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6 Jan 1895 by Banns
        Samuel James Brosken 31 Stone Cutter of Sheffield, Paul (Father: Samuel Brosken, Deceased, Miner)
        Georgina Jill Thurban 25 of Mousehole (Father: James Thurban, Deceased, Shoemaker)
        Witnesses: John Osborne, W. J. Robins
9 Feb 1895 by Banns
        Stephen Hichens 42 Fisherman of St. Peters, Newlyn (Father: Alexander Hichens, Fisherman)
        Anna Osborne 37 of Paul (Father: William Osborne, Sailor)
        Witnesses: Joseph Penrose, M. A. Tippett
23 Mar 1895 by Banns
        Thomas Williams 22 Fisherman of Paul [Mark] (Father: Thomas Williams, Labourer)
        Susie Rouffignac 25 of Paul (Father: William Rouffignac, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: William Rouffignac, Prudence Rouffignac
30 Mar 1895 by Banns
        Henry Richards 23 Labourer of Churchtown (Father: Joseph S. Richards, Dairyman)
        Jessie Trenoweth Matthews 20 of Lamorna (Father: George Matthews, Deceased, Labourer)
        Witnesses: John Matthews, Susan Ann Watters
13 Apr 1895 by Banns
        Charles Strick Labourer of Lamorna (Father: Nicholas Strick, Deceased, Labourer)
        Mary Harvey Tippet of Churchtown (Father: William Tippet, Carpenter)
        Witnesses: William Tippet, Agnes J. Tippet
8 May 1895 by Lic.
        Fred Polglase 21 Carpenter of Newlyn (Father: William Tho. Polglase, Merchant)
        Sarah Richards 22 of Mousehole (Father: Henry Richards, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: Henry Rienard, Henry Maddern Jnr.
11 May 1895 by Lic.
        John Badcock Matthews 63 widower Farmer of Kerris, Paul (Father: Thomas Matthews, Deceased, Farmer)
        Eliza Jane Rowe 50 widow of Sheffield, Paul (Father: Henry Richards, Deceased, Shoemaker)
        Witnesses: Richard Carne, Mary Ann Rowe
11 May 1895 by Banns
        William James Jago Trevaskis 20 Labourer of Mousehole (Father: William H. Trevaskis, Tailor)
        Millicent Ann Stone 18 of Trungle, Paul (Father: William Stone, Dairyman)
        Witnesses: Harry Trevaskis, Elizabeth Jane Stone
8 Jun 1895 by Banns
        James Drew 23 Fisherman of Mousehole (Father: Emmanuel Drew, Labourer)
        Johanna Gilbert 22 widow of Mousehole (Father: Nicholas Hoskin, Fish Seller)
        Witnesses: John Hoskin, Lizzie Drew
6 Jul 1895 by Banns
        John Thomas Sampson 28 Fisherman of Mousehole (Father: John Sampson, Fisherman)
        Jane Harvey Hoskin 25 of Mousehole (Father: Richard Hoskin, Deceased, Farmer)
        Witnesses: Richard Humphrys, Janie Pezzack
6 Jul 1895 by Banns
        John Charles Trewavas 30 Stonemason of Mousehole (Father: Charles Trewavas, Fisherman)
        Adelaide Tonkin 31 of Mousehole (Father: Philip Tonkin, Deceased, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: Montague Harry, Millie P. Richards
10 Jul 1895 by Banns
        Coleman Carolan Wright 25 Fisherman of Mousehole (Father: John R. Wright, Fisherman)
        Lily Freethy 23 of Mousehole (Father: Richard Freethy, Deceased, Miner)
        Witnesses: Bessie Freethy, J. K. James
15 Jul 1895 by Banns
        John Jacka 24 Fisherman of Mousehole (Father: Charles Jacka, Fisherman)
        Annie Davies 21 of Paul (Father: James Davies, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: James Davies, Rosetta Davies
10 Aug 1895 by Banns
        Thomas James Gwennap 25 Carpenter of Newlyn (Father: Charles Gwennap, Deceased, Farmer)
        Nellie Harvey 25 of Paul (Father: Abednego Harvey, Farmer)
        Witnesses: Abednego Harvey, John Charles Gwennap
17 Aug 1895 by Banns
        John Phillips Harvey 31 Fisherman of Mousehole (Father: Peter Harvey, Deceased, Fisherman)
        Emily Pezzack Batten 29 widow of Mousehole (Father: William Drew, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: Samuel Harry, Josephine Cotter Drew
21 Aug 1895 by Banns
