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This transcript is provided by Diane Donohue with thanks. All editorial annotations are enclosed in [square brackets].

This is a transcript done by one person and will, inevitably contain errors. Researchers are always advised to consult the original registers.

Mariginal notes are shown in {braces} in this transcript and ++ indicates that there was more that has not been copied. Abbreviations that were in the original register:— SP=Smallpox, ng(and similar)=New Burial Ground.


 8 Jan William Bernard Squire of Newlyn aged 3m
12 Jan Hannah Boase of Newlyn aged 61
12 Jan John Madron of Mousehole aged 70
19 Jan Mary Wright of Mousehole aged 74
22 Jan Lydia George of Mousehole aged 79
26 Jan Edwin Charles Madron of Mousehole aged 7m
26 Jan Mary Nicholls of Newlyn aged 12
 2 Feb Richard Mann Cattran of Newlyn aged 81
 4 Feb Lizzie Pearce Laity of Mousehole aged 7m
18 Feb Annie Kent of Newlyn aged 46
25 Feb William Pentreath of Mousehole aged 69 {Treasurer of Hutchens
                                               Charity for many years}
27 Feb William John Carne of Newlyn aged 6
27 Feb Mary Downing of Newlyn aged 72
 2 Mar Myra Dingle of Lamorna aged 10m
 4 Mar Benjamin Harvey of Mousehole aged 9
19 Mar Margaret Thirza Pender of Newlyn aged 1y 8m
21 Mar James Bone of Newlyn aged 9m
22 Mar Mary Wright Trewavas of Mousehole aged 59
31 Mar Amelia Mouls of Newlyn aged 38
 4 Apr Alice Mildred Bonetto of Newlyn aged 10m
 5 Apr William Rawlings of Newlyn aged 91
 9 Apr William Arthur Cotton of Mousehole aged 4
 9 Apr Jane Virgo of Mousehole aged 1y 2m
20 Apr Anne Edwards White of Newlyn aged 18
21 Apr Anne Matthews Glasson of Newlyn aged 33
23 Apr William Bernard James of Newlyn aged 1y 3m
30 Apr Lily Richards of Mousehole aged 26
 3 May Benjamin Green Batten of Newlyn aged 64
 3 May Mary Batten of Newlyn aged 62
 4 May Jane Paul of Newlyn aged 72
 4 May Dorothy Blewett of Newlyn aged 54
 6 May Joseph Trewavas of Mousehole aged 85
23 May Rozilia Johns Maddern of Mousehole aged 49
23 May Robert Bennetts of St. Ives aged 35
23 May Richard James Pollard of Newlyn aged 7
 8 Jun Lily Wallis of Sheffield, Paul aged 12
12 Jun Annie Blewett of Newlyn aged 3
15 Jun Helen Matthews of Madron aged 38
17 Jun Gladys May Bartlett of Newlyn aged 1
18 Jun Stephen Richards of Newlyn aged 71
20 Jun Ann Snell of Tredavoe aged 37
 2 Jul Jane Harvey Mitchell of Street an Nowan aged 30/50[?]
 4 Jul Mary Phillis Rawlings of St. Levan aged 58
 8 Jul Charles Prowse of Lelant aged 71
10 Jul John Grady of Newlyn aged 7m
14 Jul Angelina Richards of Mousehole aged 1y 7m
20 Jul Bernard Victor of Mousehole aged 72
21 Jul Elizabeth Hicks of Mousehole aged 80
25 Jul Mary Warren of Newlyn aged 76
 1 Aug Richards Harvey of Newlyn aged 2
 4 Aug Samuel Cotton Tremethick of Newlyn aged 62
 9 Aug William Colenso of Church Town aged 62 {Inmate of Hutchens Alms House}
14 Aug Thomas Batten Blewett of Newlyn aged 46
23 Aug John Henry Tonkin of Newlyn aged 72
24 Aug James Richards of Newlyn aged 59
28 Aug Joseph Hitchens of Newlyn aged 16
31 Aug Henry Tonkin Bennetts of Newlyn aged 6
 7 Sep Elizabeth Glasson of Newlyn aged 69
14 Sep Mary Kelynack of Newlyn aged 10m
13 Sep J Kneebone Giles of Castallack aged 4m
29 Sep John William Prowse of Higher House aged 37
30 Sep James Richards of Trungle aged 80
 5 Oct Ellen Laura Wallis of Newlyn aged 3m
 7 Oct William Pezzack of Newlyn aged 71
 7 Oct Eveline Wright of Mousehole aged 35
 7 Oct Elizabeth Beale of Church Town aged 60
12 Oct George Matthews of Trevelloe aged 56
31 Oct Caroline Matthews of Newlyn aged 72
 2 Nov Eliza White of Newlyn aged 75
 3 Nov Henry Tucker of Church Town aged 3
 5 Nov Elizabeth Kelynack of Penzance aged 86
 5 Nov Eliza Rogers of Mousehole Road aged 78
15 Nov Jane Rouffignac of Newlyn aged 61
26 Nov Elizabeth Harvey of Newlyn aged 74
29 Nov Sarah Marks of Newlyn aged 82
30 Nov Margaret Richards of Newlyn aged 74
 2 Dec Mary Rowe of Newlyn aged 80
12 Dec Sarah Louisa Cotton of Newlyn aged 34


