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17 Jun 1854 by Banns
        George Henry Williams 22 Sawyer of Pendeen [Mark] (Father: Mark Williams, Miner)
        Martha Maddren 19 of Pendeen [Mark] (Father: Richard Maddren, Sexton)
26 Jul 1854 by Banns
        William Henry Ellis 24 Miner of Boscaswells (Father: Peter Ellis, Miner)
        Grace Oats 21 of Boscaswell (Father: John Oats, Farmer)
26 Aug 1854 by Banns
        John Rowe 21 Miner of Carngath [Mark] (Father: James Rowe, Miner)
        Elizabeth Rodda 19 of Carngath [Mark] (Father: Thomas Rodda, Miner)
26 Aug 1854 by Banns
        Thomas Casley 23 Miner of Morvah [Mark] (Father: Thomas Casley, Miner)
        Elizabeth Gilbert 23 of Botallack [Mark] (Father: James Gilbert, Miner)
26 Aug 1854 by Banns
        William Gendall 24 Miner of Bojewyan [Mark] (Father: Richard Gendall, Miner)
        Jane Gilbert 21 of Botallack [Mark] (Father: James Gilbert, Miner)
2 Sep 1854 by Banns
        Philip Hicks 30 Labourer of Pendeen (Father: Philip Hicks, Miner)
        Catherine Jane Daniel 25 of Paul [Mark] (Father: Mathew Daniel, Miner)
16 Sep 1854 by Banns
        Richard Merrifield 23 Miner of Trewellard [Mark] (Father: Mathew Merrifield, Miner)
        Eliza Johns 21 of Trewellard [Mark] (Father: William Johns, Miner)
7 Oct 1854 by Banns
        John Nicholas 22 Labourer of St Just [Mark] (Father: William Nicholas, Miner)
        Mary Trembath 22 of Bojewyan [Mark] (Father: James Trembath, Tin Dresser)
14 Oct 1854 by Banns
        James Nankervis 28 Miner of Bojewyan [Mark] (Father: Richard Nankervis, Labourer)
        Jane Johns 23 of Bojewyan [Mark] (Father: James Johns, Tin Dresser)
28 Oct 1854 by Banns
        William Trembath Jenkin 22 Miner of Trewellard [Mark] (Father: Richard Jenkin, Miner)
        Eliza Hattam 23 of Trewellard [Mark] (Father: John Hattam, Miner)
29 Oct 1854 by Banns
        Thomas James 23 Miner of Trewellard [Mark] (Father: Noah James, Innkeeper)
        Elizabeth Nankervis 20 of Trewellard [Mark] (Father: William Nankervis, Miner)
25 Nov 1854 by Banns
        John Reseigh Trewavas 22 Coast Guard of Carnyorth (Father: John Trewavas, Cooper)
        Jane Angwin 21 of Carngarth (Father: William Angwin, Miner)
3 Dec 1854 by Banns
        William Leggoe 21 Miner of St Just (Father: Edward Leggoe, Miner)
        Elizabeth Jane Rowe 17 of Trewellard (Father: Richard Rowe, Farmer)
24 Dec 1854 by Banns
        Thomas Thomas 20 Miner of Pendeen [Mark] (Father: James Thomas, Miner)
        Nanny Williams Trahair 17 of Pendeen [Mark] (Father: Thomas Trahair, Mine Agent)
24 Dec 1854 by Banns
        John Goldsworthy 20 Miner of Pendeen (Father: John Goldsworthy, Miner)
        Catherine White 19 of Pendeen (Father: Nicholas White, Miner)


11 Feb 1855 by Banns
        Thomas Ellis 41 widower Miner of Pendeen (Father: Thomas Ellis, Miner)
        Mary Nankervis 35, widow of Pendeen [Mark] (Father: Thomas Oats, Farmer)
19 Feb 1855 by Banns
