This is a list of Cornish (largely from the Penzance area) who came to Akron, Ohio during the 1910 time period to work in the five major rubber factories in town. Most of the names were obtained from naturalization records or marriage documents in Summit County Court House and birth and death records.

Posted by Linda Mann CFHS#09757 to CORNISH-GEN-L from 21 to 28 Sept 2002.

Last name: First Name Birth or baptism year:
        Ship: Port: Year:
        Other lines divided to reduce width.

NICHOLAS, John b 1872 Pulldown England
        wife; Margaret b. 1869 Redruth, Cornwall
        children; Ethel b. 1897, Hilda b. 1899, Ruby b. 1901
        ship; St. Louis Southampton to New York 1909.

NICHOLAS, George James b. 1908 Penzance
        ship; Leviathan Southampton to New York 1928.

NICHOLLS, William Charles b. Penzance Cornwall 4 Nov. 1902
        ship Baltic, Liverpool to N.Y. 1914.

OATES, John b. England
        wife; Annie Martha Mann b. 1894 England
        son; Thomas Carter Oates b. 1926 Akron, Ohio

OATS, Edwin b. 1889 Hayle
        wife; Edith Lillian b.1889 Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio
        Canadian Pacific Railroad to Niagaria Falls, New York 1917.

OATS, Ellen Mitchell b. 1906 Newlyn West
        husband; William Oats b. 1896 Newlyn West
        ship; Maurentania Southampton to New York 1921.

OATS, Thomas b. 1903 Newlyn West, Cornwall England
        ship; Majestic Southampton to New York 1923

OLDS, Richard Garfield b. 1882 St. Just
        wife; Elizabeth Troon
        children; Richard b. 1909, James b.1913
        ship; from Southampton to New York (?).

PALMER, William Frederick b. 1897 Penzance
        wife; Bertha b. 1894 Denver Colorado
        child; Ronald b. 1924 Canada
        Hamilton Canada to Buffalo New York Michigan Central Train #72 in 1924.

PAUL, Edger b. 1882 Newlyn Penzance Cornwall
        ship; Campania Liverpool to New York 1913.

PAUL, Emmanuel Gordon b. 1901 Penzance Cornwall

PAUL, John b. 1893 Penzance
        wife; Annie b. 1892 Belfast Ireland
        ship; Imperator Southampton to New York 1920.

PASCOE, James Russell wife Ruth Ellen Gifford 

PASCOE, Samuel b. 1897 Camborne, Cornwall
        wife; Elizabeth Ruby Jory b. 1899 Redruth Cornwall
        ship; Adriatic Southampton to New York 1919.

PENDER, Ada b. 1926 Mousehole
        husband; Arthur Pender b. 1881 Cornwall
        child; William b. 1913, Emma b. 1909, Arthur b. 1918
                Janette b. 1920 Gladys b. 1919?
        ship; St. Paul Southampton to New York 1912 .

PENDER, Francis Louise Bennett b. 1887 Penzance
        husband; Arthur James Pender
        children; Margaret, b. 1884 Flamborough, England
        ship; Campania Liverpool to New York 1913.

PENDER, George Deason b. 1892 Bognor England
        wife; Hilda b. England

PENGELLY, Hilda b. 1889 Cornwall
        husband; Hugh Pengelly b. 1891 Constantice Cornwall
        child; Clifford b. 1919, Hilda b. 1922
        ship; Saxonia To New York 1919.

PERRY, Thomas Henry b. 1883 Newlyn
        wife; Ameila Rose Saunders b. 1885 Clearfield England
        child; Thomas b. 1914 Akron, Ohio.

PIDWELL, Georgina Trenwith Uren b. 1851 Cornwall
        husband; George Pidwell b. 1855
        children; Sarah Grace b. 1878, Georgina b. 1879,
                Grace May b. 1882, Alice Maud b. 1883,
                George James b. 1886, William John b. 1887.

PIDWELL, Mary Sampson b. 1891 Newlyn
        husband; Stephen Pidwell b. 1887 South Africa
        children; Margaret, William Stephen, Nancy, Hilda
        came thru New York 1912.

POLLARD, William Joseph b. 1903 Newlyn West
        wife; Florence Dearman b. 1904 Spencer West Virginia

RAWLS, Edith Ctherine b. 1913 Penzance
        husband; William Pope Rawls b. 1897 Alabama, Greensboro
        child; Thomas b. 1938 Akron, Ohio
        ship; Republic Southampton to New York 1927.

