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No. in Life Book Description of Premises Names of the Lessees or Tenants on the Rolls Names of the Lives Age in 1871 Schedule Occupiers
13c Dwelling House and Garden near the Quay Edward Beckerleg Wilmot Beckerleg, Lessee’s wife 56 29 Sep 1863 H. L. Stephens to tenant Thomas Bryant
Eliza Mary Best 23
Philip Stephens 9
132 Dwelling House, Tregenna Place Palemon Best James Quick 71 15 Mar 1824 Sam. Stephens to Betsy Jane Trezise Jane Stevens
Henry Quick 69
In reversion
E. M. Best
23 24 Dec 1867 J. A. Stephens to Palemon Best
Pt. 83 Plot of Ground, Long Run Thomas Williams Mary Paynter, jun. 56 25 Mar 1835 H. L. Stephens to tenant Charles Iago
Francis Giles 54
139 Dwelling House &c. near the Quay Thomas Berryman and Robert Shugg William Hichens, jun. 48 25 Mar 1843 H. L. Stephens to Robt. Shugg Robert Welch
Richard Tracey Millett 31 Humph. Geese, jun
314 Dwelling House, Island Wastrell Emmanuel Bryant John Bryant Jun. 21 11 Dec 1869 J. Aug. Stephens to Emmanuel Bryant
Elizabeth Williams 40
Harry Armitage 6
315 Ditto Ditto Mary Eliz. Langford 19 Ditto
Alice Langford 17
Ellen Langford 10
316 Ditto Ditto Mary Ann Bryant 13 Ditto
Prudence Bryant 9
John Anthony Bryant 7
317 Ditto Ditto Emmanuel Bryant, jun. 38 Ditto
Mary Ann Bryant 19
Annie Wellington Clarke 16
312 Dwelling House, Rock Chamber, and Linhay, near the Wharf Henry Peters Henry Peters 45 5 Jul 1870 J. A. Stephens to Edward Beckerleg
Thomas Peters 20
John Tregerthen Short Dunn 13
158 House and Premises in Gabriel Street Thomas Cogar John Resuggan 66 23 Oct 1816 Sam. & Aug. Stephens to John Resuggan, decd. Richard Quick
In reversion, Childn. of T. Cogar, Rich. Cogar 28 6 Nov 1854 H. L. Stephens to Thomas Cogar
Geor. Cogar 22
142 House in Tregenna Street Ditto William Sandoe 64 1 Jan 1809 Saml. & Aug. Stephens to William Sandoe Charles Jenkins
In reversion, Childn. of Lessee, Ann Cogar 32 24 Mar 1860 H. L. Stephens to Thos. Cogar
Eliz. Cogar 18 Thomas J. John
142 Plot behind ditto Ditto Included in Lease granted to William Sandoe
27 Dwelling House and Premises, formerly called “the Office” Henry Couch’s Rep. Mary, his wife 79 23 Oct 1816 Saml. & Aug. Stephens to tenant William Richards
Mary, their daughter 56
48 Dwelling House in Air Lane Rep. of William Craze Elizabeth, his wife 77 10 Sep 1828 Saml. Stephens to tenant Eliza Craze
Patience, their daughter 45
102 Dwelling House in Air Lane Ephraim Major Lessee’s childn., William 52 25 Mar 1842 H. L. Stephens to W. Craze William Nicholas
Richard 48
John 33
176 Dwelling House and Cellar in the Island Wastrell John Callaway Charlotte Bailey 55 21 Jun 1834 H. L. Stephens to tenant John Grenfell
Eliza Bailey 50 William Bodilla
190 Plot of Ground, Long Run John Jennings Eliza Barber (now Ninnis) 65 25 Mar 1835 H. L. Stephens to Elizabeth Clarke Martha Ninnis
202 Dwelling House &c. Island Wastrell Jacob Care George Bryant 45 25 Mar 1839 H. L. Stephens to Henry Care Jacob Care
Martha Jenkyn Anthony 37
Eliz. Giles Care 32
188 Part of the Island Wastrell Martha Care Martha Care 68 25 Mar 1836 H. L. Stephens to Thos. Shugg John Care
Martha Jenkins Thomas 37
220 Part of the Island Wastrell John Care William Grenfell 39 29 Sep 1841 H. L. Stephens to Thos. Grenfell Paul Quick
James Couch
215 Dwelling House, Island Wastrell Thomas Cocking Lessee 67 25 Mar 1840 H. L. Stephens to tenant Thomas Cocking
Ann, his wife 68
Samuel, their son 46
123 House in Tregenna Street Stephen Curnow’s Rep. and Richard Kernick William Stevens 74 25 Mar 1803 Saml. & Aug. Stephens to Joh Stevens, dec. Philip Dunstan
Margaret Hain
191 Plot of Ground, Long Run William Curnow William Rapson 47 25 Mar 1835 H. L. Stephens to Wm. Rapson, decd. W.H. Perkins
John Warmington Rapson 41
Margaret Rapson 48
161 House in Tregenna Street William Pearce Elizabeth Sincock 57 1819 Samuel & Aug. Stephens to Thomas Sincock, decd. William Pearce
294 Dwelling House, Bellair Terrace Henry Curnow Henry Curnow, jun. 20 25 Mar 1863 H. L. Stephens to tenant Unoccupied
Francis Curnow 14
John Curnow 12
115 House in Tregenna Street Richard Thomas Carpenter Lessee’s childn., John 45 25 Dec 1839 H. L. Stephens to T. Shugg R.T. Carpenter
Catherine 42
114 House and Premises, Tregenna Place Maria Jenkins Elizabeth Henwood, daughter of Captain J. Sincock 56 29 Sep 1828 Saml. Stephens to Ann Trewhella and others Eliza Matthews
182 Part of the Island Wastrell Thomas Clark Mary Uren, niece of W. Uren 39 24 Jun 1834 H. L. Stephens to Wm. Uren Thomas Clarke
Nat. Paynter, jun
Pt. 4 Dwelling House &c. Tregenna Place Richard Dale’s rep. Lessee’s childn., Elizabeth 66 25 Dep 1825 Samuel Stephens to Richard Dale James Pascoe
John 63
Pt. 121 Dwelling House and Shop, Tregenna Place William Craze Sons of Lessee, William 20 24 Jun 1869 J. A. Stephens to Wm. Craze
Francis 7
James Craze 20

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