5 Jan Thomas James Johns of Mousehole aged 31
14 Jan William Mitchell of Newlyn aged 85
16 Jan Harriet Ingle Fox of Newlyn aged 11m
16 Jan Mabel Matthews of Newlyn aged 1y 9m
18 Jan Thomas Henry Richards of Mousehole aged 1y 3m
23 Jan John Henry Tonkin Trahair of Newlyn aged 76
23 Jan Israel Keast of Churchtown aged 78
25 Jan Ethel Simons of Tredavoe aged 9m
25 Jan Elizabeth Anne Carne[?] of Newlyn aged 17
28 Jan Mary Anne Wills of Newlyn aged 76
 4 Feb Richard Cotton of Newlyn aged 89
 4 Feb Edward Matthews of Newlyn aged 7w
 6 Feb Elizabeth Anne Gwenap[?] of Newlyn aged 24
 8 Feb Lilian Gilbert of Newlyn aged 1y 7m
11 Feb Armorel Tregurtha of Newlyn aged 6m
15 Feb Elizabeth Nicholls of Newlyn aged 86
22 Feb Henry Sampson of Newlyn aged 75
28 Feb Anne Allen of Newlyn aged 72
 1 Mar George Glasson of Newlyn aged 82
 4 Mar Catherine Roberts Faul of Mousehole aged 57
 6 Mar Florence Rosatie Peake of Newlyn aged 5m
12 Mar Margaret Sophia Matthews of Newlyn aged 1y 9m
13 Mar Sarah Richards of Newlyn aged 1y 7m
15 Mar Ellen Simons of Newlyn aged 1y 9m
16 Mar Grace Bennetts of Newlyn aged 90
17 Mar George Perryman said to be of Bristol aged 15 {On board trawler, ashore
                                          for shopping slipped and drowned ++}
18 Mar Margaret Susan James of Newlyn aged 5m
25 Mar Lily Richards of Newlyn aged 4m
27 Mar Martha Weeks of Newlyn aged 74
27 Mar Hannah Kliskey of Newlyn aged 80
13 Apr Jane Gilbert of Newlyn aged 7
14 Apr Eleanor Wright Tonkin of Newlyn aged 1y 9m
19 Apr Elizabeth Williams Richards of Newlyn aged 7w
19 Apr Elizabeth Olds of Newlyn aged 87
21 Apr Johanna Trembath of Mousehole aged 74
14 Apr Ellen Matthews of Newlyn aged 5
25 Apr Elizabeth Baker of Newlyn aged 80
26 Apr Elizabeth Trembath of Mousehole aged 86 {Many years kept Post Office, Mousehole}
29 Apr James Pollard of Newlyn aged 2
29 Apr Thomas Gray of Newlyn aged 2
29 Apr Eliza Rowe of Mousehole aged 6
13 May Thomas Badcock of Newlyn aged 72
14 May Joseph Bodinnar Jenkin of Mousehole aged 1y 6m
21 May William Eddy of Rosenithon, St. Keverne aged 59
 7 Jun Elizabeth Richards of Mousehole aged 84
 9 Jun Clarinda Davies of Newlyn aged 23
 9 Jun Mary Ann Strick of Newlyn aged 70
24 Jun William Eddy of Trevelloe aged 83
28 Jun Leonard Richards of Churchtown aged 1y 3m
 1 Jul John Rowe Tucker of Churchtown aged 5
 8 Jul Millie Johns of Mousehole aged 8m
12 Jul John B Oats of Newlyn aged 26
17 Jul Pascoe Richards of Tredavoe aged 72
18 Jul Richard Sydney Bruce Mcguiness of Newlyn aged 13m
21 Jul Edith Oats of Tredavoe aged 1y 9m
22 Jul Nicholas Murley Tucker of Churchtown aged 2
23 Jul John Giles of Castallack aged 59
26 Jul Sarah Jane Williams of Newlyn aged 3
26 Jul Annie Mary Sleeman of Mousehole aged 1y 4m
27 Jul Albert Charles Hall of Trevelloe aged 4 {Bitten by an adder ++}
29 Jul Elizabeth Bella Ladner of Churchtown aged 9m
29 Jul Mary Jane Prowse of Regennis Hill aged 10m
31 Jul Richard Henry Chirgwin of Trungle aged 1y 3m
 3 Aug Robert Johns of Mousehole aged 2y 3m
 9 Aug Emily Bryant of Middle Kymiel aged 15
 9 Aug Johanna Barnes Trembath of Mousehole aged 2
12 Aug Susannah Stone of Newlyn aged 50
 4 Aug John Allen of Newlyn aged 7m
16 Aug Grace Carter of Tredavoe aged 85
18 Aug Henry Bosence Richards of Mousehole aged 52
18 Aug Joseph Stevens of Newlyn aged 8m
23 Aug Phillis Harvey Richards of Newlyn aged 2
31 Aug Francis Bryant of Kymiel aged 54
 1 Sep Annie Vingoe of Newlyn aged 1y 11m
 5 Sep Charles Pearce Mitchell of Newlyn aged 3
 9 Sep John Paul of Newlyn aged 41
12 Sep William Thomas of Newlyn aged 1y 1m
 4 Oct John James Richards of Newlyn aged 2
[?] Sep James Pollard aged 69 {Non-conformist funeral}
 9 Oct Caroline Renfrey of Mousehole aged 70
18 Oct Ann Harvey of Newlyn aged 54
20 Oct Matilda Roberts of Newlyn aged 69
25 Oct Elizabeth Harry of Mousehole aged 74
28 Oct John Kneebone of Churchtown aged 75
 4 Nov John Edwards of Newlyn aged 81
 4 Nov Margaret Harvey of Newlyn aged 73
 6 Nov Martha Hosking of Newlyn aged 73
10 Nov John Stone of Newlyn aged 78
14 Nov Charles Thomas Chappel of Newlyn aged 56
15 Nov Thomas Richards of Newlyn aged 59
16 Nov Richard Williams of Mousehole aged 55
25 Nov James Wright of Baslandew Churchtown aged 85
27 Nov Ann Treneer of Newlyn aged 71
28 Nov Richard Worth of Mousehole aged 68
28 Nov Elizabeth Smith Williams of Newlyn aged 67
 6 Dec Henry Pearce Glasson of Newlyn aged 56
 6 Dec Thomas Semmens of Bollogas aged 76
 7 Dec Agnes James Harris of Mousehole aged 3m
13 Dec Rebecca Chappel of Newlyn aged 84
19 Dec Elizabeth Harvey of Newlyn aged 4
23 Dec William Dawent of Mousehole aged 80


 8 Jan Philip Noah Brocklesby of Halwin aged 69
10 Jan Henry Kelynack of Newlyn aged 58
14 Jan Grace Harvey of Mousehole aged 31
17 Jan Philip Hichens of Newlyn aged 72
24 Jan Richard Trembath James of Newlyn aged 3
27 Jan Alice Richards of Churchtown aged 74 {Inmate of Hutchens Gift House}
13 Feb Jane Wallis Johns of Mousehole aged 64
 7 Feb Grace Charity Osborne of Chyenhall aged 30
 9 Feb Jane Nicholas of Mousehole aged 84
14 Feb Jane Matthews of Lamorna aged 22
16 Feb Martin Reynolds of Newlyn aged 66
22 Feb John Wellington of Mousehole aged 84
22 Feb Ann Jefferey of St. Burian aged 82
24 Feb William Reseigh of Mousehole aged 72
26 Feb Elizabeth Ann Francis of Newlyn aged 1y 7m
29 Feb Margaret James Strick of Newlyn aged 34
 1 Mar Horace Blewett of Mousehole aged 1y 9m
 4 Mar Jane Osborne of Churchtown aged 79
 8 Mar John Henry Johns of Trungle aged 11m
 9 Mar William Badcock Humphries of Mousehole aged 49
11 Mar Henry Sampson Wills of Newlyn aged 14 {Coroner's Order. Died after
                         few minutes illness of enlargement of the heart}
12 Mar William Rouffignac of Newlyn aged 53
12 Mar Agnes Paddy of Tredavoe aged 22
18 Mar Frfances Sarah Kelynack of Newlyn aged 3
19 Mar James Strick of Newlyn aged 33
26 Mar Sarah Ann Carey of Mousehole aged 55
 1 Apr Ann Weymouth Chirgwin of Trungle aged 82
 1 Apr Sarah Pentreath of Mousehole aged 84
 2 Apr John Nicholls of Newlyn aged 43
 3 Apr Benjamin Jacka of Newlyn aged 81
 6 Apr Selina Curnow of Penolva aged 76
10 Apr William Lampen of Newlyn aged 72
10 Apr Mary Williams of Newlyn aged 77
15 Apr Jane Wallis of Newlyn aged 7 {Coroner's order. Clothing caught on
                                     fire, died of shock within 3 hrs ++}
17 Apr Arthur Willis of Newlyn aged 64
27 Apr Samuel Harry of Mousehole aged 80 {Coroner's order}
 1 May Richard Giles of Castallack aged 18
 3 May Lucy Ann Daves of Newlyn aged 16
 8 May Lucy Ann Badcock of Newlyn aged 60
 8 May Arthur Henry Perry of Chyenhall Moor aged 4m
11 May Adeline James of Newlyn aged 8m
13 May Margaret Maddern of Mousehole aged 69
15 May Thomas Chappell of Paul Hill, Newlyn aged 83
17 May Elizabeth Ann Rowe of Newlyn aged 33
22 May Rovina Frances Kelynack of Mousehole aged 32
24 May Mary Jane Stephens of Newlyn aged 27
30 May Elizabeth Mary Warren of Newlyn aged 57
30 May Johanna Paynter Daniel of Newlyn aged 74
 5 Jun George Marrack Trevaskis of Newlyn aged 17 {Coroner's order}
18 Jun Alexander James of Newlyn aged 78
 1 Jul James Page of Lamorna aged 80
 2 Jul Philip Daniel Hodder of Newlyn aged 3m
 6 Jul Elizabeth Lanyon of Newlyn aged 86
 6 Jul Samuel Gordon Rawlings of Newlyn aged 1
 9 Jul Catherine Williams of Newlyn aged 60
12 Jul Mary Ustick Matthews of Kerris Vean aged 79
24 Jul Fanny Pearce of Street an Nowan aged 75
27 Jul Ethel James of Newlyn aged 1
 3 Aug Elizabeth Richards Mclary of Mousehole aged 4m
16 Aug Johanna Badock of White Caunce aged 56
16 Aug John Batten of Mousehole aged 31
 7 Sep Grace Taskes of Newlyn aged 78
15 Sep Elizabeth Mary Williams of Newlyn aged 67
 1 Oct Catherine Blewett of Mousehole aged 11m
12 Oct Martin Teague of Churchtown aged 73
20 Oct Jane Mitchell Harvey of Newlyn aged 8m
21 Oct James Richards of Tolcarne aged 64
 4 Nov Leslie Wormold of Tolcarne aged 2m
12 Sep[?] Lavinia Ann Richards of Newlyn aged 40
 4 Nov Nancy James Richards of Newlyn aged 64
 6 Nov Elizabeth Tregurtha James of Newlyn
14 Nov None Given Richards of Newlyn
15 Nov Maria Tonkin of Newlyn aged 78
18 Nov John Bartle of Tolcarne, Madron aged 45
16 Dec Elizabeth Matthews of Newlyn aged 33
17 Dec Alexander James of Newlyn aged 10
20 Dec Matilda Roberts Willis of Newlyn aged 5m
20 Dec Thomas Batten of Newlyn aged 71
23 Dec Mary Pentreath of Mousehole aged 64
23 Dec Caroline Payne of Newlyn aged 70


