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31 Jan 1885 by Banns
        John Francis 25 Fisherman of Newlyn (Father: John Francis, Fisherman)
        Elizabeth Bone 21 of Newlyn (Father: William Bone, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: William Bone, Sarah Bone
4 Feb 1885 by Banns
        John Madron Harvey 58 widower Fisherman of Mousehole (Father: John Madron Harvey, Fisherman)
        Jane Tonkin 52 widow of Mousehole (Father: Stephen Blewett, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: Richard Jenkin, Johanna Jenkin
11 Feb 1885 by Banns
        Richard Pezzack 27 Fisherman of Mousehole (Father: James Pezzack, Fisherman)
        Grace Quick 24 of Mousehole (Father: Edward Quick, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: George Edward Quick, Minnie Symonds
17 Mar 1885 by Banns
        Thomas Henry Eddy 26 Fisherman of Mousehole (Father: William Eddy, Farmer)
        Selina Rogers 27 of Churchtown (Father: Thomas Rogers, Dairyman)
        Witnesses: Catharine Rogers, James Rogers
11 Apr 1885 by Lic.
        Robert Maclary 30 widower Mason of Mousehole (Father: Robert Maclary, Fisherman)
        Elizabeth Richards 30 of Churchtown (Father: James Richards, Farmer)
        Witnesses: Martin W. Trewavas, James Viles
17 May 1885 by Banns
        Samuel John Mancton 21 Labourer of Mousehole (Father: William Mancton, Labourer)
        Maggie Harry 18 of Mousehole (Father: John Simmons Harry, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: Richard Henry Murley, Mary C. Murrish
23 May 1885 by Banns
        Samuel Waters 20 Farmer of Mousehole (Father: George Waters, Farmer)
        Mary Jane Michael Trevaskis 20 of Mousehole (Father: William H. Trevaskis, Tailor)
        Witnesses: W. H. Trevaskis, Anne E. Trevaskis
24 May 1885 by Banns
        Stephen James Collins 25 Mariner of Newlyn (Father: Richard Collins, Mason)
        Rovena Roberts 24 of Newlyn (Father: William C. Roberts, Gardener)
        Witnesses: Caroline Bodinnar Trahair, Edward Cotton Harvey
25 May 1885 by Banns
        Horatio Pollard 24 Seaman [?] of Mousehole (Father: Horatio Pollard, Fisherman)
        Mary Jane Johns 22 of Newlyn (Father: Joshua Smith Johns, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: Joshua Smith Johns, James Mann John
10 Jun 1885 by Banns
        Richard Benjamin Richards 21 Fisherman of Newlyn (Father: John Curnow Richards, Fisherman)
        Emma Pender 22 of Mousehole (Father: Henry Pender, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: Joseph Mcginnis, Annie Eliza Richards
17 Jul 1885 by Banns
        James Rowe 30 Fisherman of Paul (Father: James Rowe, Fisherman)
        Elizabeth Johns 23 of Paul (Father: Francis Rouffignac Johns, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: Francis Rouffignan, Lilly Rowe
15 Jul 1885 by Banns
        Henry Glasson Harvey 24 Stonemason of Churchtown (Father: John Harvey, Stonemason)
        Johanna Bryant 21 of Kymiel (Father: Francis Bryant, Dairyman)
        Witnesses: Francis Bryant, Rebacca Jane Bryant
25 Jul 1885 by Banns
        George Sleeman 18 Labourer of Sheffield, Paul (Father: William Sleeman, Quarryman)
        Sarah Ann Blewett 18 of Mousehole (Father: James P. Blewett, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: James Harvey, Agnes Jane Robins
9 Sep 1885 by Banns
        James Polkinghorne 26 Carpenter of Bosava, Paul (Father: James Polkinghorne, Coachman)
        Margaret Anne Hosking 27 of Bosava, Paul (Father: Oliver Hosking, Farmer)
        Witnesses: Thomas Gwenap, Oliver Hosking
12 Sep 1885 by Banns
        Joseph Harvey 22 Market Gardener of Newlyn (Father: Ebednego Harvey, Fish Merchant)
        Mary Jane Lorimer Rowe 20 of Sheffield, Paul (Father: Robert Matthews Rowe, Blacksmith)
        Witnesses: John Egbert Rowe, Maria Matthews Rowe
