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4 Jan 1880 by Banns
        Philip John Maddern 22 Carrier of Mousehole (Father: William Allen Maddern, Farmer)
        Theresa Symons 20 of Mousehole (Father: John Symons, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: John Symons, Elizabeth Ann Semmens
13 Jan 1880 by Banns
        Joseph Wallis Johns 25 Fisherman of Mousehole (Father: John Johns, Fisherman)
        Sarah Hills Pentreath 21 of Mousehole (Father: Thomas Henry Pentreath, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: Benjamin Carvossoe Harvey, Annie Harvey
3 Mar 1880 by Banns
        Elias Cock 28 Joiner of Mousehole (Father: Elias Cock, Fisherman)
        Arabella Madron Harvey 26 of Mousehole (Father: Richard Harvey, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: James Rowe, A. H. James
14 Apr 1880 by Banns
        Owen Trembath 23 Fisherman of Mousehole (Father: Josiah Trembath, Fish Buyer)
        Elizabeth Bodinnar Cotton 22 of Newlyn (Father: John Cotton, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: Higb Rouffignac, Anne Rowe Trembath
17 Apr 1880 by Banns
        James Clemence James 34 Fisherman of Newlyn (Father: Thomas James, Fish Salesman)
        Jane Roberts 28 of Newlyn (Father: John Roberts, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: John Roberts, Julia Hoskins
9 May 1880 by Banns
        John Kliskey 21 Fisherman of Newlyn (Father: John B. Klisky, Fisherman)
        Anne Phillips Wilkins 21 of Newlyn (Father: George Wilkins, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: George Wilkins, Elizabeth Mary Oats
10 May 1880 by Lic.
        Alfred Henry Buckett 36 Pharmaceutical Chemist of Penzance (Father: Alfrfed Henry Buckett, Accountant)
        Eleanore Davies full age widow of Choone, Paul (Father: George Hernaman, Master Mariner)
        Witnesses: William Arthur Glasson, A. H. Buckett
12 May 1880 by Banns
        Louis Trembath 26 Fisherman of Mousehole (Father: Josiah Trembath, Gardener)
        Rebecca Sarah Rouffignac 25 of Mousehole (Father: Francis Rouffignac, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: Thomas E. Wallis, Annie Rowe Trembath
26 May 1880 by Banns
        Joseph James Hockin 25 Fisherman of Mousehole (Father: Joseph Hockin, Merchant)
        Olivia Roberts 22 of Mousehole (Father: Samson Roberts, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: William James Bone, Mary Emma Hall, [?] Hockin, Elizabeth Roberts
30 May 1880 by Banns
        Richard Cattran 26 Fisherman of Newlyn (Father: Edward Cattran, Fisherman)
        Sarah Ann Harvey 23 of Newlyn (Father: Thomas Harvey, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: Mary Batten, Thomas Harvey
7 Jun 1880 by Banns
        William Phillips Harvey 30 widower Boot Maker of Mousehole (Father: John Harvey, Boot Maker)
        Eleanor Mary Wright 29 of Mousehole (Father: Charles Wright, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: Charles Thomas Harvey, [?]
28 Jun 1880 by Banns
        Philip Tregurtha 21 Fisherman of Newlyn (Father: William Henry Tregurtha, Fisherman)
        Annie Eliza Trahair 19 of Newlyn (Father: William Henry Trahair, Merchant)
        Witnesses: W. H. Trahair, G. W. Trahair
26 Jul 1880 by Banns
        Charles Gartrell 31 Farmer of Kemyell (Father: Henry Gartrell, Farmer)
        Jane Nicholls Thomas 30 of Kemyell (Father: Henry Thomas, Merchant)
        Witnesses: H Gartrell, Jessie Gartrell, Albert Gartrell
7 Aug 1880 by Banns
        George Matthews 25 Labourer of Church Town, Paul [Mark] (Father: George Matthews, Labourer)
        Grace Mitchell Waters 22 of Church Town, Paul [Mark] (Father: William Waters, Market Gardener)
        Witnesses: James Gooriley[?], Annie Matthews
16 Sep 1880 by Banns
        William Escott 22 Farm Labourer of Mousehole (Father: William Henry Escott, Farmer)
        Elizabeth Anne Bennetts 23 of Mousehole (Father: Henry Bennetts, Carrier)
        Witnesses: Beatrice Aitken, [?]