        John Kelynack 28 Fisherman of Paul (Father: Thomas T. Kelynack, Fisherman)
        Annie Harry 29 of Mousehole (Father: William Harry, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: Janey Tregenza, John Harry
8 Sep 1895 by Banns
        Henry Kneebone 21 Fisherman of Paul (Father: William Kneebone, Deceased, Fisherman)
        Mary Selina Collins 17 of Paul (Father: John Collins, Mason)
        Witnesses: Edwin Chirgwin, C. J. Chirgwin
21 Sep 1895 by Banns
        Thomas Paul 25 Fisherman of Paul (Father: John S. Paul, Deceased, Fisherman)
        Grace Julia Tremethick 24 of Paul (Father: John Tremethick, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: William John Johns, Julia Paul Maddern, Frances Mary Tremethick
6 Oct 1895 by Banns
        Richard Toman Harvey 23 Labourer of Paul (Father: Thomas K. Harvey, Fisherman)
        Mary Tonkin 24 of Paul (Father: William Tonkin, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: William Tonkin, Margaret Ann Tippet
9 Oct 1895 by Banns
        James Henry Bennetts 34 Farmer of Tredavoe (Father: Henry Bennetts, Farmer)
        Mary Annie Hicks 30 of South Downs (Father: John Hicks, Farmer)
        Witnesses: John Hicks, John Merrifield
19 Oct 1895 by Banns
        Benjamin Downing 31 Fisherman of Mousehole (Father: Benjamin Downing, Fisherman)
        Elizabeth Emily Trewavas 28 of Mousehole (Father: John B. Trewavas, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: B. J. Trewavas, Jane P. Downing
19 Oct 1895 by Banns
        Joseph Humphrys 24 Stoker R.N. of Mousehole (Father: William B. Humphrys, Deceased, Fisherman)
        Lillia Ada Matthews 24 of Mousehole (Father: John Matthews, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: John Matthews, Minnie Humphrys
20 Oct 1895 by Banns
        Gideon Oliver Ash 21 Fisherman of Mousehole (Father: Thomas Ash, Fisherman)
        Ann Blewett 19 of Mousehole (Father: James P. Blewett, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: James P. Blewett, Lizzie Drew
3 Nov 1895 by Banns
        William Glasson 21 Fisherman of Mousehole (Father: Emmanuel Glasson, Fisherman)
        Hannah Roberts Nicholas 21 of Newlyn (Father: James Nicholas, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: Edmund Nicholas, Elizabeth Hannah Nicholas
28 Dec 1895 by Banns
        James Osborne 37 widower Farmer of Churchtown (Father: Henry Osborne, Deceased, Merchant)
        Christiana Jane White 43 widow of Churchtown (Father: John Williams, Miner)
        Witnesses: Thomas Williams, E. Williams


26 Feb 1896 by Banns
        William Jelbert 34 Miner of Pendeen (Father: Thomas Jelbert, Deceased, Miner)
        Elizabeth Cotton Treleven 31 of Paul (Father: Thomas Treleven, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: Thomas Treleven, Margaret Harrvey
29 Mar 1896 by Banns
        Thomas Reynolds 26 Fisherman of Paul (Father: Thomas Reynolds, Fisherman)
        Elizabeth Tremethick Simons 24 of Paul (Father: William J. Simons, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: William Simons, Elizabeth Annie Smith
12 May 1896 by Banns
        Louis Luke Heath 29 Engineer of St. Marys, Penzance (Father: Henry Heath, Gentleman)
        Annie Pentreath 24 of Paul (Father: David Pentreath, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: David Pentreath, Henrietta Heath
27 Jun 1896 by Banns
        John James Hoskin 23 Fisherman of Mousehole (Father: Charles Hoskin, Deceased, Market Gardener)
        Agnes Murley 24 of Mousehole (Father: John Murley, Deceased, Mariner)
        Witnesses: Augustus Eddy, Mary Bosisto Hosking
11 Jul 1896 by Banns
        Richard Humphrys 25 Fisherman of Mousehole (Father: Nicholas T. Humphrys, Fisherman)
        Janie Pezzack 24 of Mousehole (Father: John C. Pezzack, Deceased, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: B. Trewavas, Emily Humphrys
