It is now time to turn our attention to the numerous sepulchral monuments, all but one of post-Reformation date, beginning with those inside the church.

It appears that some inscribed vault-stones were removed when the new pavement was laid down, for on a fly-leaf of one of the registers are notes as to a vault of the Freeman family in the tower, with the names of those there interred; also of burials of members of the Couch family in the chancel. The Edwardses were also buried in the church.

The following are the memorial tablets on the walls of Saint Ives Church:

The Trenwith brass, already described, on the east wall of the Trenwith aisle.

A modern brass tablet on the west wall of the Trenwith aisle:

‘To the glory of God and to the common memory, (as God calls each hence) of those who together first formed the 11th (St Ives) Battery, Duke of Cornwall’s Volunteer Artillery. Robert Snaith Hitchens, first commanding officer.
Thos Mathews, drum-major; ob. æt. 71; 5th April 1863.

[This is the first name on the list; the next is the last, at present:]

Chas Granville Grenfel, 2nd lieut; ob. 1878.’

‘John Halse, died 1839.’ Arms: A fess between 3 griffins heads erased. Crest: A demi-griffin segreant.

On the west wall of the Trenwith aisle, near the ground, is a slate tablet of the Sise family, which formerly lay on the ground. It bears these lines:

‘Neere to this bed sixe Sises late wer laid
Foure hopefull sonns a grandsire & a maid
All striving which should end his journey first
All for the wellspring of true life did thirst
All happy spring that such an offspring had
More happy they soe soone with gladnes clad
That did but taste of earth and with disdaine
Hoist up their sailes for the elysian plaine
The virgins elegy outweepes the rest
Such lovely grase was stampt in face & brest
In dawne of dole rappt to the land of peace
Where ioyes shall never but all ills doe cease.

[Along the 4 sides:] Here lyeth ye bodyes of Alse Sise and John Sise, Ephraim Sise, Mary Sise and Ephraim Sise. Alse Size buryed ye 16th of Auguste 1642.’

In the corners are roses and oak-leaves alternately. Also, on one side, the words ‘Alice Sise, ills cease.’

This tablet furnishes an excellent example of the artificial style of Elizabethan verse.

On the south wall of the Trenwith aisle, marble tablet:

‘Sacred to the memory of Captain Hopkin Walters Quick, who departed this life aged 47 years and whose remains are deposited beneath. And also to the memory of his parents viz: Mr. Paul Quick who was drowned in the year 1784 aged 30 years; Mrs. Prudence Quick who died on the 3rd day of January 1817 aged 67 years. Of his grandfather and grandmother Mr. Arnold Walters who died on the 9th day of October 1804 aged 86. And of his aunt Miss Mary Walters who died on the 28th day of February 1811 aged 63 years.’

On the south wall of the church are many tablets of the Hitchens family, and one of
William Wallis Davy, died 1858.

Marble tablet of the Bamfield family, on the south wall. Arms: Vert, on a bend 3 mullets. Crest: A lion’s head erased. Motto: ‘Delectare in Domino.’

Marble tablet to Hugh Ley, M.D., of Penzance, died 1826. Arms: (Nine quarterings) I. A chevron between three bears’ heads couped. Crest: A lion sejant.

Marble tablets in the chancel:

John Stephens, rector of the parish of Ludgvan, Cornwall, died 1834.

Francis Hearle Stephens, Major 1st Royal Dragoons, died 1852.

Henry Lewis Stephens of Tregenna, died 1867.

Tablet to Thomas Tremearne Esq., Comptroller of Customs, died 1831.

On the wall above the arches, on the south side of the nave and facing the Trenwith aisle, hangs a hatchment of Stephens of Tregenna:

Arms: Per pale gules and vert, a fess indented argent guttee de sang, between three eagles displayed or. On an escutcheon of pretence: 1. Gules, a fess and a canton ermine (for Thomas of Lelant.) 2. Argent, a fess gules between three birds sable. 3. Azure, three billets argent. Motto: Virtutis amore.’

Immediately west of the Stephens hatchment hangs a curious old painted wooden board, commemorating Ann wife of John Stevens of Trevalgan. The husband was the author of the verses thereon, which run as follows:

‘Askest thou, Reader, who it is lies here?
No common corps; listen, and thou shalt hear:
Goodness, rare meekness, zeal, pure chastity
Interred together in this ground doth lie.
Behold her acts, whilst here she made abode,
Lived belov’d of man, dy’d lov’d of God.
Methinks I hear her sweet melodious voice:
“Cease, friends, to weep for me that now rejoice;
No sighs nor groans now from my breast do come,
But everlasting joys are in their room;
Surely your loss, to me is greatest gain,
For crown’d in Heaven I ever shall remain.”
Farewell, dear wife, farewell: to thee I’ll haste,
For, till we meet in Heaven, I cannot rest.