 1 Jan Eliza Oats of Penzance Infirmary aged 35 {Tredavoe}
10 Jan James B Richards of Newlyn aged 71
11 Jan John Yeamon Paul of Newlyn aged 1y 4m
14 Jan Frances Annie Hosking of Newlyn aged 50
17 Jan Mary Thomas of Newlyn aged 86
21 Jan Richard Boase Kelynack of Newlyn aged 65
22 Jan Mary Rowe of Tolcarne, Madron aged 69
24 Jan Edward Paddy of Madron aged 82
25 Jan Ann Williams of Newlyn aged 77
 1 Feb Jane Francis of Newlyn aged 55
15 Feb Charles Badcock of Newlyn aged 40 {Coroner's order}
18 Feb Sarah Thomas of Sheffield, Paul aged 75
19 Feb Martha Ellen Hall of Lamorna aged 2
 5 Mar Margaret Ann Harvey of Mousehole aged 57
 5 Mar John Bramble Richards of Newlyn aged 64
14 Mar Elizabeth Keverne of Trungle, Paul aged 72
15 Mar William Jaco of Newlyn aged 73
15 Mar Francis James of Newlyn aged 74
17 Mar Honor Plomer of Newlyn aged 77
18 Mar John Tonkin James of Newlyn aged 53
 2 Apr Mary Annie Trewavas of Mousehole aged 1y 2m
 8 Apr Martha Dusting of Newlyn aged 70
11 Apr Emily Batten of Newlyn aged 24
11 Apr Cyprian Nicholls of Newlyn aged 80
22 Apr Thomas Henry Cotton of Newlyn aged 43
23 Apr Elizabeth Angwin of Newlyn aged 69
23 Apr Louisa Emily Warren of Newlyn aged 31
26 Apr Henry Downing of Newlyn aged 69
28 Apr Amelia Richards of Newlyn aged 5
28 Apr Honor Richards of Newlyn aged 3
 1 May Honor Botheras of Trevithal aged 52
 3 May Prudence Rouffignac of Newlyn aged 69
 7 May Elizabeth Maddern Harvey of Newlyn aged 4
 9 May Margaret Yeaman of Mousehole aged 77
11 May Elizabeth Bone of Newlyn aged 68
20 May Joseph Pollard of Churchtown aged 73 {Inmate Hutchens Alms House}
21 May John Beale of Newlyn aged 85
23 May Eliza James of Newlyn aged 53
23 May Ann Roberts of Newlyn aged 70
 2 Jun Hilda Blewett of Mousehole aged 1y 2m
 6 Jun Ann Drew of Mousehole aged 85
 6 Jun James James of Newlyn aged 31
17 Jun Margaret Nicholls of Newlyn aged 72
22 Jun William Henry Snell of Newlyn aged 57
28 Jun Maria Row of Buryas Bridge aged 35
29 Jun William Kneebone of Newlyn aged 54
 3 Jul William Egbert Rowe of Buryas aged 4
 3 Jul Elsie Jaco of Newlyn aged 8
 7 Jul John Dorian of Newlyn aged 49
 8 Jul Jane Thomas of Newlyn aged 70
11 Jul James Henry of Newlyn aged 83 {For many years respected member of Church Choir}
11 Jul Arrabella Gruzelier of Mousehole aged 84
12 Jul Albert Polgrean of Tolcarne aged 34
13 Jul William Arthur Johns of Mousehole aged 18
13 Jul Martha Matthews of Mousehole aged 5
15 Jul Henry Harvey of Cliff Castle, Newlyn aged 2m
15 Jul Thomas Tregurtha of Newlyn aged 45
19 Jul Caroline Richards of Tolcarne, Madron aged 72
19 Jul Elizabeth Jeffery Richards of Newlyn aged 6m {Coroner's order}
20 Jul Susan Pooley Matthews of Newlyn aged 3
27 Jul Annie Carter Richards of Newlyn aged 60
27 Jul William Allen Maddern of Penzance aged 68 {Late of Todden Castle, Paul}
30 Jul Leslie Randolph Pruden of Newlyn aged 6m
31 Jul Samuel Percy Tremethick of Newlyn aged 2m
 3 Aug Augustine Harvey of Mousehole aged 26
 5 Aug Ellen Jane Stone of Newlyn aged 17
 6 Aug Grace Gilbert of Kerris, Paul aged 87
 8 Aug Philip Hosking of Newlyn aged 11
12 Aug Melchesedeck Murrish of Mousehole aged 49
13 Aug John White of Fore St., Newlyn aged 11m
14 Aug Amelia Jane Humphreys of Newlyn aged 33
16 Aug George Henry Barnes of Chyenhall Moor aged 1y 6m
18 Aug Mary Ellen Llewellyn of Sheffield, Paul aged 1y 10m
22 Aug Mary Wright of Newlyn aged 14
30 Aug William Nation of Newlyn aged 72 {Much respected Primitive Methodist
                                         Minister, long resident in Newlyn}
30 Aug Blanche Harvey of Tolcarne, Madron aged 2
 3 Sep William Oates of Newlyn aged 60
 4 Sep Charles Williams of Coulsons Buildings, Penzance aged 84
 4 Sep Kate Harvey of Madron aged 4
 9 Sep Walter James Medway of Tolcanre, Madron aged 4
11 Sep Laura Hitchens of Tredavoe aged 17
12 Sep William Batten of Newlyn aged 3
12 Sep John Osborne of Newlyn aged 8
13 Sep John Carne of Paul aged 82
17 Sep Edward James of Mousehole aged 78
18 Sep Mary Jane Pezzack of Newlyn aged 67
26 Sep Kate Jeffery of Newlyn aged 10m
29 Sep Lucy Marion Polglase of Newlyn aged 4m
 3 Oct Richard Pentreath of Mousehole aged 71
11 Oct Joseph Batten of Newlyn aged 77
 7 Oct Anne Rowe of Newlyn aged 67
13 Oct Susan Jane Downing of Mousehole aged 12
15 Oct Richard Payne of Newlyn aged 17
18 Oct William Boase of Newlyn aged 4m
24 Oct Richard Harry Simons of Mousehole aged 2
24 Oct Andrew William of Newlyn aged 2
30 Oct Elizabeth James of Newlyn aged 87
 3 Nov Priscilla Bonetto of Newlyn aged 2
 3 Nov Flora Cotton of Newlyn aged 23
 9 Nov Francis May Paddy of Newlyn aged 4m
14 Nov Jane Paul of Mousehole aged 79
15 Nov Sarah Ann Cattran of Newlyn aged 36
17 Nov Abraham Klisky of Newlyn aged 11m
21 Nov Henry Hubevin[?] Richards of Mousehole aged 1
26 Nov Johanna Strick of Newlyn aged 60
27 Nov Lavinia Pentreath of Mousehole aged 8m
28 Nov Christopher Thomas of Newlyn aged 15
29 Nov Mary Carter of Newlyn aged 85
30 Nov Jane Eddy of Mousehole aged 82
 1 Dec Ruth Sleeman of Ragennis Hill aged 1y 4m
 5 Dec John Blewett of Newlyn aged 84
 8 Dec Henry Richards of Newlyn aged 73
10 Dec John Francis of Newlyn aged 55
15 Dec Matilda Harris of Newlyn aged 68
13 Dec Grace Sampson of Newlyn aged 13
22 Dec Joseph Hichens of Newlyn aged 65
24 Dec James Thomas Richards of Paul aged 46
26 Dec Agnes Jane Robins of Paul aged 57 {For many years Caretaker of the Church}
29 Dec Jessie Maddern of St. Just aged 9m
30 Dec Frederick Thomas Bottrell of Sheffield, Paul aged 5m