11 Oct 1885 by Banns
        Jabez Pentreath 26 Fisherman of Mousehole (Father: William H. Pentreath, Fisherman)
        Anne Tregurtha Bone 23 of Newlyn (Father: William Bone, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: William Bone, Agnes Jane Robins
8 Nov 1885 by Banns
        John Roberts Cotton 23 Fisherman of Newlyn (Father: George Cotton, Fisherman)
        Grace Maddern 23 of Newlyn (Father: Richard Maddern, Market Gardener)
        Witnesses: John Maddern, Emma Maddern
14 Nov 1885 by Banns
        James Thomas 23 Farm Lab of Mousehole
        Mary Jane Gwennap 18 of Mousehole (Father: Charles Gwennap, Farmer)
        Witnesses: Eliza Annie Williams, Agnes Jane Robins


9 Jan 1886 by Banns
        Edward Thomas 19 Blacksmith of Newlyn (Father: William Thomas, Iron Founder)
        Juliet Hichens 17 of Newlyn (Father: Philip Hichens, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: Harriot Hichens, Samull Kemp
23 Feb 1886 by Banns
        William Henry Tonkin 25 Fisherman of Newlyn (Father: William Henry Tonkin, Fisherman)
        Margaret Cattran Cornish 20 of Newlyn (Father: Richard Cornish, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: Richard Cornish, John Smith Tonkin
27 Feb 1886 by Banns
        William Henry Polgrean 24 Fisherman of Mousehole (Father: Edwin Polgrean, Carpenter)
        Elizabeth Brownfield 22 of Mousehole (Father: John Strict Brownfield, Fisherman, Deceased)
        Witnesses: Richard Cornish, Annie Wallis
1 Mar 1886 by Banns
        Edward James Blewett 23 Fisherman of Mousehole (Father: James B. Blewett, Fisherman)
        Elizabeth Jane Harvey 22 of Mousehole (Father: James Harvey, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: Edwin Harvey, Mary Annie Harvey
1 Mar 1886 by Banns
        Thomas Wills Harvey 25 Fish Buyer of Newlyn (Father: Abednego Harvey, Fishbuyer)
        Mary Hannah Pascoe 22 of Newlyn (Father: William Pascoe, Market Gardener)
        Witnesses: Wim Pascoe, Mary H. Prowse
13 Mar 1886 by Banns
        William James Edmonds 29 Insurance Agent of Mousehole (Father: John Edmonds, Deceased, Stone Cutter)
        Adeline Polgrean 22 of Mousehole (Father: Edwin Polgrean, Carpenter)
        Witnesses: Frederick Johns, Martha J. Polgrean
10 Apr 1886 by Banns
        John Jenkin 23 Fisherman of Mousehole (Father: Henry Jenkin, Miller)
        Patience Jane Weeks 20 of Mousehole (Father: William Weeks, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: Richard Wright, Bessie Rowe
5 Jun 1886 by Banns
        Peter James Harvey 26 Blacksmith of Churchtown (Father: James Harvey, Blacksmith)
        Elizabeth Bodinar Rowe 25 of Mousehole (Father: Thomas Rowe, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: William Rowe, Lydia P. Rowe, William Harvey
12 Jun 1886 by Banns
        Samuel Cotton 28 Fish Buyer of Newlyn (Father: George Cotton, Deceased, Fisherman)
        Catherine Roberts Faull 19 of Mousehole (Father: Reuben Faull, Master Mariner)
        Witnesses: George Cotton, Agnes Jane Robins
30 Jun 1886 by Banns
        William Richards Matthews 24 Gardener of Mousehole (Father: Joseph Matthews, Farmer)
        Mary Elizabeth Dennis 22 of Mousehole (Father: John Dennis, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: Joseph Matthews, Ellen Matthews
13 Jul 1886 by Banns
        Edward Stephenson 25 Fisherman of Newlyn (Father: John Stephenson, Fisherman, Deceased)
        Mary Pentreath Tonkin 21 of Mousehole (Father: John Tonkin, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: John Tonkin, Eliza Jenkin
19 Jul 1886 by Banns
        Benjamin Wright 30 Fisherman of Mousehole (Father: Benjamin Wright, Fisherman)
        Sarah Wright Pender 26 of Mousehole (Father: Michael Pender, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: Joseph Penrose, Agnes Jane Robins
