This continues the abstract of the sales particulars of the Tregenna Castle Estate which was offered by auction on 31 Oct 1871. The first part contained the Freehold Property.

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The Manor of Dynas Ia & Porth Ia

The property comprised in the above Manor it has been customary to Lease for three Lives at an Annual Small or Conventionary Rent, and on the dropping of the fist Life there has been a renewal to the Lessee on application to the Lord (the Freeholder) on the payment of a fine to put in a new Life. But if two Lives drop, then it has been customary for the Lord (the Freeholder) to hold the Property until the third Life drops, when it has been usual to again lease out the Property to the highest bidder or person offering the highest sum at Auction, at the old small Conventionary Rent for three Lives, the Purchaser nominating the Lives. These Leases contain covenants binding the Lessee to Repair and, under special circumstances, to Rebuild.

The Heriots paid on the dropping of a life are fixed in advance (generally two years Conventionary Rent). The Fine paid to put in a fresh Life is decided by the Lord and if no consent is obtained then no renewal takes place.

The Schedule of the Manor

No. in Life Book Description of Premises Names of the Lessees or Tenants on the Rolls Names of the Lives Age in 1871 Schedule Occupiers
173 House in Fore Street Francis Adams Lessee 56 24 Jun 1844 H. L. Stephens to tenant George Cowling
Francis, his sister 55
Louisa John Adams 39
207 Dwelling House &c in Island Wastrell Thomas Bryant Mary, Lessee’s wife 64 29 Sep 1839 ditto to Thomas Bryant Thomas Bryant
Alice, Lessee’s daughter 38
208 Ditto Ditto Robert Nicholls Bryant 35 Ditto ditto Ditto
262 Ditto Ditto Ditto 35 25 Mar 1852 ditto to ditto Ditto
William Bryant 30
185 Ditto Richard Henry Trevorrow Mary Bryant 64 25 Dec 1834 same to Peter Bryant
Mary, her daughter 31
186 Ditto Emmanuel Bryant Alice Bryant 52 25 Dec 1834 same to Peter Bryant Samuel Freeman
147 Cellars near the Island Messrs. T. & W. Bolitho Richard F. Bolitho 71 24 Jun 1810 Samuel and Augustus Stephens to tenants Messrs. T. & W. Bolitho
Thomas S. Bolitho 63
Pt. 58 Sand Cellar Rep. of Captain Bryant, viz. Peter Bryant Smith, John Quick, Nicholas Smith and Francis Johns Wm. Hichens, jun 47 24 Jun 1837 Henry Lewis Stephens to Peter Bryant
Mary Hichens 47
187 Part of Island Wastrell Peter Bryant Smith, late Peter Bryant Mary Bryant 42 24 Jun 1824 same to same John Quick
Honor Bryant Smith 32 Thos. Williams
James Jennings 57
261 Dwelling House 1, Tregenna Terrace Mrs. Hain, late Peter Bryant Mary Bryant 42 26 Oct 1850 same to same John Richards
269 Dwelling House 6, Tregenna Terrace Ditto Mary Bryant 42 25 Mar 1852 same to same Richard Hain
Emma Bamfield 35
275 Dwelling House 1a, Tregenna Terrace Ditto Mary Bryant 34 25 Mar 1856 same to same Richard Cogar
Peter Bryant Smith 36
Pt. 88 Cellar and Linhay Rep. of William Bazeley and Augustus Bazeley Wm. Hichens 47 24 Jun 1837 H. A. Stephens to W. and A. Bazeley Rep. of Wm. & Augustus Bazeley
Mary Hichens 46
122 Dwelling House near the Castle Thos. Hocking Berryman’s Rep. Rosamond, Lessee’s wife 74 25 Mar 1839 H. L. Stephens to T. H. Berryman Henry Berryman
Rosamond, do. daughter 46
232 Dwelling House &c Island Wastrell Edward Beckerleg Lessee 54 25 Mar 1845 same to tenant James Penberthy
Elizabeth Granfell 36
248 Ditto, Island Ditto Lessee 54 25 Mar 1848 same to same Samuel Barber
Catherine Trevorrow 29
Wm. Penberthy 31
277 Messuage in Air Lane Ditto Lessee 55[!] 28 Mar 1858 same to same Unoccupied
John Quick Bawden 28
Anthony Trevorrow 22
231 Dwelling House &c Island Wastrell Arthur Berryman John Stevens Berryman 39 25 Mar 1844 H. L. Stephens to tenant R. Trevorrow
Matthew Stev. Berryman 34
Hannah Berryman 31
239 Ditto, Island James Stevens Berryman Lessee 55 25 Mar 1845 H. L. Stephens to tenant Thomas Tanner
M. Stevens Berryman 31
Baron Hichins 38
20 & 42 Cellar Roose and a Dwelling House over Sampson Noall and Mary Noall John Bryant 52 21 Mar 1848 H. L. Stephens to George Bryant Sampson and Mary Noall
Henry Major Noall 45
Mary Wise 40
103 Two rooms over part cellar Mrs. Bryant Remainder of a term of 482 years 17 Jun 1732 John Stephens to John Pearce Mrs. Bryant
23 Messuage in Fore Street Rep. of Peter Best Childn. of Edw. Quick—Elizabeth 67 25 Dec 1820 Samuel and Augustus Stephens to Edward Quick
—Mary Ann 61
—Samuel 73
5 Dwelling House and Bakehouse (near Locks Court) Ditto Mary Ann Quick 61 23 Oct 1816 Samuel and Augustus Stephens to Eliz Trenerry Wm. H. Best
Mary Ann Oatey (now Stevens) 59
Mary Sandoe (formerly Pascoe) 56
283 Dwelling House and Premises, Locks Court (purchased of Chellew) Ditto Mary Ann Quick 61 25 Dec 1860 H. L. Stephens to Peter Best Wm. H. Best
Mary Stevens 59
Mary Boase 56
106 Dwelling House and Garden, Dove Street Rep. of Henry Bottrell Grace Vingoe Bottrell, daughter of Lessee 28 24 Jun 1862 H. L. Stephens to Henry Bottrell Eliz. Bottrell
Wm. son of T. Shugg Mason 26
Ricd. son of Ricd. B. Mason 24
28 Dwelling House, Air Lane Elizabeth Bawden Elizabeth Bawden 47 25 Mar 1863 H. L. Stephens to tenant Eliz. Bawden
Mary Bawden, her sister 43
Wm. Bennetts Berriman, son of Philip Berriman 12

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