14 Nov 1880 by Banns
        John Rosewarne 21 Fisherman of Mousehole (Father: William Rosewarne, Farm Labourer)
        Sarah Anne Eddy 19 of Mousehole [Mark] (Father: William Eddy, Carrier)
        Witnesses: W. J. Eddy, Cecilia Jane Eddy


1 Jan 1881 by Banns
        John Nicholas 25 Carpenter of Mousehole (Father: John Nicholas, Carpenter)
        Susanna Cornish 26 of Mousehole [Mark] (Father: Nicholas Cornish, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: Nicholas J. Cornish, Lissie Ash
27 Feb 1881 by Banns
        James Maddern 23 Fisherman of Newlyn (Father: John Maddern, Fisherman)
        Sarah Jane Paul 22 of Newlyn (Father: John Guy Paul, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: Thomas Landrey, Agnes Jane Robins
6 Mar 1881 by Banns
        Henry Hichens 31 Fisherman of Newlyn (Father: Alexander Hichens, Fisherman)
        Susan James 26 of Newlyn (Father: Francis James, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: Francis James, Grace James
16 Mar 1881 by Banns
        Samuel Kemp 30 Fisherman of Newlyn (Father: Thomas H. Kemp, Fisherman)
        Sarah Brewer Hitchens 28 of Newlyn (Father: Philip Hitchens, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: F. B. Cattran, Mary Jane Cattran
21 Mar 1881 by Banns
        John Austin 21 Labourer of Castallack [Mark] (Father: John Austin, Labourer)
        Annie Maria Hall 22 of Castallack [Mark] (Father: William Hall, Labourer)
        Witnesses: Thomas W. Sandry, William Hall
4 Apr 1881 by Banns
        James Trahair Wilkins Evangelist of Beveryley, Yorks (Father: George Wilkins, Fisherman)
        Elizabeth Mary Oats of Newlyn (Father: William Oats, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: William Oats, Elizabeth Wilkins
17 May 1881 by Banns
        John Cornish 29 Fisherman of Mousehole (Father: Nicholas Cornish, Fisherman)
        Catherine Batten 22 of Newlyn (Father: John Batten, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: John Batten, Minnie Batten
23 May 1881 by Banns
        Edward Downing 26 Fisherman of Mousehole (Father: Benjamin Downing, Fisherman)
        Margaret Humphrys 28 of Mousehole (Father: William Humphreys, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: Louis Trembath, Annie J. Downing
1 Jun 1881 by Banns
        Cyprian Richards 23 Fisherman of Churchtown (Father: James Richards, Farmer)
        Mary Nicholls Perry 21 of Churchtown
        Witnesses: William H. Perry, Annie Jane Richards
5 Jun 1881 by Banns
        Oben Tonkin 31 Miner of Newlyn (Father: Thomas Tonkin, Shipwright)
        Ellen Bodinar Harvey 23 of Newlyn (Father: Nicholas Harvey, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: Nicholas Harvey, Beatrice Aitkin
6 Jun 1881 by Banns
        John Symons 20 Fisherman of Newlyn (Father: John Symons, Fisherman)
        Margaret Jane Francis 18 of Newlyn (Father: John Francis, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: John Francis, Elizabeth Bone
6 Jun 1881 by Banns
        Abraham Madron Johns 27 Fisherman of Newlyn (Father: William Johns, Fisherman)
        Avis Simons 21 of Newlyn (Father: Robert Simons, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: Robert Simons, Beatrice Simons
6 Jun 1881 by Banns
        Samuel Parker Rowe 23 Fisherman of Newlyn (Father: John Rowe, Cordwainer)
        Elizabeth Tonkin Wilkins 20 of Newlyn (Father: George Wilkins, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: George Wilkins, Margaret Pender[?]