22 Jul 1886 by Lic.
        James Sincock 27 Mariner of St. Ives (Father: James Sincock, Master Mariner)
        Annie Jane Downing 28 of Mousehole (Father: Benjamin Downing, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: Benjamin Downing, Ruth Jane Barnes
25 Sep 1886 by Banns
        John Thomas Hosking 29 Stonemason of Sheffield, Paul (Father: John Hosking, Blacksmith)
        Mary Martha Harvey 21 of Churchtown (Father: John Harvey, Deceased, Stonemason)
        Witnesses: James Harvey, Edith Pearce
16 Oct 1886 by Banns
        Charles Sleeman 24 Quarryman of Sheffield, Paul (Father: William Sleeman, Stonemason)
        Mary Jane Kevern 18 of Sheffield, Paul (Father: Richard Kevern, Farm Labourer)
        Witnesses: Edward Phillips, Minnie Powditch
18 Oct 1886 by Banns
        William Benjamin Richards 26 Labourer of Mousehole (Father: John Richards, Fisherman)
        Jane Edmonds Rouffignac 24 of Newlyn (Father: John Rouffignac, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: John Rouffignac, Alice Wills Jacka
25 Oct 1886 by Banns
        Richard Goodwin Ash 27 Customs Officer of Mousehole (Father: Richard Ash, Fisherman)
        Mary Lizzie Pezzack 20 of Mousehole (Father: John Pezzack, Deceased, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: Benjamin Trewarns, Emily J. Drew
26 Oct 1886 by Banns
        James Blewett 47 widower Fisherman of Mousehole (Father: John C. Blewett, Deceased, Fisherman)
        Polly Blewett 47 of Mousehole (Father: James Blewett, Deceased, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: John Wright, Elizabeth L. Harvey
27 Oct 1886 by Banns
        Edwin Harvey 24 Fisherman of Mousehole (Father: James Harvey, Fisherman Rmn)
        Mary Annie Harvey 23 of Mousehole (Father: John M. Harvey, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: John M. Harvey, Florence Pender
30 Oct 1886 by Banns
        Richard Payne James 29 Fisherman of Newlyn (Father: Francis James, Fisherman)
        Elizabeth Ellen Hichens 23 of Newlyn (Father: Philip Hichens, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: James White, Grace James
3 Nov 1886 by Banns
        Richard Pain Rowe 27 Fisherman of Newlyn (Father: James Rowe, Fisherman)
        Margaret Jane Trembath 25 of Mousehole (Father: Benedict Trembath, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: John James Trembath, [?] Mary Trembath
6 Nov 1886 by Banns
        Joseph Marrack Harvey 27 Fisherman of Newlyn (Father: Thomas Harvey, Fisherman)
        Catharine Elizabeth Harry 25 of Mousehole (Father: Benjamin R. Harry, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: Benjamin H. Harry, Eliza J. Richards
14 Nov 1886 by Banns
        George Hall 21 Fisherman of Mousehole (Father: William Hall, Labourer)
        Frances Selina Matthews 23 of Mousehole (Father: John Matthews, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: George Wilkins, Grace Matthews
20 Nov 1886 by Banns
        William Martin Barnes 24 Farmer of Tredavoe, Paul (Father: Joseph Barnes, Farmer)
        Philippa Semmens 18 of Tredavoe, Paul (Father: Thomas Semmens, Smelter)
        Witnesses: Thomas Semmens, Ethel Barnes
20 Dec 1886 by Banns
        John Henry Harris 29 widower Fisherman of Paul (Father: John Henry Harris, Deceased, Fisherman)
        Elizabeth Ann James Trenear 28 of Paul (Father: James Mana Trenear, Sailor)
        Witnesses: Elizabeth Jane Harvey, Agnes Jane Robins
22 Dec 1886 by Banns
        Thomas James 26 Fisherman of Newlyn (Father: Henry James, Fisherman)
        Ada Jane Harvey 20 of Newlyn (Father: John Harvey, Deceased, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: Phillis Harvey, John Tremithick


