The Property of
Particulars, Plans and
Conditions of Sale

in the Parishes of
embracing and area of about
2,523 ACRES
Comprising Valuable Dairy Farms, Small Holdings, Cottage Holdings,
Accomodation Lands, Etc.,
To be offered for Sale by Auction
Messrs. BLAMEYS, LIMITED, Auctioneers
in conjunction with
Messrs. LOFTS and WARNER, Land and Estate Agents,
Friday, September 19th, 1930
at 2.30 P.M.


This is a large format booklet published by the auctioneer, Blameys Ltd. of Truro. There should be a map but this was missing in the copy I have seen but thanks to Trevor Thornton of New South Wales, I have a high resolution scan [4MB] of it. Thanks are also due to John Berriman of St. Ives for the source material with additional information from Keith Hollow and Christopher Hogg.

The property was originally part of the Edward Hain estate which his daughter, Mrs. Bullivant, inherited on his death in 1917. It would have gone to his son Edward Hain Jnr. but he was killed in action in Gallipoli in November 1915.


[YES] I am happy to provide full details of any lot to researchers.

By lot number…

  1. Burthallan Farm (St. Ives). 24a. 1r. 31p. Let to Mrs. HAMILTON and Messrs. M. MAJOR, J. BERRIMAN, and P. HUSBAND. Dwelling house let to Mrs. HAMILTON. Buildings.
  2. Consols Farm (Hellesvean, St. Ives). 125a. 1r. 24p. Let to Messrs. P. HUSBAND, J. BERRIMAN, and Messrs. BERRIMAN Bros. House, outbuildings and two cottages (one let to BERRIMAN Bros.)
  3. Hellesveor Farm (St. Ives). 74A. 3r. 35p. Let to Messrs BERRIMAN Bros. and Mr. John BERRIMAN. House, two cottages, one occupied by Mr. Jno. BERRIMAN, buidings, a portion being occupied by Mr. Jno. BERRIMAN. image
  4. Trowan Farm (St. Ives). 56 a. 1r. 18p. Let to Miss BERRIMAN and Mr. T. H. MARTINS. The house is newly erected, stone built and slate roofed and contains 5 bedrooms, 2 kitches, parlour, 2 pantrys, dairy. I believe this is one of the farm houses built by Sir. Edward Hain. Two cottages, one let to Mr. T. H. MARTINS. Thomas Henry MARTINS had a tenancy agreement dated 18 Sep 1925. Outbuildings. This lot was purchased by Peter Husband BERRIMAN, Thomas BERRIMAN and Samuel BERRIMAN (presumably BERRIMAN Bros. of the schedule). I have a copy of the bill of sale for £2,100. There is also a note to the effect that Thomas BERRIMAN bought out the grazing, water and common rights over Trowan Cliff from Mrs. A. A. CARBINES (then owner of Lot. 7) in 1944. The cliff was recently sold to the National Trust image
  5. Folly Farm (St. Ives). 60a. 0r. 24p. Let to Mr. R. CARBINES, and garden let to Messrs. BERRIMAN Bros. House, cottage & outbuildings.
    Lot 5A. Blacksmith Shop and Land (Hellesvean, St. Ives). 1r 8p. Let to Mr. Isaac PEARCE.
    Lot 5B. Freehold Cottage, Gardens & Premises (Hellesveor Moor, Hellesvean, St. Ives) known as “White House” 1r 15p. in the occupation of Mr. J. B. JAMES
    Lot 5C. Three Enclosures of Land (Hellesveor Moor, Hellesvean, St. Ives). 3a 3r 13p. in the occupation of Mr. James WEARNE
    Lot 5D. Freehold Cottage, Garden, & Premises (Hellesvean, St. Ives). 31p. i the occupation of Mrs. NANKERVIS
    Lot 5E. (portion of) Hellesveor Moor (Hellesvean, St. Ives) 9a. 0r. 17p.
    Lot 5F. Semi-Detached Bungalow (Consols, St. Ives). 33p. in the occupation of Mr. F. HAMPTON.
    Lot 5G. Semi-Detached Bungalow (Consols, St. Ives). 22p. in the occupation of Mr. E. J. WILLIAMS.
    Lot 5H. Large Building now used as a coal and manure store and church room[!]. 6p. in the occupation of Mr. ANTHONY and the Parochial Church Council (the latter rent free).