In Memory of Ann the wife of John Stevens of Trevalgan, who died 1729, aged 23.’

We will now proceed to give all the tombstone inscriptions in the churchyard, that are by any possibility legible. Probably scores of others are buried beneath the present level of the soil. Some of the following were most difficult to decipher, either through the wearing of the stone, or its being sunk into the ground.

Against the East wall of the church, going from South to North, are these:

‘Erected by Hopkin Walters Quick in memory of his grand-father Arnold Walters who circumnavigated the globe with Commodore Lord Anson in H.M.S. “Centurion” and died 1789 aged 74. Also of Mary Walters, daughter of the last named. She died 1811 aged 63.’
‘In memory of Mary the wife of John Wall, who died 1825 aged 86. Also her six infant children. Also the above John, died 1831 aged 88. Also Martha their daughter, died 1838 aged 69.’
‘In memory of Henry Row, who died 1848 aged 51. Also his twin sons Henry and George, died 1832 aged 4 months.’
‘In memory of Catherine youngest daughter of the late Reverend Lewis Morgan; died 1856 aged 61.’
‘Sacred to the memory of Thomas Clark late Master Mariner of this parish who departed this life on the 6th September 1829 aged 89 years. Also of Ann his wife who died 1st May 1824 aged 8o years.’
‘Sacred to the Memory of Sally daughter of John and Catherine Couch, who died 1st November 1787 aged I year. Also of John Couch who died 12th November 1796 aged 49. Also of John son of John and Catherine Couch, who died 11th January 1811 aged 29 years. Also of William son of John and Catherine Couch, who died 27th April 182o aged 35. Also of John Hodge who died 1824 aged 50.’
‘In memory of Mary Berriman, who died 1825 aged 44 years; together with her parents.’
‘In memory of Mary the wife of James Berriman, who died 1824 aged 63 years. Also Thomas M[athews] Berriman her infant son. Also Hannah her daughter, died 1825 aged 20.

Lovely innocent, farewell!
All our pleasing hopes are over;
Formed in person to excel,
Thee we call our own no more.
Death bath snatched thee from our arms—
Heaven shall give thee brighter charms.’

‘In memory of Elizabeth Noall, who died 1827 aged 29.

Farewell! Sweet maid, whom, as black winter sears
The fragrant bud of spring too early blown,
Untimely Death has nipt; here take thy rest,
Inviolable here, while we, than thou
Less favoured, through the irksome vale of life
Toil on in tears without thee; yet not long
Shall Death divide us; rapid is the flight
Of life, more rapid than the turtle’s wing;
And soon our bones shall meet; here may we sleep,
Here wake, together, and by His dear might
Who conquered Death for sinful man, ascend
Together hence to an eternal home.’

The next is a vault, with inscriptions:

In memory of John Paynter, died 1786 aged 70.
Also Mary his wife, died 1791 aged 71.
Also Johanna wife of John Quick and daughter of the above, died 1791 aged 40.
Also Richard son of John and Johanna Quick, died 1819 aged 31.
Also John Quick son of John and Johanna, died 1826 aged 44.

This King of Terrors is the Prince of peace,
Death brings me more than we in Eden lost;
My Body’s food for preying worms,
My Soul outrode the stormy blast.
What I am now, thou soon must be;
Reader, prepare to follow me.’

South of the church are the following tombstones:

‘In memory of George Henry son of G. and C. Wasley, died 1833 aged 3.
And George Henry also son of the above, died 1842 aged 5. Also Charlotte daughter of William and Candace Sandow, died 1835 aged 26.’

Then come two small granite headstones thus inscribed:

‘W. H. 1812.’
N. R.
A. C. R.
.... R.’

‘In memory of Isebellar wife of Thomas Harry, died 1822 aged 29.’

‘In memory of Ann Williams, died 1821 aged 19. Also George Williams, died 1856 aged 52.’

‘In memory of Captain Henry Row, died 1831 aged 36. Also Henry and Joseph Hocking, his infant children.’

‘In memory of Margaret Weymouth daughter of John and Mary Stevens, died 1831 aged 3.’

‘In memory of Jane wife of Capt. Richard White, died 1855.’ ‘ In memory of William Parker of London, died 1832 aged 48.’

‘In memory of John son of Francis and Sarah Bamfield, died 1831 aged 28.

He struggled long to gain relief, physicians was in vain,
Until by Christ he was releasd, and snatched from grief & pain;
The anchor cast, he rides secure on Canaan’s happy shore,
The roaring wind & foaming seas will batter him no more.’

‘In memory of Jane daughter of William and Grace Veal, died 1831 aged 5.’

‘In memory of Grace Cundy, died 1830 aged 50. She was relict of the late Captain Thomas Cundy who was killed in gallantly defending his vessel in an attack from a French privateer off Dungeness, October the l0th 1819.’ Below the soil are verses.

