aged 85 of ArdenSawah
BODEY Amelia 23-Oct-1866 aged 5 wks of Trebehor
BODINNAR Mary 4-Mar-1859 aged 94 of Bosistow
BOIS Cuthbert Gresham 20-Apr-1904 aged 17 of Porthcurno
BOTHERAS Daniel 25-Sep-1813 aged 17 of St.Buryan
BOTHERAS Richard 25-Sep-1813 Inf. of St.Buryan
BOTHERAS Margaret 29-May-1820 aged 2 days of St.Buryan
BOTHERAS Hannah 17-Feb-1830 aged 50 of Trevedren
BOTHERAS Margaret 13-Feb-1847 aged 84 of Escalls
BOTRELL William 31-Aug-1881 aged 69 of St.Ives
BOTTERELL Richard 5-Oct-1842 aged 80 of Raftra
BOTTREL Richard 13-Aug-1830 aged 4 mths of Raftra
BOTTRELL Mary 21-Apr-1837 aged 84 of Raftra
BOTTRELL Margaret 24-Oct-1845 aged 53 of Raftra
BOTTRELL Sarah 25-Jan-1851 aged 67 of Workhouse
BOTTRELL William Vingoe 24-Dec-1875 aged 86 of Hea Villas Madron
BRAIN Sarah 3-Dec-1904 aged 92 of Trebehor
BRAM ? 6-May-1869 of Holland Drowned
BULLWINKLE John Basil 10-Nov-1919 aged 2 days of Porthcurno
BULLWINKLE Violet 8-Dec-1919 aged 34 of Porthcurno


CADDY Elizabeth Richards 21-Jun-1870 aged 5 of Churchtown
CARBIS Grace 8-Oct-1842 aged 64 of Porthgwarra
CAREY Walter Dennis 19-Apr-1905 aged 11 mths of Porthcurno
CARNE Jane 8-May-1853 aged 70 of St.Levan
CHAPEL Grace 23-Aug-1826 aged 1 of St.Levan
CHAPPEL Priscilla 5-Jan-1835 aged 1 of Treen
CHAPPEL Henry 27-Feb-1842 aged 19 of St.Just
CHAPPEL Priscilla 6-Jan-1853 aged 17 of Sancreed
CHAPPEL John 18-Feb-1859 aged 28 of Pemberth
CHAPPEL Sarah Nicholas 21-Nov-1902 aged 23 of Treen
CHAPPELL Thomas Henry 18-Jan-1902 aged 43 of Tolcarne Madron
CHAPPLE Elizabeth 11-Aug-1836 Inf. of Penpraze
CHAPPLE Nicholas 4-Sep-1860 aged 67 of Treryn
CHAPPLE Thomasine 30-Dec-1862 aged 84 of Sowah
CHAPPLE Annie 15-May-1863 aged 21 mths of Pemberth
CHAPPLE John 1-Oct-1865? aged 23 of Pemberth
CHAPPLE Wiilliam 19-Aug-1870 aged 86 of ArdenSawah
CHAPPLE Edward 31-Jan-1871 aged 22 of Penberth
CHAPPLE Annie Augusta Louise 31-Aug-1873 of St.Levan
CHAPPLE John 16-Aug-1885 aged 70 of Penberth
CHAPPLE Joseph 19-Aug-1887 aged 42 of Penberth
CHAPPLE Catherine 9-Jun-1891 aged 73 of Penberth
CHAPPLE Joseph 30-Jun-1900 aged 3 mths of Treryn
CHAPPLE Howard 9-Oct-1901 aged 14 wks of Treryn
CHENNALLS William 9-Apr-1842 Inf. of Rospletha
CLEMENS James 14-Nov-1880 aged 73 of Porthgwarra
CLEMENS Joseph Thomas 19-Dec-1883 aged 2 mths of Trevean
CLEMENS Philadelphia 28-Feb-1911 aged 54 of Chywoon Grove Paul
CLEMMENS Elizabeth 12-Mar-1871 aged 55 of Churchtown
COCK John 3-Nov-1818 aged 21 of St.Levan
CORIN William John 20-Jul-1864 aged 4 mths of Bosistow
CROCKER Wilmot 25-Dec-1848 aged 82 of Raftra
CUNACH Robert 31-May-1822 aged 78 of St.Levan Sexton
CUNNACK Frances 14-Mar-1833 aged 95 of Churchtown


DEASON John 24-Sep-1847 aged 8 mths of Penberth
DENNIS Alexander 12-Jul-1823 aged 85 of Madron
DENNIS Elizabeth Ann 24-Jan-1860 aged 8 of Roskestall
DUPUIS Harry 11-Mar-1907 aged 38 of Porthcurno


EDDY Samuel 31-May-1861 aged 4 of Raftra
EDDY John 13-Apr-1862 aged 20 of Porthgwarra
EDDY John 13-Apr-1867 aged 60 of Treryn
EDDY Jane 22-Dec-1871 aged 58 of St.Buryan
ELLIS Wm. 21-Feb-1830 aged 64 of Trengothal
ELLIS Phillis 11-Oct-1830 aged 73 of Trendrennen
ELLIS Thomas 4-May-1836 aged 48 of Trendrennen
ELLIS Honour 17-Dec-1838 aged 37 of Trendrennen
ELLIS Thomas 5-Jul-1839 aged 78 of Trendrennen
ELLIS John 21-Feb-1842 aged 48 of Trendrennen
ELLIS Grace 29-Mar-1842 aged 73 of Trengothal
ELLIS Ellen 25-Jun-1842 Inf. of Treen
ELLIS William George 6-Dec-1843 Inf. of St.Buryan
ELLIS George 7-Jan-1856 aged 57 of Penberth
ELLIS Richard 13-Oct-1858 aged 67 of St.Levan
ELLIS Phillis 6-Jul-1860 aged 55 of Bosistow
ELLIS Charles 28-Dec-1866 aged 70 of Trendrennen
ELLIS Phyllis 14-Feb-1868 aged 78 of St.Just
ELLIS James Tregear 22-Oct-1877 aged 44 of Penzance
ELLIS Margaret 13-Mar-1882 aged 75 of Penzance
ELLIS Catherine 2-Jan-1888 aged 87 of Trendrennen