        Henry Williams 35 Miner of Pendeen (Father: Thomas Williams, Joiner)
        Mary Maddren 16 of Pendeen
27 Feb 1855 by Banns
        Christopher Leggoe 26 Blacksmith of Pendeen (Father: John Leggoe, Innkeeper)
        Eliza Stephens 26 of Pendeen (Father: Edward Stephens, Joiner)
3 Mar 1855 by Banns
        James Nankervis 24 Farmer of St Just (Father: James Nankervis, Farmer)
        Jane Grills 21 of Pendeen (Father: John Grills, Miner)
15 May 1855 by Banns
        William Pooley 32 Blacksmith of Pendeen (Father: James Pooley, Farmer)
        Honor Davey 46 of Pendeen [Mark] (Father: Thomas Davey, Miner)
18 May 1855 by Banns
        Henry James 20 Miner of Botallack [Mark] (Father: Robert James, Miner)
        Eliza Olds 17 of Botallack [Mark] (Father: James Olds, Blacksmith)
5 Aug 1855 by Banns
        John Semmins 20 Miner of Carnyorth (Father: John Semmins, Miner)
        Mary Jane Rowe 19 of Madron (Father: James Rowe, Carpenter)
16 Sep 1855 by Banns
        James Trembath 21 Miner of Bojewyan [Mark] (Father: James Trembath, Miner)
        Cordelia Wallis 20 of Bojewyan [Mark] (Father: Thomas Wallis, Miner)
2 Oct 1855 by Banns
        Thomas Gay 43 Miner of Pendeen (Father: George Gay, Miner)
        Elizabeth Nankervis 33 of Pendeen [Mark] (Father: Richard Nankervis, Miner)
6 Oct 1855 by Banns
        Richard Grenfell 21 Miner of Trewellard (Father: Thomas Grenfell, Miner)
        Jane Davy 18 of Nancherrow St Just [Mark] (Father: John Davy, Miner)
24 Nov 1855 by Banns
        William Rowe 27 Miner of Boscaswell (Father: John Rowe, Miner)
        Mary Jelbert 29 of St Just [Mark] (Father: John Jelbert, Miner)


2 Feb 1856 by Banns
        George Guy 28 Tin Dresser of Bojewyan (Father: William Guy, Miner)
        Jane Candy 26 of Calartha [Mark] (Father: William Candy, Miner)
13 Mar 1856 by Banns
        Francis Gendall 28 Miner of Bojewyan (Father: Richard Gendall, Miner)
        Jane Thomas Leggoe 25 of Trewellard [Mark] (Father: Richard Leggoe, Miner)
23 Mar 1856 by Banns
        William Trudgeon 22 Miner of Bojewyan [Mark] (Father: Thomas Trudgeon, Carpenter)
        Margery Nankervis 22 of Bojewyan [Mark] (Father: Richard Nankervis, Miner)
19 Apr 1856 by Banns
        James Hosking 19 Tin Dresser of Trewellard (Father: James Hosking, Miner)
        Elizabeth Noye 16 of Kargwin [Mark] (Father: Henry Noye, Miner)
24 May 1856 by Banns
        John Thomas 20 Miner of Pendeen [Mark] (Father: William Thomas, Miner)
        Helen Chergwin 21 of Trewellard [Mark] (Father: Richard Chergwin, Miner)
7 Jun 1856 by Banns
        Richard Chirgwin 23 Miner of Trewellard [Mark] (Father: Richard Chirgwin, Miner)
        Sally Warren 19 of Carngarth (Father: Benjamin Warren, Miner)
14 Jun 1856 by Banns
        James Jilbert 19 Miner of Bottallack [Mark] (Father: James Jilbert, Miner)
        Eliza Semmens 22 of Pendeen [Mark] (Father: William Semmens, Miner)
22 Jun 1856 by Banns
        William Wallis 21 Miner of Pendeen [Mark] (Illeg.)