    Lot 5I. Garrage and Yard (Consols, St. Ives). 11p. in the occupation of Mr. J. PARKER.
    Lot 5K. Waste Land (Consols, St. Ives). 3a.
  6. Estover Farm (St. Ives). 72a. 0r. 28p. Let to Mr. James WEARNE and Mr. J. BERRIMAN. House and buildings.
  7. Trevalgan Farm (St. Ives). 132a. 0r. 22p. Let to Mr. J. W. EDDY. House and Buildings.
  8. Little Trevalgan Farm (St. Ives and Towednack). 66a. 2r. 7p. Let to Mr. J. S. WARREN. Farmhouse, buildinga and workman’s cottage.
  9. Trevega Wartha Farm (mostly in Towednack) 111a. 2r. 38p. Let to Mr. A. HOLLOW [Arthur Thomas whose daughter Isabella was the wife of Mr. LOOSEMOOR the tenant of lot (11)]. House, buildings, thatched cottage (known as “Poynter’s Cottage”) in Trevega village. image
  10. Dairy Farm (Towednack, known as Part Trevega Wartha). 78a. 3r. 13p. in the occupation of Mr. HOLLOW. Dwellinghouse and buildings. image
  11. Freehold Small-holding (Towednack and Zennor, Part Trevega Wartha). 45a. 3r. 5p. Let to Mr. LOOSEMOOR. Cottage. image
  12. Trevega Farm (Towednack). 53a. 0r. 25p. Let to Mr. R. CRAZE. House and outbuildings.
  13. Treveal Farm (Zennor). 148a. 0r. 2p. Let to Messrs. J. & H. G. SEMMENS, and D. HOCKING. House, buildings, workman’s cottage.
  14. Boscubben Farm (Zennor). 58a. 0r. 31p. Let to Mr. D. HOCKING and Messrs. J. & H. G. SEMMENS. House and buildings.
  15. Wicca Farm (Towednack). 202a. 0r. 37p. Let to Mr. W. HOLLOW [William son of Arthur Thomas (lot 9). William's sister, Sarah, married Samuel NANKERVIS who purchased this lot for £2400.]. House, buildings and cottage. image
  16. Trendrine Farm (Zennor). 190a. 2r. 7p. Let to Mr. A. C. EDDY. House, buildings and cottage.
  17. Trevessa Farm (Towednack). 83a. 2r. 21p. Let to Messrs. J. and T. NICHOLAS. House and buildings.
  18. Breja Farm (Towednack). 119a. 0r. 7p. Let to Mr. W. J. HOLLOW. House and buildings.
    Lot 18A. Breja Common (Towednack). 4a. 2r. 36p. image
  19. Churchtown, Beagletodn and Skillywadden Farms (Towednack). 253a. 1r. 28p. and Common and Moor Lands 44a. 3r. 27p. Let to Mr. H. DUNSTAN. House, buildings and 3 cottages (at Churchtown and Beagletodn). Dwellinghouse and buildings (at Skillywadden). Together with three equal undivided eighth shares of Amalveor Downs 155a and ditto Skillywadden Moor 7a.
  20. Chytodden Farm (Towednack). 62a. 0r. 22p. Let to Mr. Christopher HOLLOW. House and buildings. [Purchased by the tenant] image
  21. Cold Harbour Cottage, and Three Enclosures of Land (Towednack). 5a. 0r. 39p. in the occupation of Messrs. J. HOLLOW and H. DUNSTAN. image
  22. Amalveor Farm (Towednack). 68a. 0r. 12p. Let to Mr. A. W. HOLLOW [Augustus William, father of Christopher (lot 20)]. House and buildings. Together with two equal undivided eighth shares of Amalveor Downs 155a. image
  23. Lower Amalwhidden Farm (Towednack). 34a. 2r. 29p. Let to Mr. J. W. HOLLOW [Wilfred, brother of Christopher (lot 20)]. House and buildings. Together with two equal undivided eighth shares of Skillywadden Moor 7a. image
  24. Coldharbour Farm (Towednack). 21a. 3r. 19p. Let to Mr. Hugh DUNSTAN. House and buildings. Together with the remaining portions of Coldharbour Moor 10a.
  25. Lower and Highr Penderleath (Towednack). 141a. 2r. 12p. Lower Penderleath let to Miss CURNOW and Higher Penderleath let to Mr. T. H. EDDY. Lower—Two cottages, buildings and cottage at Cripplesease in the occupation of Mrs. WARREN. Higher—House and buildings. Together with the Penderleath Common 2a. 3r. 31p.

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