11 Jun 1881 by Banns
        Orlando Humphrys 29 Fisherman of Mousehole (Father: Robert Humphrys, Fisherman)
        Laura Harvey 25 of Mousehole (Father: Henry Harvey, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: William Pentreath[?], Amelia Jane Williams
25 Jun 1881 by Banns
        John Warren 25 Fisherman of Newlyn (Father: John S. Warren, Fisherman)
        Elizabeth Ellen Tonkin 23 of Newlyn (Father: William Henry Tonkin, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: William Henry Tonkin, Jane Warren
29 Jun 1881 by Banns
        Peter Harvey 21 Mariner of Paul (Father: Thomas Harvey, Gardener)
        Emma Jane Matthews 20 of Mousehole (Father: John Matthews, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: John Reseigh, Selina Matthews
29 Jun 1881 by Banns
        Albert Sleeman 22 Labourer of Paul [Mark] (Father: William Sleeman, Stone Labourer)
        Hephzibah Llewellyn 21 of Paul (Father: Charles Llewellyn, Farm Labourer)
        Witnesses: Thomas W. Sandry, John George Lugg
4 Jul 1881 by Banns
        William James Bezisto Jenkin 24 Gardener of Mousehole (Father: Emmanuel Jenkin, Farmer)
        Jane Mary Harvey 19 of Newlyn (Father: Nicholas Harvey, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: Nicholas Harvey, Selina Rogers
4 Jul 1881 by Banns
        William Thomas Matthews 27 Labourer of Mousehole (Father: Henry Matthews, Labourer)
        Martha Ellen Mcclary 23 of Mousehole (Father: John Mcclary, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: William Humphrys, Mary Mcclary
11 Jul 1881 by Banns
        Thomas Richards 21 Fisherman of Mousehole (Father: Thomas Richards, Fisherman)
        Bessie Tonkin Triggs 18 of Newlyn (Father: John Triggs, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: N. J. Triggs, Annie Warren
7 Aug 1881 by Banns
        John Hosking 23 Gardener of Mousehole (Father: John Hocking, Farmer)
        Emma Jenkin 24 of Mousehole (Father: Emmanuel Jenkin, Market Gardener)
        Witnesses: George Robins, Agnes Jane Robins
5 Oct 1881 by Banns
        Henry Trewavas 36 Fisherman of Mousehole (Father: Joseph Trewavas, Fisherman)
        Agnes Gilmore Harvey 30 of Mousehole (Father: Henry Harvey, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: William Blewett, Cordelia Wright
12 Oct 1881 by Banns
        John Kelynack 23 Fisherman of Newlyn (Father: Phillip Kelynack, Fisherman)
        Rovena Frances Harvey 22 of Mousehole (Father: Robert Harvey, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: Bertha B. Harvey, Robert H. Harvey
15 Oct 1881 by Banns
        Michael Bennetts 24 Fisherman of Mousehole (Father: Michael Bennetts, Carrier)
        Mary Oats 23 of Mousehole (Father: James Oats, Miner)
        Witnesses: Mary E. E Aitken, Agnes Jane Robins
31 Oct 1881 by Banns
        Martin Trewella Tippet 23 Farm Labourer of Grove Mills, Paul [Mark] (Father: Martin Trewella*, Farmer)
        Eliza Jane Nicholas 23 of Grove Mills, Paul (Father: Uter Nicholas, Miner)
        Witnesses: Uter Nicholas, Agnes Jane Robins
1 Nov 1881 by Banns
        Henry Love Kelynack Triggs 22 Fisherman of Newlyn (Father: John Triggs, Fisherman)
        Annie Warren 21 of Mousehole (Father: William Warren, Farm Labourer)
        Witnesses: William Reynolds, Elizabeth Bennetts
7 Nov 1881 by Banns
        James Armstrong 20 Farm Labourer of Trevithal (Father: John Armstrong, Veterinary Surgeon)
        Selina Ann Giles 19 of Trevithal [Mark] (Father: William Giles, Farm Labourer)
        Witnesses: John J. Downing, Agnes Jane Robins
18 Dec 1881 by Banns
        Thomas Eddy 26 Mariner of Mousehole (Father: Richard Eddy, Miner)
        Julia Blewett 21 of Mousehole (Father: George Blewett, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: James Harvey, Agnes Jane Robins
18 Dec 1881 by Banns
        John Henry Keast 21 Stonemason of Trungle, Churchtown (Father: John Keast, Stonemason)
        Mary Elizabeth Angwin 22 of Trungle, Churchtown (Father: John Angwin, Miner)
        Witnesses: Thomas Harvey, Mary Annie Keast
18 Dec 1881 by Banns
        Samuel Ross Ivey 25 Schoolmaster of Farndale, Yorks (Father: John Ivey, Farmer)
        Annie Grenfell Hall 22 of Mousehole (Father: William Hall, Hotel Keeper)
        Witnesses: William Hall, Annie Ley[?]