FINNIMORE Margery 6-Sep-1901 aged 9 days of Porthcurno
FURZE Mary 25-Apr-1864 aged 66 of Pemberth


GOOSENS Berend H 6-May-1869 of Holland Drowned
GRIBBLE Elizabeth 29-May-1820 aged 80 of St.Levan
GRIBBLE Elizabeth 14-Mar-1851 aged 77 of Bottoms
GRIBBLE Mary 18-Feb-1856 aged 75 of St.Buryan
GUY Abraham 21-Jul-1837 aged 6 of Roskestall
GUY James Tregurtha 10-Dec-1857 aged 7 wks of Chenoah
GUY Mary Jane 24-Apr-1859 aged 7 of Chenoah
GUY Elizabeth Ann 20-May-1859 aged 5 of Chenoah
GUY Elizabeth 10-Mar-1868 aged 85 of St.Levan
GUY George? 6-Sep-1868 aged 44 of St.Levan Drowned
GUY George 20-Sep-1868 aged 19 of St.Levan Drowned
GUY Ada 22-Aug-1869 aged Inf of Trebehor
GUY William 26-Oct-1873 aged 82 of St.Levan
GUY Mary 13-Oct-1876 aged 50 of Treryn
GUY Mary 4-Feb-1880 aged 70 of Trebehor
GUY William 13-Jun-1885 aged 6 of Sawah
GUY Mary 13-Feb-1895 aged 80 of Chuynoy
GUY William 3-May-1899 aged 61 of Kerris Paul
GUY Grace 3-Jan-1919 aged 75 of Praze


HARRY Elizabeth 17-Dec-1909 aged 91 of Penberth
HARVEY Mary 2-Aug-1817 aged 1 mth of St.Levan
HARVEY Anne 23-Feb-1827 aged 84 of St.Levan
HARVEY Henry 18-Jan-1829 aged 59 of Churchtown
HARVEY Amelia Wallish 29-Apr-1842 Inf. of Trebehor
HARVEY Julia 14-Sep-1842 Inf. of Trebehor
HARVEY William 31-Oct-1845 aged 69 of Trebehor
HARVEY Mary Ann 25-Jun-1847 aged 2 of Trebehor
HARVEY Pascoe 11-Jan-1857 aged 88 of Trengothal
HARVEY Elizabeth 20-Mar-1859 aged 3 of Treryn
HARVEY Grace 25-May-1864 aged 72 of Treryn
HARVEY Mary Ann 19-Feb-1871 aged 40 of Treryn
HARVEY Jane 25-Oct-1874 aged 40 of Trebehor
HARVEY Elizabeth Jane 4-Apr-1876 aged 23 of Treryn
HARVEY Elizabeth 4-Nov-1879 aged 78 of Roskestal
HARVEY Eva Charity 25-Apr-1883 aged 19 mths of Porthgwarra
HARVEY Henry 6-May-1885 aged 83 of Trebehor
HOCKING William 28-Mar-1871 aged 27 of Penberth
HOCKING Mary Ann 26-Oct-1874 aged 33 of Sparnon
HOCKING John 17-Nov-1877 aged 67 of Sparnon
HOCKING Joseph 26-Jun-1896 aged 65 of Trendrennen
HOCKING Mary Trahair 24-Feb-1897 aged 1 mth of Trendrennen
HOCKING Thomas 18-Oct-1901 aged 61 of Treryn
HOCKING Elizabeth 7-Jan-1910 aged 79 of Tregerhas St.Erth
HOCKING Winifred 13-Sep-1920 aged 2 mins of Porthcurno
HODGE Mary 31-May-1826 aged 84 of St.Levan
HODGE Mary 26-Nov-1828 aged 54 of Newhouse?
HODGE Richard 25-Sep-1846 aged 73 of St.Levan
HODGE Honor 27-Dec-1851 aged 68 of Sennen
HODGE Mary 16-May-1873 aged 87 of Bosistow
HOLLOW John 24-Oct-1869 aged 76 of St.Levan
HOLLOW William 6-Jul-1918 aged 47 of Roskestal
HOLLOW William 28-Mar-1919 aged 79 of Roskestal
HOLMAN Christiana 1-Jan-1899 aged 83 of Penberth
HOSKEN Catherine 29-Jun-1870 aged 52 of Treryn
HOSKEN Amelia 26-Dec-1885 aged 7 wks of Treryn
HOSKIN Ann 21-Nov-1820 aged 75 of Sancreet
HOSKIN William 7-Jan-1821 aged 46 of St.Levan
HOSKING John 6-Jun-1819 aged 27 of St.Levan
HOSKING John 22-Jan-1823 aged 60 of St.Levan
HOSKING John 21-Apr-1830 aged 86 of St.Levan
HOSKING John 21-May-1856 aged 7 mths of Treryn
HOSKING Mary Elizabeth 23-Feb-1881 aged 3 of Treryn
HOSKING George 25-Mar-1919 aged 59 of Trengothal
HUTCHENS ? 5-Aug-1857 aged 3(8) of Treryn
HUTCHENS Sarah 29-Jun-1876 aged 73 of Treryn
HUTCHINGS Sarah 13-Sep-1889 aged 30 of Treryn
HUTCHINGS Vashti 1-Jul-1891 aged 5 mths of Treryn
HUTCHINS John 23-Jun-1845 aged 42 of Treen
HYDE L E 22-Mar-1905