        Elizabeth Trembath 20 of Pendeen [Mark] (Father: James Trembath, Tin Dresser)
16 Aug 1856 by Banns
        James Olds 20 Miner of Carnyorth (Father: James Olds, Labourer)
        Christiana Chappel 19 of Carngarth (Father: Nicholas Chappel, Labourer)
16 Aug 1856 by Banns
        Charles Prowse 22 Miner of Carnyorth [Mark] (Father: Charles Prowse, Labourer)
        Elizabeth Jane Nicholls 19 of Carngarth [Mark] (Father: Thomas Nicholls, Miner)
18 Aug 1856 by Banns
        James Ayers 26 Blacksmith of Botallack (Father: James Ayers, Coastguard)
        Elizabeth Jane Ellis 20 of Botallack (Father: Peter Ellis, Miner)
30 Aug 1856 by Banns
        James Williams 24 Miner of Pendeen (Father: James Williams, Miner)
        Jane Oats 22 of Bojewyan (Father: Charles Oats, Miner)
30 Aug 1856 by Banns
        John Whitta 22 Tin Dresser of Boscaswells (Father: John Prout Whitta, Tin Dresser)
        Jane Osborn 22 of Bojewyan (Father: Matthew Osborn, Farmer)
20 Sep 1856 by Banns
        James Eddy 28 Miner of Trewellard [Mark] (Father: William Eddy, Miner)
        Elizabeth Jordan 25 of Trewellard (Father: William Jordan, Blacksmith)
6 Oct 1856 by Banns
        Richard Sampson Jordan 20 Carpenter of Trewellard (Father: William Jordan, Blacksmith)
        Nanny Nekervis 21 of Botallack (Father: Thomas Nekervis, Miner)
11 Oct 1856 by Banns
        Henry Mitchel Prisk 24 Blacksmith of Bojewyan (Father: Thomas Prisk, Blacksmith)
        Sally Trezise 21 of Trewellard [Mark] (Father: James Trezise, Miner)
1 Nov 1856 by Banns
        William Gargee 23 Miner of Trewellard [Mark] (Father: Henry Gargee, Miner)
        Elizabeth Grenfell 24 of Trewellard [Mark] (Father: John Grenfell, Miner)
1 Nov 1856 by Banns
        Richard Rowe 22 Miner of Trewellard [Mark] (Father: Bernard Rowe, Blacksmith)
        Ann Woolcock 21 of Trewellard [Mark] (Father: Thomas Woolcock, Miner)
1 Nov 1856 by Banns
        Noah James Bennetts 21 Miner of Trewellard [Mark] (Father: William Bennetts, Miner)
        Elizabeth Ann Grenfell 20 of Trewellard [Mark] (Father: Thomas Grenfell, Miner)
15 Nov 1856 by Banns
        Thomas Harvey 23 Miner of Boscaswell (Father: William Harvey, Miner)
        Elizabeth Jane White 19 of Bothuras (Father: William White, Miner)
15 Nov 1856 by Banns
        William Henry Grenfell 20 Miner of Trewellard [Mark] (Father: Jaketh Grenfell, Miner)
        Grace Ellis 20 of Botallack (Father: Thomas Ellis, Mine Agent)
6 Dec 1856 by Banns
        William Trewheelar 21 Farmer of Carnyorth (Father: Thomas Trewheelar, Farmer)
        Mary Ann James 22 of Carngarth [Mark] (Father: Richard James, Farmer)


22 Jan 1857 by Banns
        James Grenfell 24 Miner of Pendeen (Father: Richard Grenfell, Miner)
        Nanny Hattam 20 of St Just (Father: William Hattam, Labourer)
26 Feb 1857 by Banns
        Sampson George 23 Miner of Trewellard [Mark] (Father: Sampson George, Fisherman)
        Catherine Webb 24 of Carngarth [Mark] (Father: John Webb, Miner)
23 Jun 1857 by Banns
        Thomas White 20 Miner of Pendeen (Father: Thomas White, Miner)
        Mary Jane Mitchell 17 of Pendeen [Mark] (Father: John Mitchell, Miner)
23 Jul 1857 by Banns
        Hugh Trembath 30 Miner of Botallack [Mark] (Father: William Trembath, Miner)
        Mary Ann Edwards Thomas 21 of Botallack [Mark] (Father: Benjamin Thomas, Miner)
25 Jul 1857 by Banns
        Edward White 25 Miner of Botheras (Father: Edward White, Miner)
        Jane Roberts 23 of Chegwin (Father: Richard Roberts, Miner)
28 Jul 1857 by Licence