REEVES, Mabel b. 1887 Camborne, Cornwall
        husband; Theodore Higgins b. Oldbury, England 1889
        child; Stanley b. 1925 Akron, Ohio
        ship; California thru New York 1923.

REYNOLDS, Thomas b. 1883 Penzance
        wife; Mary b. 1892 England
        child; Thomas b. 1917 Akron
        ship; Lustania Liverpool to New York 1910.

REYNOLDS, Wilfred Nicholas b. Penzance 20 June 1882
      ship Majestic, Southampton to N.Y.

RICH, Walter Lawrey b. 1882 Heamoor, Penzance
        wife; Isabella b. 1886 Newlyn Penzance
        children; Walter b. 1906, Violet b. 1908
        ship; Celtic Liverpool to New York 1920.

RICH, John Charles b. 1880 Heamoor, Penzance
        wife; Laura b. England
        ship; New York Southampton to N.Y. 1911.

RICHARDS, Arthur Gordon b. 1903 Cornwall

RICHARDS, Cecil b. 1906 Newlyn
        wife; Ursula Leggo b. 1912 Cornwall
        child; Gordon Job Richards b. 1933 Brooklyn N.Y.
        ship; Olympic Southampton to New York 1926.

RICHARDS, Cecil b. 1904 Penzance Cornwall
        ship; Aquitania Southampton to New York 1921.

RICHARDS, Charles Henry b. Heamoor, Penzance 19 July 1896
        ship; Imperator, Southampton to N.Y. 1920.

RICHARDS,Charles Pearce b. 1893 Newlyn
        wife; Mary Campbell b. South Moon England
        child; Doreen Elizabeth b. 1918 Akron, Ohio.

RICHARDS, Doreen Elizabeth b.1921 Akron Ohio
        husband; Thomas Oats b. Cornwall

RICHARDS, Eva May b. 1882 England

RICHARDS, Grace Wills b. 1892 Newlyn
        husband; Rupert Richards 

RICHARDS, James b. 1890 Portleven England
        wife; Ethel M. Lutey b. 1893 Penzance
        child; James Kenneth b. 1918 Akron Ohio.

RICHARDS, Job b. 1892 Cornwall
        wife; Grace Pollard b. 1893 Cornwall

RICHARDS, Joesph Henry b. 1890

RICHARDS, John b. 1867 Newlyn
        wife; Mary b. 1862
        children; John b. 1892, Charles b. 1893,
                Thomas b. 1898, Richard b. 1903, Lillian b. 1896.
        ship; St. Paul Southampton to New York 1911.
        Parents; William Richards, and Mother; Martha Trelevan from death certificate.
                busness Fishing tackle. 

RICHARDS, John Francis b. 1894 Penzance
        wife; Elizabeth Gwendolyn Francis b. 1901 Sancreed Cornwall
        children; Olive b. 1921, John b. 1923, Helen b. 1926
        ship; Imperoator Southampton to New York 1920.

RICHARDS, John T. b. Feb 2, 1895 Cornwall died Aug 20, 1957 Akron, Ohio

RICHARDS, Martin Wright Trewarvas b. 1902Cornwall
        married; Mona Edith Giles b. 1906 Heamoor, Cornwall
        child; Jeffery Martin Richards b. 1928 Akron Ohio
        ship; Aquatania Southampton to N.Y. 1920
        Mona's ship; Majestic Southampton to New York 1913.

RICHARDS, Mary b. 1873 St. Buryan Cornwall
        husband; Martin W. Richards b. 1871 Mousehole, Cornwall
        children; Nicholas J. b. 1895, Minnie b. 1899
        ship; Liverpool to New York 1916.

RICHARDS,Nichoals Jasper b. 1895 Mousehole Cornwall

RICHARDS, Richard Mann b. 1888 Newlyn
        wife; Anna Tschantz b. 1889 Akron, Ohio
        children; Richard Harvey b. 1928, James, Margaret,

RICHARDS, Susan Oliver Pollard b. 1882 Newlyn
        husband; Thomas John Richards b. 1876 Penzance
        children; Martin W. T. b. 1902, Cecil b 1904.,
                Thomas b 1909., Theodore b. 1916
        ship; Aquatania Southampton to New York 1924.

RICHARDS, Theodore b. 1916 Madron Cornwall
        wife; Julia Kapusinski b. Akron, Ohio
        child; Dennis.

