On a former occasion, I had an oportunity of showing a plan of the old chapel as it was in 1674, and now (thanks to Mr. J. W. Trounson) I am able to place before you a plan of the same, dated 1824.

The seating plan of St. Mary’s Chapel—1824
Mrs. Millett Mr. William Davy Mr. Jos. Nicholls The Communion. Sir Rose Price, Bart. Corporation
Mrs. Millett   Rev. W. Veale
Miss Gwavas   Mr. Richard Moyle Borlase’s family Aldermen Rev. George Treweek   Miss Scobell
Mr. William Harvey Mr. Fras. Cock Pulpit
Mayor Miss Gwavas Mr. Thomas Pidwell
Mr. Luke Mrs. Morgan Little Aldermen James Pascoe, Esq.
Mr. Thomas John Mrs. Caroline Borlase, Abbey
Mrs. Roberts John Jones Pearce, Esq. Cunnack and Gluyas Mrs. Linzee
John Jones Pearce Mr. Orchd. Bullock Lecturer Geo. John, Esq.
Joan and Ann Read Capt. Thomas Hosken Corporation John Batten, Esq. Mrs. Scobell Tremenheere family
Mr. Thomas Pascoe Margaret Williams Capt. John Stevens
Mr. Thomas Read Mr. Edward Williams Rev. C. V. Le Grice and Geo. D. John, Esq. Mrs. Mathews Mrs. Bains and Hichens Mr. Robert Richards
Walter Pidwell’s family Mr. Richard Edwards Rev. C. V. Le Grice and Rev. M. N. Peters Aaron Scobell, Esq. Mrs. Pearce, Gulval Mr. R. M. Branwell and Mr. Joseph Branwell
Mr. Joseph Bullock Alexander Woolcock Mr. John Vigurs Mrs. B. Branwell John Batten, Esq. and Mr. C. M. Vibert
Mr. William Richards Mrs. Vigurs
John Read and Vibert Richard Cunnack John Batten Esq. Rev. M. N. Peters Mr. Thomas Woodis Rev. Uriah Tonkin
Constables John Hambleton Mr. John Boase Rev. M. N. Peters Mr. John Wallis Mr. Henry Sampson
Mr. James Broad Mr. John Tonkin Mrs. Morgan Mr. John Luke and Thomas Vigurs Mr. Peter Symons Miss Stone
Servants Font Seat Font Ann Stone
Michael Vibert
John Fleming
Sincock’s family Mrs. Eve Mr. John Mathews
Servants Servants
Servants Servants

A gallery occupied the western end of the chapel, and extended along the north and south sides, nearly to the eastern end. Sittings were alloted in it after the manner shown in the following rough plan, which (like the foregoing) pretends only to give a general idea of the relative position of seats, without attempting exact proportion or the accuracy of detail set forth in the originals.

Mrs. Bryant       Mrs. Cock
Richard Oats John Cornish
James Cobley Ed. Hambleton and Jonathan Higgs
M. A. Davy Rev. C. V. Le Grice
W. Stevens and Hampton Mrs. Bryant
Rt. Stevens and Jos. Sutherland John Batten, Esq.
James Read Mrs. Branwell
Phillip Rowe Free Seat   Free Seat Rev. W. Tremenheere
Jane Vibert and Mrs. Davy Organ W. Mathews and Jon. Higgs
Sarah Trezise and Birch School Children
Stairs Free Seats

There are a few old Monumental tablets, and some relics of the old chapel, such as the Poor Box, dated 1612, and the small Free-stone Font.

Mapt of Penzance showing principal streets in 1805

PLAN of PENZANCE about 1805

Plan of the Centre of Old Penzance


Names of some of the several persons who occupied houses and shops shown on the Plan, to which the numbers have reference, from about the commencement of this century to the present time. This List does not pretend to completeness or much accuracy, since alteration of premises sometimes create confusion, but it may be taken for what it is worth as an aid to memory.

[The annotation (thus) is a correlation with Coulson’s Directory (1864) and other sources.]