 6 Jan Mary Amir Harvey of Mousehole aged 27
 9 Jan Caroline Oates Osborne of Chyanhall Moor aged 70
10 Jan Catherine Willis of Newlyn aged 4m
10 Jan James Trenowth of Mousehole aged 86
12 Jan William Henry Harvey of Newlyn aged 18m
13 Jan Martin Cattran of 1 Jennings St., Penzance aged 74
13 Jan Eliza Jane Cattran of 1 Jennings St., Penzance aged 66
21 Jan James Wallis of Paul Hill, Paul aged 80
28 Jan Elizabeth Pollard of Newlyn aged 71 {Coroner's inquest}
31 Jan Mary Weymouth Hichens of Newlyn aged 6
31 Jan Mary James of Newlyn aged 74
 5 Feb Bessie Richards of Newlyn aged 34
 7 Feb William Richards Perry of Newlyn aged 10w
 9 Feb Elizabeth Worth of Mousehole aged 64
14 Feb Richard Hall of Trevelloe, Paul aged 55
17 Feb Beatrice Johns of Trungle Moor, Paul aged 5 {Unbaptised. Buried with service
                                                    in Diocesan Calender}
24 Feb Frank Reynolds of Newlyn aged 19
 4 Mar James Hosking of Newlyn aged 69
 9 Mar Philippa Rowe White of Newlyn aged 60
18 Mar Sydney Reynolds of Bollogas aged 1
23 Mar Grace Richards of Newlyn aged 100 {This aged person would have been
                              101 if lived another 6 wks. Born 7 May 1793}
25 Mar Anne[?] Nancy Page of Lamorna aged 71
26 Mar Jane Harry of Mousehole aged 67
28 Mar James Thomas of Mousehole aged 1y 10m
30 Mar Joshua Smith Johns of Newlyn aged 59
31 Mar William Paddy of Newlyn aged 41
 1 Apr Emmeline Andrews of Newlyn aged 6
 2 Apr Elsie Margaret Mary Snell of Newlyn aged 11m
 3 Apr Phillis Hichens of Newlyn aged 75
 5 Apr Joseph Francis Symons of Newlyn aged 2m
 7 Apr Mary Pollard of Mousehole aged 76
10 Apr Mary Hichens of Newlyn aged 74
16 Apr Alexander Polglaze of Newlyn aged 85
22 Apr William Warren of Newlyn aged 70
25 Apr Jessie Wright Treleaven of Newlyn aged 18
25 Apr Annie Jenkin of Newlyn aged 22
30 Apr Henry Harvey of Mousehole aged 86
30 Apr Thomas Harvey of Newlyn aged 10m
 2 May William Henry Tregurtha of Newlyn aged 73
 5 May Charlotte Corin Bodinar of Newlyn aged 47
10 May Simon Downing of Newlyn aged 79
15 May George Glasson of Newlyn aged 53
27 May Amelia Wallis of Bosava aged 74
[?] May Jabez Ash of Newlyn {Non-conformist funeral}
 7 Jun William Charles Gilbert of Newlyn aged 8
 8 Jun William Richards of Newlyn {Non-conformist funeral}
18 Jun Dorothy Hichens of Newlyn aged 74
21 Jun Philippa Jane Tonkin of Newlyn aged 10m
27 Jun William Henry Pentreath of Mousehole aged 69
30 Jun Margaret Jane Polgrean of Mousehole aged 55
11 Jul Mary Jane Semmens of Trewarrveneth Vean aged 60
 1 Aug Ellen Payne Reynolds of Newlyn aged 1y 11m
 7 Aug Sally Humphries of Mousehole aged 88
19 Aug Joseph Williams Tippet of Churchtown aged 66
20 Aug Elizabeth Ann Kitchen of Newlyn aged 46 {Coroner's order}
 7 Sep Sarah Smith of Mousehole aged 62
 9 Sep James Richards of Newlyn aged 60
16 Sep Margaret Jane Kent of Newlyn aged 39
26 Sep Grace Chirgwin Angwin of Mousehole aged 72
30 Sep Eliza Stphenson of Newlyn aged 75
 1 Oct Grace Treeve Harvey of Mousehole aged 65
22 Oct Sarah Jane James of Mousehole aged 58
26 Oct Jane Johns Symons of Newlyn aged 66
27 Oct Henry Sampson of Mousehole aged 23 {Coroner's inquest}
28 Oct Richard Jenkin of Mousehole aged 55
11 Nov Ethel Austin of Raggennis aged 2
14 Nov Margaret Trevaskis of Newlyn aged 74
19 Nov Ethel Richards of Chyenhall aged 1y 10m
23 Nov Emily Harvey Edwards of Newlyn aged 6
25 Nov Charles Hicks of Churchtown aged 49 {Coroner's inquest}
30 Nov Margaret Ann Jaco of Tolcarne aged 45
 2 Dec Thomas Richards of Mousehole aged 71
10 Dec William Boase of Newlyn aged 70
12 Dec Hannah Smith Batten of Newlyn aged 11m
14 Dec Frances Harvey of Trungle aged 9m
18 Dec Emily Glasson of Newlyn aged 6m
21 Dec Jane Mitchell of Newlyn aged 82
23 Dec Jane Harvey of Back Wellington Terrace, Penzance aged 69
23 Dec Eliza Harvey of Newlyn aged 71
26 Dec Thomas Harvey of Newlyn aged 65


13 Jan Elizabeth Marrack Reynolds of Newlyn aged 9m {Twins as per register}
22 Jan Anne Tregurtha Reynolds of Newlyn aged 10m {Twins as per register}
30 Jan Adeline Lucinda James of Newlyn aged 1m
 2 Feb Ann Downing of Newlyn aged 77
 2 Feb John Barnes of Newlyn aged 64
 3 Feb Anne Blewett of Mousehole aged 85
 5 Feb William Bennett Paul of Newlyn aged 70
 8 Feb Mary Oats of Newlyn aged 38
 9 Feb Benjamin Carvosso Harvey of Mousehole aged 65
 9 Feb Sarah Pentreath of Mousehole aged 49
10 Feb John Austin of Churchtown aged 81
12 Feb Edward Stephenson of Newlyn aged 3
13 Feb Elizabeth Ann Blewett of Mousehole aged 57
13 Feb Grace Hichens of Newlyn aged 78
15 Feb Mary Stone of Madron aged 76
17 Feb Richard Williams of Newlyn aged 41
17 Feb Lavinia Murley of Newlyn aged 68
17 Feb William Harvey of Penzance aged 68
 1 Mar Harold Mann of Newlyn aged 4m
 2 Mar Annie Lugle[?] Fox of Stable Hobba aged 10m
28 Feb John Vivian Lutey of Chyenhall aged 1y 6m
 3 Mar Elizabeth Tonkin of Tolcarne aged 74
 3 Mar Thomas Michell Rogers of Trevelloe aged 68
 6 Mar Elizabeth Reynolds of Newlyn aged 27
 6 Mar Mary Elizabeth Perry of Newlyn aged 10m
15 Mar Margery Seccombe of Mousehole aged 83
17 Mar James Trenowth of Lamorna aged 61
19 Mar None Given Topping of Mousehole infant {Non-conformist funeral}
20 Mar George Waters of Mousehole aged 74
22 Mar Betsy Maddern of Newlyn aged 84
20 Mar Elizabeth Jane Llewellyn of Sheffield, Paul aged 32
31 Mar Thomas Paul of Newlyn aged 84
31 Mar Jane Harvey Mitchell of Newlyn aged 16
 2 Apr James Daniel of Newlyn aged 78
 5 Apr Charles Eernest Hall Williams of Newlyn aged 7m
 7 Apr Bertha Rowe of Newlyn aged 3
 7 Apr Wilfred Chellew Badcock of Bosana
 9 Apr Catherine Richards of Newlyn aged 76
13 Apr Mary James Oats of Newlyn aged 11
16 Apr Mary Cotton of Paul aged 1m
17 Apr Olive Rowe of Newlyn aged 5m
24 Apr Jane Pentreath of Mousehole aged 69
27 Apr Fred Tippet of Trungle Moor aged 2
 5 May Grace Paul of Newlyn aged 1
 7 May Mary Harvey Worth of Mousehole aged 66
12 May Eliza Edmonds Cotton of Sheffield, Paul aged 28
15 May Jane Wallis of Mousehole aged 33
24 May Maria Reynolds of Balloggos, Paul aged 64
29 May Hanah James of Newlyn aged 46
 8 Jun Elizabeth Matthews Thomas of Newlyn aged 77
12 Jun Minnie Warren of Paul Hill aged 13
16 Jun Ann Quick Curtis of Mousehole aged 62
27 Jun Jane Mann of Newlyn aged 87
30 Jun Elizabeth May Bottrell of Kerris aged 2m
 7 Jul Mary Badcock of Newlyn aged 3
14 Jul Thomas Treleaven of Newlyn aged 72
23 Jul Thomas Maddern of Penzance aged 79
18 Aug Thomas John Nicholls of Newlyn aged 7m
18 Aug William Bryant Trenowth of Sheffield, Paul aged 4
19 Aug Samuel Plomer of Mylor aged 83
24 Aug Phillis Glasson of Newlyn aged 66
24 Aug Francis Kelynack of Newlyn aged 96
27 Aug Florence Collins of Newlyn aged 7m
 1 Sep Clarise Hilda Barnes of Fawgan aged 4
 2 Sep Beatrice Lilian Vingoe of Newlyn aged 2m
 8 Sep Mary Cornish of Newlyn aged 91
11 Sep Mary Waters of Mousehole aged 71
22 Sep Enid Mann of Mousehole aged 8m
22 Sep Jessie Harvey of Churchtown aged 4
25 Sep Henry Richards of Newlyn aged 82
28 Sep Frederick Rowe of Newlyn aged 9w
30 Sep Phyllis Symons of Mousehole aged 59
 1 Oct Emmeline Richards of Newlyn aged 22
 2 Oct Elizabeth Treleven of Newlyn aged 53
 2 Oct Thomas Warren of Trungle aged 92
13 Oct John Norman Bottrell of Catchall, St. Burian aged 3m
20 Oct Thomas Blewett Osborne of Newlyn aged 62
28 Oct John Tonkin of Newlyn aged 90
24 Oct Elizabeth Warren of Stable Hobba, Paul aged 70
28 Oct Julia Smith of Mousehole aged 73
 1 Nov Ann Richards of Tolcarfne aged 80
23 Nov Honor Richards of Newlyn aged 62
29 Nov Elfrida Cornish of Red House aged 5m
 5 Dec William Vingoe of Newlyn aged 85
 8 Dec Mary Ann Trevaskis of Tolcarne aged 55
11 Dec Stephen Paul of Newlyn aged 2m
18 Dec Stanley Clifford Nicholas of Newlyn aged 3m
22 Dec William Harris of Newlyn aged 75
31 Dec Jane Tonkin of Penzance aged 33
31 Dec Mary Jenkin of Mousehole aged 81