RICHARDS, Thomas b. 1898 Newlyn West Cornwall
        ship; Majestic Southampton to New York 1919.

RICHARDS, William Edward b. 1870 Bilston, England
        wife; Carrie b. Akron
        child; Kate,

RICHARDS, William b. 1886 Newlyn Cornwall
        wife; Olive b. 1892 Penzance
        child; George b. 1914 Akron
        ship; St. Louis Southampton to New York 1911.

RICHARDS, William b. 1885 Newlyn West Cornwall
        wife; Nora Agnes Carroll b. 1889 Ireland
        child; William C. b. 1918
        ship; Maurantania Liverpool to New York 1913. 

RICKARD, George Henry b. 1893 St. Keverene, Cornwall
        wife; Gladys b. England
        ship; Southampton to Niagara Falls, New York SS Lawanwan Pittsburgh
                and Canadian Pacific Railroad 1923.

RICKARD, John Birch b. 1886 Penzance
        wife; Ione b. Chatanogga Tenn.

RICKARD, Richard Everett b. 1888 St. Just Cornwall
        ship; Oceanic Southampton to New York 1914.

ROBERTS, Howard b. Penzance 2 April 1894
        ship Olympic, Southampton to N.Y. 1914 . 

ROBERTS, Leonard Charles b. 1905 Penzance Cornwall
        ship; Majestic 1911 S.H. to N.Y.
        and ship; Berengaria Southampton to New York 1927.

ROBERTS, Thorwold Kelly b. Newlyn Cornwall 19 April 1892
        ship; Adriatic, Southampton to N.Y. 1920.

ROWE, Frank b. Penzance 1896
        wife; May b. St. Mawes 1893
        children; Irene May b.1922, Betty Bernice b. 1924
        ship; Adriatic Southampton to New York 1920.

ROWE, John O. b. 1916 St. Just
        married; Doris Mary Harvey b. 1916 Akron Ohio.
        Parents Samuel Jenkins Harvey and Laura B. Grady.
        His parents; Richard Hy Rowe and Janie Grenfell.

ROWE, Joseph Harold b. 1888 Penzance
        wife; Hannah Glossop b. 1888 Liverpool England married Akron 1917.

ROWE, Mae Bonnettta b. 1893 St. Mawes Cornwall
        husband; Frank Rowe b. 1896 Penzance
        child; Betty.

ROWE, Pascoe Grenfell b. 1914 St. Just Cornwall
        married; Ruth Bills b. 1918 Borland, W. Va. Akron Ohio in 1949.
        His parents; Richard H. Rowe and Janie Grenfell.

ROWE, Richard Henry b. St. Just Cornwall 14 Aug 1881
        wife; Janie b. Eng.
        ship; Mauretania, Southampton to New York 1919.

ROWE, Richard John. b 1886 Penzance d. 1917 Akron Ohio
        ship; Teutonia Southampton to New York 1910.

ROWE, Wilfred b. 1901 Newlyn England
        ship; Majestic Southampton to New York 1923.

SCOBEY, John Henry b. 1886? Penzance Cornwall
        ship; Laconia Liverpool to Boston, Mass. 1915. unclear copy

SIMMONS, Nellie Maud Gwennap b. 1896 Newlyn
        husband; Edwin Simmons b. 1891 W. Va.
        child; Barbara b. 1924 Wheeling W. Va.
        ship; Haverford to Phila, Pa. 1912.

SIMONS, William Mitchell b. 8 June 1866
        wife; Elizabeth b. Penzance 1869
        son; Eugene b. 1898 Penzance
        ship; St. Louis, Southampton to N.Y. 1907.

STINTON, Harold b. 1887 Penzance Cornwall
        wife; Theodora Hale b. 1892 London England
        child; Gerald. Arthur b. 1916
        ship; Caronia to New York 1919.

STONE, John Maddern b. 1886 Newlyn
        wife; Stella 

SYMONS, Albert Ernest b. Camborne, Cornwall 29 Oct. 1886
        ship; Imperator, Southampton to N.Y. 1920

SYMONS, Eugenie b. 1898 Newlyn Cornwall
        husband; Baden Thomas Powell Williams b. 1900 Penzance
        child; William Thomas b. 1939 Akron, Ohio
        ship; St. Louis Southampton to New York 1907.