7 Jan 1882 by Banns
        James Tregurtha 22 Miller of St. Burian (Father: Nicholas Tregurtha, Miller)
        Sarah Jane Hocking 19 of Mousehole (Father: Nicholas Hocking, Gardener)
        Witnesses: N Hosking, Agnes Jane Robins
25 Jan 1882 by Banns
        Richard Hedley Walters 23 Gardener of Ludgvan (Father: William Henry Walters, Telegraph Clerk)
        Eliza Ellis 21 of Paul (Father: John Row Ellis, Farmer)
        Witnesses: William Henr Walters, Annie Walters
3 Feb 1882 by Banns
        Joseph Henry Ladner 24 Farm Labourer of Lamorna (Father: Joseph Ladner, Stonewowrker)
        Elizabeth Stone 17 of Lamorna (Father: James Stone, Farm Labourer)
        Witnesses: James Stone, Joseph Ladner
6 Feb 1882 by Banns
        Benjamin Wallis 40 Basketmaker of Newlyn (Father: William Wallis, Basketmaker)
        Sarah Anne Rowe 38 of Mousehole (Father: William Henry Rowe, Cordwainer)
        Witnesses: William Henry Rowe, Amelia [?]
21 Feb 1882 by Banns
        John Thomas Trenoweth 20 Farm Labourer of Trungle Moor (Father: John Trenoweth, Stone Cutter)
        Mary Anne Prowse 18 of Brewinney Cot, Paul (Father: Jacob Prowse, Farm Labourer)
        Witnesses: Joseph T. Prowse, Grace Prowse
16 Mar 1882 by Banns
        James Harvey 23 Carpenter of Churchtown (Father: John Harvey, Stone Cutter)
        Elizabeth Catherine Wright 20 of Mousehole (Father: John Wright, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: Thomas Ba Sampson, Annie Harvey
17 Apr 1882 by Banns
        James Bone 64 widower Fisherman of Newlyn (Father: James Bone, Fisherman)
        Ann Pentreath 54 widow of Newlyn [Mark] (Father: John Hill, Carfpenter)
        Witnesses: Louie Greenwood Trahair, William Chirgwin
26 Apr 1882 by Banns
        Charles Wright 27 Waterman H.M. Customs of Mousehole (Father: John Richards Wright, Fisherman)
        Lois Mary Ash 27 of Mousehole (Father: Richard Ash, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: James Francis Rowe, Richard Goodwin Ash
2 May 1882 by Lic.
        Charles Chirgwin 42 Market Gardener of Kerris, Paul (Father: Nicholas Chirgwin, Farmer)
        Elizabeth Warren Jefferey 36 of Newlyn (Father: John Jeffery, Farmer)
        Witnesses: John Jeffery, Susan Langman
2 May 1882 by Banns
        John Samuel Tregenza 27 Mason of Mousehole (Father: John R. Tregenza, Builder)
        Bessie Pollard 21 of Kymiel, Paul (Father: Joseph Pollard, Farmer)
        Witnesses: John R. Tregenza, Joseph Pollard
6 May 1882 by Banns
        William Wroath 28 Fisherman of Newlyn (Father: Digory Wroath, Fisherman)
        Annie Pentreath 24 of Mousehole (Father: Richard Pentreath, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: Richard Wroath, Mary Harvey
16 May 1882 by Banns
        Thomas Harvey 28 Fisherman of Newlyn (Father: Richard Leah Harvey, Fisherman)
        Elizabeth Rouffignac Triggs 22 of Newlyn (Father: William Triggs, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: C. Richard Harvey, Mary Rouffignac
20 May 1882 by Banns
        Edwin Jacka 32 Fisherman of Newlyn (Father: Peter Jacka, Fisherman)