 9 Jan Mary Louise Wilkins of Mousehole aged 10m
14 Jan Elizabeth Cock of Newlyn aged 61
14 Jan Nannie[?] Matthews of Trungle aged 8
21 Jan James Richards of Newlyn aged 6
24 Jan Mary Ann Jane Webber of Mousehole aged 87
28 Jan Minnie Quick of Mousehole aged 2m
29 Jan James Ash of Newlyn aged 1y 8m {Coroner's order}
30 Jan Elizabeth Ellen Ash of Churchtown aged 16
 2 Feb Leslie Randolph Pender of Newlyn aged 1y 10m
 5 Feb Arnold Pender of Newlyn aged 6m
 7 Feb Eliza Jane Matthews of Mousehole aged 52
 8 Feb John Arthur Carne of Mousehole aged 2
10 Feb Abednego Harvey of Mousehole aged 85
14 Feb William Murley of Camborne aged 64
16 Feb Violet Trevaskis of Mousehole aged 1y 6m
17 Feb Jane Harvey of Newlyn aged 62
21 Feb John Downing of Newlyn aged 1y 1m
 4 Mar Nannie Waters of Trungle aged 74
17 Mar John Henry Snell of Penzance aged 18
27 Mar Anna Flora Worth of Mousehole aged 1y 2m
 1 Apr William Rowe Cattran of Churchtown aged 75 {Inmate Hutchens House}
 4 Apr Rhoda Jane Vingoe of Penzance aged 2
 6 Apr Johanna Maddern of Mousehole aged 39
20 Apr Cyprian Richard Wallis of Newlyn aged 72
24 Apr Thomas Strick of Newlyn aged 79
26 Apr William Williams Worth of Mousehole aged 44
26 Apr Elizabeth Hosking of Newlyn aged 86
28 Apr Winifred May Nicholls of Newlyn aged 2m
 1 May Phillis Tonkin of Newlyn aged 70
12 May Benjamin Varley of Ludham, Norfolk {Supposed fell overboard
                                           Lowestoft Boat 12 Apr ++}
12 May Mary Emma Keast of Churchtown aged 12
18 May Mary Jane James of Newlyn aged 73
21 May John Rouffignac of Newlyn aged 3
26 May Richard Mitchell Harvey of Newlyn aged 4m
 7 Jun George James of Newlyn aged 11
 9 Jun Mary Harvey of Bodmin aged 67
11 Jun Richard Matthews of Newlyn aged 1
12 Jun Ann Phillips Klisky of Newlyn aged 11m
22 Jun Charles Pezzack of Mousehole aged 8
10 Jul Emmanuel Drew of Mousehole aged 3m
10 Jul Nicholas Richards of Tolcarne, Madron aged 69
13 Jul Mary Nicholls of Castallack aged 74
20 Jul Agnes Frances Harvey of Mousehole aged 51
28 Jul Thomas Phillips of Mousehole aged 60
29 Jul Minnie Semmens of Tredavoe aged 1y 11m
30 Jul Henry Norman Snell of Tolcarne, Madron aged 10m
31 Jul Christian Batten of Newlyn aged 86
 1 Aug Emily Cornish of Mousehole aged 64
 7 Aug Sarah Jane Thomas of Lundy Island aged 33 {Died whilst visiting
                                                  there from Mousehole}
12 Aug William Henry Tonkin of Newlyn aged 4
12 Aug Mary Downing Hosking of Newlyn aged 56
18 Aug John Charles Thomas of Newlyn aged 4m
21 Aug Hannah Harvey of Newlyn aged 67
25 Aug Edwin James of Paul Hill aged 10m
28 Aug Lucy Mabel Cox of Mousehole aged 6m
11 Sep Andrew Gruzelier Richards of Tolcarne aged 76
13 Sep James Oliver of Tredavoe aged 86
13 Sep Thomas Mathews of Newlyn aged 58
14 Sep Henry Coulls[?] of Newlyn aged 61
16 Sep Benjamin Richards of Newlyn aged 71
17 Sep Annie Geach Vingoe of Newlyn aged 23
18 Sep Mary Ann Johns of Mousehole aged 72
24 Sep Mary Humphrys of Newlyn aged 53
29 Sep Edward Cattran of Newlyn aged 70
25 Oct Mary Rowe Bodinnar of Penzance aged 77
25 Oct Annie Richards of Newlyn aged 2
 3 Nov Elizabeth Jane Tippet of Churchtown aged 57
11 Nov Charles Mann of Mousehole aged 73
12 Nov Margaret Trewavas of Mousehole aged 61
22 Nov Emily Dewins of Mousehole aged 63
25 Nov Richard Payne of Newlyn aged 72
 6 Dec William Watters of Trungle, Paul aged 54
13 Dec Hannah Norster of Newlyn aged 23
18 Dec John Tregurtha Harvey of Newlyn aged 72
25 Dec Frederick Wright of Mousehole aged 79
29 Dec William Pentreath Wright of Newlyn aged 55
30 Dec Elizabeth Jane Drew of Mousehole aged 19
31 Dec Caroline Harvey of St. Ives aged 61