SYMONS, Richard Harry b. 1986 England
        wife; Anna Trewaves Pender b. 1897 Mousehole England
        child; Richard Harry Symons b. 1930 Akron Ohio.
        Married Sept. 9th 1922 Newlyn Cornwall.

THOMAS, George Otto T. b. 17 July 1890 Camborne Cornwall
        ship; Adriatic, Southampton to N.Y. 1920.

THOMAS, Herbert F. b. 1881 Truro, Cornwall
        parents; Herbert F. Thomas and Bessie Taylor
        wife; Margaret E. Paul b. 1884 b. Myersdale, Pa. married 1915 Akron, Ohio.

THOMAS, John b. 1902 Heamoor Penzance
        wife; Anna b. 1923 Claridge Pa.

THOMAS, John b. 1893 Cornwall

THOMAS, Martin Trewhella, b. 1892
        wife; Madge b. Penn. child; Martin 

THOMAS, Richard Henry b. 1876 Cornwall
        ship; Majestic Southampton to New York 1911.

THOMAS, William b. 1868 England 

THOMAS, William John b. 1893 Penzance
        wife; Hazel b. 1890 Chicago, Ill.
        Child; Betty.b. 1917 Akron, Ohio
        ship; Majestic Southampton to New York 1913.

TONKIN, Arthur b. Cornwall
        wife; Elizabeth Jane Barrett b. Cornwall 

TRATHEN, Beatrice Maud Brown b. 1898 Truro Cornwall
        husband; James Trathen 1896 St. Blazay Cornwall
        child; James, John Thomas b. 1930
        ship; St. Paul Southampton to New York 1920.

TRELEVEN, William John b. 1888 Mousehole
        wife; Edna b. Newell West Virginia

TREMBATH, Thomas b. 1891 Penzance, Cornwall
        parents; Geach Trembath and Bessie Hitchens
        wife; Frances May Paddy b. 1898 Cornwall
        parents; Samuel Paddy and Phillipa Berryman.
        married; Akron Ohio August 1919.

TRESIDDER, Alfred James b. 1881 Camborne
        wife; Alfreda b. 1897 Camborne
        child; Reginald. J. b. 1915 Camborne, Cornwall
        Quebec, Canada D & W Ferry to Detroit Michigan 1923.
        Alfreda ship; Majestic Southampton to New York 1924.

TRESIDDER, Albert Ernest b. Redruth
        wife; Lillian Pearce Richards b 1896 Newlyn West, Cornwall
        child; Ernest R. b. 1921 Akron, Ohio
        parents; Thomas Tresidder/Lavonia ? John Richards/Mary Stevens Pearce.

TREVARROW, Mathew Woolcock b. 1882 St. Ives
        wife; Jane Tresidder b. Cornwall

TREVARROW, Richard b. 1901 St. Ives Cornwall
        Buffalo, New York (year unclear) ship; ?Corsican
                and Michigan Central R.R from Montreal, Canada. 1922

TREVASKES, Abednego b. Cornwall

TREVASKIS, William Henry b.1907 Penzance
        wife; Laurabel Black b. 1914 Maple Heights, Ohio
        his parents; William Hy Trevaskis and Ethel Kneebone from Penzance, Cornwall.

TUCKER, William b. 1882 Penzance
        wife; Lousie b. 1881 Penzance
        child; Agnes b. 1911, David b. 1914, Sarah b. 1916
        ship; Orduna Liverpool to New York 1919
        Declaration of Intent to Naturalize was in Springfield, Mass. 1921.

UREN, Arthur Richard b. 1907 Penzance
        parents; Arthur Uren and Mary Ware
        wife; Mildred Showalter b. 1908 Bellville W. Va. marriage Sept. 8, 1933
        her parents; Robert Hill and Phoebia Snaw.

UREN, Arthur Richard b. 1874 Cornwall died Akron 1939
        wife; Mary Carkeet b. 1876 Penzance died 1930 Akron
        child; Grace, Gina, Geginald, Edward, Arthur, William plus three more.

UREN, Cyril James b. 1910 Penzance
        wife; Catherine Pauline Mihaly b. 1916 Akron Ohio
        child; James b. 1936, Mary Margaret b. 1939
        ship; Republic Southampton to New York 1927.

UREN, Edward George b. 1900 Penzance Cornwall
        ship; AA America Southampton to New York 1925.

UREN, Frederick A. b. 1907 Lelant, Cornwall
        wife; Agnes b. 1930 Medina Ohio
        ship; St. Louis Southamton, to New York 1908. 