17 Jan 1887 by Banns
        Jabez Ash 25 Sailor of Mousehole (Father: John Ash, Fisherman)
        Alice Rowe 23 of Newlyn (Father: James Rowe, Sailor)
        Witnesses: Benjamin Rowe, Annie Margaret Jaco
7 Feb 1887 by Banns
        William Henry Harvey 27 Fisherman of Mousehole (Father: William Harvey, Fisherman)
        Elizabeth Mary Beswetherick 25 of Mousehole (Father: William Beswetherick, Deceased, Blacksmith)
        Witnesses: William Harvey, Agnes Jane Robins
13 Feb 1887 by Banns
        James Tucker 24 Carrier of Penzance (Father: James Tucker, Quay Porter)
        Ellen Jeffery 24 of Paul (Father: Richard Jeffery, Market Gardener)
        Witnesses: Charley Jeffery, Norah Jeffery
12 Mar 1887 by Banns
        Richard Harvey Tippet 24 Stonemason of Churchtown (Father: William Tippet, Carpenter)
        Selina Jenkin Carne 23 of Trungle (Father: Emmanuel Carne, Dairyman)
        Witnesses: Emanuel Jinkin Carne, Beatrice Mary Carne
3 Apr 1887 by Banns
        Edwin Albert Victor 20 Carpenter of Mousehole (Father: Bernard Victor, Fisherman)
        Sarah Maddern 24 of Mousehole (Father: John Maddern, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: Joseph Maddern, Elizabeth Ann Maddern
26 Apr 1887 by Banns
        William Jeffery Angwin 36 Mason of Trewithal (Father: Richard Angwin, Deceased, Mason)
        Catherine Tippet 36 widow of Trewithal (Father: John Perry, Deceased, Farm Labourer)
        Witnesses: Joseph Penrose, Charles Tregenza
2 May 1887 by Banns
        William John Curtis 29 Fisherman of Mousehole (Father: Henry Curtis, Coastguard)
        Esther Mary Trembath 22 of Mousehole (Father: Benedict Trembath, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: John James Trembath, Ann Trembath
18 May 1887 by Banns
        Henry Nicholas Peake 24 Carpenter of Tolcarne, Madron (Father: William Peake, Carpenter)
        Elizabeth Brownfield 23 of Newlyn (Father: James Brownfield, Mariner)
        Witnesses: Charles Beard, Jane Lucinda Peake
7 Jun 1887 by Banns
        John Wright 28 Fisherman of Mousehole (Father: John Wright, Fisherman)
        Elizabeth Harvey Pentreath 23 of Mousehole (Father: William Henry Pentreath, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: William J. Pentreath, Catherine J. Beckerleg
13 Jun 1887 by Banns
        Frederick William Hockin 26 Merchant of Mousehole (Father: Joseph Hockin, Deceased, Merchant)
        Mary Julia Harvey Angwin 23 of Mousehole (Father: Richard Angwin, Proprietor)
        Witnesses: Richard Angwin, Laura Angwin Davis
14 Jun 1887 by Banns
        William Charles Chirgwin 20 Stonemason of Churchtown (Father: William Chirgwin, Surveyor of Highways)
        Eugenie[?] Gruzelier 18 of Mousehole (Father: George Gruzelier, Master Mariner)
        Witnesses: John Trewavas, Hannah Chirgwin, William Chirgwin, Josephine Trewavas
7 Jul 1887 by Banns
        Joseph Wright Ash 29 Fisherman of Mousehole (Father: John Ash, Deceased, Fisherman)
        Amy Adelaide Curtis 26 of Mousehole (Father: Henry Simon Oliver Curtis, Deceased, Coastguard)
        Witnesses: Albert E. O. Curtis, Eliza Maddern
13 Jul 1887 by Banns
        John Rowe 26 Fisherman of Newlyn (Father: James Rowe, Fisherman)
        Eliza Jane Cliff of Mousehole (Father: John Cliff, Gardener)
        Witnesses: John Clift, Emily H. Drew
23 Jul 1887 by Banns
        William Osborne 29 London City [?] of Bermondsey, London (Father: Hannibal Osborne, Fisherman)
        Margaret Ann Treleaven 27 of Newlyn (Father: Richard Treleaven, Deceased, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: N. J. Sampson, H. Osborne Jun.
