PAUL is a parish near Penlee Point, the southern headlad of Mounts Bay, 2½ miles south from Penzance, where is the nearest railway station; in the Western division of the county, Penwith hundred, petty sessional division of Penwith West, Penzance union and county court district, rural deanery of Penwith, archdeaconry of Cornwall and diocese of Truro. The parish is governed by a Local Board of 9 members, formed in June, 1891. The church of St. Paul is an ancient building of granite in the Perpendicular style, consisting of chancel, nave, aisles, south porch and an embattled western tower containing 3 bells: the register records that “The Spanyer burnt this church in the year 1595:” a small portion of the old church is still standing, and bears traces of the fire: between the nave and north aisle, at a height of about three feet, is a small arched opening, perhaps originally a hagioscope; fixed in the churchyard wall is a monument with inscriptions in English and Cornish, erected in 1860 by Prince Louis Lucien Bonaparte and the late Rev. John Garrett, vicar, to the memory of Dorothy Pentreath, who died in 1778, aged 102, and who was supposed to be the last person who spoke the ancient Cornish, the peculiar language of this county: affixed to the wall is also the quatrefoiled head of a cross, with a figure of the “Crucifixion:” there is a stained window in each aisle: among numerous tablets is one in the south aisle to Capt. Stephen Hutchens, who died in Jamaica in 1709, with an epitaph in old Cornish, the only one now extant: in the north aisle is the tomb of William Godolphin of Trewarveneth, ob. 1689, above which hang a sword, helmet and other armour: the church was new-roofed in 1892 and further restoration is now (1893) in progress: there are 850 sittings. The register dates from the year 1595. the regsiters previous to this date are said to have been destroyed by the Spaniards, when they set fire to the church. The living is a vicarage, average tithe rent-charge £388, net yearly value £316, with residence and 3 acres of glebe, in the gift of the Lord Chancellor, and held since 1876 by the Rev. Robert Wesley Aitken, of St. Bees. A cemetery of 1¼ acres was formed in 1879 at a cost of £700, and is under the control of a Burial Board of nine members. There are charities of £5 yearly value. There is also an almshouse, founded by Capt. Hutchens, above mentioned, in 1760 [he died in 1709! ed.], and endowed with land and house property producing about £135 yearly, for the maintenance of six old men and six old women, born in the parish of Paul. Trewoof (or “Troove”) is a romantic valley which terminates at Lamorna Cove; on this estate are the remains of a triple entrenchment, with subterranean chambers or caves connected by passages: one of these caves, 36 feet long, 5 wide and about 6 high, is said to have afforded concealment to a party of Royalists, who thus escaped the forces of Sir Thomas Fairfax. There is also a fine chalybeate spring; on Paul Down stands an ancient cross six feet high. Thomas Bedford Bolitho esq. M.P., D.L., J.P. of Trewidden and Charles Day Nicholls Le Grice esq. B.A., J.P. Lord St. Levan, Charles Campbell Ross esq. J.P. of Carne and Miss Carne, of Penzance, are chief landowners. The soil is rich loam; the subsoil is killas and granite. The chief crops are early potatoes and broccoli. The area is 3,433 acres; rateable value, £14,280; the population in 1891 was 5,977.

Mousehole is a large and important fishing village in the parish, half a mile south of the Church Town and 3 miles from Penzance. There is an excellent granite pier, erected in 1870–71 at a cost of about £5,000, and forming a perfectly sheltered harbour for fishing craft. This is a coast-guard station, with a master and seven men: harbour master, Benjamin Carvosso Harvey. Here are Wesleyan and United Free Methodist chapels.

Parish Clerk, Thomas H. Wallis.

Sexton, Joseph Penrose.

Post Office, Paul.—Miss Elizabeth Jane Osborne, sub-postmistress. Letters arrive from Penzance at 10.20 a.m. & 6.50 p.m.; dispatched at 2.35 p.m. & 6.20 p.m.; Mousehole is the nearest money order & telegraph office. Postal orders are issued here, but not paid

Wall Letter Box, Sheffield, cleared 2.15 p.m

Post, M.O. & T.O., [Money Order & Telegraph Office], S.B. [Savings Bank] & Annuity & Insurance Office, Mousehole.—Mrs. Robert Oliver, sub-postmistress. Letters through Penzance arrive 9.30 a.m. & 3.15 p.m.; dispatched at 2.25 & 6.30 p.m

Wall Letter Box, Quay, cleared 2.15 & 6.35 p.m

Local Board.