        Mary Downing 24 of Newlyn (Father: Henry Downing, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: Henry Downing, Susan H. Downing
3 Jun 1882 by Banns
        Thomas Pooley 22 Carpenter of Paul (Father: Alexander Pooley, Builder)
        Elizabeth Mary Maddern 22 of Turncoath (Father: William Allen Madern, Farmer)
        Witnesses: Philip John Maddern, Cathrine Jane Maddern
10 Jun 1882 by Banns
        Robert Harris Matthews 22 Stone Mason of Sheffield (Father: Robert Harris Matthews, Farmer)
        Mary Jane Clemmens 19 of Halwyn (Father: Francis Clemmens, Farmer)
        Witnesses: Robert Matthews, Francis Clemmens
12 Jun 1882 by Banns
        Erastus Ash 30 Fisherman of Mousehole (Father: John Ash, Fisherman)
        Susan Elizabeth Foxwell Gartrell 26 of Kemyel (Father: Henry Gartrell, Farmer)
        Witnesses: Albert Gartrell, Catherine Trenoweth
21 Jun 1882 by Banns
        Richard White 39 widower Fisherman of Mousehole (Father: John White, Fisherman)
        Catherine Trenoweth 35 of Mousehole (Father: James Trenoweth, Master Mariner)
        Witnesses: Thomas E. Wallis, Agnes Jane Robins
5 Jul 1882 by Banns
        Thomas Matthews Clift 24 Fisherman of Mousehole [Mark] (Father: John A. Clift, Fisherman)
        Thomasine Ann Johns 24 of Mousehole (Father: John Johns, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: John Johns, Janie Wallis Johns
15 Oct 1882 by Banns
        Charles Pezzack 26 Fisherman of Mousehole (Father: Charles Pezzack, Fisherman)
        Catherine Jane Barnes 21 of Newlyn (Father: John Barnes, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: Edward Downing, Agnes Jane Robins
4 Nov 1882 by Lic.
        William George Richards Laity 36 widower Fisherman of Mousehole (Father: George Laity, Tailor)
        Jne Pentreath 30 of Mousehole (Father: Richard Pentreath, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: Richard Laity, John Pentreath, Elizabeth W. Richards
11 Nov 1882 by Banns
        Obed Nicholls 26 Fisherman of Newlyn (Father: John Nicholls, Fisherman)
        Jane Mary Thomas 26 of Newlyn (Father: James Thomas, Mason)
        Witnesses: James Thomas, Fanny D. Thomas
19 Nov 1882 by Banns
        William Glasson 25 Ropemaker of Newlyn (Father: George Glasson, Ropemaker)
        Ann Matthews Treleven 25 of Newlyn (Father: Thomas Treleven, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: Thomas Trelevin, Elizabeth Cotton Treleven
4 Dec 1882 by Banns
        Charles Matthews 24 Farm Labourer of Paul [Mark] (Father: George Matthews, Quarryman)
        Elizabeth Ann Nicholls 26 of Paul [Mark] (Father: James Nicholls, Labourer)
        Witnesses: William J. Williams, Agnes Jane Robins


14 Feb 1883 by Banns
        Richard Jabez Williams 24 Fisherman of Newlyn (Father: Richard Williams, Fisherman)
        Mary Hichens 24 of Newlyn (Father: Philip Hichens, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: Philip Hichens, Annie Wallis
7 Mar 1883 by Banns
        Thomas James 26 Carpenter of Newlyn (Father: Thomas James, Fisherman)
        Elizabeth James Curnow 29 of Mousehole (Father: Thomas Curnow, Market Gardener)
        Witnesses: Thomas Curnow, Annie [?]