UREN, Nathaniel Coulson b. 1905 Penzance Cornwall died 1934 Akron Ohio

UREN, Samuel wife; Ethel Beard 

VEAL, William Bolitho b. 1896 St. Just, Cornwall
        wife; Florance b. 1894 Willamsport, Pa.
        ship; Adriatic Southampton to New York 1920.

VINGOE, Hugh b. 1887 Newlyn West
        wife; Helen Williams b. 1887 Cornwall
        child; Hugh b., Stanley b. 1915, Elsie b. 1918
        ship; Teutonic Southampton to New York 1909.

VINGOE, Richard Henry b. 1889 Newlyn West
        wife; Jane child; Richard, Ronald.

WALLIS, Amelia b. 1893 Newlyn
        husband; Thomas Henry Kemp

WALLIS, William John b. 1887 Newlyn
        wife; Mabel Hollow b. 1888 England
        child; Dorthy b. 1912 , Vera b. 1918
        ship; Caronica Liverpool to New York 1908.

WALLACE, William John b. 1888 Newlyn Cornwall
        wife; Mabel Hollow b. 1889 Penzance, Cornwall
        child; Vera Eileen Wallace b. 1918 Akron Ohio.
        Another spelling on documents of Wallis

WELLS, Addie Dart Trevaskis b. 1883 Newlyn Cornwall
        her parents; Ann Barnes Kneebone and William John Trevaskis of Newlyn
        husband; Arthur Henry Wells b. 1883 Beadwell, England
        child; Charles b. 1921, William b. 1889, Ralph b. 1909,
                Joan b. 1908 , Arthur b. 1918.

WIGGINGTON, Walter b. England
        wife; Bertha Jenkins b. England
        child Clayton Charles b. 1927, Grace Louise b. 1929.

WILKES, Ellen Needs b. 1864 Cornwall husband William J. Wilkes b. 1887
        She was a Titanic Survivor.

WILLIAMS, Albert John b. 1883 Devonshire
        wife; Nettie b. 1885 Bulter Pa.
        child; Cyrus

WILLIAMS, Baden Thomas Powell b. 1900 Newlyn Cornwall
        his parents; Thomas Williams and Helen Pearce
        wife; Eugenie Simons b. 1898 Newlyn
        her parents; William M. Simons and Elizabeth Williams
        child; William b. 1939 Akron, Ohio
        ship; St. Louis Southampton to New York 1919.

WILLIAMS, George Edwin b. 1891 St. Paul Bristol England
        wife; Elizabeth b. Tredeger South Wales

WILLIAMS, James b. 1880 Penzance Cornwall
        father; James Williams and Eliz. Ann Hollow
        ship; Sultic Southampton to New York 1903.

WILLIAMS, James Henry b. Cornwall 12 March 1900
        ship; St. Louis, Southampton to N.Y. 1903

WILLIAMS, Leonard b. 1901 Penzance
        wife; Bonnie Rose b. 1908 Johnson City Tenn.
        ship; Majestic Southampton to New York 1913.

WILLIAMS, Thomas James b. Cornwall 5 April 1896
        ship; Mauretanis, Southampton to N.Y. 1920

WILLS, Doris b. 28 Jan 1900 Hayle, Cornwall
        husband; George Frederick Harris b. 1899 Marizion
        ship; Majestic, Southampton to N.Y. 1923

WILLS, Foster, b. Redruth Cornwall 2 Sept 1890
        wife; Dorthy b. Eng.
        ship; Philadelphia, Southampton to N.Y. 1920

WOOLCOCK, William John b. 1904 Gulval Cross England
        wife; Mary Angwin Jeffery b. 1908 Newlyn
        child; Janet Lee b. 1933
        ship; Majestic Southampton to New york 1927
        her ship; Sameria to Boston, Mass. 1923.
        His parents; Richard Woolcock and Jane Tresidder
        her name on marriage in 1933 Marjorie Graham from previous marriage
        parents; Richard Jeffery and Polly Trewern.

WOOLCOCK, William Blight b. 1893 Penzance
        wife; Florance Partridge b. 1896 Kettering England
        child; Margaret (Betty June b. 1925 , Corine.

WOOLCOCK, Richard Thomas b. 1888 Penzance
        wife; Mabel Victoria Southey b. 1888
        child; Cyril, Enid Mabel b. 1915.