24 Aug 1896 by Lic.
        Sydney Charnock 28 Teacher of Lynwood, Paul (Father: Henry Charnock, Gentleman)
        Minnie Elizabeth Beeton 31 of Lynwood, Paul (Father: William Beeton, Gentleman)
        Witnesses: Will Baton, Irene Aitken, W. E. Baily, G. S. Baily
19 Sep 1896 by Banns
        Josiah Harry 29 Fisherman of Mousehole (Father: William Harry, Fisherman)
        Elizabeth Jane Richards Matthews 26 of Mousehole (Father: Joseph Matthews, Farmer)
        Witnesses: Lilian Mycock, Obed Charles Matthews
26 Sep 1896 by Banns
        William Allen Penrose 21 Labourer of Churchtown
        Mary Annie Davey Williams 18 of Mousehole (Father: Burton Williams, Gardener)
        Witnesses: Thomas Williams, Laura Waters
28 Sep 1896 by Lic.
        Thomas Giles 35 Farmer of Raggenis (Father: Henry Giles, Farmer)
        Elizabeth Ann Williams 25 of Raggenis (Father: Martin Williams, Tin Smelter)
        Witnesses: Martin Williams, Annie Tippet
3 Oct 1896 by Banns
        William John Robins 25 Labourer of Mousehole (Father: George Robins, Labourer)
        Mary Ann Mitchell 20 of Mousehole (Father: William Mitchell, Deceased, Miner)
        Witnesses: John Rogers Harvey, Samuel C. Harvey
4 Oct 1896 by Banns
        William Thomas Drew 22 Fisherman of Paul (Father: Emmanuel Drew, Labourer)
        Emma Jeffery 20 of Paul (Father: Richard Jeffery, Gardener)
        Witnesses: Rd. A. Jeffery, Mary L. Jeffery
7 Oct 1896 by Lic.
        Herbert Tregenza 28 Builder of Mousehole (Father: John R. Tregenza, Builder)
        Emily Sands Partridge 25 of Mousehole (Father: John Partridge, London City Missionary)
        Witnesses: John R. Tregenza, Leila Harry
11 Oct 1896 by Banns
        Benjamin Carvosso Harvey 25 Fisherman of Mousehole (Father: Benjamin C. Harvey, Deceased, Harbourmaster)
        Ann Wright 20 of St. Peters, Newlyn (Father: John Wright, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: William Truggs, M. A. Tippet
24 Oct 1896 by Banns
        Thomas Tonkin Cotton 31 Fisherman of Paul (Father: Edward J. Cotton, Fisherman)
        Susan Claudia Pollard 20 of Paul (Father: John R. Pollard, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: John R. Pollard, Lizzzie A. Pollard
31 Oct 1896 by Banns
        Theodore Tonkin John Cornish 25 Fisherman of Mousehole (Father: Nicholas Cornish, Fisherman)
        Janey Richards 25 of Mousehole (Father: Henry Richards, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: Nicholas Cornis, Agnes Nicholas
1 Nov 1896 by Banns
        John Kneebone 28 Fisherman of Paul (Father: William Kneebone, Deceased, Fisherman)
        Philippa Ann Rowe 28 of Paul (Father: Isaac Rowe, Mason)
        Witnesses: Henry Kneebone, M. A. Tippet
16 Dec 1896 by Banns
        William Paul 33 Sailmaker of Paul (Father: Martin Paul, Deceased, Sailmaker)
        Mary Annie Glasson 24 of Paul (Father: George Glasson, Deceased, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: Richard Pollard, M. Annie Tippet
19 Dec 1896 by Banns
        William Mitchell Simons 29 Fisherman of Paul (Father: William M. Simons, Fisherman)
        Elizabeth Williams 27 of St. Peters, Newlyn (Father: William H. Williams, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: William Henry Williams, Phillis Wright Simons
22 Dec 1896 by Banns
        John Eddy 24 Stonemason of Mousehole (Father: Thomas Eddy, Stonemason)
        Grace Jane Pearce 19 of Mousehole (Father: John Pearce, Miner)
        Witnesses: John Pearce, Lottie Eddy, Augustus Eddy


9 Jan 1897 by Banns
        Philip White 21 Builder of Paul (Father: James White, Builder)
        Ada Wright 20 of Paul (Father: William P. Wright, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: William P. Wright, M. A. Tippett