18 Mar 1883 by Banns
        John Green 25 Labourer of Newlyn (Father: William Green, Labourer)
        Elizabeth Downing Richards 24 of Newlyn (Father: John C. Richards, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: Richard B. Richards, Annie Eliza Richards
8 Apr 1883 by Banns
        Richard Elphick Vingoe 35 Fisherman of Newlyn (Father: Edward Vingoe, Fisherman)
        Jane Mary Willis 29 of Newlyn (Father: Arthur Willis, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: Richard Pollard, John W. Harvey
6 Jun 1883 by Banns
        Joseph Waters 25 Farmer of Mousehole (Father: George Waters, Farmer)
        Jessie Gartrell 25 of Kymiel (Father: Henry Gartrell, Farmer)
        Witnesses: Ellen Waters, John M. Gartrell
11 Jun 1883 by Banns
        Edward James Pezzack 28 Fisherman of Mousehole (Father: James Pezzack, Fisherman)
        Margaret Ann Quick 24 of Mousehole (Father: Edward Quick, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: George E. Quick, Emily Tonkin
14 Jul 1883 by Banns
        Charles Harvey 27 Fisherman of Newlyn (Father: Thomas Harvey, Fisherman)
        Mary Elizabeth Tonkin 24 of Mousehole (Father: Philip Tonkin, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: Phillip Tonkin, Phillipa Jane [?]
15 Jul 1883 by Banns
        Benjamin Harris Pentreath 28 Fisherman of Mousehole (Father: William Henry Pentreath, Fisherman)
        Jane Simons 25 of Paul [Mark] (Father: Thomas P. Simons, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: Thomas Simons, Mary Jane Hitchen
22 Jul 1883 by Banns
        Alfred William Hammond 22 Sailor of Mousehole (Father: James Hammond, Farmer)
        Jane Harvey Bennetts 21 of Mousehole (Father: Michael Bennetts, Carrier)
        Witnesses: Michael Bennetts, Catherine Bennets
6 Oct 1883 by Banns
        Andrew Nicholls 28 Blacksmith of Penzance (Father: Andrew Nicholls, Miner)
        Caroline Oats Osborne 25 of Chyenhall (Father: John Osborne, Farm Labourer)
        Witnesses: Thomas Nicholls, Elizabeth Stevenson
21 Oct 1883 by Banns
        Henry Weeks 24 Mason of Paul (Father: Hugh Weeks, Mason)
        Margaret Ann Maddern 21 of Paul (Father: Richard Maddern, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: Richard Maddern, Agnes Jane Robins
19 Nov 1883 by Banns
        William John Virgo 30 Fisherman of Mousehole (Father: William John Virgo, Seaman)
        Mary Jane Blewett 26 of Mousehole [Mark] (Father: George Blewett, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: Elizabeth L. Harvey
21 Dec 1883 by Banns
        John James Thomas 23 Engineer of Newlyn (Father: William Thomas, Ironfounder)
        Phillis Cock Strick 23 of Newlyn (Father: John Thomas Strick, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: John Strick, Laura Kitchen
24 Oct 1883 by Banns
        Charles Bottrell 20/28[?] Cordwainer of Paul (Father: James Bottrell, Carpenter)
        Emily Harvey 28 of Paul (Father: John Harvey, Cordwainer)
        Witnesses: Richard Bottrell, Mary Anne Harvey


9 Feb 1884 by Banns
        William Mitchell 33 Fisherman of Newlyn (Father: John Mitchell, Fisherman)
        Patience James 31 of Newlyn (Father: Henry James, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: Henry James, Bessie Cotton
29 Mar 1884 by Banns
        Peter Harvey Rowe 22 Tin Smelter of Newlyn (Father: Peter Rowe, Thatcher)
        Mary Jane Semmens 19 of Treveneth Vean [Mark] (Father: John Semmens, Farmer)