13 Jan Elizabeth Marian Hodder of Jack Lane, Paul aged 1
15 Jan Philip Worth of Mousehole aged 55
17 Jan James Jenkin of Fore St., Newlyn aged 20m
18 Jan Catherine Maddern of 23 Adelaide St., Penzance aged 66
 1 Feb Lucy Ann Davis of Newlyn aged 89
 6 Feb James Bodinar Trahair of Newlyn aged 38
10 Feb Laura Jane Oliver of Mousehole aged 22
24 Feb John Pentreath of Mousehole aged 75
24 Feb William Waters of Trungle aged 76
26 Feb Mary Thereza Ash of Mousehole aged 1y 1m
27 Feb Enid Richards Cary of Mousehole aged 1y 3m
28 Feb William Bone of Newlyn aged 74
 1 Mar Richard Warren of Newlyn aged 72
 3 Mar Elizabeth Jane Richards Matthews of Croftwest aged 6m
 9 Mar Peter Thomas of Newlyn aged 55 {Coroner's order}
14 Mar William Charles Curtis of Mousehole aged 8m
14 Mar Thomas Carne of Newlyn aged 57
17 Mar Malinda Jane Carne of Mousehole aged 25
19 Mar George Downing of Newlyn aged 72
27 Mar Elizabeth Sampson of Newlyn aged 77
28 Mar Thomas Oats of Newlyn aged 81
 9 Apr Benaiah Eddy Nicholls of Castallack aged 1y 6m
11 Apr John Charles Jeffrey of Newlyn aged 23
11 Apr Garfield White of Newlyn aged 9m
21 Apr John Richards of Madron aged 71
23 Apr Catherine Pollard of Mousehole aged 70
24 Apr Harold Victor of Mousehole aged 9m
27 Apr Mary Chirgwin Richards of Newlyn aged 70
30 Apr Harold Chirgwin of Churchtown aged 10
 5 May Claude Montague Stevenson of Newlyn aged 5
 9 May William Charles Hall of Lamorna aged 8
12 May William Beadon of Newlyn aged 92
30 May Elizabeth Ann Bone of Newlyn aged 42
16 May Eliza Wright Blewett of Mousehole aged 62
 4 Jun Mary Ann Harvey of Mousehole aged 62
14 Jun John Hastings Kelynack of Newlyn aged 2m
15 Jun Priscilla Winn of White Caunce aged 34
 3 Jul Ann Batten of Newlyn aged 74
14 Jul Violet Jenkin of Mousehole aged 2
18 Jul Emily Trevena of Newlyn aged 46
20 Jul Victoria May Glasson of Newlyn aged 3m
23 Jul Ellen Curnow Green of Paul Hill aged 52
25 Jul Honor Hilbert Guy of Jack Lane aged 73
25 Jul Susan Allen of Newlyn aged 33
28 Jul Lucy Cox of Mousehole aged 32
30 Jul Dorothy Grace Treneer of Newlyn aged 12m
 1 Aug Edwin Chirgwin of Newlyn aged 59 {Early youth constant member of
                                         church, choir, band of ringers ++}
 7 Aug William Charles Fox of Stable Hobba, Paul aged 2 {Coroner's order.
           Strychnine prepared for rats, died great suffering within an hour}
10 Aug Richard Downing of Newlyn aged 14
23 Aug Anna Smith Batten of Newlyn aged 7m
25 Aug James Tonkin Rodda of Churchtown aged 52
27 Aug Elizabeth Richards Simons of Newlyn aged 8m
28 Aug Mary Annie Symons of Newlyn aged 4m
 4 Sep Thomas Henry Eddy of Mousehole aged 11m[?]
 6 Sep Jane Jacka of Newlyn aged 82
16 Sep John Bonetto of Newlyn aged 70
19 Sep John Hichens of Newlyn aged 76
27 Sep Catherine Leah of Penzance aged 76
27 Sep Ellen James Richards of Newlyn aged 3
 1 Oct Mary Francis Ivey of Newlyn aged 10m
 1 Oct Ann Richards of Newlyn aged 82
 2 Oct Susan Mary Trewavas of Mousehole aged 8m
 6 Oct Jane Trewhella Collins of Newlyn aged 1y 6m
 8 Oct Archie James of Newlyn aged 7
 9 Oct William Matthews of Kerris Vean aged 87
10 Oct Phillis Mann of Newlyn aged 82
19 Oct Alexander Richards James of Newlyn aged 53
19 Oct Ellen Curnow of Newlyn aged 57
30 Oct Frederick Johns of Mousehole aged 75
 3 Nov Phillis Richards of Newlyn aged 69
12 Nov Stephen Nicholls Morton of Newlyn aged 9m {Coroner's order}
20 Nov Alfred Owen Pender of Mousehole aged 2
27 Nov William Mcguiness of Newlyn aged 56
30 Nov Edward Glasson of Newlyn aged 26
 6 Dec Hannah Tonkin of Newlyn aged 87
 7 Dec John Blewett Wright of Churchtown aged 87 {Inmate of Hutchens Gift House}
11 Dec Elizabeth Chirgwin of Newlyn aged 59
15 Dec Elizabeth Jane Pollard of Newlyn aged 3
17 Dec Elizabeth Laura Pollard of Kemyel aged 5m {Coroner's order}
22 Dec Thomas Keigwin Harvey of Newlyn aged 15m


 1 Jan William Polkinghorne Davey of Newlyn aged 75
 4 Jan John Wills of Newlyn aged 84
 5 Jan Elizabeth Downing of Newlyn aged 74
 9 Jan Elizabeth Irene Penrose Wallis of Mousehole aged 5
12 Jan Mary Phillips of Newlyn aged 86
18 Jan Thomas Tonkin of Newlyn aged 62 {Stepped inadvertently through hatch.
                     Killed instantly. Coroner's order. School Att. Off. ++}
26 Jan John Nicholls of Newlyn aged 80
30 Jan John James Mitchell of Newlyn aged 9m
 2 Feb Thomas Henry Harvey of Kerris aged 1y 6m
 4 Feb William Harvey of Newlyn aged 76
 7 Feb Arthur Hichens of Newlyn aged 81
 8 Feb Everett Bartlett of Newlyn aged 6 {Coroner's order}
 8 Feb Catherine Curtis of Trevenyack, Marazion aged 64
11 Feb Elizabeth Toman of Newlyn aged 84
11 Feb Nicholas Robins Murley of Churchtown aged 36
12 Feb John Maddern of Newlyn aged 73
15 Feb Elizabeth Badcock of Tredavoe aged 74
18 Feb Catherine Gord of Mousehole aged 64
20 Feb John Daniel Richards of Newlyn aged 78
20 Feb Richard Drew of Sheffield, Paul aged 55
21 Feb Richard Bodinar of Mousehole aged 74
21 Feb Ann Giles of Raginnis aged 64
25 Feb John Trewavas of Mousehole aged 66 {Much respected good
                                           influence on young people ++}
24 Feb James Tonkin Trahair of Newlyn aged 79
25 Feb Richard Rowe of Rolcarne aged 77
28 Feb Jane Waters of Mousehole aged 77 {Coroner's order. Died suddenly}
 1 Mar Eliza Pollard of Holly Dale, Paul aged 76
 1 Mar James Maddern of Newlyn aged 74
 5 Mar Marguerite Snell of Stable Hobba aged 1y 11m
 6 Mar Edwin Albert Victor of Newlyn aged 9m
 6 Mar Elswitha Worth of Mousehole aged 14
11 Mar Elizabeth Gwennap of Chyenhall, Paul aged 30 {Coroner's order.}
12 Mar Hugh Badcock of Tolcarne, Madron aged 62
13 Mar Olivia Sleeman of Newlyn aged 4m
13 Mar Walter Botrell of Catchall, Sancreed aged 1y 2m
15 Mar Ann White of Newlyn aged 50
20 Mar Elizabeth Ann Pezzack of Mousehole aged 64
20 Mar John Maddern Johns of Mousehole aged 50
31 Mar Susan Harvey Nicholls Courtenay of Newlyn aged 52 {Coroner's order.}
 1 Apr William Thomas Drew of Churchtown aged 1y 4m
 2 Apr Harold Reynolds of Bollagas aged 9m
 2 Apr John Hichens Taskis of Newlyn aged 26
 3 Apr Charles Harvey of Newlyn aged 86
 3 Apr Grace Sampson of Newlyn aged 83
 4 Apr Mary Ann Rogers of Raginnis aged 67
 5 Apr Ruth Cary of Mousehole aged 37
 5 Apr John Bonetto of Penzance aged 45
 5 Apr Jane James of Newlyn aged 82
12 Apr John Polgrean of Mousehole aged 5
13 Apr Charles Thomas Prowse of Sheffield, Paul aged 6m
14 Apr Mary Ann Pearce of 89 Ledbury Rd., London aged 26 {Native of Newlyn}
15 Apr Edward Ladner of Tolcarne, Madron aged 81
17 Apr Patty Edmonds of Mousehole aged 75
23 Apr William Henry Williams of Newlyn aged 64
19 May Eliza Polglase of Newlyn aged 80
21 May Mary Pollard of Newlyn aged 45
29 May Eliza Harvey of Paul aged 75
 3 Jun Matilda Nicholls of Newlyn aged 70
10 Jun Ann Polgalse of The Coombe, Paul aged 70
10 Jun William Wroath of Mousehole aged 44
19 Jun Mary Martha Rowe of Newlyn aged 13
28 Jun John Trenowth of Mousehole aged 69
28 Jun John Richards of Newlyn aged 76
30 Jun Mary Humphrys of Heamoor, Madron aged 52
 5 Jul Elizabeth Catherine Wright of Mousehole aged 73
13 Aug Elizabeth Sampson of Newlyn aged 65
16 Aug Henry Alfred Williams of Newlyn aged 3m
21 Aug Elizabeth Jane Bond of Newlyn aged 54
 2 Sep William Trembath of Mousehole aged 82
 4 Sep Mary Richards Warren of Paul Hill aged 59
17 Sep Emily Glasson of Mousehole aged 48
28 Sep Alexander Batten of Newlyn aged 82
 5 Oct Violet Minnie Harding of Newlyn aged 1m
14 Oct Charles Jenkin of Newlyn aged 69
18 Oct Annie Yeoman Maddern of Newlyn aged 9
28 Oct Susan Marion Roberts of Newlyn aged 6m
30 Oct Penelope Sexton of Mousehole aged 49
 4 Nov Francis Badcock of Newlyn aged 46
 5 Nov Thomas Lugg of Mousehole aged 60
 9 Nov Mary Maddern of Newlyn aged 70
16 Nov James Maddern of Newlyn aged 35
28 Nov Ernest Simons of Newlyn aged 10m {Twin brother of Percy}
29 Nov Richard Annear of Churchtown aged 53
29 Nov John Corin of Newlyn aged 1y 8m
17 Nov Elizabeth Richards of Newlyn aged 74 {Non-conformist funeral}
 1 Sep Mabel Francis of None Given aged 7m {Non-conformist funeral}
19 Nov Bertha Sleeman of Mousehole aged 5m
 2 Dec Percy Simons of Newlyn aged 11m {Twin brother of Ernest}
 6 Dec John Rowe of Newlyn aged 2
 7 Dec Olive Wallis of Tolcarne, Madron aged 5m
11 Dec William Smith Batten of Newlyn aged 11m
[?] Dec John F Rowe of Mousehole {Non-conformist funeral}
12 Dec Martin Wright of Mousehole aged 91
13 Dec Richard Angwin of Mousehole aged 76 {Treasurer Hutchens Charity,
                                                          much respected ++}
15 Dec Richard Quick of Mousehole aged 61
17 Dec Thomas Mathews of Churchtown aged 90
20 Dec Edwin Ernest Chapple of Newlyn aged 2
23 Dec Olivia Bromley Worth of Mousehole aged 47
23 Dec Richard Maddern of Newlyn aged 5m
31 Dec John Sullivan of Newlyn aged 74


