Botterell, Rebecca, Sennen, 30 Aug 1682 DSB439


Admon for Rebeccah Botterell. Died about 1682 at Sennen. Widow of John Botterell

To Richard Botterell , Katherin Botterell and John Harvey.

Signed by,
Richard Bottrell
Katherine Bottrell
John Harvey

Botterell, Pascoe, St. Levan, 8 May 1697 DSB333

Power of Attorney

Know all men by these presents thet I Pasco Botterell marriner now belong. to his Maj. Shipp Portland have and by these presents do make Ordain and Constitue my Loving Mother Elizabeth Botterell , of the Parrish of St.Levan in County Cornwall My true and lawful Attorney Irrevokeable for me and in my Name and for my use to Ask demand and receive of and from ye Rt.Honble. ye Trer. or Paymaster of his Ma.tes. Navy and Comms.for Prize money and whom else it may concern As well all such wages and Pay Bounty Money Prize money and all other sume and sumes of money whatsoever, as now is and which hereafter shall or may be due or payable unto me And also all such Pencons, Sallerys, Smart money and all other monies and things whatsoever which now and at any time hereafter is and shall be due to me for my owne employment service or otherwise in any of his Ma.ties. Shipps, Frygotts or Vessells or any Merch.t. Shipp or Shipps As also to demand Recover and Receive of all other person and persons whatsoever whom it doth or may Concern All and Singular such other sume or sumes of Money, Goods, Wares, Effects, Wages, Debts, Dues, Claims and demands whatsoever which now and hereafter is or shall be due and Payable unto me either by Bond, Bill, Book, Accompt, or otherwise howsoever. And moreover in my name and for my proper use to Demise and Lett my Lease in Writing or otherwise All or any of my Messuaged Lands or Tenem.ts. to such person or persons and for such term of years condicons and reservacons as my said Attorney or hir Councel shall think fit and convenient.Giveing and hereby Granting unto my said Attorney my full and whole power in the p.mises. and to recover and receive all and singular the Sume and Sumes of money matters and things aforesaid and upon non payment thereof or any part thereof All such person and persons whom it may Concern and where need shall require their Executors and Administrators of goods to Sue, Arrest, Attach, Seize, Imprison,Prosecute and Condemn and to Compound and agree and out of prison to Release and Discharge And upon receipt of the said premises or any part thereof Accquitances Releases or any other Discharge for me and in my name to make, Seal and Deliver and one Attorney or more to Substitute and at pleasure to revoke And Generally to Act and do all other Acts matters and things whatsoever needful and necessary to be done in and touching the Premises as fully and effectively as I might or could do if I were personally present Ratifying and allowing for firm Valid and Irrevokeable all and whatsoever my said Attorney shall Lawfully do or cause to be done and touching the Premises by Virtue of these Presents.

And I the said Pasco Botterell Considering the Incertainty of this Transitory Life do make and declare these presents to contain my Last Will and Testament. That is to say, firts, I bequeath my Soull to Almighty God, and my Body to Christian buriall, and all and singular such Wages Summe and Summes of Money Lands Tenements Goods Chattells and Estate whatsoever wherewith at the time of my Decease I shall be Possessed or Invested or which shall then belong or of Right Appertaine unto me I do give devise and bequeath unto my Loving Mother Elizabeth botterell aforesaid And I do hereby Nominate and Appoint her Executrix of this my Last Will and Testament and doe revoke all former Wills and Deeds of Gift by me at any time heretofore made and do Ordaine these presents to Stand and be for and as my only last Will and Testament. In Witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and Seal the Eighth day of January Anno Domi 1696/7 And in the Eighth Year of the Reign of our Soveraigne Lord William of England. Ireland and King Fideo Defenso.

Signes Sealed Published and Declared in ye presence of
Ja. Littleton Comm.
Rob. Long Mast.

The marke of Pasco Botterell

Probate given 8th.May 1697. St.Levan

Will addressed to Mrs Elizabeth Bottrell Living in St.Levan to be Left in the post hous in penzance by West the Mount In Cornwall

Botterell, Francis, Sennen, 26 Jul 1732 (1733?) DSB463


The fifth day of December one thousand seven hundred twenty and seven.

In the name of God Amen Francis Bottrell of the parish of Sennen in the County of Cornwall Yeoman being att this time sick and weak of body but of sound and perfect memory thanks and praise bee given to allmighty God assuredly trusting through the only merits of our Saviour Christ to be partaker of Everlasting Happyness att the Last D; Doe now make and ordaine this my last will and testament in manner and form following.

Impr. I Bequeath my Soul into the hands of my Redeemer and my body to receive Christian Buriall.