JACKSON Annie Hilda 5-Apr-1896 aged 14 mths of Churchtown
JACKSON Howard 16-Mar-1908 aged 6 days of Porthgwarra
JAMES John 16-Sep-1834 aged 70 of Sowah
JAMES Margaret 29-Nov-1836 aged 5 mths of St.Buryan
JAMES Uriah 6-Jan-1837 aged 2 of St.Buryan
JAMES Elizabeth 4-May-1841 aged 4 of Trewy
JAMES Richard Tregurtha 26-Jan-1844 Inf. of St.Buryan
JAMES Sarah 27-Jun-1845 aged 42 of Raftra
JAMES Jane 3-Feb-1857 aged 102 of Trebear
JAMES Margaret 8-Apr-1864 aged 74 of Sowah
JAMES Jacob 17-Feb-1875 aged 83 of St.Levan
JEFFERY Maria 1-Jan-1826 aged 25 of St.Levan
JEFFERY John 4-Mar-1833 aged 93 of Bosustow
JEFFERY Elizabeth 2-Oct-1843 aged 88 of Treen
JEFFERY Alfred 21-Feb-1845 Inf. of Treen
JEFFERY Alfred 10-Jun-1848 aged 1 mth of Bottoms
JEFFERY Joseph 27-Mar-1852 aged 66 of Trebear
JEFFERY Mary Jane 4-Apr-1856 aged 4 of Treryn
JEFFERY William Henry 11-Jan-1862 aged 23 of Chegwidden
JEFFERY William 25-Oct-1868 aged 51 of St.Levan
JEFFERY Thomas 11-Jan-1880 aged 25 of Pemberth
JEFFERY John 31-May-1889 aged 79 of Penberth
JEFFERY Elizabeth 3-Jun-1889 aged 76 of Sancreed
JEFFERY Mary Ann 30-Nov-1900 aged 68 of Newlyn
JEFFRA John 4-Feb-1816 aged 76 of St.Levan
JEFFRA William 12-Jun-1818 aged 1 of St.Levan
JEFFRA Sarah 12-Aug-1823 aged 84 of St.Levan
JEFFRA James 16-Jan-1825 aged 80 of St.Levan
JEFFRA Rebecca 7-Dec-1830 aged 5 of Penberth
JEFFRAY John 10-Jul-1859 aged 82 of Treryn
JEFFREY Elizabeth 6-Jul-1855 aged 65 of Treryn
JEFFRY Elizabeth 31-Aug-1827 aged 87 of St.Levan
JEGER Jane 6-May-1869 of Holland Drowned
JENNINGS Rodney St.George 6-Dec-1918 aged 29 of Porthcurno
JILBART Anna 20-Jul-1829 aged 22 of St.Loye?
JILBERT Elizabeth 11-Apr-1814 Inf. of Buryan
JOHN William 16-May-1906 aged 72 of Treen
JOHN Nanny 4-Feb-1914 aged 78 of Treen
JONES Jane 29-Aug-1813 Inf. of St.Levan
JONES John Hutchens 27-Jan-1858 aged 3 mths of Treryn
JONES Thomas 23-Dec-1859 aged 3 wks of St.Levan
JONES Mary Rowe 11-Mar-1863 aged 14 wks of Treryn
JONES Harry 3-Jun-1864 aged 9 wks of Treryn
JONES Catherine 10-Oct-1867 aged 9 wks of Treryn
JOSE Henry 21-May-1821 aged 82 of St.Levan
JOSE Delilah 12-Jan-1829 aged 54 of Treen
JOSE Mary 29-Sep-1829 aged 84 of Chigwidden
JOSE Thomas 24-Feb-1840 aged 72 of Treen
JOSE Joseph 14-Dec-1844 aged 70 of Treen
JOSE Emma 8-May-1866 aged 7 of Pemberth
JOSE Edward 16-Nov-1873 aged 77 of St.Levan
JOSE Jane 16-Jan-1877 aged 86 of Trewey
JOSE John Thomas 27-Feb-1885 aged 11 mths of Churchtown
JOSE Henry 14-Feb-1887 aged 66 of Porthgwarra
JOSE Sally 17-Jul-1895 aged 82 of Penberth
JOSE Jane 22-Mar-1904 aged 83 of Porthgwarra


KISSELL Thomas 28-May-1827 aged 5 mths of St.Levan


LADNER Prudence 19-Apr-1813 Inf. of St.Levan
LADNER Jane 6-Feb-1817 aged 72 of St.Levan
LANIZEN Hugh 21-Dec-1838 aged 80 of Poorhouse
LANYON Alice 8-Feb-1854 aged 90 of Madron Union
LANYON George 4-Jan-1863 aged 6 days of Roskestall
LANYON John 2-Aug-1893 aged 70 of St.Levan Penwith Cottage
LANYON? Hugh 21-Dec-1838 aged 80 of Poorhouse
LARDNER Edward 15-Apr-1815 aged 63 of St.Levan
LAVERS Hannah 25-Jun-1861 aged 50 of Trendrennen
LECOR Zoes Maria 27-Nov-1853 aged 27 Drowned