A worn granite headstone, illegible. The footstone is of slate, marked ‘B 1701.’

‘In memory of John Leggoe, died 1818 aged 31.

Happy the youth who, priviledgd by fate
To shorter labour and a lighter weight,
Leaves a vain world, and does resign his breath
With sweet composure to the hand of Death.’

‘In memory of Margery wife of Philip Bennetts, died 1809 aged 44.

Also Philip their son, died 1825 aged 22.

Snatched from his parents in the bloom of youth,
Adorned with virtue, piety, and truth,
Sincere to all and upright in his ways,
And all his actions justly merits praise.’

(Also seven infant children of the first-named.)

Vault surrounded by iron railings, near the churchyard wall; slate slab, bearing this inscription:

‘Within this Vault are deposited the Mortal remains of Jasper Williams who died June 5th 1804 aged 71 years.
Also of Mary his wife who died Decr 9th 1793 aged 57 years.
Also of Jasper Williams who died Decr 25th 1809 aged 46 years.
Also of James Eustis Williams who died July 24th 1813 aged 46 years.
Also of Honor Williams who died April 19th 1835 aged 67 years-children of the above named Jasper and Mary Williams.
Also of Mary wife of Jasper Williams, who died Novr 23rd 1833 aged 33 years.
And of Mary their daughter who died Feby 8th 1834 aged 5 months.
Also of William Stevens who died July 24th 1836 aged 3 months, the son of William Stevens and Catherine Williams who were lost at sea 29th July 1837.
Mary Williams Relict of the above Jasper Williams, died 25th October 1841 aged 79 years.
Hannah wife of Jasper Williams died Novr 19th 1844 aged 38 years.
Jasper Williams died 25th July 1849 aged 51 years.’
‘In memory of Stephen Jose, died 1788 aged 78.
Also Capt Timothy Jose son of Stephen. Dyed 1808 aged 59.

Corruption, earth and worms
Shall but refine this flesh,
Till my triumphant spirit comes
To put it on afresh.

Also Mary daughter of Timothy, died 1812 aged 13.’
In memory of Agnes wife of Thomas Grenfell, died 1793 aged 68.’

(This tombstone, a slate one grotesquely ornamented in the style of the period, is nailed to the south wall of the church, near the cross.)

The following are north of the church, a position against which there seems to have been none of that traditional prejudice which is or was common in many other parishes:

‘In memory of Mary wife of Thomas Richards, died 1830 aged 44.
Also Edward their son, died 1826.’
‘In memory of Henry Curnow, died 1835.’

Vault, the slab inscribed to the memory of:

‘Frances wife of James Young, died 1825 aged 29.
Also Frances Maria their daughter, died 1822 aged 2 months. Also Edward son of the above James by Martha his second wife; died 1835 aged 4.
Also the aforesaid James Young, died 1848 aged 50.’
‘In this Repository is layed the mortal remains of William Maine of Bideford, aged 40, lost at sea off this harbour with his dear relation Samuel Spencer aged 14, Decr the Seventh 1807.

Though saild in lower seas and drownd,
That victory and peace they found
On the celestial shore.’
Obliterated headstone, only this being legible:
‘ ... obiit æt. 10.
Oh parents dear! for me do not lament’ ....

‘In memory of Mary widow of Capt W. Christian, died 1819 aged 79.’

‘In memory of Phillis wife of Capt S. C. Clark, died 1856 aged 37.’


‘Edward Stephens esquire died 1776 aged —.
Also Elizabeth his wife, died 1810 aged 86.
Also Francis their son, died 1791 aged 39.
And Susannah his wife, died 1775 aged —.
And Jane his second wife, died 1794 aged —.
Also Hugh Ley Esqre M.D., died 1826 aged 64.
And Elizabeth his wife, died 1848 aged 83.’


‘Paul Tremearne died 1807 aged 66.
Also Ann Phillipps widow, his daughter, died 1848 aged 71.
And Ann Tremearne Phillipps his granddaughter, died at Nantes 1855 aged 42.
Also three infant grandchildren.’

‘In memory of Thomas Quick, died 1811 aged 67; and his four grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.’

‘In memory of Eldred Roberts, died 1831. Also Matilda his wife.’

(Also others of the same family.)

‘In memory of Richard Jenkyns gent, died 1815 aged 66.
Also Elizabeth his wife, died 1823 aged 82.
Also Anna Maria their daughter, relict of Capt. Daniel Sydal, died 1864 aged 83.’

‘In memory of Joanna daughter of Uddy’ [Bray ?] (obliterated).

‘M. G.—T. D.’
‘ T. S. 1812.’

An obliterated headstone.