24 Jan 1897 by Banns
        John Nicholas 23 Fisherman of Looe (Father: William Henry Nicholas, Fisherman)
        Janie Murrish 23 of Paul (Father: Richard Murrish, Deceased, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: Joseph Murrish, Doris Moreton
18 Apr 1897 by Banns
        William Henry Williams 23 Fisherman of Paul (Father: William H. Williams, Fisherman)
        Mary Richards 22 of Paul (Father: John Richards, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: John Richards, Peter J. Harvey
5 Jun 1897 by Banns
        William Thomas Hall 28 Labourer of Bosova (Father: William Hall, Labourer)
        Matilda Pomeroy 23 of Mousehole (Father: Henry Pomeroy, Deceased, Shipwright)
        Witnesses: George W. Pomeroy, Henry Pomeroy
12 Jun 1897 by Banns
        Wright Praed 26 Stonecutter of Mousehole (Father: Francis Praed, Fisherman)
        Annie Clarissa Matthews 20 of Mousehole (Father: Thomas J. Matthews, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: Nicholas Praed, Elizabeth Matthews
11 Jul 1897 by Banns
        Alfred Harris 27 Fisherman of Paul (Father: John H. Harris, Deceased, Fisherman)
        Caroline Bodinnar James 24 of Paul (Father: John T. James, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: Laura H. James, M. A. Tippet
3 Aug 1897 by Banns
        Charles Osborne 26 Policeman of Liskeard (Father: Hannibal Osborne, Fisherman)
        Mary Annie Nicholls 25 of Paul (Father: Charles Nicholls, Mariner)
        Witnesses: Thomas Smith Hichens, Hannibal Osborne
11 Aug 1897 by Banns
        William Paul 23 Compositor of Paul (Father: Charles Paul, Shoemaker)
        Lily Wills 22 of St. Marys, Penzance (Father: Thomas Wills, Retired Mariner)
        Witnesses: James Wills, Lauretta[?] Hills
19 Sep 1897 by Banns
        William Simons 29 Fisherman of Paul (Father: William J. Simons, Fisherman)
        Elizabeth Annie Smith 25 of Paul (Father: Peter Smith, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: Elizabeth Reynolds, Peter Smith
29 Sep 1897 by Banns
        James Harvey Lawson 22 Stonemason of Paul (Father: Henry J. Lawson, Capt R.N)
        Sarah Stuart Symons 20 of Paul (Father: John Symons, Deceased, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: John Carey, Elizabeth M. Maddern
6 Oct 1897 by Banns
        Richard Pentreath 37 Fisherman of Mousehole (Father: Richard Pentreath, Deceased, Fisherman)
        Eliza Jane Nicholls 25 of Raggenis (Father: John Nicholls, Farmer)
        Witnesses: John Nicholls, Clara Nicholls
10 Oct 1897 by Banns
        John Pollard 20 Stoker R.N. of Mousehole (Father: Horatio Pollard, Fisherman)
        Phillis Maddern 19 of Mousehole (Father: William Maddern, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: Wm. Maddern, Susan Pollard
23 Oct 1897 by Banns
        John Mitchell 30 Fisherman of Paul (Father: John Mitchell, Fisherman)
        Elizabeth Carrey Choak 24 of Paul (Father: John Choak, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: Mary Annie Choak, Charles Choak
10 Nov 1897 by Banns
        Michael Welch Noal 25 Carpenter of St. Ives (Father: Michael Noall, Deceased, Sailor)
        Ella Rosa Humphrys 24 of Mousehole (Father: John Humphrys, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: John Humphrys, Thomas Jennings
27 Nov 1897 by Banns
        John Treleven 23 Stonemason of Paul (Father: John Treleven, Fisherman)
        Serena Mary Matthews 19 of Mousehole (Father: Thomas Matthews, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: Thomas B. Tonkin, Janie Matthews
30 Nov 1897 by Banns
        Christopher Cardell 23 Rwd Engineer of St. Johns, Penzance (Father: John Cardell, Deceased, Farmer)