MADDERN Richard 16-Nov-1860 aged 46 of Trengothal
MADDERN Jane Clemas 16-Jul-1869 aged 23 of St.Buryan
MADDERN John Phillip 1-Apr-1877 aged 23 of Bottoms
MALONEY Thomas 20-Mar-1905 aged 65 of Waterford Ireland
MARTENS Abraham 12-Feb-1836 aged 87 of Poorhouse
MARTINS George 1-May-1825 aged 79 of St.Levan
MATHEWS Fornin 10-May-1833 aged 1 of Bosustow
MATHEWS Thomas 24-Aug-1841 aged 28 of St.Levan
MATHEWS Mary 31-Aug-1851 aged 81 of Roskestall
MATTHEW Robert 14-Nov-1820 aged 42 of St.Levan
MATTHEW John 12-Mar-1823 aged 75 of St.Levan
MATTHEWS Grace 8-Apr-1814 Inf. of St.Levan
MATTHEWS Thomas 25-Jan-1824 Inf. of St.Levan
MATTHEWS Peter 13-Jun-1824 aged 5 of St.Levan
MATTHEWS James 1-Apr-1825 aged 18 of St.Levan
MATTHEWS Barbara 27-Feb-1825 aged 39 of St.Levan
MATTHEWS Katherine 13-May-1828 aged 85 of Sawa
MATTHEWS Anne 9-Dec-1828 aged 3 mths of Trengothal
MATTHEWS Richard 11-Sep-1836 aged 4 of Penzance
MATTHEWS Ann Thomas 27-Jun-1837 aged 7 of Trengothal
MATTHEWS Enoch 10-Mar-1839 aged 6 mths of Sowah Cliff
MATTHEWS Parthenia 23-Mar-1842 aged 32 of St.Buryan
MATTHEWS Louisa 22-Nov-1844 aged 4 of Sawah Cliff
MATTHEWS James 26-Apr-1845 aged 88 of Roskestle
MATTHEWS Joseph 11-Oct-1846 aged 85 of Porthgwarra
MATTHEWS Nanny 26-Mar-1847 aged 10 of Chuyanhor
MATTHEWS James 25-May-1847 aged 14 of Chuyanhor
MATTHEWS Elizabeth 13-Feb-1856 aged 90 of Treryn
MATTHEWS William James 5-Jan-1857 aged 10mths of Rose Valley
MATTHEWS Annie 20-Nov-1859 aged 9 wks of St.Levan
MATTHEWS William James 1-Jan-1862 aged 2 of Raftra
MATTHEWS Emily 24-Nov-1863 aged 8 of Bosistow
MATTHEWS Amelia 29-Nov-1863 aged 3 of Bosistow
MATTHEWS Parthenia 29-Nov-1863 aged 1 of Bosistow
MATTHEWS Thomas 22-Dec-1863 aged 6 of Bosistow
MATTHEWS Ellen 12-Jan-1864 aged 10 mths of Raftra
MATTHEWS Methuselah 19-Jan-1864 aged 34 of Roskestall
MATTHEWS Charles James Angove 16-Mar-1866 aged 3 mths of Mt.Whistle
MATTHEWS Annie 20-Oct-1869 aged Inf of Churchtown
MATTHEWS Joseph 12-Jan-1870 of Porthgwarra
MATTHEWS Nancy 9-Sep-1870 aged Inf of Trengothal
MATTHEWS Joseph 22-Apr-1873 aged 6 of Bosistow Cot
MATTHEWS Jane 27-Apr-1873 aged 37 of Trengothal
MATTHEWS James 27-Apr-1873 aged 9 mths of Trebehor
MATTHEWS Moab 31-Jan-1874 aged 14 of Workhouse
MATTHEWS Ellen 13-May-1874 aged 11 mths of St.Levan
MATTHEWS Annie Jane 26-Mar-1876 aged 16 mths of Trebehor
MATTHEWS Jane 26-Mar-1881 aged 78 of Sennen
MATTHEWS Richard 1-Jul-1881 aged 78 of Sennen
MATTHEWS Methuselah 10-Jan-1885 aged 85 of Porthgwarra
MATTHEWS Honor 11-May-1887 aged 80 of Hr.Bosistow
MATTHEWS Grace 29-Jun-1888 aged 87 of St.Buryan
MATTHEWS William 24-Jul-1889 aged 48 of St.Buryan
MATTHEWS Maud 8-Jan-1890 aged 3 mths of Porthgwarra
MATTHEWS Flossie 6-May-1898 aged 6 mths of Treryn
MATTHEWS Georgina H 15-Dec-1900 aged 33 of Trendrennen
MAUNSELL Robert Eyre 19-Sep-1894 aged 53 of Porthcurno
MAUNSELL Mary Letitia 28-Sep-1914 aged 77 of St.Levan
McLAUGHLIN John 23-Aug-1914 aged 25 of St.Levan
MILASWAGEE I 22-Mar-1905 aged 21 of Japan
MILWARD Edgar John 8-Nov-1894 aged 1 mth of Porthcurno
MITCHELL William 22-Feb-1821 aged 25 of St.Levan
MITCHELL Lavinia 15-May-1864 aged 16 mths of Trethewey
MOORE-WILKINSON Harriette Elizabeth 3-Jan-1910 aged 43 of Treen


NICHOLAS Alice 18-Mar-1829 aged 81 of Penzance
NICHOLAS Elizabeth 29-Oct-1854 aged 39 of Escalls
NICHOLAS Edward Polgrean 10-Jan-1869 aged 8 mths of St.Levan
NICHOLAS Edward 17-Dec-1869 aged Inf of Trendrennen
NICHOLAS Esther 20-Feb-1870 aged Inf of St.Buryan