‘In memory of Thomas Rowe, died 1831 aged 65.
Also Nathaniel Hicks Rowe, his son, master of the brig “Importer” of London, died in Jamaica 1825 aged 30. Also Mary Ann Rowe who is buried in the church.
Also Ann Rowe, died 1806 aged 1 year.
Also Mary Biron his granddaughter, died 1825, aged 2.’

‘In memory of Nathaniel Toms, master of the brig “Henry,” who died at Giberalter 1827 aged 35.
And Nathl Toms senior, officer of H.M. Customs in this port, who died 1830, aged 72. And Frances his wife, died 1818 aged 56.’


‘The Family of Stevens lie interred here, 1797.
Martha the wife of John Stevens esquire (Collector of his Majesty’s Customs in the Port of St Ives) lies interred here.
John Stevens esquire died 27th March 1807 aged 68.
Also of Page second wife of the above; who departed this life Feby 26th 1835 aged 80 years.
Also of Captain Andrew Thomas of this town, who departed this life Feby 18th 1854 aged 41 years.’

‘In memory of Jane daughter of Anthony and Margaret Johns, died 1789 aged 18 months.

Also the above Margaret, died 1813 aged 52.’

‘In memory of John Major of Carva, died 1786, aged 47.’

‘In memory of Robert Morton, died 1819, aged 37.’

In memory of Johanna wife of John Martins, died 1830 aged 58.

Farewell, dear friend, again farewell!
Soon I shall rise to thee;
And, when we meet, no tongue can tell
How great our joys shall be.’

In memory of John Stevens, died 1834 aged 74.
And Mary his wife, died 1821 aged 64.’
In memory of Martin Williams, died 1800 aged 48.
Also Martin son of Martin and Thomasin Williams, died 1807 aged 22.
Also Mary daughter of Thomas and Mary Williams, died 1819 aged 2.
Also Thomasin their daughter, died 1821 aged 3.’

In memory of Thomas Stevens, died 1834 aged 80.’ Vault:

In memory of Mary wife of James Rosewall, died 1849 aged 34.

Also the above James, died 1854 aged 34.’

In memory of James Bray, died 1802 aged 1 year.’

(Another obliterated headstone here.)

Another slate headstone, complete, but is turned with the face downwards, and partly fixed to the wall of the church, at the west end of the north aisle.

It will be seen that nearly all these graves are modern. It is said that in past times, when quite full of corpses, the church-yard was covered with several feet of sand, and interment went on anew. As many as thirty mules have been seen, in a line, carrying sand from the beach to the churchyard. Three times the graves were covered in a deep layer of sand; and then it was found that to repeat the process would be to bury the church itself. It then became the custom to bury in the garden at the back of the present parsonage in Shute Street, which was used as a supplementary churchyard until the opening of the new cemetery at Ayr.

When it blows hard from outside, the spray and foam from the sea dash against the east windows of the church and even over the roof, sprinkling the resting-place of the countless dead.

The following are interred in the New Churchyard, the burial-place behind the parsonage:

Henry Willey, 1812, aged 57.
Samuel Kelly, 1822, aged 58.
Thomas Mathews, 1848, aged 88.
James Williams Mathews, 1840, aged 9.
And many members of the families of Stevens, Berriman, etc.

The New Churchyard (formerly the vicarage garden) is situated between the ancient and the modern parsonages, and is strewn with fragments of old carved stone which seem to have formed part of the former clergy-house.

In the Borough Accounts, largely transcribed in a later chapter, will be found numerous records relating to the church and its furniture, such as the erection of a gallery in 1640, and the removal of the roodscreen and organ in 1648.

A selection of tombstone inscriptions from the Cemetery.

‘John Tregerthen Short, died 1857.’

[He was in the French prison with Thomas Williams.]

‘Sacred to the memory of Thomas Williams, who died 1862, aged 75. He was prisoner of war in France, from 1804 to 1814. He held the office of parish clerk for St Ives from 1816 until his death.

Also of Mary his wife, who died 1875 aged 86.’

[Surmounted by a cross, flags, guns and shot:]

‘To the memory of Thomas Matthews of Saint Ives, who died April 6, 1863, aged 72 years. He was attached to H.M. Coast-guard service for 21 years; also an effective member of the St Ives volunteer corps in the years 1812 and 1863.
This stone is raised as a mark of esteem and respect by the officers, non-commissioned officers and gunners of the 11th (St Ives) Battery, Duke of Cornwall Artillery Volunteers.

Requiescat in pace.’

[See the regimental brass in the parish church. Thomas Matthews was Drum-Major of the corps, and also gunnery instructor. He was brother to Mary Williams above named.]

‘To the memory of Nancy [née Kempthorne] wife of Andrew Stevens Williams.
Also of Elizabeth the wife of Roger Wearne.
Also of Andrew Stevens Williams; born 14 July 1802, died 1873.,
Henry A. Martin, coast-guard officer; died 1873.
Also Grace, mother of the above; died 1881, aged 81.’