  1. Church Street (Causewayhead or North Street).
    No. 7
    “The Bunch of Grapes” Inn.
  2. Tregida.
    James, Tailor.
    Pengelly, Grocer.
    Heath, Draper.
    Jones, ditto
    Branwell, Grocer.
  3. Branwell, ditto
  4. Market Place
    No. 28
    Branwell, ditto
  5. Symons.
    Cock, Printer.
    Higgs, Grocer.
    No. 29 Elliott, ditto
  6. No. 30 Rowe, Printer.
    Chirgwin, Grocer.
    Pengelly, ditto
  7. John Dunkin, Ironmonger.
    No. 31 James, ditto
  8. Bodilly, Ralph.
    Vibert, Grocer.
    Richards, Draper.
    No. 32 Field, Draper.
    Clarke, ditto
  9. Lee.
    Boase, Printer.
    Rodda, Butcher.
    No. 33 Rowe, Shoemaker.
    Smith, Fishmonger.
    Mitchell, Hatter.
  10. No. 34 “Golden Lion” Inn.
  11. Chester, Ironmonger.
    Morgan, Grocer
    Lee, Grocer.
    Welch, Ironmonger.
    Clarke & Simpson, Clothiers.
  12. No. 36 Ralph Bodilly, Grocer.
    Clarke & Simpson, Clothiers.
  13. Henry Sampson, Watchmaker.
    Jenkin, Pork Merchant.
    Now taken down Carcase Market.
  14. Carne, William, Builder and Grocer.
    Coulson, Rd., China Merchant.
    Flamank, Draper.
    No. 37 Paddon, ditto
    Harris, ditto
    Polglaze, ditto
  15. Dennis, Ironmonger.
    Moyle, ditto
    No. 38 Lanyon, Ironmonger.
    Cock, Chemist.
    Knight, ditto
  16. John Rogers, Tailor (Mercer).
    Scantlebury, Plumber.
    Renfree, Shoemaker.
    Viner, Musician.
    No. 39 Heynes, Grocer.
    Reynolds, Pork Merchant.
  17. Badcock, Grocer.
    Organ, Saddler and Flour Merchant.
    No. 40 Murphy, Serpentine Worker.
  18. Hornblower.
  19. Webb, Currier.
  20. Reynolds, Shoemaker.
    No 41 Coombe, Draper.
    Nicholls, Grocer.
  21. Market Jew Street (north side)
    Solomon Cock ,Mason.
    Symons, Rabbi.
    Baynard, Draper.
    No 1 & 2 Glasson.
    Eva. | Fleming, Cabinet Maker & Upholsterer.
  22. Corin, Hatter.
    Eva, China Merchant.
    No. 3 Oppenheim, Furniture Broker.
    House where Sir. Humphry Davy was said to have been born (one theory)
  23. Allen, Confectioner.
    Oppenheim, Furniture Broker.
  24. Thomas, Printer.
    No. 5 Joseph, Pawnbroker.
  25. Cummings, Shoemaker.
    Rodd. ditto
    No. 6 Pearce, Hairdresser.
  26. Brown, Currier.
    Rossiter, Watchmaker.
    No. 7 Perrow, Tailor.
  27. Henry Penneck, Dr. (surgeon)
    No. 8 Boynes.
  28. Arthur, Watchmaker.
    Harris, Surgeon.
    Cook, Tailor.
    No. 9 Bolitho’s Bank.
  29. Quick.
    No. 10 Blee, Chemist.
  30. Davy, Miss Kitty (sister of Sir Humphry).
    No. 11 Harvey, Chemist.
  31. Davy.
    Penzance Dispensary (From 1809. Moved in 1813 to Chapel Street).
    No. 12 Dodge, Surgeon.
    Bennett, ditto
  32. The old Alms-house (built 1660 by Francis Buller. Poor house until 1826).
    No. 13 Runnalls. | Kinsman, Second-hand books.
  33. Two Ash Trees, which, being cut down, were the subject of a law suit with the Penzance Corporation, in 1805.
  34. The Guild-hall.
  35. Market House.
  36. Pork Market.
  37. Coinage Hall.
  38. “The Bird’s Cage.” A tall narrow shop
  39. Courtyard.
  40. Tonkin, Dr. Jn.
    Rowe, Edwd.
    Thomas, M.