        Beatrice Mary James 20 of Trewarveneth, Paul (Father: Josiah James, Farmer)
        Witnesses: [?] Willman, Josiah James
4 Dec 1897 by Banns
        John James Carne 22 Farmer of Penolva (Father: Richard Carne, Farmer)
        Chrissy Maddern 20 of Trungle (Father: William Maddern Farmer, Farmer)
        Witnesses: Richard Carne, Clarinda Wright Carne
6 Dec 1897 by Banns
        William Beckerleg 25 Fisherman of Paul (Father: John N. Beckerleg, Fisherman)
        Elizabeth Mary Trannack Trevaskis 24 of Mousehole (Father: William H. Trevaskis, Sailor)
        Witnesses: W. H. Trevaskis, Mary Beckerleg
28 Dec 1897 by Banns
        Alfred Joseph Hyde 29 Coastguard of Mousehole (Father: Henry Hyde, Retired Coastguard)
        Mary Annie Jenkin 28 of Newlyn (Father: Henry Jenkin, Miller)
        Witnesses: Mary Ann Eliza Jenkin, Henery Jenkin


15 Jan 1898 by Banns
        Richard Humphrys 24 Fisherman of Newlyn (Father: Richard Humphrys, Fisherman)
        Annie Casley Symons 25 of Mousehole (Father: Thomas Symons, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: William John Symons, Grace Wall Uren
24 Jan 1898 by Banns
        William Kitchen Sampson 24 Baker of Paul (Father: John Henry Sampson, Deceased, Fisherman)
        Emily Matthews 26 of Paul (Father: William Matthews, Deceased, Farm Labourer)
        Witnesses: John George Matthews, Sarah Hichens
9 Feb 1898 by Banns
        John Yeamon 32 Fisherman of Mousehole (Father: Thomas Yeamon, Deceased, Master Mariner)
        Elizabeth Ada Trewavas Barnes 34 of Mousehole (Father: George Trewavas Barnes, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: George W. Barnes, Ruth J. Barnes
13 Feb 1898 by Banns
        William Henry Polgrean 36 widower Fisherman of Mousehole (Father: Edwin Polgrean, Deceased, Carpenter)
        Annie Matthews 35 of Mousehole (Father: Thomas Matthews, Deceased, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: J. H. Harvey, M. A. Tippet
16 Feb 1898 by Banns
        Albert Gendall 23 Quarryman of Mousehole (Father: Albert Gendall, Coachsmith)
        Rosa Thomas 19 of Mousehole (Father: Richard Thomas, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: R. J. Jenkin, Lilly Jenkin
20 Feb 1898 by Banns
        John James Harvey 22 Coachman of Paul (Father: William Harvey, Fisherman)
        Celia Evelyn Hosken 20 of Paul (Father: William Hosken, Engineman)
        Witnesses: William James Roberts, Celia Clemens
20 Feb 1898 by Banns
        William Harris Martin 24 Blacksmith of Yohadyfoding, Glamorgan (Father: John Martin, Engine Driver)
        Elizabeth Clemens 18 of Chyoone Grove (Father: William Clemens, Farmer)
        Witnesses: William Clemens, William Henry Trewern
26 Feb 1898 by Banns
        William Way Richards 23 Compositor of Paul (Father: Abraham Richards, Fish Packer)
        Susan Watters 23 of Paul (Father: William Watters, Deceased, Mariner)
        Witnesses: Henry Watters, Mary Annie Trewern
2 Mar 1898 by Banns
        James Pender 33 Fisherman of Mousehole (Father: William Pender, Fisherman)
        Josephine Cotton Drew 23 of Mousehole (Father: William Drew, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: Lizzie Mary Wright, James R. Rowe
29 Mar 1898 by Banns
        William Kneebone 27 Fisherman of Paul (Father: William Kneebone, Deceased, Fisherman)
        Elizabeth Adams Warren 24 of Paul (Father: Samuel Warren, Mariner)
        Witnesses: S. Warren, Susan Warren
7 May 1898 by Banns
        William Rouffignac 26 Fisherman of Paul (Father: William Rouffignac, Deceased, Fisherman)
        Francis Annie Sandry 36 of Paul (Father: John Sandry, Deceased, Miner)
