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No. in Life Book Description of Premises Names of the Lessees or Tenants on the Rolls Names of the Lives Age in 1871 Schedule Occupiers
97 Plot near Mansion House in Tregenna Place Tonkin Young Eliz. Clemence Wearne (now Young) 41 11 Feb 1852 H. L. Stephens to E. C. Wearne T. Young
Tonkin Young 45
14 Loft over Cellar in Digey William Rouse William Rouse, his son 70 30 Jul 1824 Samuel Stephens to tenant William Stevens
Plot on which Inn &c. built in Treloyan John Glasson’s Rep. Josiah Glasson 53 1 Dec 1828 Davies Gilbert to John Glasson Jack Glasson
House and Plot on ditto Richard Cogar’s Rep. Mary, Lessee’s wife 74 25 Mar 1837 Davies Gilbert to Rd. Cogar
Thomas, his son 50
Plot of Ground, part of Fuggoe Field in Chyangweale, Lelant John Perry Mary, his wife 59 29 Sep 1840 John Davies Gilbert to tenant
James Christopher 48
Plot of Ground, part of Fuggoe Field in Chyangweale, Lelant Isaac Champion’s Rep. Elizabeth, his wife 59 29 Sep 1840 J. Davies Gilbert to Isaac Champion
Mary Ann, their daur. 32
Plot of Ground, part of ditto Richard Perry and others Lessee 57 29 Sep 1840 J. Davies Gilbert to tenant
Thomas J. Perry 39
George Perry 36
Plot of Ground, part of ditto Eliza Allen Eliza Allen 68 29 Sep 1841 J. D. Gilbert to William Allen, decd.
Josiah, her son 31
Plot of Ground, part of ditto James Williams Lessee 64 29 Sep 1841 J. D. Gilbert to tenant
Joanna, his wife 58
John, their son 36
Part of Treloyan John Trewhella’s Rep. Ann, his widow 77 24 Jun 1842 J. D. Gilbert to J. Trewhella Ann Trewhella
John Thomas 36
Thirty feet square on Vorvas Hill, for the purpose of a monument Grant from Lord Arundel to John Knill, Gentleman, his heirs and Assigns for ever, dated 7th May, 1781, in consideration of 5l. 5s. and the yearly rent of 6d. at the Feast of Saint John the Baptist, payable out of the Manor of Gluvian, otherwise Glivian Richard, in the Parish of Morgan in Pydar
Three Houses and Meadow, part of Chyangweale Common Elizabeth Boase James Hosking 55 1822 D. Gilbert to John Hosking
Part of the Fuggoe Field, in Chyangweale Thomas Richards’ Rep. Mary Jane, decd. 39 25 Mar 1846 H. L. Stephens to decd. tenant
Thomas } Lessee’s childn. 35
William John } 28
Part of the Fuggoe Field, in Chyangweale Ann Uren Charlotte Weller, daur. of G. H. Bellringer 27 25 Mar 1846 H. L. Stephens to G. H. Bellringer
Field called Vinney Gonner, and Pound, part of Carninney Alexander Carbines Alexander Carbines 63 17 Feb 1848 H. L. Stephens to Alexander Carbines
11 Quarter part of Corva, St. Ives Rep. of Sam. Uren John Major Thomas 75 27 Aug 1801 James Buller to James Thomas Rd. Wearne
Eliz. Thomas (in reversion) 76
Mary Thomas 77
24 Cliff Tenement (late Landers) Wm. Kempthorne North Kempthorne 64 4 Feb 1807 W. Lander to Catherine Kempthorne
18 Cellar and Loft, part of Capel’s Court John Wedge’s Rep. John } 67 9 Dec 1822 Samuel Stephens to John Wedge Paul Thomas
Eleanor } Childn. of James Lander 59 Wm. Clarke
12 House in Capel’s Court Andrew Noall’s Rep. Honor Jenkins 65 Jan 1810 S. Stephens to Richard Jennings Mary Noall
23 Site of the Custom House whereon a Life Boat House has been built The National Life Boat Institution 99 years 24 Jun 1867 J. A. Stephens to the Royal National Life Boat Institution
22 Park au Roper and other fields, part of ditto Wm. Hichins, dec. Elizabeth } 76 28 Mar 1806 Wm. Lander, jun. to Wm. Hichens, decd. Wm. Pearce
Jane } Sisters of Wm. Hichens 70
9 Dwelling House near Market Place Elizabeth Quick’s Rep. Ann Penrose (widow) formerly Quick } 69 25 Dec 1820 Samuel and Augustus Stephens to William Quick Mary Trevorrow
R. Quick } decd.’s childn. 66
In Plan
Part Wastrell, Higher Tregenna Downs John Harry’s Rep. Charity Harry 67 25 Mar 1830 Samuel Stephens to decd. tenant Thomas Richards
Jane, her daur. [blank]

The schedule continues with the “High Rents”, Mine Setts & Leaseholds under Lord Wellesley.

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