    Eva, Painter & Earthenware dealer.
    Fell in hand to the Penzance Corporation at the death of Sir. H. Davy in 1829.
  41. Market Place
    Broad, Draper.
    No. 9 Michell, ditto
  42. “King’s Arms” Inn.
  43. Lutey.
    Broad, Thos., jun.
    No. 8 Hawkey, Ironmonger.
    Chirgwin, Grocer.
  44. Harvey, Wm., Grocer.
    No. 7 Chirgwin, Grocer.
  45. Hosking, Draper.
    Broad, T., jun., Draper.
    Hawke, Baker.
    Rodda, Printer.
  46. Berryman, Nich., Grocer.
    No. 4 Tregarthen.
  47. &
  48. Hart.
    Carne’s Bank.
    Broad, Thos.
    No. 3 Vibert, Jeweller.
    Trounson, ditto
  49. Joseph, Pawnbroker.
    Vibert, F., Printer.
    No. 2 Cornish, Wm., Printer
    James, Frank, Ironmonger.
  50. Cockram, Chemist.
    Hocking, Draper.
    Lavars, ditto
    No. 1 Symons, Chemist.
  51. Market-Jew Street (south side) No. 119 “Star” Inn.
  52. No. 114 “Ship and Castle” Inn.
  53. No. 112 Davy, Wm., Grocer
  54. John[?] Scobell, Collector of Customs.
  55. Beauchamp.
    “Prince of Wales” Inn.
  56. Market Place
    Symons, Old Clothier, &c.
    Coulson, Grocer.
    Sharland, ditto
    Treleavan, Hatter.
    No. 10 Victor, Draper.
  57. Cobley.
    No. 11 Norton, Ironmonger.
    Victor, Draper.
  58. Stewart, Tinman.
    No. 12 Benson.
    Bassett, Tobacconist.
  59. Coulson, Watchmaker.
    Coulson, Draper.
    No. 13 & 14 Clark, ditto
    Olver and Symons, Drapers.
  60. Lady (Chapel) Street
    Coulson, Draper.
    Clark, ditto
    Olver and Symons, Drapers.
  61. Coulson, Grocer.
    Hawke, Confectioner.
    Hamlyn, Gilder.
    Uren, ditto
    Bassett, Shoemaker.
    Bastian, Grocer.
  62. Vigurs, Thos., Printer.
    Harris, Jeweller.
    Pascoe, ditto
  63. Roberts, Humph., Constable and Barber.
    Honnychurch, Grocer and Barber.
    Saundry, Butcher.
  64. Phillpotts, Confectioner.
    Hampton, ditto
    Faull, ditto
    Brighton, Butcher.
  65. Market Place (Queen’s Square)
    “Globe” Inn.
  66. Clancey, Confectioner, Baby Linen, &c.
    QS Edmonds, Painter.
    Kinsman, ditto
  67. Treweeke, Mrs.
    Stevens, Capt.
    Molyneux, Draper.
    No. 15 & 16 Prockter, Chemist.
  68. No. 18 Cock, Hatter, &c.
    Carne’s Bank Batten, Carne & Oxnam until 1810.
  69. Lavars, Flour Dealer.
    Marshall, ditto
    Gill, Baker.
    No. 19 Boaden, Draper.
    Paul, ditto
    Sharland, Tailor.
    No. 20 Eastaway, Shoemaker.
  70. Wolf, Lemon, Spirit Merchant (other sources say ref: 69).
    Joseph, Pawnbroker.
    No. 21 Beare, Printer.
  71. Harvey, Chemist and Grocer Est. 1772.
    Pentreath, Grocer.
    No. 22 Edmonds, ditto
  72. Veale.
    Comyn’s (Cummings or Common’s) Hotel.
    Harvey, Watchmaker.
    Long, Draper. | Cornish, Chemist & Grocer.
    No. 23 York, ditto
  73. Thomas Penberthy, Tinman (Brazier).
    No. 25 Small, ditto
    Care, Grocer.
  74. Harvey.
    Allen, Baker.
    No. 26 Tresidder, Baker.
  75. Davy, Draper.
    Martin, Grocer.
    No. 27 Beringer, Jeweller.
    Worth, Chemist.
    Shakerley, ditto
  76. Pidwell, Draper.
    Harry, ditto
    Richards, ditto
    No. 27 Hewett, Tailor.