        Witnesses: Robert Tilley[?], Prudence Rouffignac
9 May 1898 by Lic.
        William Giles 34 Farmer of Ragennis (Father: Henry Giles, Farmer)
        Nannie Johns Rowe 30 of Sheffield, Paul (Father: Robert Rowe, Deceased, Blacksmith)
        Witnesses: Thomas Giles, Annie Tippet
18 Jun 1898 by Banns
        John Rouffignac 27 Fisherman of Paul (Father: John Rouffignac, Fisherman)
        Mary Ellen Richards 24 of Paul (Father: Richard Richards, Deceased, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: John Barnes, Mary Bone Rouffignac
25 Jun 1898 by Banns
        William James Batten 23 Mariner of Paul (Father: William Mitchell Batten, Fisherman)
        Emily Harvey 21 of Paul (Father: James Harvey, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: James Harvey, Ellen Batten Rogers
29 Jun 1898 by Banns
        William Francis Bryant 27 Carpenter of Mousehole (Father: Francis Bryant, Deceased, Farmer)
        Susie Pender 25 of Mousehole (Father: Henry Pender, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: Gertrude Ladner, Fred Harvey
2 Jul 1898 by Banns
        John Phillips Roberts 25 Fisherman of Paul (Father: William Roberts, Fisherman)
        Jane Roberts 21 of Newlyn (Father: Thomas Roberts, Deceased, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: S. C. Hocking, H. Richards
16 Jul 1898 by Banns
        Frederick Reynolds 32 widower Fisherman of St. Peters, Newlyn (Father: John Reynolds, Fisherman)
        Helena Vingoe 30 of Paul (Father: Thomas Ellis Vingoe, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: John Tonkin, Thos. Ellis Vingoe
16 Jul 1898 by Banns
        John Tregurtha Bone 26 Fisherman of Paul (Father: William Bone, Fisherman)
        Catherine Jane Williams 25 of Paul (Father: Richard Paul[?] Williams, Blacksmith)
        Witnesses: R. B. Williams, Richard Bone
24 Jul 1898 by Banns
        Joseph Francis 23 Fisherman of Paul (Father: John Francis, Fisherman)
        Katie Roberts 22 of Paul (Father: John Roberts, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: Rd. Francis, M. A. Tippet