        Witnesses: John Semmens, Jane Simons
8 Apr 1884 by Lic.
        William Rowe 49 widower Merchant of Mousehole (Father: Thomas Rowe, Carpenter)
        Sarah Augusta Hocking 35 of Mousehole (Father: Joseph Hocking, Merchant)
        Witnesses: Joseph James Hockin, Thomas Tonkin, F. Hockin
26 Apr 1884 by Banns
        William Charles Gilbert 21 Mason of Paul (Father: Charles Gilbert, Fisherman)
        Mary Richards Pollard 18 of Paul (Father: Joseph Pollard, Gardener)
        Witnesses: Phillip Gillard, Bessie Andrew
27 Apr 1884 by Banns
        Edward Roberts 26 Labourer of Ludgvan (Father: John Roberts, Labourer)
        Elizabeth Caroline Llewellyn 25 of Paul (Father: Charles Llewellyn, Labourer)
        Witnesses: Charles Llewellyn, Agnes Jane Robins
27 Apr 1884 by Banns
        Joseph Prowse 27 Fisherman of Mousehole (Father: James Prowse, Fisherman)
        Mary Tremar 26 of Mousehole (Father: William Trenear, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: James Prowse, Agnes Jane Robins
2 Jun 1884 by Banns
        James Bone Green 27 Fisherman of Newlyn (Father: Richard Green, Fisherman, Deceased)
        Lavinia Anne Johns 26 of Newlyn (Father: Joshua Smith Johns, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: Joshua S. Johns, Mary J. Johns
2 Jun 1884 by Banns
        John Pearce Pentreath 31 Fisherman of Mousehole (Father: Richard Pentreath, Fisherman)
        Elizabeth Wright Richards 26 of Mousehole (Father: John Jasper Richards, Deceased, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: Nicholas M. Richards, Eliza Jane Richards
7 Jun 1884 by Banns
        Joseph Hichens 30 Fisherman of Newlyn (Father: Alexander Hichens, Fisherman)
        Elizabeth Glasson Paul 28 of Newlyn (Father: Martin Paul, Sail Maker)
        Witnesses: Reginald George Devenick, Agnes Jane Robins
16 Jun 1884 by Banns
        Edwin Charles Madron 30 Fisherman of Mousehole (Father: John Madron, Fisherman)
        Grace Tregurtha 28 of Newlyn (Father: William Henry Tregurtha, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: Annie Tregurtha, William Henry Tregurtha
25 Jun 1884 by Banns
        Robert Humphrys 28 Labourer of Newlyn (Father: Robert Humphrys, Fisherman)
        Amelia Jane Williams 24 of Newlyn (Father: William Henry Williams, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: William Henery Williams, Elizabeth Williams
5 Jul 1884 by Banns
        William Thomas Tippet 23 Mason of Paul Church Town (Father: William Tippet, Carpenter)
        Margaret Ann Matthews 22 of Paul Church Town (Father: George Matthews, Quarryman)
        Witnesses: Mary Harvey Tippet, William Tippet
5 Jul 1884 by Banns
        Martin Sampson 29 Fisherman of Newlyn (Father: John Sampson, Fisherman)
        Elizabeth Jane Cattran 26 of Newlyn (Father: Edward Cattran, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: Edward Cattran, Mary Campion
7 Jul 1884 by Banns
        William Reynolds 27 Fisherman of Newlyn (Father: William Reynolds, Fisherman)
        Elizabeth Bennetts 24 of Newlyn (Father: John Bennetts, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: James White, Cathrin Bennett
14 Jul 1884 by Banns
        Benjamin Jaco Rowe 24 Fisherman of Newlyn (Father: James Rowe, Fisherman)
        Martha Quick 19 of Mousehole (Father: Edward Quick, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: Frederick Rowe, Alice Rowe
14 Jul 1884 by Banns
        Henry Edward Allard 27 Fisherman of Newlyn (Father: Edward Allard, Fisherman)
        Elizabeth Mary Boase 27 of Newlyn (Father: William Boase, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: William Boase, Amelia Downing Boase
31 Aug 1884 by Banns
        Henry Pezzack 38 Fisherman of Mousehole (Father: Charles Pezzack, Fisherman)
        Emily Tonkin 33 of Mousehole (Father: Philip Tonkin, Fisherman)
        Witnesses: Amos Harris[?], Peter James Harvey
6 Sep 1884 by Lic.
        William James Waters 29 Mariner of Devonport (Father: George Waters, Farmer)
        Emma Boswetherick 21 of S.Mawgnan (Father: William Boswetherick, Blacksmith)
        Witnesses: A. Beswitherick, Ellen Waters
9 Oct 1884 by Banns
        Henry Osborne 38 Farmer of Paul Church Town (Father: Henry Osborne, Farmer)
        Elizabeth Anne Richards 28 of Trungle (Father: James Richards, Farmer)
        Witnesses: Margret J. Richards, James Richards
22 Nov 1884 by Banns
        James Boase 26 Rope Maker of Newlyn (Father: James Boase, Labourer)
        Matilda Harris 22 of Newlyn (Father: John Harris, Labourer)
        Witnesses: Jane S. Boase, Benj. G. Batten

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