11 Aug 1887 by Banns
        Richard Reynolds 25 Market Gardener of Bolloges (Father: Thomas Reynolds, Deceased, Market Gardener)
        Jane Roberts 25[?] of Buryas Bridge (Father: Hosea[?] Roberts, Farmer)
        Witnesses: [?] Roberts, Agnes Jane Robins
4 Sep 1887 by Banns
        Joseph Brownfield 21 Fisherman of Mousehole (Father: Joseph Street Brownfield, Deceased, Fisherman)
        Elizabeth Jane Blewett 22 of Newlyn (Father: Richard Blewett, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: Peter James Harvey, Agnes Jane Robins
5 Sep 1887 by Banns
        Josiah Frederick Trembath 25 Farmer of Mousehole (Father: Josiah Trembath, Farmer)
        Helen Louise Bodinnar 20 of Mousehole (Father: John M. Bodinnar, Cooper)
        Witnesses: John M. Bodinnar, Mary Bodinnar
6 Sep 1887 by Banns
        Edwin Richards 43 widower Merchant of Mousehole (Father: John Richards, Deceased, Fisherman)
        Julia Wright 25 of Mousehole (Father: John Wright, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: John Wright, Annie Matthews
22 Oct 1887 by Banns
        William James Richards 25 Fisherman of Mousehole (Father: Thomas Richards, Naval Pensioner)
        Mary Williams 24 of Newlyn (Father: William Harry Williams, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: William Henry Williams, Elizabeth Williams
29 Oct 1887 by Banns
        Albert Harvey 25 Stonemason of Churchtown (Father: John Harvey, Deceased, Stonemason)
        Martha Penrose 23 of Churchtown (Father: Joseph Penrose, Sexton of Paul)
        Witnesses: Joseph Penrose, Ada Penrose
30 Oct 1887 by Banns
        William Richard Hinkley 24 Carrier of Mousehole (Father: William Hinkley, Deceased, Sailor)
        Ellen Matthews 19 of Mousehole (Father: Joseph Matthews, Farmer)
        Witnesses: Joseph Matthews, Alice Jessie Matthews
19 Nov 1887 by Banns
        James Matthews 30 widower Farm Labourer of Newlyn (Father: John Matthews, Deceased, Miner)
        Mary Payne 26 of Newlyn (Father: Richard Payne, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: Phillis Harvey, Richard Payne
25 Dec 1887 by Banns
        William John Bartle 24 Miner of Newlyn (Father: John Bartle, Deceased, Miner)
        Eleanor Lateas Stevenson 26 of Paul (Father: Edward Stevenson, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: Edward James, Ellen Carne


4 Jan 1888 by Banns
        John Bennett Tregenza 28 Farmer of Mylor (Father: Thomas Tregenza, Farmer)
        Annie Mary Tregenza 28 of Mousehole (Father: John Richards Tregenza, Builder)
        Witnesses: John R. Tregenza, Charles Tregenza
7 Feb 1888 by Banns
        Henry Giles 26 Farmer of Castallack (Father: John Giles, Farmer)
        Grace Weymouth Trahair 23 of Newlyn (Father: William Henry Trahair, Merchant)
        Witnesses: Philip Tregurtha, Emma Bodinnar Trahair
10 Mar 1888 by Banns
        William Hooper 40 Fisherman of Newlyn (Father: William Hooper, Deceased, Sailor)
        Jane Warren 30 of Paul (Father: John S. Warren, Deceased, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: William Harvey, Mary Warren
19 May 1888 by Banns
        John Tregurtha Harvey 31 Fisherman of Newlyn (Father: John T. Harvey, Fisherman)
        Sarah Downing 27 of Newlyn (Father: Henry Downing, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: B. J. Ridge, Susan Harvey Downing
19 May 1888 by Banns
        James Laity 26 Market Gardener of Perranuthnoe (Father: James Laity, Market Gardener)
        Mary Elizabeth Freethy Stone 27 of Penolva (Father: William Stone, Dairyman)
        Witnesses: Richard S. Stone, Ellen Jane Laity
23 May 1888 by Banns
        Benjamin Richards 27 Fisherman of Newlyn (Father: William H. Richards, Fisherman)
        Elizabeth Honor Worth 25 of Mousehole (Father: John Hicks Worth, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: Dick Worth, Mary Richards
26 May 1888 by Banns
        Philip Hichens 27 Fisherman of Newlyn (Father: Philip Hichens, Fisherman)