OATEN Ann 3-Feb-1893 aged 76 of Porthcurno
OATS Mary 11-Apr-1834 aged 2 of Trebear
OATS William 21-Dec-1838 aged 2 of Trebehor
OATS Richard 14-May-1844 aged 2 of Trebehor Cot
OATS Charlotte Pearce 6-May-1850 aged 20 of Sennen
OSBORN Alice 18-Oct-1818 aged 64 of St.Levan
OSBORN William 11-May-1823 Inf. of St.Levan
OSBORN Jane 27-Nov-1833 aged 15 of Rospletha
OSBORN Ann Weymouth 20-Apr-1836 aged 21 of Penbrae St.Buryan
OSBORN Sarah Ellis 5-Mar-1837 aged 22 of Penrose Sennen
OSBORN Ann 29-May-1838 aged 52 of Pendrea St.Buryan
OSBORN William 30-Sep-1838 aged 22 of Chynoy
OSBORN Thomasine 7-Nov-1838 aged 6 of Mt.Whistle
OSBORN Sarah 1-Nov-1839 aged 83 of St.Buryan
OSBORN Mary 19-Jan-1840 aged 12 of St.Buryan
OSBORN Naboth 8-Jan-1842 aged 78 of St.Buryan
OSBORN Thomas 9-Feb-1847 aged 59 of St.Buryan
OSBORN Grace 8-Jun-1852 aged 27 of Chuynolds
OSBORN Joanna 17-Sep-1852 aged 16 of Churchtown
OSBORN Jane 24-Mar-1861 aged 70 of Treryn
OSBORN Sarah 12-Feb-1868 aged 31 of St.Buryan
OSBORN Mary 11-Jun-1871 aged 77 of Bosustow
OSBORN John Charles 4-Jun-1873 aged 6 mths of St.Buryan
OSBORN Elizabeth 11-Nov-1893 aged 69 of Penberth
OSBORNE Margaret 2-Nov-1817 aged 50 of St.Levan
OSBORNE Elizabeth 4-Sep-1824 aged 37 of St.Buryan
OSBORNE Thomas 19-Jun-1826 aged 73 of St.Buryan
OSBORNE William 1-Jul-1826 aged 38 of St.Levan
OSBORNE John 28-Mar-1827 aged 72 of St.Levan
OSBORNE Charles 12-Oct-1830 aged 2 mths of Rospletha
OSBORNE William James 3-Aug-1831 aged 2 days of Trengothal
OSBORNE Martin 5-Mar-1838 aged 82 of St.Buryan
OSBORNE Henry 8-Nov-1848 aged 51 of Trengothal
OSBORNE John 25-Jun-1858 aged 2 of Rospletha
OSBORNE Mary 26-Jun-1868 aged 5 of Bosistow
OSBORNE Joseph 5-Jul-1868 aged 1 of Bosistow
OSBORNE John 23-Dec-1881 aged 97 of Treryn
OSBORNE Honour 29-Mar-1905 aged 63 of Penzance


PARKIN Charlotte 11-Sep-1903 aged 72 of Treen
PARSONS Edward 20-Apr-1895 aged 9 of Penberth
PENROSE Thomas Blewett 30-Apr-1836 aged 2 of Trevedren
PRICE Charles John 24-Oct-1913 aged 63 of St.John's Wood London