Item, I give and bequeath to my Son John the full sume of two hundred pounds to be placed at interest or laid out in all Estate according to the divination of my wife Katherine and my Daughter Rebeckah whome I appoint trustyess or Guardians over my said son to laye out the money and receive the said income or interest and apply it to my sons maintainance during his natural life and after his decease I appoint the -----[?] to my wifes use during her life and after her decease I bequeath the said two hundred pounds or the estate percheisd then with to the child or children of my Daughter Rebeckah that she now hath or may have after hand by her present husband Richard ----- [?]. I doe further give to my said son John the house and estate in ------[?] in the parish of St. ----[?] formerly bequeathed by my Brother William in his last will to my sister Ann Bottrell the incom of which I doe appoint the forementioned trustees to receive and apply the same to the maintainance of my said son during his natural life and after his death I give the same to my wife Katherine during her life and after her decease I give the remainder of the said Estate to my Daughter Rebeckah and her children.

I give to my Son in Law Richard ------[?] the little black mare lately my sister Anns.

I doe give to my wife Katherine all my goods and Chattells that now is in my house I live in -----[?] being of what kind or nature however and to her disposing att her decease.

I give and bequeath tio my Daughter Rebeckah the residue of my Estate is ----[?] aforesaid and all my rights and title therein.

I doe further give to my said Daughter the sume of forty pounds to be paid out of the money my Sister Ann left me att her decease if the Effects left me by my sister will reach so far

Item. Give to my Grandson William ----[?] and to my Granddaughter Grace ----[?] ten pounds each to be paid at the end of twelve months after my decease.

All the Residue and remainder of my Good Chattells and Credits whatsoever and wheresoever I doe give and bequeath unto my dear wife Katherine Bottrell whome I doe make and ordaine my whole and sole Executrix of this my last will and testament. In Witness whereof I have hereunto sett my hand and seale the day and yeare firts on the other side written.

the signe of Ffrancis Bottrell

Published and declared by the said Francis Bottrell to be his last will and testament in the presence of us
Henry Hodg
Christo. Harvey

Grenfield, Thomas, St. Just in Penwith, 1708


A true and perfect inventory of all the goods and chattells of Thomas Grenfield late of the parish of St.Just in Penwith who dyed the 14th. day of August 1708 and was buried the 16th. of said August taken and appraised by us whose names are hereunto subscribed this 9th. day of October 1708.

------------------ in all 14 08 06

John Ustick

Guarantors; Jacobum Millett of St.Just [signs Ja.]
Richard Grose of St.Just

Grenfell, Richard, St. Just in Penwith, 1724


In The name of god amen I Richard Grenfell of the Parish of St.Just in the County of Cornwall Tyner being sick and weake of body but of perfect memory and remembrance blessed be to God for itt do make and appoint this my Last will and testament Revocking all others in maner and forme following.

Impris. I give and bequeath my soule unto the hands of Allmighty god my Gracious Redeemer hoping for a full peardon and remison of my sins thhrough his merits and mercy and my body unto the dust out of which it was taken.

Imp. I give and Bequeath unto my wife the house that is now in building in tregiseall, with half of my household goods and half my quick stock and the two and thirteth part of ye Criants in ballesweden during her Life, and after her decease all that she is posesed of she is to give to John Grenfell the son of John Grenfell not to disminish aney thing from him, I give unto my Mother six shillings a year during her Life.

Imp.I give and Bequeath unto Ruthey Grenfell the Dafter [?] of Bevell Grenfell the sum of one pound one shilling to be paid att an year end after my decease.

Imp. All the rset of my goods and Chattels mouvable and unmouvable Debts and Credits whatsomever, I give and Bequeath unto John Grenfell the son of John Grenfell with all my venters and the house in the Church Town during the Estate; him the said John Grenfell I make whole and sole Executor of this my Last Will and Testament.

In witness whereof I have set my hand and seal this seventeenth day of August in the year of our Lord God 1723

The sign of Richard Grenfell

Signed Sealed and delivered in the presence of us
Thomas Mayne
the sign of Bevill Grenfell


A true and perfect Inventory of all the goods and Chattels Debts and Credits mouvable and unmouvable of Richard Grenfell late of the Pish of St.Just Tynner deceased taken and appraised by us whos names are under written this 24th. day of July 1724.

------------------ sum total 28 14 00

by us James Millett
Hugh Busvargus

Grenfell, Thomas, St. Just in Penwith, 1726


A true and perfect inventory of all and singular the goods and chattells, rights and credits whatsoever which were of Thomas Grenfell. late of the parrish of St.Just in Penwith in the County of Cornwall, Tinner at the time of his death, taken and appraised of us Thomas Jelbert and Hugh Edwards both of the said parrish and county, Tinners, whose names are subscribed this thirty first day of January, Anno Dom 1726 as follows.

------------------------- 227 02 00

Thomas Jelbard
Hugh Edwards


Admon for Thomas Grenfell, Tinner, of St.Just in Penwith, deceased. dated 1726.

To Margaret Grenfell, widow of Thomas Grenfell, of St.Just.Thomas Grenfell of St.Just.