        Elizabeth Marrack Kelynack of Newlyn (Father: Nicholas Kelynack, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: Nicholas Kelynack, Richard Glasson
27 May 1888 by Banns
        John Harvey 34 Fisherman of Newlyn (Father: William Harvey, Fisherman)
        Anne Grenfell James 27 of Newlyn (Father: Francis James, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: Thomas James, Helen Aitken
2 Jun 1888 by Banns
        Charles Jenkins 28 Fisherman of Newlyn (Father: Charles Jenkins, Fisherman)
        Catherine Bennetts 25 of Newlyn (Father: John Bennetts, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: S. H. Bennetts, Ambrosine Roberts
9 Jun 1888 by Banns
        Abner Kelynack Stevens 27 Fisherman of Newlyn (Father: Joseph Stevens, Fisherman)
        Mary Jane Semmens 23 of Newlyn (Father: Thomas Semmens, Smelter)
        Witnesses: Thomas Semmens, Ann Shephens
30 Jun 1888 by Banns
        John Curnow 30 Fisherman of Newlyn (Father: John Curnow, Deceased, Carpenter)
        Phyllis Cock 24 of Newlyn (Father: Richard Cock, Naval Pensioner)
        Witnesses: Henry Eliz Richards, Mary Payne Blewett
14 Jul 1888 by Banns
        William Harvey 29 Fish Buyer of Newlyn (Father: Andrew Harvey, Fisherman)
        Catherine Richards 22 of Newlyn (Father: John Richards, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: John Williams, Sarah Berryman Williams
17 Jul 1888 by Banns
        Richard Perkins Richards 26 Fisherman of Newlyn (Father: James Richards, Fisherman)
        Bessie Glasson 27 of Newlyn (Father: William Glasson, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: Richard Richards Glasson, Emily Glasson
21 Jul 1888 by Lic.
        Joseph Henry Pollard 34 Farmer of Kymiel (Father: Joseph Pollard, Farmer)
        Mary Casley 25 of Kymiel (Father: Noel Casley, Miner)
        Witnesses: Jane Annear, Helen Aitken
25 Aug 1888 by Banns
        Richard Annear 24 Quarryman of Churchtown (Father: Richard Annear, Cordwainer)
        Mary Annie Keast 21 of Churchtown (Father: John Keast, Manager Sheffield Quarry)
        Witnesses: Richard Annear, John Keast, William Keast
22 Sep 1888 by Banns
        Harry Trenoweth 21 Labourer of Mousehole (Father: John Trenoweth, Stonemason)
        Rebecca Jane Bryant 23 of Kemyel (Father: Francis Bryant, Dairyman)
        Witnesses: Elizabeth Bryant, Francis Bryant
23 Sep 1888 by Banns
        Richard Albert Matthews 24 Shoemaker of Sheffield (Father: Job Matthews, Deceased, Pensioner)
        Catherine Bennetts 24 of Mousehole (Father: Michael Bennetts, Carrier)
        Witnesses: Michael Bennetts, Agnes Jane Robins
29 Sep 1888 by Banns
        Thomas Kelynack 23 Fisherman of Newlyn (Father: Henry Kelynack, Master Mariner)
        Sarah Richards Davies Taskes 22 of Newlyn (Father: John Taskes, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: John H. Taskes, Philadelphia Kelynack
27 Oct 1888 by Banns
        James Rowe 24 Labourer of Newlyn (Father: Richard Rowe, Farmer)
        Catherine Rowe 21 of Newlyn (Father: Richard Rowe, Labourer)
        Witnesses: Richard Rowe, Jane Rowe
24 Dec 1888 by Banns
        William Henry Pender 21 Fisherman of Mousehole (Father: Benjamin Pender, Fisherman)
        Jane Wallis Johns 21 of Mousehole (Father: John Johns, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: Robert H. Johns, Laura Jane Pender


20 Jan 1889 by Banns
        John Henry Brooking 23 Labourer of Newlyn (Father: Samuel Brooking, Labourer)
        Elizabeth Ann Davy 25 of Newlyn (Father: John Frederick Davy, Labourer)
        Witnesses: Caroline Davy, Agnes Jane Robins
24 Jan 1889 by Banns
        William Stanley Drew 26 Fisherman of Mousehole (Father: William Drew, Fisherman)
        Mary Dillon Batten 23 of Mousehole (Father: John Batten, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: John Batten, Elizabeth J. R. Batten
24 Feb 1889 by Banns