 1 Jan Ann Frances Green of Newlyn aged 13m
 3 Jan Ambrose Kerrel Rouffignac of Newlyn aged 67 {Was on of relief party
                sent to find Sir J. Franklin, NW Passage to North Pole ++}
 6 Jan Mary Ann Pentreath of Mousehole aged 79
10 Jan Henry Maddern of Newlyn aged 77
10 Jan John Williams of Newlyn aged 59
29 Jan Celia Evelyn Harvey of Penzance aged 21
31 Jan Mary Matthews of Churchtown aged 80
 4 Feb Edith Hichens of Newlyn aged 5m
 5 Feb Hannah Knebone of Trevithal aged 71
 5 Feb James Trevaskis of Tolcarne aged 57
 7 Feb Phillis Harvey of Newlyn aged 74
 7 Feb Benjamin Downing of Mousehole aged 81
12 Feb Thomas Strick of Newlyn aged 71
17 Feb Mary Ann Harris of Newlyn aged 72
22 Feb Mary Jane Cock of Newlyn aged 82
22 Feb Jane Ash of Newlyn aged 67
24 Feb Susan Green of Newlyn aged 26
26 Feb Fanny Lobb of Newlyn aged 76
 1 Mar Hannibal Osborne of Newlyn aged 73
 3 Mar Miranda Rowe of Mousehole aged 51
13 Mar Robert Mattthews of Churchtown aged 81 {Inmate of Hutchens Alms house}
18 Mar Henry Boyns of Mousehole aged 72
22 Mar Philip Hichens of Newlyn aged 43
22 Mar Olive Beckerleg of Newlyn aged 1m
24 Mar Mary Ladner of Tolcarne aged 81
29 Mar Joseph Jeffery of Lamorna aged 1y 2m
 2 Apr James Oates of Newlyn aged 6m {Middle Ground}
 7 May Mary Ann Drew of Chyenhall aged 29 {Cemetery}
20 May John Kneebone of Newlyn aged 6m {Cemetery}
29 May Richard Henry Hichens of Newlyn aged 1m {School Ground}
31 May Caru Lamorna Topping of Mousehole aged 1m {School Ground}
 4 Jun Percy Richards of Mousehole aged 16 {Cemetery}
11 Jun Bertie Thomas of Newlyn aged 8m {Cemetery}
14 Jun Daniel Sampson of Lowestoft aged 19 {Coroner's inquest. Returning
            by night fell down Newlyn Pier and drowned ++ Middle ground}
14 Jun Richard Hitchens James of Newlyn aged 49 {Labourer. Cemetery}
16 Jun John Hocking of Churchtown aged 68 {Labourer. Inmate of Hutchins
                                           Gift House. School Ground}
18 Jun Mary Ann Rowe of Newlyn aged 86 {School Ground}
18 Jun William Henry Hatch of Newlyn aged 10m {School Ground}
28 Jun Mary Jane Rosewarne of Sheffield, Paul aged 56 {Cemetery}
25 Jun Abraham Guy of Newlyn aged 84 {Cemetery}
26 Jun Michael Bennetts of Newlyn aged 65 {Cemetery}
 2 Jul Annie Harvey of Newlyn aged 34 {Cemetery}
16 Jul Eliza James of Newlyn aged 80 {School Ground}
24 Jul Effie May Harding of Newlyn aged 2 {Cemetery}
27 Jul John Mclary of Mousehole aged 87 {Cemetery}
29 Jul John Henry Mewere[?] of Newlyn aged 17 {Cemetery}
30 Jul Thereza Maddern of Penzance aged 40 {Cemetery}
31 Jul Jane Trenowth of Mousehole aged 58 {Cemetery}
 6 Aug Philip Beer of Newlyn aged 53 {Cemetery}
 8 Aug Thomas Reynolds of Newlyn aged 11m {School Ground}
11 Aug Leslie Richards of Newlyn aged 1y 10m {School Ground}
16 Aug Mary Ann Downing of Newlyn aged 43 {Cemetery}
20 Aug Elizabeth Mary Francis of Newlyn infant {Cemetery}
25 Aug Maggie Hosking of Newlyn aged 7m {Middle Ground}
27 Aug Jenifer Guy of Newlyn aged 83 {Cemetery}
21 Aug Grace Brewer of Newlyn aged 2m {Cemetery}
26 Aug Eliza Barnes of Newlyn aged 78 {Cemetery}
31 Aug William John Evelyn Harvey of Newlyn aged 7m {Cemetery}
12 Sep William Thomas Matthews of Mousehole aged 45 {Coroner's inquest Cemetery}
22 Sep Elizabeth Green of Newlyn aged 71 {Cemetery}
24 Sep Catherine Jefferey of Trungle Moor aged 8 {School Ground}
26 Sep William Paul Cotton of Newlyn aged 9m {School Ground}
11 Oct Hannah Deeble Tonkin of Newlyn aged 55 {School Ground}
11 Oct Robert Simons of Newlyn aged 72 {School Ground}
16 Oct Grace Clemens of Chyoone Grove aged 48 {Cemetery}
25 Oct John Rouffignac of Newlyn aged 32 {Middle Ground}
 3 Nov Richard Francis of Newlyn aged 8m {Cemetery}
 5 Nov William Curnow of Chyenhall aged 80 {Middle Ground}
30 Sep Martha Wills of Newlyn aged 75 {Non-conformist funeral Cemetery}
18 Nov Rhoda Jane Vingoe of Penzance aged 32 {Coroner's order. Crushed Quay
                                              at Devonport etc. Cemetery}
20 Nov Elizabeth Hichens of Newlyn aged 56 {School Ground}
 1 Dec Mary Ann Bartle of Tredavoe aged 67 {Cemetery}
 1 Dec John Harvey of Sheffield, Paul aged 78 {Non-conformist funeral School Ground}
 2 Dec Jane Potter of Newlyn aged 75 {School Ground}
 6 Dec Annie Trewerne of Chyenhall Moor aged 44 {School Ground}
 8 Dec Emma Waters of Church Town aged 35 {School Ground}
19 Dec Sophia Payne of Newlyn aged 70 {Cemetery}
23 Dec William Warren of Newlyn aged 89 {These two aged people lived together
               60 years died within a few hours of each other. School Ground}
23 Dec Mary Warren of Newlyn aged 86 {These two aged people lived together 60
                  years died within a few hours of each other. School Ground}
24 Dec John Pollard of Newlyn aged 78 {Cemetery}
29 Dec Grace Cattran of Newlyn aged 51 {Cemetery}
30 Oct Frederick Wright of Mousehole aged 82 {These two aged people lived together
                         60 years died within a few hours of each other. Cemetery}
31 Dec Ann Wright of Mousehole aged 80 {These two aged people lived together 60
                         years died within a few hours of each other. Cemetery}
31 Dec John Grenfel of Newlyn aged 73 {School Ground}