        Thomas Oats 32 Yeoman of Boscaswell (Father: Thomas Oats, Yeoman)
        Mary Ann Williams 28 of Trewellard (Father: John Williams, Merchant/Yeoman)
23 Aug 1857 by Banns
        John Trembath 24 Farmer of Pendeen (Father: John Trembath, Farmer)
        Honor Harvey Thomas 23 of Trewellard (Father: Henry Thomas, Miller)
29 Aug 1857 by Banns
        Henry Grenfell 24 Miner of Trewellard (Father: Henry Grenfell, Miner)
        Mary Ann Rowe 23 of Trewellard [Mark] (Father: William Rowe, Miner)
5 Sep 1857 by Banns
        John Semmens 20 Miner of Trewellard [Mark] (Father: William Semmens, Miner)
        Alice Thomas 23 of Botallack [Mark] (Father: Ralph Thomas, Tin Dresser)
3 Oct 1857 by Banns
        John Pengelly 21 Miner of Carnyorth (Father: John Pengelly, Miner)
        Eliza Hockin 25 of Carngarth (Father: Simon Hockin, Miner)
10 Oct 1857 by Banns
        Trevenana Thomas 30 Miner of Trewellard [Mark] (Father: Martin Thomas, Miner)
        Elizabeth James 29 of Trewellard [Mark] (Father: Andrew James, Miner)
13 Oct 1857 by Banns
        Francis Caudwell 26 Clerk, Curate of Stourbridge (Father: Joseph Caudwell, Gentleman)
        Robina Anna Alicia Aitken 29 of Pendeen (Father: Robert Aitken, Incumbent of Pendeen)
31 Oct 1857 by Banns
        Thomas Reynolds 23 Tin Dresser of Pendeen (Father: Edmond Reynolds, Tin Dresser)
        Nanny Hill 21 of Pendeen [Mark] (Father: James Hill, Tin Dresser)
1 Nov 1857 by Banns
        Michael Davey Warren 30 Miner of Pendeen (Father: Samuel Warren, Miner)
        Nancy Ellis 23 of Pendeen (Father: Thomas Ellis, Miner)


6 Feb 1858 by Banns
        Jaketh Hocking 21 Miner of Boscaswell [Mark] (Father: John Hocking, Miner)
        Ann Oats 24 of Trewellard (Father: Thomas Oats, Miner)
14 Mar 1858 by Banns
        Charles Jenkin 24 Yeoman of Trewellard [Mark] (Father: Charles Jenkin, Labourer)
        Margaret Wall 28 of Trewellard [Mark] (Father: Thomas Wall, Miner)
16 Mar 1858 by Licence
        Richard Henry Hosking 27 Yeoman of St Hillary (Father: James Hosking, Yeoman)
        Jane White 23 of Bojewyan (Father: Henry White, Blacksmith)
31 Jul 1858 by Banns
        James Trevorrow 31 widower Miner of Trewellard (Father: William Trevorrow, Miner)
        Mary Stephen 33 of Trewellard [Mark] (Father: Richard Stephen, Miner)
7 Aug 1858 by Banns
        Madron Trembath 22 Miner of Bojewyan (Father: Madron Trembath, Miner)
        Grace Nicholls 23 of Chypraize, Morvah (Father: John Nicholls, Husbandman)
14 Aug 1858 by Licence
        Richard Bennetts 40 Independent Means of Pendeen (Father: Thomas Bennetts, Miner)
        Elizabeth Woolcock Leggo 24 of Pendeen (Father: John Leggo, Innkeeper)
21 Aug 1858 by Banns
        Robert Prowse 21 Miner of Carnyorth [Mark] (Father: Charles Prowse, Farmer)
        Margaret Catherine White 24 of Carngarth [Mark] (Father: William White, Miner)
23 Sep 1858 by Banns
        Henry Noy 45 Miner of Trewellard (Father: George Noy, Miner)
        Elizabeth Noy 44 of Pendeen [Mark] (Father: William Noy, Farmer)
25 Sep 1858 by Banns
        Joseph Thomas 23 Miner of Trewellard (Father: Joseph Thomas, Miner)
        Christiana Ann Hicks 21 of Carngarth [Mark] (Father: James Hicks, Miner)
3 Oct 1858 by Banns
        James Wallis 24 Miner of Pendeen (Father: Thomas Wallis, Miner)
        Elizabeth Warren 25 of Pendeen [Mark] (Father: Richard Warren, Miner)
30 Oct 1858 by Banns
        Peter Ellis 20 Miner of Pendeen [Mark] (Father: John Ellis, Miner)
        Ann Bone 20 of Bussallow, Madron (Father: Richard Bone, Miner)
20 Dec 1858 by Banns