3 Aug 1898 by Lic.
        Richard Warren 36 Carpenter of St. Peters, Newlyn (Father: Richard Warren, Deceased, Carpenter)
        Elizabeth Cock 36 of Paul (Father: Richard Cock, Naval Pensioner)
        Witnesses: George Washington Cock, Lilian G. Aitken
6 Aug 1898 by Banns
        Richard Tonkin Sampson 28 Inspector N.S.P.C.C. of St. James, Oldham, Lancs (Father: Arthur Sampson, Deceased, Master Mariner)
        Martha Thomas 25 of Paul (Father: Matthew Thomas, Deceased, Miner)
        Witnesses: Christiana Thomas, Elizabeth Sampson
8 Oct 1898 by Banns
        Thomas Tremethick Cotton 21 Fisherman of Paul (Father: Philip James Cotton, Fisherman)
        Janie Matthews 18 of Mousehole (Father: Thomas Matthews, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: Martin Matthews, Mary A. Tippet
9 Oct 1898 by Banns
        Thomas John Ashford 56 widower Farmer of Paul (Father: James Ashford, Deceased, Farmer)
        Elizabeth Mary Jenkins 48 of Paul (Father: Francis Jenkin, Deceased, Farmer)
        Witnesses: James J. Rodda, Katie Rodda
19 Oct 1898 by Banns
        James Romilly Rowe 24 Farmer of Trembath Farm, Mousehole (Father: James Frances Rowe, Joiner)
        Elizabeth Mary Wright 23 of Wesley Squ., Mousehole (Father: John Richard Wright, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: John Wright, Elizabeth Trewavas
23 Oct 1898 by Banns
        Richard Nicholls 23 Fisherman of Paul (Father: Richard Nicholls, Fisherman)
        Matilda Richards 22 of Paul (Father: John Richards, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: James Richards, Elizabeth Harvey
5 Nov 1898 by Banns
        William Francis Trembath 24 Fisherman of Mousehole (Father: Richard Francis Trembath, Market Gardener)
        Minnie Tregenza 24 of Mousehole (Father: Thomas Tregenza, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: Thomas Tregenza, Janie Tregenza
12 Nov 1898 by Banns
        Thomas James 45 Fisherman of Paul (Father: Francis James, Deceased, Fisherman)
        Elizabeth Mary Paul 40 of Paul (Father: John Paul, Deceased, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: Richard Paull, M. A. Tippet
26 Dec 1898 by Banns
        Richard Kelynack Tonkin 29 Commercial Traveller of Paul (Father: Philip Tonkin, Merchant)
        Mary Louisa Harvey 26 of Newlyn (Father: Richard Harvey, Fish Merchant)
        Witnesses: R. Bath, P. Tonkin, R. Harvey


7 Jan 1899 by Banns
        Richard Drew Pender 22 Fisherman of Mousehole (Father: Benjamin Pender, Fisherman)
        Hilda Carne 21 of Sheffield.Paul (Father: Emmanuel Carne, Farmer)
        Witnesses: Peter J. Harvey, Emma Drew
11 Feb 1899 by Banns
        Egbert George Ashford 24 Custom House Officer of Falmouth (Father: Stephen Ashford, Master Mariner)
        Ellen Sans Wallis 21 of Mousehole (Father: Samuel Wallis, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: Samuel Wallis, William Richard Ashford
19 Feb 1899 by Banns
        John Mann 25 Fisherman of Paul (Father: Nicholas Mann, Fisherman)
        Bertha Triggs 25 of Paul (Father: William Triggs, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: William Triggs, Annie Tippet
25 Feb 1899 by Banns
        Nicholas Thomas Humphrys 28 Fisherman of Mousehole (Father: Nicholas Thomas Humphrys, Fisherman)
        Annie Martha Wallis 22 of Mousehole (Father: Samuel Wallis, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: Samuel Wallis, Sarah Trewavas Wallis
4 Mar 1899 by Banns
        Richard Yeamon Johns 24 Fisherman of Paul (Father: Frederick Johns, Fisherman)
        Phyllis Matthews 23 of Paul (Father: John Victor Matthews, Labourer)
        Witnesses: Thomas H. Matthews, Margaret Grenfell
5 Mar 1899 by Banns
        John Matthews 29 Fisherman of Paul (Father: William Matthews, Fisherman)
        Susan Wroath 26 of Paul (Father: Digory Wroath, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: Richard Wroath, John Wroath
8 Mar 1899 by Banns
        William John Johns 24 Mason of Paul (Father: Joshua Smith Johns, Deceased, Fisherman)
        Francis Mary Tremethick 23 of Paul (Father: John Tremethick, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: John Tremethick, Livinia Ann Green, Annie Clayton[?]