        John Charles Tippet 20 Labourer of Churchtown (Father: William Tippet, Carpenter)
        Beatrice Mary Carne 23 of Mousehole (Father: Emmanuel Carne, Dairyman)
        Witnesses: William Tippet, Richard H. H Murley
17 Mar 1889 by Banns
        William Harvey 23 Fisherman of Mousehole (Father: William Harvey, Fisherman)
        Mary Strick Warren 21 of Newlyn
        Witnesses: John S. Warren, Annie Eliza Warren
17 Mar 1889 by Banns
        William James Harvey 25 Fisherman of Churchtown (Father: James Thomas Hrvey, Fisherman)
        Elizabeth Simons 24 of Trungle (Father: Charles Simons, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: Charles Simons, Agnes Jane Robins
21 Apr 1889 by Banns
        James Mann Johns 23 Warehouseman of Newlyn (Father: Joshua Quick Johns, Fisherman)
        Beatrice Simons 21 of Newlyn (Father: Robert Simons, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: Robert Simons, William John Johns
22 Apr 1889 by Banns
        Albert Ernest Oliver Curtis 27 Tailor of Newlyn (Father: Henry Simon Oliver Curtis Dec, Coastguard)
        Eliza Maddern 25 of Mousehole (Father: John Maddern, Labourer)
        Witnesses: William Maddern, Eliza Chappel
27 Apr 1889 by Banns
        Richard Henry Wright 21 Fisherman of Mousehole (Father: Richrd Trewavas Wright, Fisherman)
        Annie Jane Blewett 23 of Mousehole (Father: Richrd Blewett, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: Michael Blewett, Thornton Blewett
1 May 1889 by Banns
        Charles Thomas Keast 24 Stone Cutter of Churchtown (Father: John Keast, Foreman Sheffield Quarry)
        Elizabeth Jane Matthews 22 of Penzance (Father: Robert Matthews, Deceased, Mariner)
        Witnesses: John Keast, Mary Annie Annear
7 May 1889 by Banns
        Frederick Rowe 21 Sailor of Newlyn (Father: James Rowe, Sailor)
        Mary Ann Stephenson 22 of Newlyn (Father: John Stephenson, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: John Stephenson, Eliza Stephenson
15 May 1889 by Banns
        Stephen Charles Blewett 24 Fisherman of Mousehole (Father: Stephen Blewett, Deceased, Fisherman)
        Laura Jane Pender 20 of Mousehole (Father: Benjamin Pender, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: Frank Blewett, Jane Penberthy Wall[?]
18 May 1889 by Banns
        John Smith Tonkin 24 Fisherman of Newlyn (Father: William Henry Tonkin, Fisherman)
        Susan Tonkin 21 of Newlyn (Father: Samuel Deeble Tonkin, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: Samuel Deeble Tonkin, Mary Richards
19 May 1889 by Banns
        Richard Francis 23 Fisherman of Newlyn (Father: John Francis, Fisherman)
        Edith Livonia Sargent Hatch 22 of Newlyn (Father: John Hatch, Gardener)
        Witnesses: George Francis, Lizzie Francis
9 Jun 1889 by Banns
        George Frederick Davy 28 Fisherman of Mousehole (Father: John Frederick Davy, Quarryman)
        Elizabeth Richards 23 of Mousehole (Father: Henry Richards, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: Helen Aitken, Agnes Jane Robins
15 Jun 1889 by Banns
        Benjamin Green Batten 27 Fisherman of Newlyn (Father: Benjamin Green Batten, Fisherman)
        Jane Smith Boase 23 of Newlyn (Father: James Boase, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: James Boase, Mary [?] Batten, Richard Noall, Grace Harry Noall
9 Jul 1889 by Banns
        Frank Blewett 22 Fisherman of Mousehole (Father: Stephen Blewett, Deceased, Fisherman)
        Jane Penberthy Noall 24 of Mousehole (Father: Richard Noall, Carpenter)
        Witnesses: George Francis, Lizzie Francis
11 Jul 1889 by Banns
        Richard Tonkin Cary 28 Fisherman of Mousehole (Father: Charles Cary, Fisherman)
        Elizabeth Warren 23 of Mousehole (Father: James Warren, Deceased, Shipwright)
        Witnesses: James T. Rodda, Mary Annie Cary
6 Aug 1889 by Banns
        George Edward Quick 34 Fisherman of Mousehole (Father: Edward Quick, Fisherman)