This newspaper report also gives a lot of names

The Cornishman 12 October 1911


Wedding was solemnised in the St Paul's Episcopal Church, Akron, Ohio, U.S.A., on Saturday, 16 th ult., the Rev. S.M. Watson, pastor officiating, of William J. Wallis, eldest son of Mr. John Wallis, Newlyn West, Cornwall, and Miss Mabel Hollow, Youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George Hollow (Late of Bude) formerly of Penzance Cornwall. The bride, charmingly attired in a white silk Princess robe trimmed with silk insertion, and white hat trimmed in chiffon and ostrich plume, was given away by her father. The flower girl was Miss Ella Noall of St Ives, Cornwall, and the three bridesmaids were Mrs. James H Williams (sister of the bride), Mrs. Walter Hollow (sister-in-law of the bride), and Mrs. J.K. Michell of Newlyn. Mr. W.G. Hollow, brother of the bride acted as “best man,” and Mr. Walter Hollow was also in attendance. There was a very large congregation of well wishers to witness the ceremony, including many friends from West Cornwall. In the evening a reception was held in the Cornish Association Hall in Howard-street, nearly 100 relatives and friends from the homeland being present, including Messrs. L. and P. Hollow, Mr. and Mrs. J. Curnow. Mr. and Mrs. J. Carter, Mr. J Green (Newlyn), Mr. and Mrs. J. Harvey (Faughan, Paul), Mr. and Mrs. M. Noall (St Ives), Messrs. J. and C. Richards (Newlyn), Mr. and Mrs. W. Dennis (Heathmoor), Messrs. R. H. Humphrey, T. Perry, Wm. J Maddern , Misses Olive Perry, Rose Saunders (Mousehole), Mr. J.C. Harry, Miss Catel (Penzance), Mr. and Mrs. P. Harvey (Paul), Mr. and Mrs. J Hosking, Messrs. N Hichens, J. Kelynack, E. Oats, H. Harvey, Mr. and Mrs. M. Blewett, R.M. Richards, W. Trevorrow, E. Paul, H Chivers, J Stone , J. Baker, W. Richards , S. Harvey, E. Hosking, E. Worsnip, R. Birch, R. Beckerleg , W.J. Green, W.C. Harry, R. and W. Rowe, and J. Stephens (of Newlyn and Penzance), Mr. and Mrs. J. Michell, Miss M.L. Uren, Mrs. Secombe (Penzance), Messrs. H., W. , J., and P. Cattran, H. Batten, J Richards , A. Sampson, W. Jacko (Newlyn), Miss Nellie Harvey (Paul), Mr. and Mrs. J. Taylor (Birmingham), Mr. and Mrs. Trevorrow, Mr. and Mrs. Hall (Devonport). An enjoyable musical programme was contributed to by Mr. Winterbottom, of Akron (pianist), Mr. Charles Worsnip (Penzance), Messrs E. Paul, and R.M. Richards (Newlyn), and several of the young men from Mousehole, Newlyn and Penzance. Responding to the hearty toast, “The Happy Pair,” Mr. Wm Wallis (Bridegroom), thanked all present for all the kindness shown to his wife and himself. The singing of well-known choruses and hymns concluded a very pleasant evening. Both bride and bridegroom were the recipients of numerous costly and useful presents from both sides of the Atlantic.

and an obituary

Richard Harry Symons Sr. veteran Akron estate gardener died in Green Cross Hospital Aug. 24, 1967 age 71. Mr. Symons, a native of Cornwall England came to the United States in 1920. He was first employed here by Goodyear and Seiberling founder A. Seiberling at Stan Hywet Hall then Seiberlings home. He later was gardener at the estate of Harvey S. Firestone Sr. For more than 30 years he was a gardener at Rockyknoll 1150 W. Market Street once the home of Robinson Clay Product vice president Russell Robinson and his sister-in-law Bina Carter. Rockyknoll now is the site of Rockyknoll Presbyterian Home (Today 2003 it is a retirement village). At the time of his death he had been working and living at Miss Carters estate 568 N. Portage Path. Mr. Symons, baritone, appeared in concert with the Akron Civic and Symphony Choruses for many years. He was a member of the choir of Monroe United Presbyterian church for more than 30 years and directed the choir for ten years. Mr. Symons served with the British navy during World War 1 He leaves his wife; Annie Trewarvas Pender sons; Richard Symons of Wilmington, Del. and Sidney of Akron, sister, Mrs. Mabel Wallace of England and four grandchildren.