31 Mar 1899 by Banns
        William Francis Matthews 24 Stone Cutter of 1 Albert Rd, Mousehole (Father: John Matthews, Fisherman)
        Mary Emma Drew 20 of Sheffield, Paul (Father: Richard Clemens Drew, Deceased, Quarryman)
        Witnesses: John Drew, Elizabeth Mary Barnicoat
20 May 1899 by Banns
        Peter Kneebone Hosking 26 Sailmaker of Newlyn (Father: James Mann Hosking, Sailmaker)
        Emma Ann Blewett 22 of Mousehole (Father: William Blewett, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: Mary Martha Blewett, John T. Blewett
21 May 1899 by Banns
        William Leah Thomas 28 Fisherman of Paul (Father: William Leah Thomas, Fisherman)
        Alice Maud Mary Harvey 28 of Paul (Father: Thomas Harvey, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: Elizabeth R. Thomas, Richard Harvey
24 Jun 1899 by Banns
        William Phillips Harvey 20 Bootmaker of Mousehole (Father: William Phillips Harvey, Bootmaker)
        Elizabeth Maddern 17 of Trungle, Paul (Father: William Maddern, Farmer)
        Witnesses: W. P. Harvey, Margaret[?] Harvey
5 Jul 1899 by Banns
        Philip James Cotton 24 Stonecutter of Paul [Mark] (Father: John Rouffignac Cotton, Fisherman)
        Elizabeth Pezzack 22 of St. Peters, Newlyn (Father: Henry Pezzack, Mariner)
        Witnesses: Charles H. Pezzack, T. Pezzack,
22 Jul 1899 by Banns
        Thomas Thomas 21 Farm Lab of Sancreed (Father: John Hitchens Thomas, Sexton)
        Lillie Sleeman 19 of Paul (Father: Walter Henry Sleeman, Quarryman)
        Witnesses: W. H. Sleeman, [?] Thomas
29 Jul 1899 by Banns
        Samuel Kendall 24 Mariner of Mousehole (Father: Samuel Kendall, Baker)
        Mary Ann Sexton 21 of Mousehole (Father: Charles Sexton, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: Richard Maddern, Ellen Kneebone Caddy,
5 Aug 1899 by Banns
        Samuel Richards 25 Shipwright of St. Michaels, Morris Town (Father: Samuel Richards, Mariner)
        Emma Jane Chirgwin 25 of Trungle, Paul (Father: Edwin Chirgwin, Deceased, Farmer)
        Witnesses: E. C. Chirgwin, W. Richards
23 Aug 1899 by Banns
        Edgar Greves Wall 25 Accountant of St. Johns, Battersea (Father: John Simkin Wall, Mason)
        Ellen North 25 of Trungle, Paul (Father: James North, Farmer)
        Witnesses: James North, John Arthur Wall,
18 Sep 1899 by Banns
        William James Clemens 21 Mariner of Cwmparc, Wales (Father: William Clemens, Farmer)
        Amelia Jane Baragwanath 19 of Chywoon (Father: James Baragwanath, Deceased, Wheelwright)
        Witnesses: William Henry Trewern, Peggy Ann Clemens
8 Oct 1899 by Banns
        John Maddern 24 Sailor of Newlyn (Father: William Maddern, Sailor)
        Emmeline Dennis 21 of Mousehole (Father: John Dennis, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: John Dennis, Margaret Maddern
28 Oct 1899 by Banns
        Richard Harry 35 Fisherman of Mousehole (Father: William Harry, Fisherman)
        Janie Tregenza 30 of Mousehole (Father: Thomas Tregenza, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: Edward James Tregenza, Annie Francis Blewett
7 Nov 1899 by Banns
        William Edwin Mann 29 Seaman S.W. Railway Co. Tender of Paul (Father: William Mann, Fisherman)
        Lydia Kitchen 26 of Paul (Father: Richard Williams Kitchen, Deceased, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: John P. Kitchen, Margaret Pearce
8 Nov 1899 by Banns
        Stephen Downing 27 Fisherman of Paul (Father: Stephen Downing, Fisherman)
        Jessie Rosa Cattran 25 of Paul (Father: Charles Cattran, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: Lilius Ash, Ada Cattran
11 Nov 1899 by Banns
        John James Halse 27 Fisherman of Mousehole (Father: John Halse, Stonemason)
        Sarah Jane Worth 24 of Mousehole (Father: Philip Maddern Worth, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: William Worth, Cecilia M. Trembath
18 Nov 1899 by Banns
        George Pezzack 27 Sailor of Mousehole (Father: James Pezzack, Deceased, Fisherman)
        Elizabeth Mary Oliver 25 of Mousehole (Father: Robert Francis Oliver, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: Robert F. Oliver, L. Pezzack

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