RAWLINGS William 5-Mar-1821 aged 77 of St.Levan
RAWLINGS David 30-Jul-1823 aged 69 of St.Levan
RAWLINGS Margaret 9-Jul-1876 aged 11 mths of Churchtown
RAWLINGS William Edward 18-Apr-1880 aged 5 mths of Treryn
RAWLINGS Emma 3-May-1891 aged 24 of St.Levan
RAWLINGS Ethelinda 18-Jan-1896 aged 5 mths of Churchtown
RAWLINGS Eliza Christiana 29-Jan-1896 aged 7 mths of Churchtown
RAWLINGS Norah Gladys 23-Apr-1899 aged 5 of Churchtown
RAWLINGS William 3-Jan-1902 aged 10 mths of Churchtown
RAWLINGS Michael 5-Jun-1906 aged 11 wks of Churchtown
RAWLINGS William Addicoat 22-Nov-1906 aged 75 of Cape Cornwall St.Just
RAWLINGS Hilda 27-Sep-1907 aged 20 mths of Churchtown
RAWLINGS John Edward 18-Jun-1913 aged 45 of Churchtown
RAWLINGS Eliza 20-Jan-1914 aged 17 of Churchtown
RAYMOND Stephen 9-Mar-1903 aged 3 days of Porthcurno
REARDON Ellen 29-Nov-1850 aged 1 mth of Penberth
REARDON Charles 6-Feb-1852 aged 5 of Penberth
REARDON John 8-Feb-1852 aged 8 of Penberth
REARDON Simon 5-Mar-1852 aged 16 of Penberth
REECE-HEAL Reginald John 12-Feb-1908 aged 17 of Porthcurno
REYNOLDS Eliza Jane 2-Feb-1900 aged 91 of Porthcurno
RICHARDS Elizabeth 6-Feb-1817 aged 5 mths of St.Levan
RICHARDS Margery 9-Mar-1820 aged 71 of St.Levan
RICHARDS Joseph 19-Nov-1827 aged 72 of Penbearth
RICHARDS Mary 19-Feb-1831 aged 83 of Penberth
RICHARDS William 12-Aug-1839 aged 70 of Treen
RICHARDS Mary 30-Mar-1846 aged 76 of Treen
RICHARDS James 26-Feb-1858 aged 91 of Treryn
RICHARDS Elizabeth 5-Feb-1858 aged 88 of Workhouse
ROBERTS Mary 17-Feb-1816 aged 76 of Penzance
ROBERTS William 26-Jun-1816 aged 20 of St.Levan
ROBERTS Catherine 5-Dec-1817 aged 52 of St.Levan
ROBERTS Thomas 26-Jan-1820 aged 41 of Penzance
ROBERTS Grace 24-Aug-1842 aged 55 of Penzance
ROBERTS Joseph 10-May-1847 aged 18 of Raftra
ROBERTS Ann 15-Aug-1847 aged 19 of St.Levan
ROBERTS William 21-Feb-1851 aged 21 of Raftra
ROBERTS Noel 5-Apr-1852 aged 19 of Raftra
ROBERTS William 10-Oct-1856 aged 4 days of Roskestall
ROBERTS William 3-Oct-1857 aged 1 day of Trengothal
ROBERTS Joseph 3-Oct-1857 aged 1 day of Trengothal
ROBERTS Rachel 24-Feb-1860 aged 25 of Polgoon
ROBERTS Reginald 20-Sep-1861 aged 9 mths of Trengothal
ROBERTS Bathsheba 10-Mar-1862 aged 88 of Treryn
ROBERTS Alice 1-Mar-1867 aged 71 of Penzance
ROBERTS Thomas 20-Jan-1871 aged 78 of Penzance
ROBERTS Joseph 13-Jun-1877 aged 83 of Raftra
ROBERTS Rachel 9-Dec-1890 aged 26 of Southwark
ROBERTS Rachel 4-Jul-1874 aged 72 of Raftra
RODGERS John A 16-May-1909 aged 18 of Porthcurno
ROE William Williams 16-Aug-1831 aged 7 wks of Roskestle
ROTHSCHILD Francis I Johns Charles 14-Oct-1920 aged 14 of Paddington London
ROW Thomas 3-Jul-1818 aged 72 of St.Levan
ROW Ezekiel 11-Feb-1838 aged 70 of Treen
ROWE Anne 3-Nov-1823 aged 80 of St.Levan
ROWE William 21-Feb-1824 aged 15 of St.Levan
ROWE Charity 5-Feb-1825 aged 81 of St.Levan
ROWE James 2-May-1827 aged 82 of St.Levan
ROWE Mary 28-May-1852 aged 73 of Trebehor
ROWE Ezekiel 14-Sep-1853 aged 41 of Treryn
ROWE Mary Ann Davey 26-Aug-1864 aged 58 of Bottoms
ROWE Richard 8-Jun-1869 aged 51 of Porthgwarra
ROWE Elizabeth 17-Nov-1879 aged 37 of Porthgwarra
ROWE Mary 5-Aug-1881 aged 63 of Porthgwarra
ROWE Thomas 6-Oct-1881 aged 3 wks of Porthgwarra
ROWE Sydney Bennetts 31-Aug-1885 aged 10 mths of Porthgwarra
ROWE Richard 1-Jun-1902 aged 34 of Mousehole Paul
ROWE Margery 28-Aug-1909 aged 62 of Porthgwarra
RYAN Pierce Frederick 18-Feb-1904 aged 16 days of Porthcurno


SAFEGUARD Tabitha 15-Apr-1829 aged 85 of Treen
SAUNDRY Henry Major Harris 5-Jan-1881 aged 17 mths of Sawah
SAW Philip Fearnlay 28-May-1900 aged 17 of Porthcurno
SEMMENS William 25-Apr-1860 aged 68 of Bottoms
SEMMENS Elizabeth 19-Jul-1872 aged 85 of St.Buryan
SEMMENS Eliza 22-Nov-1886 aged 73 of Crows-an-wra
SEMMENS William 25-Oct-1897 aged 80 of Brane Sancreed
SLATER William 26-May-1894 aged 20 of Lowestoft Drowned Newlyn
SOWKIN Richard 4-Dec-1850 aged 78 of Rospletha
SPENCER James Maxwell 22-Jan-1896 aged 24 of Porthcurno
STEINBERG John 20-Mar-1905 aged 23 of Philadelphia USA
STRICK Mary 2-Dec-1863 aged 5 of Rospletha
STRICK Elizabeth 24-Jul-1870 aged 80 of Rospletha
STRICK Arthur 13-Dec-1887 aged 5 mths of Rospletha
STRICK Frederick 24-Jun-1888 aged 10 days of Trendrennen
STRICK Catherine 26-Jan-1896 aged 8 mths of Treryn
STRICK Florence 29-Apr-1898 aged 10 mths of Treryn
STRICK Lionel 27-Sep-1901 aged 10 wks of Treryn
STRICK John James 13-Aug-1912 aged 26 days of Treen
STULTS Charles 20-Mar-1905 aged 56 of Germany
SYMONS Charles 18-May-1828 aged 5 of Roskestall
SYMONS Jane 18-May-1828 aged 8 of Roskestall