        Ralph Richards 23 Mason of Bojewyan [Mark] (Father: Ralph Richards, Mason)
        Christiana Trembath Grenfell 23 of Bojewyan (Father: Thomas Grenfell, Miner)


8 Jan 1859 by Banns
        James White 20 Miner of Rose Valley (Father: William White, Miner)
        Ann Trembath 20 of Bojewyan [Mark] (Father: John Trembath, Miner)
26 Feb 1859 by Banns
        John Woolcock 22 Miner of Boscaswell [Mark] (Father: Thomas Woolcock, Miner)
        Mary Ann White 19 of Boscaswell [Mark] (Father: Thomas White, Miner)
27 Feb 1859 by Banns
        Samuel Keen 21 Miner of Boscaswell (Father: John Keen, Bricklayer)
        Elizabeth Woolcock 29 of Boscaswell [Mark] (Father: John Woolcock, Miner)
23 Apr 1859 by Licence
        John Edwards 26 Miner of Bojewyan (Father: Matthew Edwards, Miner)
        Mary Trembath 19 of Bojewyan (Father: John Trembath, Miner)
30 Apr 1859 by Banns
        John White 25 Miner of Bojewyan [Mark] (Father: John White, Miner)
        Mary Rodda 26 of Bojewyan [Mark] (Father: Edward Rodda, Labourer)
4 Jul 1859 by Banns
        William Semmens 51 widower Miner of Trewellard (Father: William Semmens, Husbandman)
        Mary Ann Simons 30 of Trewellard [Mark] (Father: William Simons, Husbandman)
21 Aug 1859 by Banns
        John Olds 21 Husbandman of Botallack [Mark] (Father: James Olds, Farmer)
        Eliza Rickard 22 of Botallack [Mark] (Father: Pascoe Rickard, Labourer)
27 Aug 1859 by Banns
        William Roberts 22 Miner of Boscaswell (Father: Thomas Roberts, Miner)
        Margaret Jane Ellis 19 of Pendeen [Mark] (Father: Michael Davey Ellis, Miner)
1 Oct 1859 by Banns
        William Henry Hosking 19 Miner of Trewellard (Father: William Hosking, Miner)
        Mary Ann Keverne 20 of Trewellard [Mark] (Father: John Keverne, Miner)
15 Oct 1859 by Banns
        James Warren 24 Miner of Boscaswell (Father: James Warren, Miner)
        Margaret Angwin 19 of Boscaswell [Mark] (Father: John Angwin, Miner)
15 Oct 1859 by Banns
        Richard Nicholas 24 Miner of Trewellard (Father: James Nicholas, Miner)
        Eliza James 23 of Trewellard (Father: Noaha James, Innkeeper)
15 Oct 1859 by Banns
        John Trembath 27 Miner of Pendeen [Mark] (Father: William Trembath, Miner)
        Priscila Jilbart 24 of Botallack (Father: Thomas Jilbart, Miner)
29 Oct 1859 by Banns
        John Nankervis 20 Miner of Bojewyan [Mark] (Father: John Nankervis, Miner)
        Elizabeth Ann White 21 of Botheras [Mark] (Father: Edward White, Miner)
29 Oct 1859 by Banns
        John Kevern 22 Miner of Trewellard [Mark] (Father: John Kevern, Miner)
        Elizabeth Guy 22 of Boscaswell (Father: George Guy, Miner)
3 Nov 1859 by Licence
        William Nekervis 27 Miner of Keigwin [Mark] (Father: William Nekervis, Miner)
        Alice Roberts 20 of Keigwin (Father: Richard Roberts, Miner)
12 Nov 1859 by Banns
        John Gilbert 23 Miner of Bojewyan [Mark] (Father: William Gilbert, Miner)
        Mary Mitchell 21 of Bojewyan [Mark] (Father: Thomas Mitchell, Blacksmith)
19 Nov 1859 by Banns
        William Stevens 23 Miner of Bojewyan [Mark] (Father: Edward Stevens, Miner)
        Mary Ann Casley 20 of Bojewyan (Father: Richard Casley, Miner)
10 Dec 1859 by Banns
        John Casley 23 Miner of Trewellard (Father: John Casley, Engineman)
        Mary Ann Leah 23 of Pendeen (Father: James Leah, Mason)
10 Dec 1859 by Banns
        Martin Thomas 22 Miner of Pendeen (Father: James Thomas, Miner)
        Wilmot Grenfell 21 of Pendeen (Father: Richard Grenfell, Miner)

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