    Gerry, Grocer.
  77. Pidwell.
    Weymouth, Hatter.
    Eva, ditto
    No. 27 Rossiter, Jeweller.
  78. Bullock Market (south side)
    Penberthy, Draper.
    York, ditto
    Davy, ditto
  79. Green Market
    “Fire Engine“ Inn. (Commercial Hotel, now White Lion.)
  80. Penberthy, Draper.
    Higgs, Grocer.
    Rowe, ditto
    Allen, Confectioner.
  81. Hill’s Bake-house.
  82. Mabyn.
    Trembath, Ben.
    Stevens, Saddler.
    GM Higgs, Grocer.
    Rowe, ditto
  83. Williams, Relieving Officer.
    GM Ash, Saddler.
  84. Lloyd, Barnaby.
    Polkinghorne, Flour Dealer.
    Stevens, Flour Dealer.
    GM Richards.
  85. Constable Pascoe (one-armed).
  86. Lloyd, Barnaby, Upholsterer (formerly William Ustick, merchant).
    Trembath, Ben., Circulating Library.
    GM Cornish, Grocer.
    Hall, ditto
  87. Alverton Street (south side)
    Bodilly, Tailor.
    Stevens, Watchmaker.
    Lavin, Printer.
    No. 1 “Eagle” Inn.
  88. Bodilly, Glazier.
    Colliver, Hatter.
    No. 2 Richards, Currier.
  89. * Rogers, Tailor.
    Curnow, Gardener.
    Mathews, Shoemaker.
    a) Tonkin, Tinker.
    Mathews, Hairdresser.
    Warren, &c.
  90. Charles Paynter, Solicitor.
    Hosking, Hosier.
    a) No. 7 Beckerleg, Baker.
    No. 9 Cross, Shoemaker, &c.
  91. No. 10 Colenso.
    a) Boase, Fras.
    No. 11 Hosking, Hosier.
    Bowditch, ditto
  92. John Beard, Town Clerk (Mayor 1794 & 1799).
    Gann, Tailor.
    No. 12 “Swan” Inn.
  93. Berryman, Surgeon.
    Cook, Tailor.
  94. Alverton Street (north side)
    Entrance to Park-an-Vounder, the old Fair Field (outside was the ten-mile stone from Land’s End).
  95. Hill, John.
  96. Boase, Honey.
  97. Crocker.
  98. “The Uninhabited House.”
    Site of “Western” Hotel and the end of Clarence Street.
  99. Batten, Joseph.
    “Western” Hotel.
  100. Edward Hambleton, Builder.
    Broad, Painter.
    Winnan, Grocer.
    No. 29 Champion, ditto
  101. No. 30 Pascoe (built 1754).
  102. Bromley, Saddler.
    Tregidja, Eating House.
    Wallace, ditto
    Eady, ditto
    Penrose, Butcher.
    Shoulder of Mutton Inn
  103. Green Market (Bromley’s Square)
    Eva, China Merchant.
    GM Carter, Confectioner.
    Hobley, ditto
  104. Bromley, Grocer.
    Hobley, Licensed Victualler
    Harvey, ditto
  105. Green Market
    “Shoulder of Mutton” Inn.
    Bromley, Grocer.
    GM Dennis, Draper.
    Polsue, ditto
  106. GM “Three Tuns” Inn.
    Cornish, Printer.
    Mollard, Dressmaker.
    Jarvis, China Merchant.
  107. Stevens, Pawnbroker.
    Polkinghorne, ditto
    GM Richards, ditto
    Powne and Blight, Drapers.
    Jones, Draper.
    Lavin, ditto
  108. The Town Shoot.
  109. The Market Cross.
  110. Water-courses.
  111. Tenth Mile-stone from the Land’s End.

* A house was taken down here for the sake of the view to the house opposite, but almost all of this side of the street has been so altered and rebuilt that the account must be more or less confused.

† When the corner house was rebuilt, this was for a time the “Shoulder of Mutton” Inn.

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