TASKER Margaret 10-Jul-1842 aged 77 of Treen
TASKES Frank 23-Jul-1828 aged 82 of Penberth
TASKIS Mary 25-Sep-1813 aged 75 of St.Levan
TASKIS Beaten 2-Jan-1822 aged 82 of St.Buryan
TASKIS Francis 12-Dec-1825 aged 57 of St.Buryan
TASKIS Thomas 25-Jul-1834 aged 51 of Penberth Cove
TASKIS John Carter 17-Feb-1838 aged 52 of Penberth
TASKIS Jane 4-Jul-1849 aged 79 of Penberth
TASKIS Jane 6-Dec-1852 aged 63 of Penberth
TASKIS Elizabeth 19-Apr-1857 aged 80 of Pemberth
TASKIS Jane 17-Feb-1875 aged 55 of St.Levan
TASKUS Eliza 2-Jul-1876 aged 64 of Penberth
THOMAS Eleanor 4-Nov-1813 aged 75 of Sennen
THOMAS Abednego 12-Dec-1816 aged 89 of St.Levan
THOMAS Joseph 6-May-1823 aged 48 of Sancreed
THOMAS Mary 26-Sep-1823 aged 78 of St.Levan
THOMAS Mary Ann 27-May-1836 aged 6 mths of St.Levan
THOMAS John Edwards Wm 20-Dec-1839 Inf. of Treen
THOMAS Alfred 9-Apr-1853 aged 1 mth of Treryn
THOMAS Annie Jane 6-Oct-1861 aged 14mths of Pemberth
THOMAS Emma Melvina 25-Nov-1863 aged 4 of Bottoms
THOMAS John Edwards 8-Jun-1864 aged 22 of St.Buryan
THOMAS William 9-Aug-1868 aged 75 of St.Levan
THOMAS Charity 21-Nov-1869 aged 53 of Trebehor
THOMAS Richard Bennetts 16-May-1874 aged 47 of St.Levan
THOMAS Euphemia Dunkeld 19-Sep-1883 aged 7 mths of Churchtown
THOMAS Joseph 11-Apr-1884 aged 71 of Trevean
THOMAS Louis Charles 3-Nov-1898 aged 4 mths of Penberth
THOMAS Louis Charles 1-Mar-1900 aged 1 mth of Penberth
THOMAS Mary Ann 11-Mar-1905 aged 78 of Penberth
THOMAS William 25-Jun-1920 aged 2 hrs of Penberth
THOMAS? Peggy 10-Oct-1880 aged 73 of Sawah
THURNALL Henry 8-Mar-1879 aged 70 of Porthgwarra
TONKIN Constance 14-Sep-1823 aged 86 of St.Levan
TONKIN Nancy 24-Jul-1824 aged 8 of St.Levan
TONKIN John 17-Dec-1826 aged 1 of St.Levan
TONKIN Honour 5-Feb-1837 aged 76 of Roskestle
TONKIN Sarah 6-Jun-1845 aged 58 of Raftra
TONKIN Enoch 31-Oct-1849 aged 59 of Treen
TONKIN Enoch 20-Sep-1853 aged 8 mths of Trebehor
TONKIN Ann 19-Dec-1855 aged 6 mths of Trebehor
TONKIN Catherine 24-Jun-1860 aged 6 mths of Penzance
TONKIN Sarah 10-Dec-1869 aged 21 of Penzance
TONKIN Mary Martha 19-Mar-1871 aged 17 mths of Trengothal
TONKIN Christopher 27-Feb-1881 aged 1 of Trengothal
TONKIN Honor 17-Mar-1891 aged 67 of Penzance
TONKIN Enoch 30-Nov-1895 aged 76 of Penzance
TREEVE Thomas 8-Sep-1822 aged 43 of St.Levan
TREGEAR Sarah 19-Apr-1823 aged 2 of St.Levan
TREGEAR Mary 6-Feb-1833 aged 48 of Treene
TREGEAR James 25-Mar-1846 aged 22 of St.Levan
TREGURTHA Josiah 4-Jun-1823 aged 1 of St.Levan
TREGURTHA Thomas 15-Oct-1830 aged 66 of Treen Mills
TREGURTHA Emma Jeffery 23-Sep-1835 Inf. of Penberth
TREGURTHA Jane Rogers 22-Nov-1841 aged 15 of St.Buryan
TREGURTHA Joseph 30-Jun-1847 aged 7 of St.Buryan
TREGURTHA Jane 2 -Feb-1857 aged 80 of Chenoah
TREGURTHA Grace 15-Jun-1857 aged 25 of Chegwidden
TREGURTHA Joseph 30-Jul-1873 aged 71 of St.Buryan
TREGURTHA Nancy 16-Sep-1879 aged 66 of Bottoms
TREGURTHA Elizabeth 11-Oct-1879 aged 33 of Bottoms
TREGURTHA Jane 24-Jul-1885 aged 75 of St.Levan
TREMBATH John 14-Oct-1836 aged 71 of Bosistow
TREMBATH Eliza Nicholas 6-Jul-1838 Inf. of Chegwidden
TREMEWAN Grace 26-Nov-1858 aged 73 of Madron
TREMEWAN Thomas 7-Oct-1867 aged 84 of St.Buryan
TRENERY John 10-Sep-1835 Inf. of Treen
TREWERN Jenifer 3-Oct-1840 aged 17 of Sennen
TREWERN Eli 31-Jul-1864 aged 32 of Rospletha
TREWERN Charles 4-Oct-1873 aged 77 of St.Levan
TREWERN Jenifer Uren 5-Nov-1882 aged 84 of Bodillow
TROWAN Mary Jane 26-Sep-1862 aged 3 of Trevean Coroner's Inquest
TROWAN Anna Maria 26-Sep-1862 aged 4 mths of Trevean Coroner's Inquest
TROWERN Charles 16-Jan-1835 aged 6 of Trengothal