 3 Jan Charles Prowse of Sheffield aged 11m {Cemetery}
 7 Jan Elizabeth Carne of Newlyn aged 76 {Cemetery}
 8 Jan Elizabeth Jane James of Newlyn aged 64 {Cemetery}
13 Jan Elizabeth James of Mousehole aged 78 {School Ground}
15 Jan Francis Sweet of Mousehole aged 54 {Middle Ground}
22 Jan John Blewett of Mousehole aged 72 {Old Ch Ground}
23 Jan Garfield Richards of Churchtown aged 9m {Middle Ground}
24 Jan Johanna Jenkin Richards of Alexandra Terrace, Madron aged 78 {School Ground}
28 Jan Edith Maddern of Mousehole aged 6m {Cemetery}
30 Jan Joseph Angwin of Tolcarne aged 10m {School Ground}
31 Jan Jane Glasson Harvey of Raginnis aged 68 {School Ground}
 7 Feb Lilian Willis of Mousehole aged 1 {School Ground}
16 Feb Mary Julia Harvey of Raginnis aged 28 {School Ground}
16 Feb Frances Caroline Cotton of Newlyn aged 18m {Middle Ground}
18 Feb Arnold Pender of Penzance aged 2 {Middle Ground}
18 Feb William John Maddern of Newlyn aged 7 {Coroner's order. Fell over
                 Gwavas Quay. Either killed in fall or drowned Cemetery}
20 Feb Mary Ann Ellis of Mousehole aged 67 {School Ground}
22 Feb Ann Davey of Mousehole aged 65 {School Ground}
23 Feb Jane Nicholls of Tolcarne, Maddern aged 74 {Cemetery}
24 Feb Jacob Rowe of Tredavoe aged 17 {Cemetery}
24 Feb William Henry Worth of Mousehole aged 27 {Slipped on rocks at
                                 Mousehole, being stunned by fall drowned
                                 by incoming tide ++ School Ground}
 2 Mar James Angwin of Newlyn aged 69 {Cemetery}
 4 Mar Freda Wadly[?] Harvey of Mousehole aged 9m {Cemetery}
 2 Mar None Given Harvey of Mousehole {Non-conformist funeral.
                                       Unconsecreated ground. Cemetery}
 5 Mar Mary H Simons of Churchtown aged 75 {Non-conformist funeral. School ground}
 9 Mar Elizabeth Barnes of Mousehole aged 37 {Non-conformist funeral.
                                              Unconsecreated ground. Cemetery}
14 Mar Robert Wallis Johns of Mousehole aged 4m {Cemetery}
16 Mar Mary Wright Pentreath of Mousehole aged 82 {Churchyard}
31 Mar Jane Roberts of Newlyn aged 50 {School Ground}
 6 Apr Mary Johns of Mousehole aged 77 {Cemetery}
10 Apr Mary Ann Lawry of Mousehole aged 66 {Cemetery}
10 Apr William Francis Mcdonald of Newlyn aged 18m {Cemetery}
13 Apr Johanna Roberts of Newlyn aged 80 {Middle Ground}
16 Apr William Rowe of Mousehole aged 65 {Cemetery}
 2 Apr Thomas Tresidder of Newlyn aged 56 {Cemetery}
 3 May Lydia Mary George of Mousehole aged 50 {Cemetery}
13 May Howard Warren of Trungle Moor aged 6m {Cemetery}
14 May Thomas James of Newlyn aged 84 {Old Ch Yd}
19 May Grace Carvosso Trembath of Mousehole aged 73 {Middle Ground}
22 May Edward Tonkin Hichens of Newlyn aged 49 {Old Ch Yd}
23 May Martin Paul of Newlyn aged 32 {Cemetery}
23 May Maria Trewhella of Newlyn aged 71 {Cemetery}
 5 Jun Philip Le Blonde of Steam Trawler Camelia Of Milford aged 46 approx
                   {Coroner's Order. Struck by wire rope ++ Middle Ground}
 5 Jun Mary Graves of Newlyn aged 7m {Cemetery}
20 Jun Annie Hicks of Mousehole aged 11m {Cemetery}
25 Jun Ann Tonkin of Newlyn aged 42 {School Ground}
21 Jul Elizabeth Sampson of Penzance aged 62 {School Ground}
21 Jul Thomas Harvey of Clodgy Moor aged 83 {Middle Ground}
28 Jul William John Hichens of Newlyn aged 16 {C}
29 Jul Ann Tregurtha Reynolds of Newlyn aged 66 {Cemetery}
 3 Aug Alfred Close of Devonport aged 28 {Coroner's order. Found Newlyn Cliff,
        committed suicide cutting his throat with pen knife ++ Middle Ground}
28 Jul Jane Wright of Mousehole aged 82 {School Ground}
30 Jul Benjamin Downing of Gift House, Churchtown aged 80 {Cemetery}
14 Aug Caroline Harvey of Mousehole aged 78 {Middle Ground}
18 Aug Benjamin Sydney Julian Trevaskis of Churchtown aged 4m {Middle Ground}
19 Aug Joseph Pollard of Trevelloe, Paul aged 90 {Cemetery}
31 Aug John Wallis of Churchtown aged 69
 1 Sep Esther Glasson Richards of Newlyn aged 18m
17 Sep Sophia Millicent Clift of Mousehole aged 6m {School Ground}
23 Sep Alexander Hichens of Newlyn aged 83 {Cemetery}
25 Sep Robert Clement Oliver of Mousehole aged 28 {School Ground}
27 Sep Joseph James Matthews of Mousehole aged 41 {School Ground}
 4 Oct Rose Luez Sampson of Tregavara aged 2 {School Ground}
 5 Oct Joseph Bodinar of Newlyn aged 60 {Coroner's order. Left house for a
                          walk and sat down and died in his sleep ++ Cemetery}
13 Oct John Richards of Newlyn aged 69 {Cemetery}
15 Oct Susan Bodinar of Mousehole aged 73 {Old Ch Yard}
19 Oct Peter Brewer of Newlyn aged 2m {Cemetery}
 1 Nov Ruth James of Newlyn aged 74 {School Ground}
 3 Nov Bessie Richards of Chyenhall aged 2 {Cemetery}
 5 Nov Mary Jane Blewett of Madron aged 56 {Middle Ground}
 5 Nov Catherine Marrick of Churchtown aged 81 {Inmate of Hutchens House. School Ground}
 9 Dec Eliza Ann Mcdonald of Newlyn aged 28 {Cemetery}
10 Dec Thomas Halls Mcclary of Sheffield, Paul aged 8m {Middle Ground}
19 Dec Margaret Jane Eddy of St. Keverne aged 68 {School Ground}


 2 Jan Elizabeth Pender of Mousehole aged 72 {School Ground}
 5 Jan Phillis Hichens of Newlyn aged 82 {Cemetery}
13 Jan Susanna Pollard of Mousehole aged 62 {School Ground}
16 Jan Jenifer Kitchens of Tolcarne aged 87 {School Ground}
25 Jan Charles Cary of Mousehole aged 76 {Middle Ground}

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