        Mary Wilhelmina Symonds 23 of Mousehole (Father: John Symonds, Deceased, Labourer)
        Witnesses: Thomas Lawry, Marina Stephens
10 Aug 1889 by Banns
        Jeffery Drew Matthews 48 Carpenter of Brixham (Father: George Matthews, Mariner)
        Clarinda Ellen Richards 28 Schoolmistress of Trungle, Paul (Father: James Richards, Farmer)
        Witnesses: Richard Wright, Mary Richards
1 Sep 1889 by Banns
        John Francis 24 Fisherman of Newlyn (Father: William Francis, Fisherman)
        Mary Ann Thomas 24 of Newlyn (Father: John Thomas, Deceased, Mariner)
        Witnesses: John Carne, Agnes J. Robins
15 Sep 1889 by Banns
        William Henry Hicks 32 widower Fisherman of Mousehole (Father: William Henry Hicks, Deceased, Farmer)
        Bessie Polgrean 24 of Mousehole (Father: George Polgrean, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: Helen B. M. Aitken, Agnes J. Robins
28 Sep 1889 by Banns
        James Cornish 23 Fisherman of Mousehole (Father: Nicholas Cornish, Fisherman)
        Mary Ann Trehane 19 of Mousehole (Father: William Trehane, Stone Cutter)
        Witnesses: Nicholas Praed, [?] Pentreath
5 Oct 1889 by Banns
        William Henry Penrose 22 Farm Laborer of Mousehole (Father: William Penrose, Farm Labourer)
        Mary Ellen Angwin 19 of Mousehole (Father: Benjamin Angwin, Mariner)
        Witnesses: Joseph Humphrys, Lillian Ada Matthews
9 Oct 1889 by Banns
        William Roberts 24 Fisherman of Newlyn (Father: Charles Roberts, Miner)
        Emma Leah 23 of Newlyn (Father: Christopher Leah, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: William James Leah, Phillis Leah
19 Oct 1889 by Banns
        Tommy Worth 20 Fisherman of Mousehole (Father: John H. Worth, Fisherman)
        Katie Richards 18 of Mousehole (Father: Henry B. Richards, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: Henry B. Richards, Grace Jane Richards
30 Oct 1889 by Banns
        John Batten 27 Fisherman of Newlyn (Father: John Batten, Fisherman)
        Emily Pezzack Drew 23 of Newlyn (Father: William Drew, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: William Drew, Josephine Drew
10 Nov 1889 by Banns
        James Andrew Clift 21 Stonemason of Mousehole (Father: John Clift, Labourer)
        Caraline Davey 21 of Mousehole (Father: John Davey, Labourer)
        Witnesses: John F. Davey, John Drew
16 Nov 1889 by Banns
        John James Trembath 26 Fisherman of Mousehole (Father: Benedict Trembath, Fisherman)
        Elizabeth Harvey 23 of Newlyn (Father: Thomas Harvey, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: Thomas Harvey, Sarah Ann Berriman
17 Nov 1889 by Banns
        Albert Matthews 21 Labourer of Mousehole (Father: John Matthews, Labourer)
        Phillis Leah Berryman 21 of Mousehole (Father: William Thomas Berryman, Carpenter)
        Witnesses: William Roberts Kliskey, Eva Kliskey
20 Nov 1889 by Banns
        William Harris Hoare 31 widower Fisherman of Newlyn (Father: William Harris reputed)
        Rebecca Ann Mann 25 of Newlyn (Father: Richard Mann, Sailor)
        Witnesses: Edwin Mann, Agnes Jane Robins
23 Dec 1889 by Banns
        Charles Herbert Pezzack 21 Mariner of Mousehole (Father: John Carn Pezzack, Fisherman)
        Elizabeth Nicholas Ash 20 of Mousehole (Father: John Ash, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: John Nicholas, [?] Harvey Blewett
26 Dec 1889 by Banns
        William Charles Llewellyn 26 Labourer of Sheffield, Paul (Father: Charles Llewellyn, Labourer)
        Rebecca Jane Polgrean 26 of Sheffield, Paul (Father: John Polgrean, Stonemason)
        Witnesses: John Polgrean, Harry Warren
30 Dec 1889 by Banns
        George Nicholson 35 Shipwright of Whitby, Yorks (Father: John Nicholson, Deceased, Shipwright)
        Mary Uren Batten 34 of Newlyn (Father: Benjamin G. Batten, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: Benjamin G. Batten, Grace C. Matthews

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