WALLACE Joanna 28-Mar-1819 aged 44 of St.Levan
WALLACE Nicholas 2-Apr-1822 aged 75 of St.Levan
WALLACE Joanna 26-Apr-1822 aged 74 of St.Levan
WALLACE Francis 16-Oct-1825 aged 6 wks of St.Levan
WALLIS Thomas 22-Feb-1861 aged 28 of Treryn
WALLIS Grace 25-Feb-1863 aged 81 of Workhouse
WALLIS Francis 8-May-1872 aged 72 of Treryn
WALLIS Thomas 27-Jun-1875 aged 20 of Trendrennen
WALLIS Laura Jane Taylor 5-Dec-1875 aged 14 mths of Trendrennen
WALLIS John Francis 6-Sep-1878 aged 18 of Trendrennen
WALLIS Mary 17-Feb-1880 aged 84 of Treryn
WALLIS Ellen 31-Dec-1893 aged 52 of Treryn
WALLISH Mary 23-Mar-1860 aged 78 of Workhouse
WARREN Catherine 2-Sep-1817 aged 36 of Paul
WATERS Daniel 16-May-1820 aged 91 of St.Levan
WATERS Mary 19-Oct-1824 aged 20 of Sennen
WATERS Ann 26-May-1845 aged 30 of Workhouse
WATERS Elizabeth Ann 19-Feb-1853 aged 11mths of Raftra
WATERS Harriet Jessie 8-Jul-1855 aged 8 mths of Raftra
WATERS Daniel 2-Mar-1863 aged 70 of Trethewey
WATERS Margery 4-Oct-1864 aged 75 of Trethewey
WATTERS Richard 3-Feb-1826 aged 65 of Sennen
WATTERS Eliza 28-May-1842 aged 25 of St.Buryan
WEARNE Elizabeth 20-Mar-1857 aged 67 of Trebear Cot
WEBB Elizabeth 5-May-1815 aged 67 of St.Levan
WEBB Edward 4-Jan-1832 aged 90 of Treene
WEYMOUTH Honor 4-Jun-1815 aged 83 of Buryan
WILLIAMS Charles 2-Jan-1816 aged 67 of St.Levan
WILLIAMS Beaten 25-Jul-1817 aged 72 of St.Levan
WILLIAMS Ann 7-Oct-1819 aged 1 of St.Levan
WILLIAMS Elizabeth 24-Mar-1820 aged 73 of St.Buryan
WILLIAMS Peter 12-Apr-1820 aged 73 of St.Levan
WILLIAMS Joseph 2-Oct-1821 aged 41 of St.Levan
WILLIAMS James 21-Jul-1824 aged 15 of St.Levan
WILLIAMS George 30-Nov-1824 Inf. of St.Buryan
WILLIAMS George 20-May-1829 aged 83 of Treen
WILLIAMS Margaret 19-Apr-1830 aged 70 of St.Levan
WILLIAMS James 7-Mar-1834 aged 81 of Chynor
WILLIAMS James 9-Mar-1838 aged 13mths of Penberth
WILLIAMS Joseph 17-Sep-1843 Inf. of Trebehor
WILLIAMS George 26-Aug-1845 aged 6 of Treen
WILLIAMS Mary Tregear 17-Apr-1846 Inf. of St.Levan
WILLIAMS John 5-Feb-1847 aged 25 of St.Buryan
WILLIAMS Mary 16-Jul-1850 aged 86 of St.Buryan
WILLIAMS Joseph 26-Oct-1853 aged 66 of Bottoms
WILLIAMS Joseph 5-Jun-1855 aged 47 of Trebehor
WILLIAMS John 26-Aug-1855 aged 75 of Treryn
WILLIAMS Eleanor Thomas 7-Mar-1856 aged 76 of Trebear
WILLIAMS Anne 10-Jan-1857 aged 74 of Trebehor
WILLIAMS Henry 25-Mar-1863 aged 5 mths of Roskestall
WILLIAMS Selina 3-Dec-1864 aged 11 mths of Treryn
WILLIAMS Mary 9-Dec-1864 aged 84 of Treryn
WILLIAMS George 19-Oct-1866 aged 89 of Treryn
WILLIAMS Mary Elizabeth 3-Nov-1867 aged 6 mths of Treryn
WILLIAMS Sarah 11-May-1869 aged 1 of Treen
WILLIAMS Elizabeth 14-May-1869 aged 83 of St.Buryan
WILLIAMS Jessie 4-Jun-1876 aged 23 mths of Mt.Whistle
WILLIAMS Edwin T 9-Aug-1876 aged 3 mths of Mt.Whistle
WILLIAMS John Charles Davey 23-Nov-1879 aged 5 mths of Mt.Whistle
WILLIAMS Mary 26-Nov-1879 aged 64 of Treryn
WILLIAMS Maria 19-Dec-1880 aged 67 of Bosistow
WILLIAMS George 28-Apr-1885 aged 71 of Bosistow
WILLIAMS Mary Jane 17-Oct-1888 aged 44 of Penberth
WILLIAMS Phillis 23-Nov-1896 aged 85 of Treen
WILLIAMS John 5-Sep-1897 aged 77 of Treryn
WILLLIAMS Charles 8-Mar-1869 aged 86 of Zennor
WITHERS Emily 19-Jul-1897 aged 52 of Porthcurno


? 20-Dec-1853 Drowned
? 5-Jan-1854 Drowned
? 5-Jan-1857 Drowned
? 25-Sep-1874 Found under Tolpedn
? 22-Mar-1905 Drowned 17 from ship Khyber
? Male 22-Nov-1916 aged 35 Found drowned Porthgwarra
? Male 22-Nov-1916 aged 35 Found drowned Porthgwarra
? Male 28-Nov-1916 aged 40 Found drowned Porthgwarra
? Male 22-Jan-1916 aged 35 Found drowned Porthgwarra
? Man 14-Dec-1893 Drowned

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