Meets at Church town on fourth tuesday in the month, at 6.30 p.m.

Clerk, John James Carne, Mousehole

Treasurer, T. B. Bolitho M.P. Penzance

Medical Officer of Health, Richard Davey Boase L.R.C.P. Lond. 5 Morrab road, Penzance

Surveyor & Inspector of Nuisances, William Chirgwin, Church Town

Collector, Thomas Lugg, Mousehole


A School Board of 9 members was formed Sept. 28, 1875; Madron with one member being contributory, Sept. 30, 1879; Charles Clemens, Sancreed, Penzance, clerk to the board; Thomas Tonkin, attendance officer

Board, Paul Church Town, built in 1883, for 200 children; average attendance, 40 boys, 40 girls & 37 infants; Joseph Charles Simms, master; Miss Kate James Beckerleg, infants’ mistress

Paul (Newlyn) Board school, given under Newlyn

Wesleyan, Mousehole; average attendance, 69 boys, 56 girls & 121 infants; John Birch, master; Miss Lillie Jeremiah, infants’ mistress


Aitken Rev. Robert Wesley [vicar], Vicarage

Baily William Edward, Lynwood

Chirgwin Percy Teague, Chyoone

Davey William Philip, Gwavas villa

DeCosta Mrs. Penzer house

Lavin Mrs. Chyoone grove

Wright Josiah, Boslandew house


Badcock Henry, farmer, Caunse

Bennetts Henry, farmer, Tredavoe

Bolitho James, farmer, Berwinnay

Brocklesby Philip Noah (Mrs.), farmer, Halwyn

Bryant Fras. dairyman, Middle Kemyell

Carne Emanuel, dairyman, Trungle

Carne Richard, market gardener

Carne Samuel, farmer, Halwyn

Cemetery (H. Maddern, clerk to the burial board)

Chapple Wm. Edwd. farmer, Tredavoe

Chirgwin Hannah (Miss), dress maker, Church town

Chirgwin John, farmer, Trungle

Chirgwin Percy Teague, frmr. Chyoone

Chirgwin William, district surveyor of highways & sanitary inspector to local board, Church town

Chirgwin William Ladner, market gardener, Reginnis hill

Clemans Francis, farmer, Penolva

Clift Thomas, shopkeeper, Sheffield

Consolidated (The) Tin Smelting Co. Lim. (Thos. Willis Field J.P. managing director), Trerieffe

Cornish Charles, farmer, Paul hill

Curnow Wm. market gardener, Penolva

Curnow William, market gardener, Trungle house, Church town

Daniel William, farmer, Ennis

Freeman John, Sons & Co. Lim. stone quarries, Paul hill. See advertisement

Giles Henry, farmer, Reginnis

Giles John, farmer, Castallack

Giles Thomas, farmer, Middle Kemyell

Giles William, farmer, Trevithal

Green William, carrier, Coombe

Harvey Eliza (Mrs.), shpkpr. Church twn

Harvey John, smith, Sheffield

Harvey William, farmer, Reginnis

Harvey William, farmer, Rosevale

Hosking Geo. farmer, Higher Kemyell

Hosking Jas. Hy. farmer, Tresvennack

Hosking Oliver, miller (water), Bosavah

Hosking Sampson, farmer, Bosavah

Humphreys Wm. Vingoe, frmr. Kemyell

James Josiah, farmer, Trewarveneth

James Silas, farmer, Bellowan

Kneebone Henry, farmer, Reginnis hill

Kneebone Richard, farmer, Toddencoath

Kneebone William, farmer, Gwavas

Lawrence Wm. & Son, frmrs. Bologgos

Levett Ruth (Mrs.), King’s Arms P.H. Church town

Maddern William, fishbuyer, Trungle

Matthews William & Stephen, farmers, Kerris vean

Matthews John Badcock, farmr. Kerris

Matthews John Henry, farmer, Kerris

Matthews Robert, farmer, Sheffield

Matthews Robert, farmr. Carn Gwavas

Matthews Thomas, farmer, Kerris

Nicholls John, farmer, Reginnis

North James, farmer, Trungle

North William, farmer, Chuch town

Olds John, farmer, Tresvennack

Osborne Elizabeth Jane (Miss), grocer, Post office, Church town

Osborne Henry, farmer, Trungle

Penrose Joseph, thatcher, Church town

Pollard Joseph, farmer, Hollydale

Pollard Jsph. Hy. farmr. Low Kemyell

Prowse Charles, farmer, Trevelloe

Prowse Chas. Thos. farmer, Red house

Prowse Jane (Mrs.), farmer, Kerris

Ray Louisa (Mrs.), dress ma. Sheffield

Reynolds Wm. Thos. farmer, Bologgos

Richards Charles, farmer, Chyenhall

Richards Jsph. mrkt. grdnr. Church twn

Richards Solomon, farmer, Kerris

Roach Robert, farmer, Middle Kemyell

Roach Wm. dairyman, Middle Kemyell

Roberts race (Mrs.), shopkeeper, Buryas bridge

Roberts Hosea, seedsman, Buryas bridge

Rodda James Tonkin, farmer, Trevithal

Rowe John, farmer, Kerris

Semmens John, farmer, Trewarveneth

Semmens Thomas, farmer, Bologgos

Stone John, market gardener, Gwavas

Tippett Joseph, greengro. Church town

Tregenza John Saml. farmer, Trevithal

Trembath James, farmer, Castallack

Trembath Thomas, farmer, Tredavoe

Trewern Ely, dairyman, Trevella

Trewern William, farmer, Chyenhall

Wallis Thomas Edmonds, carpenter &c. Sheffield

Wright Josiah, farmer & landowner, Boslandew house

Wright Richd. mrkt. grdnr. Church twn



Carolan Mrs. Portennys villa

Cary Mrs. St. Clement’s villa

Craddock William Henry, The Parade

Greuzelier Francis Pristo, Sea View ho

Harris William

Hyde Henry, The Parade

Pentreath Mrs. Pentreath villa

Permewin Richard, Brook villa

Stauffer Reginald, Cove cottage

Trenoweth James, Clifton house

Trewavas John

Viles James

Webber Miss, Whitehall

Williams Henry

Wright Martin


Angwin Richard, boat owner

Bennett Joseph, Coast Guard station

Bennetts John, Keigwin Arms P.H.

Bodinar Richard & John, seine owners

Bodinar John, carpenter

Bodinar John, net barker, Gernick st

Carne John James, clerk to local board

Cary John, baker

Coast Guard Station, Board of Trade Rocket Apparatus, No. 217 (Joseph Bennett, chief boatman)

Craddock Wm. Hy. market gardener

Curnow Thos. & Jas. market gardeners

Fox Thomas, insurance agent

Gilbert Elizabeth (Mrs.), shopkeeper

Greuzelier Francis Pristo, master mariner, Sea View house

Harvey Arabella (Mrs.), shopkeeper

Harvey Benjamin Carvosso, tea dealer & harbour master

Harvey Caroline (Mrs.), shopkeeper

Harvey James, blacksmith

Harvey Susan (Mrs.), shopkeeper

Harvey Peter, boat owner

Harvey Wm. Philip, boot & shoe maker

Hockin Florence (Mrs.), grocer

Hockin Frederick, grocer

Hockin Joseph James, boat owner

Humphreys William, boat owner

Humphreys William John, boat owner & net merchant

Jacka Richard Willis, boat owner

Jeffery Joseph, baker

Laity George, boat owner

Literary Institute (Richd. Angwin, sec)

Lugg Thomas, collector or rates to local board

Maddern John, fish buyer

Male Ann (Mrs.), shopkeeper

Mann Charles, net barker

Matthews Joseph, farmer

Mathews Thomas Henry, farmer

Matthews Thomas James, boat owner

Pearce Benjamin, Ship hotel

Pentreath Elizabeth (Mrs.), shopkeeper

Pentreath Richard, seine owner

Polgrean George, boat owner

Quick George Edward, hair dresser

Richards Elizabeth (Mrs.), shopkeeper

Roberts Samson, boat owner

Rodda James Tonkin, butcher

Rowe & Cock, builders & fish merchants

Rowe James Francis, carpenter

Rowe Richard, boat owner

Rowe William, grocer

Runnalls James, granite quarry owner, Penlee

Taylor Sampson R. coal merchant

Tregenza John, builder

Trembath Josiah, market gardener

Trembath Richard, fish merchant

Trembath William, fish merchant

Trevaskis William, tailor

Trewavas Martin, boat owner

Wallis Jane (Mrs.), fishing tackle dealr

Wallis Sarah (Mrs.), shopkeeper

Williams William, boat builder

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